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  • The Body Knows the Sacred

    Our nervous system can tell the difference between being “scared” and being “sacred”. We can’t fool our muscles. They know flight/fight on an intimate level and twist and tighten in response. Our body knows the sacred as well, we breathe, … Read More »

  • Happiness in the Heart

    Mother Earth is inherently happy. Connect with her and you will be forever connected to happiness within you.

  • Seeking Clarity

    We naturally seek clarity in any way we can.  Clarity is not just about thinking clearly, it is a more holistic state of peace, calm, freedom and intuitive knowing.  Confusion, the opposite of clarity, is a state of toxic consciousness. … Read More »

  • When in Doubt…..Ground.

    When you are confused or in doubt, take a moment to ground and gain some clarity.  When you feel dizzy with the speed of life, pause and ground.  When you are overwhelmed, ground. When you’ve lost your dignity or are … Read More »

  • Intuition Loves Silence

    Your intuition naturally appears when the mind is quiet. It is always waiting in the background to wisely guide your life and teach you the subtle ways of the heart and soul.  We may not always want to know or … Read More »

  • Subtle Energies are Known by Subtle Senses

    Many languages have words for the subtle senses that we use to sense subtle energies.  Language determines what we believe and if we don’t have the words to describe it, it doesn’t exist.   English is void of these words and … Read More »

  • Living Energies Abound

    The more we see living energy around us, the more alive we are…the more we come to life!

  • Subtle Senses Sense Subtle Energies

    We have subtle senses as well as physical senses. Our emotional body has it’s own set of senses and our heart has a full set of senses as well. You know when you are feeling another person’s emotions, this is … Read More »

  • Mother Earth and Father Sky Know Best!

    Mother Earth and Father Sky are in perfect harmony with the entire cosmos. If we want advice about how to live life, it’s sure bet they have something to teach us!

  • Reciprocity is Sustainable

    Reciprocity is Sustainable Whether it is reciprocity in relationships with people, the earth, organizations and all living beings, our lives are more balanced if we live by this one principle. Reciprocity creates healthy flow and abundance.  It is the one … Read More »

  • Pause and Upgrade

    We are so quick to come to conclusions and judgments. If we pause and ground our dignified response prevails instead of our reaction. Pause and upgrade is a phrase that reminds us to allow our higher being to inform and … Read More »