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  • Relaxation Should Be #1 on Your To-Do List! 4.02.17

    Relaxation Should Be #1 on Your To-Do List! April 2, 2017

    Stress is the now considered the underlying cause of most illnesses. That’s a bold statement coming from the scientific community, but research supports it.

    More than 85% of all illnesses can be related to stress in some way. This why relaxation should be #1 on your to-do list.

    While engaging in social interaction or chilling is enjoyable it is not considered an effective relaxation experience. True relaxation takes time and practice. Not a lot of time, even 10 minutes a day goes a long way towards improving health.

    Our approach to relaxation actually needs an upgrade. It’s not something that just “happens”. 

    Somehow we’ve been taught that it’s easy to relax and that we should be able to do it in a minute or on the spot. This isn’t helpful or realistic. It actually contributes to the failure.  Believing it should happen instantaneously and then being disappointed when it doesn’t happen quickly is a bummer.

    I teach Meditation and Mindfulness at Baldwin Wallace University in Berea, Ohio.  The for-credit class is offered in the conservatory where music and theater majors know the benefits of regular and repeated practice. You can’t learn to play a complicated piano concerto without lots of practice. It was not hard to convince these college students who suffer from performance anxiety, high expectations, and self-imposed harsh self-criticism that relaxation comes with practice. Within eight weeks of practice they were seeing reduction in performance and test anxiety, reduced repetitive stress injuries, and a more positive outlook on their life.

    We need to ease into relaxation. Slowly and kindly talking ourselves down from our high anxiety or fast paced state in order to experience benefits. At first it may take 30 minutes or more to ease yourself into a relaxed state, where you are willing to let go of all that needs to be done. With practice and increasing familiarity with what it takes to actually relax you, that time can be reduced to 10 or 15 minutes realistically. But I bet that if you actually get into a deep relaxation you won’t mind spending more time doing it!

    Measurable Outcomes

    There are actual measurable physiological responses that determine a relaxed state. These measure:
    –muscular release ,
    –heart rate and blood flow,
    –cellular repair and renewal
    –brain wave activity
    –changes in cortisol production

    There are many biofeedback and neurofeedback programs you can get for your computer or smart phone to measure these responses. They are fun to use and give you immediate feedback.

    It’s Not Work!

    I’m sure you are tired of hearing about what you need to do. Everywhere you turn a new diet is beckoning or a new form of exercise makes you feel guilty that you aren’t doing it. But relaxation is different.

    Relaxation actually makes you feel better and enhances everything else in your life. Starting and ending the day with a simple relaxation practice will change your life with minimal effort.

    The key is the repetition. There is a cumulative effect that occurs with repetition. It doesn’t matter what relaxation practice you do as long as you do it. There are active forms like yoga and tai chi, and passive forms like simple breathing and guided relaxation.They all work as long as you practice them enough.

    Remember we need to ease into relaxation. You wouldn’t exercise without warming up your muscles, nor do you just drop into a deep relaxed state.  You warm up to it, breathe into it.

    Start by giving yourself some kind messages such as “you deserve to feel good”, “you will feel so much better if you allow yourself to relax”, “this is better than taking X medication”,  or “the world will go on without you for 15 minutes”.

    Use a guided relaxation APP to help you. Don’t worry if you use that APP forever, you don’t need to become a master, you just need to relax.  Music is great when paired with relaxation practices or just by itself. Be sure to practice where you won’t be disturbed and you feel safe. Turn off the phone. When my children were young I told them that they could come in my room and sit in my lap or snuggle up so they wouldn’t feel left out.


    I have several guided relaxation meditations that are free to download on my web site. The Full Body Breathing, 11 Minute Grounding, 30 Minute Grounding, are very easy and helpful. Download free guided relaxation audios here.

    Additional good resources include:  the HeartMath InstituteThe Power Thoughts Meditation Club music on You Tube and Health Journeys.

    That’s enough info to get you started. Enjoy!

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  • Intuition Helps You Know What You Already Know 2.19.17

    Intuition Helps You Know What You Already Know February 19, 2017

    Intuition does not predict the future. Intuition helps you know what you already know, what is worthy and true.

    Our lives are changing so fast now that we need a better way of navigating the chaos. Intuitive intelligence is a way of knowing that is more direct and instantaneous than logic. Our computers are more intuitive than we are at this point!

    We know so much more than we realize. In studies done at Princeton and Stanford using random number generators, researchers proved that study participants knew what numbers were going to come up before they showed up on a screen. The researchers tracked this through sensors placed on the participants’ bodies that expressed subtle changes in the nervous system. The only problem is that the participants were not able to feel those cues in their nervous system so they didn’t know they could predict the random numbers beforehand. They didn’t know what they already knew!

    This gives us a view into how our intuition is expressed. Intuition has been referred to as the “quiet voice within” or “a sixth sense”, but what if we don’t need a “sixth” sense but just need to fine tune our five senses?

    Many people feel their intuition as a felt sense, through a sensation in their body. Unexplained experiences that have no obvious source such as chills running through body, a shiver, cold, heat, hair standing on end, an uncomfortable feeling, tension in the gut, nausea, or excitement are expressing what we already know, we just don’t know it yet. By focusing on the body with no distractions, we can become aware of sensations we were not aware of and begin to understand our very physical intuitive messages.

    When you see a message on a license plate, sign or just the right book shows up, your intuition is showing you what you already know. When you read the sign on the side of the truck and know it is the answer to your question, you already knew the answer or you would not have recognized it. Your intuition is printing it out in big letters on the side of the truck. How much more obvious can it be?

    How about the times you take a different route home and find out there was a big accident on your regular route? Or get sick and can’t go to an event only to discover much later it was a blessing that you missed it?

    Dreams are the bearer of intuitive messages that are part of our physical reality. Dreams peak through our defenses and the noise of our busy minds to get messages to us that we are ignoring or avoiding.

    My point is that intuition has been relegated to a mysterious realm that is not that mysterious. We’ve been taught incorrect information about intuition, misled.  Intuition is a type of intelligence that supports the fulfillment of our being. It can be cultivated and refined. Emotional intelligence has finally been accepted and recognized, now it is time for Intuitive Intelligence to be accepted and cultivated as a valid form of knowing.

    During times of change and chaos, intuition is often the best source of guidance we have. You don’t have to defend how you know something just through logic. We need to acknowledge and accept there are other ways of knowing. We’ve accepted that there are many forms of learning. It’s time to accept there are many ways of knowing important information that will make the difference between survival and extinction of the human species.

    Standing Rock is a perfect example of two different ways of knowing. The indigenous way of knowing tells us that water is the source of life, that the earth is our mother and the sky our father. This is an intuitive way of knowing in relationship to all that exists. We begin and end with Source and proceed to know from a holistic, broader perspective. The logic of corporate greed begins and ends with greed. This has always been the failure of logic. You are limited by where you start. Logic doesn’t give you the greater picture like intuition does.

    Intuition is often sourced in love, from the heart. Love exposes what is meaningful. Love is also ridiculed as a way of knowing in our culture. Doing something out of love instead of for financial gain, that doesn’t fly in a board room.  Those who follow their hearts are often marginalized and their valuable contributions go unnoticed. Luckily the young adults in our world are finding imaginative ways to express their creativity. They are often on the fringe but the fringe is growing in numbers as traditional avenues of success are shutting down and failing.

    Our society is undergoing massive change. Changes that defy logic. When the animals run from the shoreline because a tsunami is going to hit, we are in awe of their intuitive instincts. When will be in awe of our own intuitive intelligence? I hope it’s soon because rehashing and recycling old ideas are not the answer to today’s challenging issues. Intuitive intelligence sources a deeper wisdom that opens new and creative solutions.  We need to learn to trust this wisdom and its unique ability to guide us safely; to show us what we already know to be true and worthy of our attention.






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  • Living from the Ground of Being 1.12.17

    Living from the Ground of Being January 12, 2017

    On Monday, January 16, 2017 I’m teaching a new class: LIVING FROM THE GROUND OF BEING…..Living from the Ground of Being: Mother Earth, Kundalini, and the Root Chakra

    How exciting would it be to live from the very ground of your being? To grow and blossom into the unique expression of life you were meant to be? This is what happens when you connect to the grand cosmic wisdom called kundalini, known as the mother of all wisdom.

    How would you live if you knew you had this wisdom and life force within you, accessible through your own inner exploration? Ask yourself, what would change if this power was available to you right now and you have a glimpse of what is possible.

    Our consciousness is intimately connected to the consciousness of Mother Earth, we cannot grow without the ground of being she provides. Why would be here if that wasn’t true?

    Connecting to Mother Earth connects you to your own inner mother, kundalini consciousness. The soil of our being, the ground in which we are planted, has all of the nutrients to awaken and bring our being to fulfillment.

    The seed of your consciousness is planted in the coil of kundalini which sits at the base of your spine. It lays there, like a coiled serpent, in suspended animation, just waiting for your attention to enliven it. When it springs to life so do you! A vibrant, animated, and creative life is waiting for you if you want to wake up right now.

    Mother Earth is our guide on this awakening. Out fusion with here informs our awakening. The thought of living an animated, creative life can be scary. You may shy away from these words, unconscious of the fear that binds and contracts you. But are you even a tiny bit aware of the light that draws you, that speaks to you of the freedom to live an unburdened life?

    We will activate, attune, and explore the regions of consciousness between Mother Earth and Father Sky and how their love, embodied in our consciousness, births and awakens the being you are meant to live.

    We will clear the dark shadows that dim our realization of true self.

    We will open to the cosmic energies that expand our understanding of who we are and why we are here.

    We will grow beyond fear and into fearlessness explorers of consciousness.

    We will unveil the self-knowledge that is our birthright and the seat of power within.

    Mother Earth, Kundalini, our root chakra….there are the treasures hidden within our own body, beneath our feet, and at the base of our spine that have been kept secret from us dare we become free and emboldened to live a life grounded in our own unique, creative expression of being.

    I invite you to join this class that begins this Monday, January 17, 2017.     Register Here.

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  • Getting Unstuck from 3D 1.07.17

    Getting Unstuck from 3D January 7, 2017

    I can’t even imagine what it’s like to live as if your only identity was the one perpetuated by our culture.

    To live without knowing you are the light of your soul.

    To live without knowing you are a star in the cosmos.

    To live without knowing you are infinite love.

    To live without knowing you are more than your personality.

    To live without knowing you are more than your mind allows you to know.

    To live without knowing the true nature of the living universe.

    To live without knowing your physical body is Love manifest.

    To live without the inspiration of love and light.

    To live without the feeling of awe.

    To live without the love of Mother Earth and Father Sky.

    To live without knowing your heart is larger than the known universe.

    To live without knowing you are the healer and the healed.

    To live without knowing you are the divine you are seeking.

    It’s unimaginable and unacceptable to be in that much misery.

    Get unstuck from the hypnotic spell that was cast upon humanity thousands of years ago.

    Leap into your heart with abandon and plumb the depths of it’s wisdom to reveal the sparkling sovereign you.

    Unwind the bounds of limitations and  lies.

    Let clarity surface to guide you one step at a time.

    Let presence be your comfort and silence be your wellspring.

    BE free, Be love, Be peace, BE wisdom,  BE joy, BE power, BE Light.

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  • Empower Your 2017 Intentions with the 1/1/17 Crescent Moon 12.28.16

    Empower Your 2017 Intentions with the 1/1/17 Crescent Moon December 28, 2016

    If you feel powerless, depressed or anxious in the face of the uncertainty in the world try reclaiming your power by setting new intentions for 2017.

    Setting intentions for your dreams and goals is not a strict or rigid experience, it’s a practice in self-awareness.  Examining our dreams and goals once a year helps draw us back into our heart, review where we’ve lost track of what is meaningful, and open to new possibilities. Most importantly it reawakens inspiration and enthusiasm that may have been  lost to the daily grind of an uninspired life.

    This year the first crescent moon falls from the first to the third of January (1/1 – 3/2017). It’s perfect timing for setting your intentions for 2017! We all deserve to have our wishes and dreams fulfilled so unleash the full strength of your heart’s passion, let it fully blast forth and pave the way for manifestation in 2017.

    What is the Crescent Moon?

    The crescent moon period consists of days 4, 5, and 6 of the new moon cycle. It is the time for new beginnings, new projects, and new inspiration.

    For more about manifesting with the moon read Urban Astrologer

    Make a 2017 Dreams and Intention Journal

    Sticky notes? Notebook paper? Beautifully bound journal? Any of these will serve as your 2017 Dreams and Intention Journal. It’s more important to write it down in detail than to worry about what it looks like. Just make sure you can read it!

    Be very specific and whenever possible write the most optimal dream and wish and then visualize the most benevolent and gentle path to the goal. Picture the goal already attained and feel it with your body, mind, and heart.

    First, make three categories across the top of your paper and title them:
    1. Intention, 2. One Action Step, 3. Outcome desired.

    Write the intention (1), one step towards manifesting the intention (2), and the outcome desired (3). Be as specific as possible and start every intention with the words “I AM”. This brings the intention into the present moment and is a more powerful statement.

    Here’s an example for the “Cultivate Positive Relationships” category:

    1. I AM surrounded by positive, supportive, and loving friends and family who recognize and accept my true being.
    2. I will set up a coffee/tea/dinner date with _____________ .
    3. When we meet she/he will have something inspirational, affirming and/or practical to offer in support of my goal.
    Here are a few self-explainable categories for identifying your goals and intentions for 2017. Add or subtract at will, these are only suggestions.

    1. Spiritual Realization
    2. Dare to Dream
    3. Expand Your Heart
    4. Improve Your Health
    5. Cultivate Positive Relationships
    6. Set Boundaries
    7. Identify Professional Goals
    8. Identify Areas that Deserve Abundance
    9. My Greater Purpose
    10. Be Present
    11. Dreams and Intentions for My Community
    12. Dreams and Intentions for Mother Earth
    13. Dreams and Intentions for Humanity
    14. Help!

    Don’t write a book. Keep the intentions short and sweet.

    When your Dream and Intention Journal is complete set it down for a day and come back to it.

    Ask yourself if you want to add, delete or edit any of the entries. Check the sincerity of your intentions. Do these represent my true, unique self or are do they fulfill expectations placed on me by others (family, friends, society)? Once you are satisfied move on to empowering your dreams and intentions.

    Empowering with the Crescent Moon on January 1, 2, or 3, 2017

    When your journal is complete there are many ways to empower it but the most powerful is to take an action step during the crescent moon phase. Make the call, read the book, make a symbol for your altar, sign up for the class, book a vacation…. these are just a few action suggestions. Based on your time and priorities take one step towards empowering an intention.

    You can also “reiki” (holding your hands over the page and inviting Source energy to radiate through your hands to shine light) on your journal entries, see it bathed in celestial light, imagine angels blessing it, or ask your guides for help manifesting. Making a manifestation board with pictures of your dreams fulfilled is also powerful. Request help and guidance in your dreams. It’s important that you bring your full passion and sincere desire to the energizing of your journal.

    If your list is too big for one three-day crescent moon cycle you have two options. Days 10, 11, 12 of the waxing moon cycle are the next powerful manifestation days to energize your intentions or wait for the next month’s crescent moon cycle.

    You have four days until the end of the year to put together your 2017 Dreams and Intentions Journal. Remember it can be short and concise. If something doesn’t feel right, come back to it, and adjust or upgrade it until it feels right. This may be a sign that it isn’t ripe for manifestation just yet. Don’t rush but don’t delay!

    Have a happy and empowered New Year!


    1. Becky McLoughlin

      Thank you for this great, simple, powerful way to empower our Selves in 2017. I enjoy this method because of the joy and presicion that is involved. Once again your teachings are spot on.


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  • Viral Anxiety: Are You Infected? 12.15.16

    Viral Anxiety: Are You Infected? December 15, 2016

    Anxiety is spreading like a cold virus!  Talk to a friend at the grocery store and their fears and anxieties spread like germs.  Turn on the news and the fear virus travels through the screen into your heart.  One after another my clients are reporting unbridled anxiety since the election. They feel helpless, they can’t get away from it because of it’s pervasiveness. It’s spreading like an epidemic and we need to stop it before we are buried by it.  The phenomena of “catching feelings” is called Social Contagion.

    If you are one of those currently feeling overwhelmed by anxiety and fear I’m here to tell you that you are not alone.  If these feelings have increased since the election you are experiencing a national outbreak of an anxiety epidemic. You need to know this so that you don’t isolate or blame yourself. The instability of our current times has reached epic proportions and we still try to continue on as if nothing has changed. No matter if you supported the winner of the election or not, the climate of anxiety is affecting everyone.

    I’m not going to repeat the talking points that spread the anxiety, you’ve heard them all before. However I am going to remind you that you don’t have to spread the anxiety and you don’t have to let it engulf you. This is the time when detaching from the negativity and returning to your calm center is most needed. Calmness will not inhibit your ability to respond and take action.  Instead it increase the odds that you act out of wisdom, creativity and patient understanding.  You can bring sanity to our world when you return to your calm center.  When you go viral, spread peace, not anxiety.

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  • 2017 The Year of Clarity 12.01.16

    2017 The Year of Clarity December 1, 2016

    During 2017 we will finally see clearly the dark control and enslavement programs that have been insinuated into our thoughts, emotions and even our physical cellular consciousness. They have become so much a part of us that we haven’t been able to separate out our true identity from the programs…. that is until now.

    The clarity that is coming forth will help us see how we have internalized all kinds of limiting and dark programming. Finally, we will be able to feel good about ourselves and lose the “not good enough” program that kept us under a cloud of darkness.

    Until that veil is lifted it is impossible to see clearly who we are and why we are here. Now that higher frequency light is pouring down upon our Mother Gaia, we will be the beneficiaries of her expanding consciousness. Without her evanescent life giving unlimited love we would stay forever dimmed and dull. She is our anchor, our connection to the fiery heart of the cosmos that ignites the wisdom in our own hearts.

    Our past identity will be dissolved in so many ways that the only thing that will be certain is the PRESENT. We won’t be able to gauge the future because our memories and experiences will feel so foreign and strange, as if we can’t believe we ever lived like that.

    Our body consciousness has been built upon a foundation that is not true to nor supports enlightened consciousness. The beliefs of the last thirteen thousand years have created a cellular consciousness based upon the flat material reality of the dissociated mind. Mind and Body must come back together so that our cellular consciousness learns to recognize clearly what will be regenerative and life giving and what will not. Then Mind and Body will be magnetically and wisely drawn to connect with Mother Earth and Father Sky to learn the true depth of our multi-dimensional being.
    2017 will see more clarity in medicine and healing. Many different physical and emotional symptoms will arise that will not respond to traditional treatments and a great many will seek out alternative subtle energy treatments that they would not have considered before. Our physical consciousness must go through a deconstruction and be resurrected on a foundation of truth and enlightenment. Our body is not just physical material; it is consciousness as well. When we treat the body as a state of living consciousness it responds with great wisdom and life force to support our purpose.
    Our new bodies will respond to frequency medicine and will reject medical treatments that are based on the old control and enslave programs. 2017 finds us caught between the old and the new healing paradigms in a very confusing way. Throughout the year we will continue to cleanse the lens of our perception so that the false limiting beliefs and programs rise to the surface to release. This will continue to create an enormous amount of confusion and uncertainty in 2017 as we move forward with ascension consciousness. We won’t know who or what to trust and must take full responsibility for the unfolding of our own heart centered intuitive wisdom one step at a time.

    Discovering our heart in the heart of the mother.
    The biosphere of the planet will become our teacher. Mother Earth and the plant beings will begin to speak loudly. They are the most directly connected to the multi-dimensional matrix of living consciousness. Everything living and life promoting will begin to teach us the way. We will be forced to listen as outdated modes of treating viral, bacterial and fungal infections show their ineffectiveness. Through the path of biomimicry, we will find that “living essence” is the miracle ingredient, we cannot just “make a copy of nature’s tools” and expect them to work the same. Fortunately, contemporary physicists and engineers are guiding the medical profession down the mystical path without letting on that this is happening!

    Discovering our non-terrestrial self.
    We will discover our true history and lineage. Not just the few of us in new age circles, but throughout the planet Mother Earth will speak to whomever will listen. She will raise our vibration and purify our minds to the point where we will know intuitively that we have a long human history and an even longer history as star beings. This changes the entire constellation of our being from the physical to the spiritual. It takes us beyond the history of violence that our history books speak of to an incredibly honorable history of heightened consciousness and enlightenment.

    History and DNA are not separate, they interact to form our physical, mental and emotional consciousness. When we experience our true ancestry; our roots that go back millions of years to the stars and beyond, our bodies will change in a striking way. Our understanding of the physical will change from materialistic to energetic just as the physicists and mystics have shown us. But now a majority of the population will awaken to this and the consequence will be more awareness of our unity, subtle connection, and the light of being. We will step up to heart centered consciousness and learn an entirely new way of being human.
    The non-terrestrial beings who have already been helping all of us in the consciousness movement will begin to show themselves more clearly and we will learn how to shift our consciousness to meet them in their world. We also discover the non-terrestrial forms of our self and be surprised that we are the ones we’ve been afraid of.

    We also will experience freedom like we’ve never experienced before. Our sense of our material self will change to encompass our non-material reality and generate a new sense of who and what humans are. This will actually engender more respect and honor for the physical vehicle and an appreciation for all that it has the potential to be. We will no longer stand for being enslaved and controlled 2017.
    2017 is about understanding unity consciousness as the global events continue to show us how all of humanity is interrelated. But there is more. 2017 will find us opening to a vast world of living consciousness that exists in many forms throughout many realms of existence. Many of you reading this have already experienced this consciousness but feel that you are in the minority. 2017 will bring a critical mass of beings into the realms you are already experiencing and generate formidable changes in the way we live together.

    This will actually help us feel more community and less isolated as a majority of beings discover that the pathway to moving with the flow includes heart wisdom. We will move away from “mind” centered living towards more intuitive and heart centered living.

    The clarity that will arise in the planetary consciousness will allow us to recognize and discern deeper wisdom and let it actually have an impact on our world. There will be huge leaps in this arena in 2017. The wisdom of the heart will actually start to carry weight and be recognized as a valid form of understanding and approaching life. Finally, we will start discerning the consciousness of physical organs and move away from the entirely materialistic view of the body and mind.

    Yes, there is hope and you will start to feel it more as 2017 comes to a close. We are all subject to change and those of you reading this will need to include yourselves in the experience of change. We have all been subject to the dimmed consciousness of our past and the control programming so we will need to look towards ourselves first and lean into the changes in ways that may feel scary and uncertain. It’s easier to fantasize about the future but harder to experience the pathway to the future. The teachings that you have been given on learning to be “present” will be your best guide for moving through 2017. There is no future that you can imagine right now that is reality based. Everything is unfolding in ways that are new and unexpected. Learn to live in the present and allow each moment to unfold fresh and new.

    In 2017 the true astrological science will start to emerge and be recognized for its wisdom. Our understanding of the impact of stellar and galactic energies will unfold slowly but surely as the year progresses. Scientists will find the clues they have been looking for in the science of astrology and it will astonish them. Our view of this mystical science has been so limited by our dimmed consciousness that we have truly overlooked its wisdom teachings. Just as the ancients used to speak to the stars, read the multi-dimensional messages and experience the realms beyond to help them navigate earth reality, we will re-learn to do the same. We will look to astrology for portals and connections instead of for soul mates and financial success.

    We have so many stories built into our cellular and mental/emotional consciousness about being tortured and murdered for enlightened beliefs. These stories will finally be purified from all levels of our consciousness and free us to move forward. We will start living in the present and not let the old stories limit our future.
    I realize that It’s hard to imagine that we will be released from our history of violent discrimination against heart centered intuitive people but we will. Many of you have already experienced this healing. As a critical mass of beings undergo this purification you will feel safer claiming your clarity and wisdom.
    As we learn more about living from the heart we will find ways of healing the violence that has burdened our world. Each being will discover the healing wisdom of their own consciousness and we will learn to live free of post-traumatic stress. Once we have demonstrated that trauma and violence can no longer enslave our being the path of violence will become impotent. 2017 will plant the seeds for the end of violence on earth.


    1. Aschlenkerman

      Thanks as always, Sarah. I too am hopeful and feel that change is coming. I’m glad to support this new way of Being with a capital “B”!! I’m glad to feel supported!!

    2. joann

      After this very disturbing election year I have found myself carrying around a
      lot of fear and dread. After reading your blog I felt an internal shift and a lightening of my spirit. Thank you for reminding me that my heart offers a wonderful balance to the world my eyes see. You have offered me hope and balance and a journey of deepening spirituality for 2017. Thank you! Many blessings, JoAnn McL.


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  • If You Are a Spiritual Seeker you Know what to Do Right Now 11.13.16

    If You Are a Spiritual Seeker you Know what to Do Right Now November 13, 2016

    If you have been on the spiritual path for even a short while you know that the teachings of unity and oneness are the predominant themes.

    Let’s look at what we’ve learned that can help us through these uncertain times.

    You’ve learned your own right relationship to power and manipulation.
    You’ve learned to stand your ground and yet still be collaborative.
    You’ve learned to reclaim your power and find compassion in the face of lies and hate.
    You’ve learned to be courageous when fear overwhelms you.
    You’ve learned patience and understanding.
    You’ve learned to heal and be healed.
    You’ve learned to stand up for yourself and Be yourself.
    You’ve learned to be present and have presence.
    You’ve learned that you are seated safely in the heart of Mother Earth and Father Sky.
    You’ve learned to love yourself and radiate love from the deep well of Source.
    And most important of all…
    You’ve learned that the wings of your heart can span both Unity and Individuality.

    Knowing all this you know what to do right now.

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  • Spiritual Divorce: Creating Love and Light 10.08.16

    Spiritual Divorce: Creating Love and Light October 8, 2016

    For more about the Spiritual Divorce Ceremony see previous blogs and The Spiritual Divorce Ceremony

    I was guiding a client through a spiritual divorce a few years ago and so many spiritual teachings were revealed in the process.  But one teaching was totally new to me and completely blew me away. I’m finally taking the time to describe the session and the teachings because they can have such a huge positive impact on how we move forward now.

    Preparing for the Spiritual Divorce Ceremony

    Eleanor had set up an appointment for a spiritual divorce ceremony hoping to free up the stalled divorce proceedings that were holding her back from moving forward in her life. During our first session it was clear that she wasn’t quite ready for a complete and final separation from her husband and she realized, wisely, that she needed more time to honor each step of the monumental event that she was going through.

    The break up of her marriage came as a complete surprise. She had uncovered some information that made it impossible to stay married. Her husband had forged her signature on a second mortgage for their home to settle gambling debts that were also secretly incurred. Even though they had a beautiful family, including children and grandchildren, and a relationship that grew deeper over 42 years of marriage, the lie that was revealed could only lead to one conclusion; a divorce.  You can imagine how betrayed Eleanor felt. The person she trusted the most in life was now the most dishonest.

    Our sessions spanned several months. Eleanor was very motivated to shift the direction of her life and deepen her spiritual connection.  She learned to connect her heart with the heart of Mother Earth and Father Sky to bring flow, light, love and understanding to her situation.  As she felt more and more comfortable and claimed more of her power back from the marriage she discovered incredible strength and resilience within and was now emotionally ready to proceed with the legal divorce if not the spiritual divorce.

    Magic Occurs at Divorce Time

    The lawyers set the date to review the final agreement.  Eleanor was hopeful that it would go smoothly given the amount of work that had gone into preparing the final document.  But at one point the negotiations became so antagonistic that the lawyers asked her to leave the room, for her protection. Her husband was out of control and very aggressive. They found a quiet room for Eleanor to sit in while they tried to calm her husband down.

    She had truly hoped this would be the end of the emotional turmoil and fighting over what was once their precious marriage but it didn’t look promising.  After she calmed down she grounded, trying to reclaim her equanimity and peace.  She connected so deeply with Mother Earth and Father Sky that she became completely immersed in great, all-encompassing LOVE. She was so still and clear that her true being came forward and consecrated the proceedings. Her light filled the room and all she knew was pure love. Love for her soon to be ex-husband and for everyone involved in the case. It was totally unexpected and extremely holy.

    A few minutes later the lawyer came into the room and said, “I don’t know what happened your husband has calmed down and is totally fine with the agreement. He is ready to sign.”

    This was a true lesson in letting go and letting love.  Eleanor had nowhere else to go but within. She turned to her inner sanctuary and entered with intention, hoping to find a solution in her heart and she succeeded.

    Further Teachings! We Create Love and Light

    Following the settlement of the divorce Eleanor and I met for another session.

    We greeted Mother Earth and Father Sky, allowing their infinite love to fill and inform us.  As we deepened into the energies it became apparent to me that the spiritual divorce would happen in this session.  I saw the ascended masters gathering, light beams radiating from their heart poured down upon us. When two people take a vow of marriage their hearts are energetically joined as one.  To truly separate hearts that have become one the higher consciousness of the ascended masters is needed.  It is an “uncoupling” ceremony that occurs on the higher planes.

    When a couple receives only a legal divorce they can still remain connected in their hearts and this makes it extremely difficult and complicated for everyone to move forward.  If spiritual divorce was recognized as an important step in the process we would have far fewer beings with open wounds walking around; far fewer beings bringing baggage into their next relationship. (note: I wish we recognized the spiritual aspect of every part of our lives, from birth to death and everything in between!)

    So the radiant light of higher consciousness was separating these two precious hearts and as this is happening we were shown a very deep spiritual teaching. This is the one that blew me away. It’s very hard to describe without sounding trite so I hope you can feel the energy behind the words.

    As the two hearts were gently and mystically separated a ball of beaming light, like a radiant sun, floated in front of Eleanor’s heart. The guides explained that the love that she had shared with her husband had been very real and that it was not lost or gone. Eleanor caught her breath for a moment hoping she had not made a mistake going through this divorce. But this did not halt the session. We learned that the love they shared was now a light that will shine over them, continuing to bless each one of them and their family with the grace that had grown out of their 40 years of loving each other.

    Their love had actually created light!

    All spiritual teachings tell us that the world is created out of LOVE.  Through their marriage and despite their divorce, even with all of its emotional pain and suffering, this couple had created a light that permanently adds to the quantity of light in our world. Could it be that the love between two or more people creates an immortal light and that this is part of our purpose for being here on earth? It would explain why we have male/female, positive/negative, yin/yang, the polar opposites that create love out of their attraction.

    Relationships take on a new purpose and meaning. This highlights the need to consciously and intentionally grow more love in our relationships so that we create more light in our world. That’s a true purpose for living if I’ve ever heard one. Our current dimly lit world certainly needs more light. To watch the light form right in front of our third eyes was a huge gift.

    We now understood and knew from the core of our being that relationships are the cauldron where love creates light and light creates life. It’s alchemical, magical and amazing!





    One comment

    1. C nesi

      Namaste, this has moved me deeply, i asked the universe to reconnect the globe of light between mySelf and spouse. The waves of emotional cleansing were like being bathed in pure light, supported by universal and Mother Earth. This morning I feel an amazing cleanse, dwelling has been washed from my cells and the gift of today is being present, I’ve not felt so much in the “now” in a long time. My love to you all.


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  • You Can’t Beat Karma to the Punch! 9.12.16

    You Can’t Beat Karma to the Punch! September 12, 2016

    I was just working with a client and her liver had a lot to say about Karma.  As you know, in a medical intuitive session, a single organ can tell us a lot. So much so that we can get to the root of a lot of negative programming through the relationship and conversation I have with one single organ.  In this case it was the liver.

    First we relaxed and grounded with Mother Earth and Father Sky; then we began to expand.  The client could feel her being get lighter and lighter until finally her heart was bursting with radiant light. Her being opened into a balanced flow of light and life energy throughout the entire chakra system and her field filled with light.  When our consciousness is supported by light and flow we have the opportunity to discover the hidden heavier aspects that we want to clear. The chattering mind and reactive emotions tend to hide or cover what we really want to clear.  When the mental, physical and emotional bodies are safely embraced by the heart light and expanded so that they are free to flow, this is when the deepest medical intuitive work can be done.

    At this point the client reported that her liver felt like it was pulling a bit and tightening down. So with my intuitive sight I focused in on the liver.  When I am quiet and tuned in softly, I’ll get images or hear words from the consciousness of the liver.  You have to remember, in my line of work, everything is conscious and alive. I communicate with a tree or a liver the same way I communicate with you.  If everything is conscious then we can relate consciously!

    Her liver  was casting a spotlight on a past life that it couldn’t let go of.  The client had experienced tremendous feelings of guilt and shame over how she treated another being in that life time.  Her consciousness was trying to pull that shame and guilt into this life time by keeping a memory in the cells of the liver. She thought that if she beat herself up first then karma couldn’t surprise her with an unexpected whammy! She was trying to beat karma to the punch!  She was trying to punish herself first.  She didn’t want to leave it up to the universal consciousness to balance out what she did in that lifetime so she was dragging the shame and guilt around like a punching bag that she could hit whenever she felt the guilt and shame.

    This may seem odd to you at first, but in reality we are often captive to the limited understanding of our cellular consciousness.  And if we are not comfortable with being grounded and present in our bodies we will be subject to these unconscious forces from past lives.

    The trouble with this is two fold.  One it’s an attempt to control something we have no control over. And two, we’re not able to see the bigger picture.  Maybe the actions of that lifetime were balancing the karma from another lifetime?  Our minds are too puny to understand the greater picture over several lifetimes; we need to be able to trust in the greater consciousness of our being to lead us through a life that balances karma from a bigger perspective.  In the greater perspective karma disappears and the actions and reactions of life are absorbed back into the breathing matrix of living energies that generate life. This is what gives us the ability to be present in the NOW, to understand The Power of Now (Ekhart Tolle)  and to Be Here Now (Ram Das).

    For the rest of the session we communicated with the consciousness that was centered in the liver to help it release the control program that was consuming it’s energy. There was no way it was going to beat karma to the punch, it’s virtually impossible to do. We helped release the cellular memories held in the liver and gall bladder by showing the liver what it would feel like to be embraced by higher consciousness.

    I invited the consciousness of the liver to feel the higher light of intelligence that surrounded it, to let it in and immerse itself in the light and love it emanated. Once the consciousness of the liver felt this it was willing to let go of the past life shame and guilt and trust that clearer insight and understanding would prevail.

    The client reported that the tightness released and she could feel a flow and softening around her liver and gall bladder and a freeing from the heaviness of that particular guilt and shame.

    We completed the session by bringing awareness back to the entire body and reintegrating the consciousness of the liver to the flow of subtle energy throughout her being. She took some deep breath and we engaged in some dialog to review the session.



    1. Becky McLoughlin

      What a great insight and reminder that the mind ‘trying to figure it out’ is so limited that the precious Now is lost. I am so grateful to get to play in a couple of weeks and return to a place of expansion with you and the rest of the group. Many many blessings!

    2. Cathy Chapman

      The concept of Karma looks different when you take “time” out of the equation. There is no time if time is an illusion. That means all is happening Now whether the image of yourself is a man in the 12 century, a woman in the 14th century or someone in the 23rd century. A rather amazing thought and difficult, if not impossible, to wrap our heads around.

      Miss you and hope to see you soon!

    3. Martin Luthke

      This session illustrates a simple point that I have come to understand: All karma is self-karma. It is not so much with “others out there” or a punishment or consequence imposed by some supreme law or authority. Karma is what we do to ourselves in the mistaken belief that it would be required to balance out past transgressions or violations of universal laws. When we learn to love and forgive ourselves for such, karma can be released at once. Compassion, forgiveness, and grace trump karma. The joke is on us. Love and Light, Martin

      1. Sarah Weiss Post author

        Thank you Martin for taking the time to share your wisdom pertaining to the topic of Karma. We are certainly growing out of the old paradigm!


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  • Intuition…Your Trusty Guide to Dating and Relationships 8.08.16

    Intuition…Your Trusty Guide to Dating and Relationships August 8, 2016

    Intuition…..Your Trusty Guide to Dating and Relationships

    This article began as notes for an interview conducted by author, speaker, and dating expert Lisa Copeland for her radio show: You Can Find Love After 50 ShowThe show will air Monday, August 8 at 9 PM EST on the Going Solo Network. Here is the link to the internet channel.  You may access the half hour show at any time once it has aired.

    I thought I would share these notes with my readers because its a good refresher course on Intuition 101! By the end of the article I tie intuition with dating and how it can be a trusty guide once you have developed your intuitive skills. I’m a firm believer that love is a state of being that we should all be able to share with someone special.  My hope is that everyone who desires to be in a loving relationship will be able to fulfill that desire.

    How does your intuition support you in every way?

    Your intuition will always guide you towards optimum growth and fulfillment of your life purpose. Intuition does not provided shortcuts, it provides the best guidance you will ever receive because it is coming from your heart, your very wise soul.

           Your intuition will never belittle or demean you.

    It will correct you by guiding you in subtle ways or not so subtle ways. If you don’t hear the whispers it will come in dreams, if you don’t remember the dreams it will come from a line in a book, TV show or movie, from a friend or a sign on a truck or license plate!  If you still don’t get the message it might come through an illness or a challenging or traumatic situation.  This is not necessarily the order the guidance will come in, but I can guarantee that every moment of your life your intuitive voice is trying to get a message to you!

    What is intuition?

    Intuition has been defined as knowing something without knowing how you know it. But that seems like an outdated definition. A better definition would take into account what science has now proven: that we are all linked as one in a unified field and that field contains all of the information in the known and unknown universe. So a better definition of intuition would be

    “information that comes to us from the unified field”.

    Whether we are in touch with the unified field is each person’s choice, but it is there to connect with, just like the internet is there to connect with whenever we want.

    We have subtle energy organs that are versions of the physical senses that pick up on the information and insights.  For instance, the third eye is the subtle version of our physical eyes.  The chakras and subtle energy channels pick up on the intuitive level of communication while the physical senses pick up the physical level of communication.  We just haven’t been taught that we have these subtle sense organs!

    Science now recognizes that the heart has a “brain”. They have discovered brain cells actually located in the physical heart and that the heart truly has its own way of “thinking”.  They have also located brain cells in the gut and correspondingly the gut has its own way of thinking. The heart sees the world through a compassionate and wise lens and the gut sees the world through a “gut feeling”.  We are on the verge of science corroborating everything about intuition that has been mysterious for so long!

    How do we access intuitive information from the unified field?

    Sometimes we receive intuitive information when we are in an emergency or crisis situation. The resistance to our infinite knowing is reduced by the need to know.

    Other times it will come through, as I mentioned above, in the synchronicities of life.  The books, TV and movie dialog, billboards, labels on products or signs on trucks, there are so many ways life is trying to guide us. The question is whether we will listen or not.

    To tune into intuition regularly we need to feel safe, relaxed and able to quiet our mind and emotions so that we can hear the quieter voice of intuition.  It’s not that it’s actually a quieter voice, it’s that we’re not used to giving it the space and attention that we give our noisy minds and roller coaster emotions!

     How do I know the difference between my intuition and wishful thinking and fears?

    Each person has to learn to develop their intuitive skill just like learning any new discipline.  It takes time, practice, attention and mentoring with feedback.  Just because it is a natural ability it still needs cultivation to be used skillfully. When we learn a new craft or skill we expect to spend time learning and mastering it. We know there will be a learning curve and this is also true of developing our intuition. When we have developed our intuitive skill to the point that we can access it at will we will know the difference between intuition and wishful thinking and fears!

    The belief that our intuition should be there when we want it to be stems from our materialistic society.  If it’s not there then there are grounds for dismissing and pretending that it doesn’t exist.  Those of us who are intuitive are tired of being bullied by those who have no idea what they are talking about.  Intuitive information exists outside of the rational mind and in the unified field.  It’s up to each person to decide whether they are interested in cultivating it or not.

    If we were raised in an indigenous community, we might have been taught about intuition along with learning more logical thinking skills. But in our culture intuition has been shoved to the background so that it is invisible to us, almost unrecognizable.  So when we ask, how do I know the difference between my intuition and my mental projections, it’s a little tricky because we don’t have a reference point to compare it with.

    How do I develop my intuition?

    As I mentioned before dreams are one of the easiest intuitive skills to develop. I would start with learning how to incubate dreams as a way to open up intuitive skills.  Take a class on developing your intuition or learn a meditation practice to help quiet your mind and emotions.

    You might also engage with your creative energy in ways that are easy and appealing.  Practice such as yoga, tai chi, and martial arts introduce you to moving meditation and subtle energies.  Or engage in a creative field such as visual arts, music, dance and sports. Energy is creative and when we engage our creativity we begin to engage our intuition.  When we are playing with creativity and energy we are willing to be in a feeling state, using our felt sense instead of our mind and we surrender to this wonderful joy and natural sense of presence that awakens our intuition.  Remember playing with clay, or doodling…you don’t worry about the outcome, you relax and play. Intuition rises out of a state of joy and relaxation.  Playing with the clay our hands start to feel and sense difference textures, shapes, we surrender to the squishi-ness, and then something starts to form out of the formless mass.  That’s how intuition arises, most often it’s a quiet sense that starts to take shape and form, either instantly with startling clarity or with incubation over time that suddenly breaks through to an “aha”. It starts out as a feeling, a vague sense of YES or NO, turn right, or turn left. With practice we learn to identify how our intuition speaks to us, through our body, our thoughts, our feelings, dreams, doodles, songs that play on the radio, etc. Patience, faith, trust are the pathways to intuitive insight, a completely different approach than our usual logical, linear thinking.

    Why don’t I listen to my gut feelings?

    The first answer to this question is that we weren’t taught to. The second answer might be that we were mocked for any intuitive quality or ability we might have displayed early on. The third gets into more complex areas.

    Can you sit with yourself, with your own thoughts and feelings and tolerate what you hear and feel?  This is an ability intuitive people have. They are not afraid of what they feel and think. Accepting “what is” is the portal to entering the unified field.

    Intuition requires a special type of listening that is not compatible with fear, anxiety, self-criticism and a busy mind. When we can learn to be compassionate and accepting of our self we learn to also listen to the intuitive voice that is trying to guide us from within.

    A few additional ways intuition is drowned out:


    •  Trying to please others
    •  Living by the “should’s” of society
    •  Being controlled by fears and anxieties
    •  Undervaluing your dreams and aspirations
    •  Stress and physical tension
    •  Racing thoughts
    •  Trauma history
    •  Dissociating from the physical body
    •  Overly controlling and defensive

    Having a mature, healthy and honest relationship with your own being is the best way to ensure that your intuition is credible and clear.

    How does intuition apply to finding Mr. Right?

    First and foremost, I guarantee that your intuition will always guide you to respect and honor yourself.

    If I told you that you will understand more about yourself by being compassionate with yourself, will you believe me?  Probably not, you’ll probably feel like that doesn’t feel like you are doing anything to achieve your goal of finding your beloved. But that is the paradox of intuition. It’s not logical, linear, it’s heart centered, it’s wise and most often it’s surprising.

    When you take care of yourself, feel calm and confident, you will exude a beauty that will be noticed for what it is, authentic and real.  True beauty has an attractive and definite glow to it.  Others are attracted to this glow…they don’t know why but they are attracted to it like a moth to light. So first we need to take care of ourselves and learn how to be as compassionate with our self as we are with others. That speaks louder than your eye makeup, hair and outfit.

    You will need to know yourself and identify your fears and anxieties so that you can put them aside for a few moments to listen more deeply.  We’ll always have fears, imperfections, and craziness, but being honest, accepting and present opens pathways to the inner realms of the heart.  Once we have hit the “50 year and above mark” dating shifts into a different arena.  It’s at that time we need to take a deeper look at what we truly want and hit the “refresh” key.  Lisa is one of the best coaches around to guide you through this process.

    Often we are looking for the more materialistic check points, which are important but do not give us the full picture of who we are with and what the relationship potential might be.  We often overlook some important qualities in the other person that might be the ingredients for the best relationship imaginable. That is why we need to focus on developing our self-confidence, recognize our value, learn acceptance in infinite ways, and allow life to deliver right to us the best partner and friends possible.  Once we attend to these self-growth areas it seems like our intuitive intelligence seems to light up naturally!

    Intuition can….

    • help you discern between desperate need for a partner and your own self honor and respect.
    • help you understand love as a state of being, not as something you give to someone.
    • help you sense compatibility and authenticity.
    • help you be open to possibilities.
    • help you know if you are safe or not.
    • help you deepen intimacy and connection.
    • help you become more honest, accepting and trusting of yourself.

    If you are really clear your intuition will let you know when you are getting close to finding Mr. Right.  You’ll feel it in your bones, your gut feeling will tell you that it’s just around the corner. Or it will tell you that you aren’t close at all.   You probably don’t want to hear that so you will push that knowing outside of your conscious awareness and shut down your true knowing. Intuition doesn’t lie, it doesn’t suit our desires and wishes, it tells you WHAT IS.

    Timing is everything and accepting the ebbs and flows of the timeline of your life is something that I hope you have learned by the time you are 50.  If Mr./Mrs. Right hasn’t come along yet then do all that you can do to become the most authentic beautiful you there is.  I know the it’s hard when the feeling of wanting to share your life intimately with another is so strong that every cell in your body aches, but the deeper streams of life are leading you on an adventure that is just right for you.  Let go and let life happen.  Easy to say, a little harder to do. That’s when you might need a coach to support you, and that’s OK.

    Wherever you are in your life’s timeline it is never too late to develop your intuition.  It will open you up to the underlying beauty that grounds our physical world and to the glowing beauty that is hidden within you. It will always be your best friend and guide and it will never let you down.  If you want to have a voice within you that always wants the best for you, turn to your intuitive voice.

    Here is how to connect with  Lisa Copeland, “The Dating Coach Who Makes Finding Love after 50 Fun and Easy!”

    Dating Over 50 – Find a Quality Man

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  • Jewish Grandmother and Consciousness Pioneer 7.30.16

    Jewish Grandmother and Consciousness Pioneer July 30, 2016

    Memories and Insights of a Consciousness Pioneer in the Disguise of a Jewish Grandmother

    Jewish Grandmother? Consciousness Pioneer? It’s takes a good sense of humor to live my life!

    This is one of a few blog entries that will share insights from my life as a consciousness pioneer. And if you want me to tell you about my grandchildren, I can include the Jewish Grandmother thing too!

    I’ll be describing how I reclaimed my divine feminine consciousness from the confusion and toxicity or the masculine consciousness that has dominated our world for thousands of years.

    Blogs permit a wide range of writing styles and freedom from literary standards. And yet, in order to communicate clearly and with intention a bit of attention to craft is important. Blog style lets me respond week by week to the dramas that unfold for my clients and friends, and to those displayed on the national, international, planetary and cosmic stage. This is why you will see my personal insights intermingled with and cohabiting with current topics.

    Looking Back on the New Age

    At age 65 I can look back through the years and see the incredible changes in consciousness that have occurred. I have lived through the dawning of the new age. The new consciousness is peaking above the horizon for all of us as Mother Earth spins and dances through the higher frequency bands of the cosmos. The Age of Aquarius, the promise of love and understanding, of abundance and provision for all, is crowning. I can feel and see the difference between the 1950’s and now. The new age has finally arrived and we are living through it’s challenging birth!

    Some of us, including myself, were born a little bit ahead of the curve. We had visions of the beautiful times to come springing from unconscious streams of love that flowed from deep within our hearts. We were the “Flower Children” of the 60’s.

    We were the ones to usher in the “new age”. Just by being alive on the planet we fulfilled our purpose. We were the new age in person. We carried the frequency, vision and potential in our DNA. Just like the rainbow, crystal, and indigo children, teens and adults of today carry the next step in our evolving consciousness in their DNA.

    It’s not easy being a “consciousness pioneer”. That’s how I’ve come to see myself and others like me whose spiritual yearnings led them early on to explore new dimensions of consciousness. Living through transitioning times is always difficult. There are so many unknowns and yet when you are called by the light to scout new realms of ascension in a world that doesn’t understand it can take a toll on your self-esteem and self-confidence.

    Your world and the world of your family and friends don’t match up. What you see and experience can be completely different than those around you. Auras, energy, spirit guides, and intuitive wisdom are not part of the agreed upon reality. It took all of the patience, persistence, resiliency, and faith, I could muster and the support of good mentors and teachers, to follow my heart towards the light, even when the rest of the world told me I was crazy. Even my father called me a “phony” when referring to my work as a medical intuitive.

    Seeing colors around others, knowing when someone is sick, having visions of futures that no one else knows, communicating with guides beyond the physical realm, light beings who radiate more truth than your mother, father and school teachers put me in agonizing and binding conflict with those I loved. Who do I listen to, my guides or my parents and school teachers? It’s amazing how many conflicting directions can arise out of love. How does one choose?

    When I look back with a broadened perspective I can see how my life was set up to grow into wisdom instead of some false sense of success. But as a child it was confusing, anxious, and isolating.

    It was an outrageous situation because it existed in a realm that was invisible and unspoken, no one knew that my inner world was in conflict with my outer world. Life appeared just fine.

    As a consciousness pioneer I lived in a world of my own with only my inner guides to look to for help. For those of us born in the 50’s that meant there was no one else to talk to about the light filled beauty of the world’s beyond. At night my teachers would lift me out of my body and take me on journeys to the land of sapphire and gold. This always felt like my true home. In further blog posts I’ll describe these journey’s in more detail. This is only the introduction.

    I feel deeply for the consciousness pioneers of the last twenty or thirty years. They too are living in world’s that don’t translate easily into common consciousness. Many are relegated to “The Spectrum”. It’s a term used to define brain functions that are different from main stream or normal brain functioning. They too are struggling with hearing one truth within and another from those around them. Who are they to listen to? Who understands them from inside their consciousness?

    School was Challenging for Me

    I had a lot of trouble in school. I share this with the hope that it will shed light and free you from the shame that you might carry as a result of similar experiences, then and now.

    Due to my sensitivities I was more tuned in to the teacher’s feelings than the “teachings”. I had one teacher in fifth grade, her name was Miss Hayes. She had a bright sunny disposition and loved teaching. I did really well in her class. Her teachings flowed through me on a stream of love and deposited themselves into my brain easily.

    On the other hand, my third grade teacher was a bitter woman who I had to turn off. I had to shut down in class. She had a reputation as a tough teacher. Kids referred to her as “the old maid”. Her taught bun pulled back the skin on her face so that it made her look pretty severe. She did not smile much, learning was serious business.

    I remember sitting in this huge gray fog, forgoing learning just to protect myself from the weight of her seriousness. Normally cheerful I turned into an unhappy child. I didn’t want to play with friends, I came home right after school and buried myself in biographies of inspiring women to raise my spirits. The school librarian picked up on my interests and kept me supplied with books that became my lifelines for the year.

    I definitely needed to be lifted out the dark shadow of my third grade teacher. I still remember her name and have our class photo in my scrapbook. I even saw her again 30 years later when visiting my daughters elementary school. They went to the same school I did. I’m sorry to say for her sake she hadn’t changed but at least my daughters did not have her as their teacher.

    So I buried myself in inspirational books for all of third grade. I struggled to please my parents and teacher with good grades and good “deportment” (that was the word they used in those days to describe a student’s behavior in the classroom). But the lives of heroes in the books I escaped to, like Helen Keller, Florence Nightingale, and Marie Curie, gave me hope that one day I might follow my heart like they did. I actually won a blue ribbon for the most books read by a third grader that year. Could it have been guidance from above to get me to focus on female heroes? Possibly!

    Something Wrong with Me

    At the time I didn’t understand why learning could either be so hard or so easy. I just thought there was something wrong with me. When I had a pleasant teacher learning was easy, when the teacher carried dark heavy energy I couldn’t learn at all. Something wrong with me, something wrong with me, something wrong with me.… that was the mantra that keep repeating in my head. It was the only thing I could come up with to explain how uneven and uncontrollable my school experience was. It took a lot of energy for me to extricate myself from the fog that permeated the classroom and it took a toll.

    It’s unfortunate that the only way I could explain what I couldn’t understand was to believe that there was something terribly wrong with me. It’s a common reaction to feel like we are to blame, that we are flawed when we feel confused and overwhelmed by discordant and dark energy. We become paralyzed and don’t know what to do. Others try to help but how do you describe the darkness to someone who does not see it or feel it?

    These experiences with teachers followed me beyond public school to college and grad school. By my senior year in high school I had a handle on it. I studied what inspired me and put the rest on “get by” mode. You’ll be surprised to learn that I actually made it into the National Honor Society and was even named “most likely to succeed” by my classmates.I’m not sure how it all happened that way. I believe I was protected by my guides and that my life’s path was going to unfold no matter what I did! Unbeknownst to us our guides have a way of getting us to where we need to be!

    Spiritual Teaching

    My understanding of how we learn and how teachers impact those of us who are multi-dimensional helped shape how I am as a spiritual teacher. My spiritual teacher, Sufi Sherdil Amin, modeled a beautiful way of teaching. He would guide us into a deep meditation, where we relaxed into our hearts and released the grip of our limited minds so that the light that shined through him opened our hearts to the subtle and beautiful teachings of the heart. His gift was to show us what we already knew. He felt that spiritual teaching was an art and that achieving an authentic expression of deep realization was a valued skill and attainment.. His being radiated truth, light and wisdom that penetrated beyond the veil of illusion. I’m eternally grateful for his ability to see the true me and reflect it in a way that inspired me to take on the search for “my self”.

    Making Sense of Life

    As I look back on my life I can make some sense out of it. Having accumulated more years on the planet gives me an understanding of the privilege of being a consciousness pioneer. While it wasn’t easy, (it’s much easier now), I have lived an ecstatic life. At heart I’m a mystic in the garb of a Jewish suburban grandmother. How ordinary can one look to the world? But if you can see inside to my heart of hearts you will find a spiritual teacher devoted to bringing out the love, light, harmony and beauty in every being. Committed to showing others the beauty that exists beyond the limited viewpoint of materialism I am passionate about revealing and reflecting the beauty of our true being as it unfolds each day and every minute. It doesn’t matter who you are, whether you are my grandchildren or the check-out person at the grocery store, I love you and want you to know that you are a great being of power and grace; that there is freedom from misery and limitation within you waiting to be discovered. There is room for everyone to be liberated and in love, it’s not a competition nor is it for the “special people”. Spiritual realization is a state of communion with a self that is waiting to be discovered by you.


    1. Maureen

      Wow!!! Thank you for being so honest and clear, Sarah. It is immensely helpful to hear your experiences. Can’t wait for future entries and some Jewish Grandmother stories. While I didn’t/don’t have any of your specific experiences (except reading the most books!), the term “consciousness pioneer” certainly resonates. Thank you for loving all of us and seeing the Light and true potential in everyone.

    2. John Bonath

      I don’t know if I can think of you as a Jewish grandmother, but that you are. Yet another new way of seeing yourself. It is the way that we move through time and accumulate experiences, new memories and the synapses in our brain constantly reform. I don’t know where all those things get stored as our brains don’t grow bigger in size. At 65, having lived through the 50’s, the Age of Aquarius and whatever ages followed, there is much to process. As I grow older, I spend a lot of time in a day revisiting the past and evolving yet new perspectives on it all. Writing one’s memoires is ripe in older age to think of doing. Memory is so intangible and every changing. For me, it must be important to strive to make sense of it all and come to terms with so much that has happened as I get old and simply cannot physically do what was once my life. Accepting with love those things that I wish I could change in my life. You have certainly accumulated much writing over the years! Sarah, which audio is it that you mention clearing unresolved scares in ones life as removing “pieces of coal from the psyche”? I would like to listen to that again but don’t remember which one it is.
      PS. I’m not a robot but it was very difficult selecting all the images that were store fronts 🙂 Just thought I’d try corresponding with your form.


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  • Happiness….Where is it Hiding? 5.13.16

    Happiness….Where is it Hiding? May 13, 2016

    Where is your happiness?  Is it covered up by the noisy thoughts running through your mind?  Or the resentment that lurks in your gut?  Hidden by fear, pain and anxiety? I wish we didn’t have to seek out happiness but happiness seems to have gone into hiding. Where is it and how can we find it again?

    Like the cliche says, happiness is an inside job.  Period. No one controls whether you are happy or not, at least no one should. If you let others determine whether you are happy you have forgotten how to protect your most valuable asset. When we are happy life is good, even when circumstances might not be. It’s the magic pill that makes everything OK.

    Where is your happiness hiding?  Look for it in your heart. Your happiness radiates from the inside, like the sun. It shines from your heart, first filling you with radiance and joy and then shining brightly out to the world.  When you are happy you have an inner glow that communicates self-acceptance, loving kindness and inner peace.

    Happiness grows out of a pure silent awareness that exists deep within your heart. Your inner peace might be pushed back into the deeper recesses of the heart, out of your conscious awareness, by your noisy mind and bustling life, but it can never be truly eradicated or even invaded by anything from the outside. Each one of us has an abiding eternal peace within; it’s a gift that comes with being human.

    We’ve forgotten that happiness is a natural state; it’s not something that is earned.

    Are You Ready to Be Happy?

    Making sure you know where to find happiness is an essential skill for a fulfilling life.

    Being open to happiness is the first step. You wouldn’t believe how attached to misery we can be. It’s almost as if our schools and parents only taught us to be anxious and worried. Somehow we missed the course called “Happiness 101”.

    The journey to happiness is a journey of remembering and rediscovering our true nature. Imagine if you were able to cultivate a permanent state of happiness, wouldn’t that make everything in your life brighter and make you a more genuine and generous person?

    The Inner Smile

    Fortunately there are a few meditation practices that can help us easily cultivate happiness. One of the easiest and most fun is the Taoist practice of the Inner Smile.

    Ken (my  husband) and I used to teach this to our daughters at bedtime. After we read their favorite books and when we were all relaxed and cozy we would guide them to turn within and practice the Inner Smile.

    Steps to the Inner Smile

    Here are the basic steps adapted to our modern lifestyle.

    The Inner Smile may be done sitting or lying down. Make yourself as comfortable as possible. It’s important to relax and feel like you can breathe easily. Perhaps you might do some full body breathing (for a free Guided Full Body Breathing Audio Meditation click here)

    When you are settled bring your awareness to your feet. Wiggle your toes, flex and rotate your ankles and then spread your toes as wide as possible. Breathe deep into your feet and let your body become heavy and weighted downward.

    I love focusing on my feet because it is as far away as I can get from my head and all of my crazy anxious and fearful thoughts. Just focusing on my feet brings me back to myself in such a simple way.

    Once I’m out of my head and connected to my body I can begin the Inner Smile. At first the goal is to re-discover what inner happiness feels like and then build upon that experience to cultivate a happiness practice that you can truly rely upon.

    1. Allow your lips to form a slight smile, not forced, just a little turn of the lips upwards.

    2. Feel the difference this little tiny shift makes in your being.

    3. Allow that feeling to sink into your body, It doesn’t have to be a big feeling, a little smile can go a long way. We’re beginning with tiny steps that will lead to big steps in the future.

    4. When that little smile sinks into your body begin to radiate it to different body parts. At first you will want to experiment. What does it feel like to spread that smile to your heart? To your kidneys, knees or lower back?

    NOTE: There is no “right way” to do this practice. It is an experience that is all yours to discover freely without the fear of being tested or graded. Give yourself permission to spend non-judgmental time with yourself!

    Each practice session can be as long or short as you want. Don’t worry about time. Do as little or as much as your time allows. Practicing happiness should feel good! Remember to turn those lips up lightly and dive into the practice with a positive attitude. Your happiness is within and waiting for you to find it!

    If you have forgotten what true happiness feels like this is one of the most direct paths to remembering it that I know. I’ve been practicing the meditative and healing arts for over 45 years and the Inner Smile is an elegantly simple practice that anyone can master. Have faith, no matter how dark life gets there is a light inside that is waiting to bring a smile to your face!


    1. wendy collura

      A welcoming end to a busy day! I’m feeling as if snuggled in bed, having heard a sweet bedtime story, and now I’m off to magical dreamland….thanks for reminding me (once again) how simple spirit connection can be. All it takes is a little willingness, and a little smile.

    2. Rosanne

      Thanks for this reminder to find our joy each day! Lightening the heaviness and reminding us of our true nature!

    3. Penny Shemo

      The inner smile! A direct conduit to my true self. Love and Light Beautiful Beings everywhere.

    4. Mary Ann Chambers

      Wonderful and timely reminder, Sarah. In the words of John Lennon…”Let it be”…and smile.


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  • The Mystery School of Life 5.04.16

    The Mystery School of Life May 4, 2016

    We are all enrolled in the Mystery School of Life.  It’s not a cave or brick and mortar school, it’s a reality that surrounds us everyday all the time.

    In this Mystery School of life the world is our spiritual teacher, this is becoming painfully obvious. The lack of clarity and the surging amount of confusion and sadness is driving us inevitably inward towards a quiet center where we can take refuge from the pain.

    The Mystery School of Texting Drivers

    Who needs austerities? Fasting, cold showers, abstinence, twisted pretzel postures…..these were the former methods of developing mastery. Today we just have to drive down the road protecting ourselves from texting drivers in order to practice mastery!  After I avoid the oncoming threat will I freeze in judgement and fear or will I center in my heart and respond compassionately instead of react?

    What did I just learn from my blessed teacher?  I learned that it’s much better for my body to sit in love rather than twist and contract under the influence of fear. I’m better off having compassion flow through my body instead of anger.  I learned that I can heal myself in the moment and not leave remnants of negative emotions sitting in my cells and psyche to later build up into pain and illness.

    The Mystery School of Politics

    Who needs masters testing our mastery of peace?  Watching the political scene is a perfect mirror of our inner chaos.  What do I learn from my blessed teacher?  That I am responsible for my own inner peace.  I learn about the true nature of my mind and embrace a practice that will lead me to the inner sanctums of my heart where peace resides.  I also learn that my inner peace will contribute to peace throughout the world.

    The Mystery School of Confusion

    Seekers seek truth…THE BIG TRUTHS.  When we know what confusion is we are more likely to recognize TRUTH. How generous is our teacher to provide so much confusion that the teaching on TRUTH just gets easier and easier!  When surrounded by so much confusion we desperately seek clarity. Clarity leads to TRUTH. And when it comes down to it the only place we can find it, once again, is within our illuminated heart.

    What a great luminous teacher we have!  The Mystery School of Life keeps it real and close to home.

    One comment

    1. Becky McLoughlin

      What an amazing teacher! I had the opportunity to feel a heavy, fatigued feeling the other day and remember that I had a choice. I chose to stop, ground, center, open my heart, and allow for a peace to come over, a lightness, a truth. I am also grateful for this luminous teacher to bring such great teachings into practice. Thank you Sarah for being a conduit!


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  • Spring Equinox Retreat: Escape Velocity 3.03.16

    Spring Equinox Retreat: Escape Velocity March 3, 2016

    Spring Equinox Retreat 2016

    Escape Velocity….Harnessing the Power of Creation

    Escape velocity is what propels a rocket beyond the earth’s gravity and this is what the spring equinox retreat promises. Like a rocket hitching a ride with cosmic forces to journey through the galaxy, we will learn how to harness the power of creation to propel our heartfelt dreams into existence.

    It takes power to move forward so how do we harness power so that it doesn’t backfire on us–so that it actually takes us where we want to go? This is the theme of the 2016 SpiritHeal Spring Equinox Retreat.

    Equinox and Solstice events are natural times for retreat; they are built into the cycle of the year to give us a time to pause and reflect, to gather energy to grow and support the evolution and ascension of our being. The cosmos offers us one day each quarter to stop, turn within, and truly connect and reflect so that can move forward in alignment with our own truth and guidance.

    The cosmos doesn’t want us to stagnate just as much as we don’t want to be stuck in the same old, same old. Please don’t feel bound and enslaved to the craziness you are seeing around you. In times of transition and disintegration there are opportunities to free yourself from the heaviness that is dragging you down.

    Harnessing the power of creation is what spring is all about. The power you see in a sprouting seed is the same power that will sprout your own dreams and visions. Why not be in harmony with the cycles of creation that our own Mother Earth shows us every year? Will you finally let the wisdom that is hidden right in front, inside, and all around you finally guide you to happiness?

    The most important reason to harness the power of creation is to overcome our own resistance to growth. If we turn resistance inside out we find that it is packed with energy, wisdom, and just the life lesson we need right now. How much energy do you have socked away in resistance? Let’s begin with harnessing that and move on from there!

    The Ceremony

    When you register for the retreat your higher being will start preparing you for the retreat. Your higher being is actually guiding you to participate, whether you are aware of it or not. The ascended masters who are our guides and teachers for this retreat gather us together and provide a sphere of silence and light to support our earth walk with healing energy and wisdom. As we gather in ceremony our circle becomes the living temple of light and the sphere of living consciousness merges with our being to inspire us each, individually, from within.

    There is also a greater purpose for our retreat and that is the energetic connection we form with Mother Earth and Father Sky. We are brought into a cosmic ceremony that serves the planetary consciousness of Mother Earth. When she participates through us in this cosmic ceremony she is able to participate in the expansion and purpose of her own being as the Mother of the World.

    This year we have a beautiful modern lodge in which to hold our retreat. The Laurel School Butler campus is ideally situated in a serene nature preserve that will enfold us in its beauty and aliveness. I am so grateful that this venue has surfaced to support us by providing truly special retreat space.

    click here for more information

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  • New Feminine Energies Rising–Teleclass 2.25.16

    New Feminine Energies Rising–Teleclass February 25, 2016

    Understanding Feminine Courage, Compassion and Power

    The Feminine Stream of Kundalini is Awakening on the Planet

    It’s all new! The time of feminine emergence has now fully arrived.

    Not to be confused with “feminine dominance”, feminine emergence means that the feminine stream of kundalini energy is finally opened and ready to establish its own space and place in our lives.

    Our body, heart and mind are readily awaiting a new perspective to help heal and bring new light to humanity. The feminine energy has a lot to contribute but how can we recognize it or even open to it if we don’t know what it looks and feels like? This energy has not been available to us for thousands of years and now it is streaming through Mother Earth up into our bodies waiting to be recognized and integrated into all aspects of our consciousness.

    The feminine models of courage, compassion and power have been dormant in recent spiritual teachings. Mystical teachings that reduced the feminine to a receptive vessel reduce feminine power, courage and compassion to a small trickle. It takes the wisdom of the heart to understand the true feminine. The dissociated mental approach to life that is predominant in our world right now continues to dismiss the feminine. Fearing retaliation the dominant masculine forces will be surprised when they find a new model of power arising out of a wise and courageous feminine. The awakening feminine is devoted to all life and the flourishing of the earth and all of its inhabitants.

    Both men and women have felt the absence of the feminine to balance the masculine. This is why the masculine energies are crumbling. Without the true feminine for balance, the masculine energies become dark,weakened and feeble.

    Mother Earth has always been there to teach us about the true feminine power, courage and compassion but we never recognized her voice. We were manipulated into thinking of Her as an object. Now that we are recognizing the living heart centered energies within our own being we can recognize the source of these energies in the Mother we have forgotten. Mother Kundlini, Mother Earth and our bodies are One. Growing beyond polarities we are on the verge of discovering the unity that exists within our hearts. The feminine leads us to this awakening. The feminine leads us to unity. What mother does not feel at One with her child? This is a wisdom inherent in the very essence of the Mother.

    The concepts of the archetypal feminine being passive, receptive and open, readily receiving without having active power and discernment is simply not true. The feminine is not just a chalice waiting to be filled, this concept has been used to keep women from owning their power for thousands of year. Feminine courage, compassion and power looks a lot different than we think; and it is certainly not passive. During this class we will unearth and reclaim what true feminine energy is and bring it alive once again.

    We will be working with these open ended questions during the class:

    • How has the image of the passive receptive feminine caused you to be passive and give up power in your life?
    • What does your higher being have to teach you about feminine energy?
    • How much anger is buried in your body, hidden from even you, due to suppression of the feminine? How can you release it?
    • What does feminine/masculine balance really feel like?
    • What does the subtle energy chakra system teach us about feminine and masculine energy?

    We will have three attunements during our time together:

    Attunement to the Mother of the World.
    Attunement for liberating the Mother from within.
    Attunement to enhance self-love and care.

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  • Healing Intuition….Your Inner Physician 1.10.16

    Healing Intuition….Your Inner Physician January 10, 2016

    Before there were doctors and nurses there were healers, shamans, and medicine people. Before we started looking outside of ourselves for healing help we were our own healers. Our healing intuition was active and accurate. Our consciousness is able to traverse multi-dimensions for answers and cures that are in alignment with our higher consciousness and life purpose.

    Only in the last several hundred years, since modern science took over have we lost our belief in our own healing ability. Instead of receiving support to open up to our own inner healing wisdom, we were convinced that we were totally incapable of knowing what was happening inside our own bodies. We’ve been led to dissociate from our body and live in our heads, completely ignoring the wisdom that speaks directly from within us.

    Think about these three points:
    –You are inside your body.
    –Your consciousness of yourself also includes consciousness of your body, inside and out.
    –You’ve been told the inside of your body is outside of your awareness so you don’t even know about this amazing intelligence.

    Are these novel ideas? All of the space inside your body that seems dark and inaccessible is filled with your conscious awareness. The empty space between the front of your body and the back; the dark inner regions that needs stethoscopes, MRI’s and blood tests to detect, is detectable with your own awareness because it is you. You and your body are one. This is the foundation of holistic medicine. Mind and body are ONE.

    If this is true and you are ONE with your body, you know what is going on in your body at any given moment. You are informed and connected. There is a direct link between your thoughts, feelings and your body. Modern medicine has proven this beyond a shadow of a doubt. If this is true then your mind knows what your body is doing and your body knows what your mind is doing.

    I’ve never felt more connected and empowered as when I was able to journey inside of my body and reclaim it as part of my awareness. The sense of aliveness, of feeling immersed in the beauty and source of my own physical body brought me to tears.  –Lois P.

    How do you access this information? All kinds of devices and modalities are leading us back to our inner knowing. Biofeedback, neurofeedback, kinesiology, tapping energy points, chakra healing, Reiki, body talk, yoga, tai chi, acupuncture and more are opening the door to the inside of our bodies. They are links and bridges to our inner knowing, drawing us inside to discover our own inner healing capabilities. But they are still external and separate.

    Your healing intuition is the connection between your mind and body. Intuitive intelligence has been dismissed and discredited by those who want to control others for some kind of personal gain. Those who have dissociated from their own bodies to the point where they’ve forgotten the power of their own intuition will seek to disempower others as well.
    Your healing intuition is your guide to healing and well-being. Of course you will partner with others, those who have become professionals in the field of healing and medicine, and yes they have information that may be the key to your recovery, but you are the first and primary physician of your own being. When you seek help from another see if they respect your own inner healing intuition and if they do then you will have a true healing partnership.

    Awakening your healing intuition is a matter of remembering and claiming a skill you already have. As modern physics and the internet has demonstrated, all knowledge is accessible at all times. We live in a sea of information that exists in frequencies outside of our five senses. Developing our healing intuition give us access to those frequencies.

    Our military believes this, why don’t you?

    It is widely known that the US and Russia utilize a form of intuitive intelligence called Remote Viewing. Remote viewing is being taught all over the world now as a way of awakening our intuitive intelligence.

    Remote viewing is the ability to access information outside of us through inner knowing. Military remote viewers access secret military installations, remotely infiltrate war rooms and military plans, and find missing planes and people using our intuitive ability to connect with all information everywhere. You can find this information by searching the Stanford Research Institute, (Russell Targ and Hal Putoff’s work in remote viewing) and the words remote viewing. These are not conspiracy stories, these are real and documented accounts of verified remote viewing experiments and its impact on human potential.

    I was so shocked to see my actual heart inside my body. I almost shut down my inner seeing but I caught myself and allowed the amazing site of my physical heart to fill the screen of my inner consciousness. I was entranced and then immersed. The consciousness of my heart took me on a journey through its intricate physiology as if I was watching a full color video. The difference was in the feeling of being “inside and part of” instead of “outside and apart”. It’s hard to describe but once I penetrated the boundary of my own skin, many other boundaries of consciousness and life opened up to me.   –Richard D.

    Remote viewing is a doorway into our own bodies. Learning how to use our intuitive intelligence to remotely view the interior space of our own body gives us access to our own healing intuition. You can actually view the inside of your body. You can see with your intuitive vision or feel with your felt sense your organs, tissues and even your diseases. You can be in communication with all that is going on under your skin and enter into a healing relationship with yourself through your healing intuition.

    Once you are connected to your healing intuition you are led to connect to the innate healing wisdom of life. The subtle essence that rises out of the mysterious, source creation energies, the Qi, Ki, or Prana that wholistic healers refer to when they are unblocking and harnessing our innate vital energies for healing. This is what makes us feel alive and connected to the great web of life. It is the path to claiming a positive and empowered self-image and restores confidence and power in our intuitive wisdom.

    Remote viewing is only one example of our ability to access the awareness that already exists within us. There are many ways to develop your healing intuition; many ways to know the full you. The goal of healing intuition is to reclaim your full awareness of who you are and the source of life that connects us to body, mind and spirit.


    See: Awakening Healing Intuition: A Sacred Pilgrimage to Embodiment 
    Sedona, Arizona, May, 16 -20, 2016.
    Spend a week exploring the consciousness of embodiment through the lens of higher consciousness.
    –Learn the skill of inner viewing; being able to sense and see inside the body with your intuitive senses.
    –Cultivate appreciation through heightened awareness for the living essence of life embedded in cellular consciousness.
    –Activate your intuitive healer to clear left over traces of physical illness, emotional trauma and past life patterns that are ready to release.
    –Love being fully embodied, embracing the wonders of the life you are living.

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  • Embodied Spirituality: Your Body as a Sacred Site 1.03.16

    Embodied Spirituality: Your Body as a Sacred Site January 3, 2016

    You are the embodiment of light and wisdom. Every being is.

    The most overlooked sacred site is your own body. We look everywhere for the sacred except to our self. Everything else can be sacred but not us; God forbid we claim our divinity! The truth is we haven’t looked deep enough to discover the sacred underpinnings of our being. Who we are arises out of a sacred well of life that sources everything from the internal to the external. The thread is there. We need to find it, follow it and understand our connection to the sacred.

    We may not be able to find the light in our body or our mind, but our heart reveals it readily. The light and wisdom of the body is so obvious to the heart because our body is created from the heart. Physiologically this is scientifically proven. The very first cells that multiply in the womb become the heart and the rest of the body is created from these original primordial cells. Our body is born from the heart, a very special organ that is so vast that the essence of all LOVE is contained within it. Heart wisdom and light permeates the body like the fragrance of a rose, an ineffable perfume that subtly pervades all yet is invisible. You could say that our body is the greatest creation of our heart.

    Pause for a moment and imagine all of your cells, your bones, organs, connective tissues, arteries, veins, blood, lymph, and skin as the creation of an all loving heart. Your consciousness, your soul, seated and nestled in the heart, formed your body as its conscious vessel. It is the sum of your consciousness and the conscious creation of your soul. This is what the mystic longs to understand because it connects us to the source of creation.

    Claiming our divinity is not a function of the mind. It cannot be claimed through intellectual reasoning. Understanding that we are the Source, the Creator, is an intuitive knowing. It is a profound feeling that is known so deeply that our every cell, bone and organ aligns with this truth. This unmistakable sense of wholeness and harmony lifts us out of misery into a state of awe. This is the physicality of the mystic; the experience of the body as an expression of the love, light and wisdom of the divine. From this perspective our body is formed out of the same light of consciousness that all of creation is formed from.

    This insight arises out of the Feminine mystical teachings. The Feminine teachings are both practical and magical. The Feminine teaches us about embodied light and wisdom. Giving birth to physical reality is the domain of the feminine. The power, compassion and courage it takes to do this is underestimated and under-valued by both women and men.

    There must be a purpose in being embodied otherwise we wouldn’t be here. Somehow the obvious escapes us and we experience life as a punishment rather than a gift. This is the result of living disconnected from the sacred site of our body. This teaching was buried and forgotten long ago. Instead a type of dissociation has been considered “normal” and passed on from generation to generation until the body became perceived as the enemy and Mother Earth became an object instead of our greatest living teacher.

    The irony is that instead of looking to our own hearts we were told to seek God outside of ourselves and into an unattainable beyond. This made us feel as if we couldn’t possibly be good enough to be the vessel of the divine. It undermined our confidence, created a self-loathing that punished us from morning to night, and kept us from knowing the light and wisdom of our being. We couldn’t find it because we didn’t look for it in the right place….in our heart and the very own cells of our body.

    This wisdom can be reclaimed and remembered. Our greatest teacher about the mysteries of the body is Mother Earth. We are connected to the same creative force and live in the same dimension of physical consciousness as Mother Earth. She is fully sentient and multi-dimensional and at One with all that exists.

    She models for us daily the intelligence and wisdom of the creative forces. She can help us understand our own creation and the creative nature behind it. When we sink into her loving arms, her consciousness enlightens ours and helps us understand the relationship of consciousness to physical reality. In other words she helps us understand how to be humbly and fully human; to bring our full presence, our embodied light and wisdom to our daily lives with unparalleled passion, power and courage. She teaches us how to stay centered on our axis, to be in harmony with all around us, and to walk our path with the knowledge that we are the creators of our creation. She teaches us how to grow ourselves the same way she grows flowers and trees, each one of us a unique creation with a unique place in the garden of life.

    The wisdom teachings of embodied light and wisdom exist within us and around us, right here on earth. The Ancients knew and lived these teachings. Now they are re-surfacing in a new iteration. We are beginning to remember once again. But it’s funny how we don’t let ourselves know the truth. If we are kept in a dissociated state, believing that the body is the obstacle to knowing God, we won’t even bother to connect. But there is hope because truth eventually reveals itself.

    We are being asked to fully embody; to immerse ourselves so deeply in the feminine wisdom of physical reality that we come to the source of all. Mothers know this instinctually. They are the embodiment of the feminine teachings…their body knows exactly how to create physical reality from within their own heart and body…without even thinking. Every day millions of mothers are re-enacting the creation story of humanity and we don’t even pay attention to it, let alone honor it as a sacred teaching.

    The 2015 winter solstice was a pivotal point for the emergence of the feminine teachings. The entire force of the cosmos is opening us to a new awareness of who we truly are. Without the wisdom teachings of the feminine, the intimate knowledge of creation, our ability to understand and be the highest version of ourselves is undermined.

    We are being invited to become students of our own being; to turn within to the temple of the heart and to unearth the wisdom hidden in its consciousness. The key word is “consciousness”. If we look at the body as an object it will never reveal its secrets to us. If we know the body to be the living expression of the heart and embrace it with love, know it as our own divine creation, then we come to the brink of great realization. Our body consciousness becomes the path rather than the obstacle. With this understanding we can allow the great feminine teachings of embodied light and wisdom to guide us on the next steps of our magical mystical journey.


    1. Andrea Schlenkerman

      A tearful truthful thanks for such words my heart has been longing to hear. Many many blessings for bringing them to me and us all,Sarah!

      1. joann

        I did one of your meditations on New Year’s Eve. What a great way to end the old year and welcome in the New! And now I am blessed by receiving these beautiful words of wisdom! My heart continues to open and my trust deepens. Thank you, Sara! Happy New Year!


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  • 2015 Winter Solstice 12.17.15

    2015 Winter Solstice December 17, 2015

    2015 Winter Solstice Energies: Feminine Rising and Planetary Ascension

    Each of us has been going through tremendous transformation this year and it’s now time to rest in the silence so that our intuition can tune into our deeper guidance. According to Mayan elders this solstice marks the end of the predominance of the masculine energies and the beginning of the rise of the feminine energies. This is a 13,000 year cycle that shifts between masculine and feminine predominance on all levels, from social and political to spiritual. It means we have reached the extreme of the “masculine” influence and are primed to open to the feminine as the cosmos begins to balance these twin primordial forces that spiral through our being. It is a very long cycle and it’s influence takes hundreds of years to manifest. But in the meantime it’s influence is felt in our subtle consciousness and will impact how we tune into our heart. We will be “bobbling” for a while as the forces begin their shift.

    Accompanying the shift from masculine to feminine is another shift: the planetary ascension of consciousness from the third dimension to the fourth. We have intertwining spiraling forces combining to make this time tremendously pivotal. The shift of consciousness from the third to fourth dimension changes everything so much that everything seems different, every way of being on every level will be changing because we are releasing our grip on a solely physical reality to a reality that is less physical and more connected to our higher being.

    The rigid focus on the physical has been the only world we’ve known for a long time and the yearning for the more subtle world of the spirit has been so ephemeral, just slightly out of reach. But now the ephemeral is going to be the “new normal”. The greatest proof we have of this is coming from the scientific fields of physics, medicine and technology. Each of these disciplines is tapping more and more into the subtle nature of reality. Energy medicine is now recognized, the impact of consciousness on hard physical reality is accepted, and technology seems unlimited in its reach into the micro and macro worlds. We are slowly but surely moving into more refined realms.

    These changes are bringing us to the threshold of a new version of our identity. How we recognize and know our “self” is changing dramatically. Veils of limitation are being removed and we are now capable of knowing ourselves as the Creator beings we are. The doorway to understanding and living from the consciousness of Oneness is now open. A whole new way of being is opening before us and this amount of change can be overwhelming.

    We may feel split between two worlds or fearful of the unknowns. The way we understand ourselves is changing so fast it feels like we’ve dissolved into a sea of change. The lack of control and the opportunities to lose our way feel very risky. So it’s time to make a commitment to the new and let go of the old. That’s the theme of this year’s Winter Solstice Ceremony. The new consciousness is integrated and heart centered. While we know this it is still hard to let go of the fragmented mental focus that has dominated everything in our lives for so long. Remember, consciousness determines everything from our biology to our spirituality, from cell to soul, so when we go through a dimensional shift EVERYTHING changes including us. Consciousness is not just around us, it is US. We are pure consciousness. Finally as the grip of the last age is loosening we are able to know the light of our consciousness and experience directly the ecstasy and divinity of our being. This has been hidden behind the denseness of physical reality so long that we’ve forgotten. This is the time of remembering who we truly are. We are the embodiment of light and wisdom; connected directly to source and capable of knowing this fully and completely.

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  • Versions of Your Higher Self 12.02.15

    Versions of Your Higher Self December 2, 2015

    We are here to help. By “we” I mean the higher frequency versions of your self that exist on a continuum of consciousness from Inner Earth to the vast Heavens. You are receiving help each and every moment.  From above, below and within, you are immersed in an intelligence that is far beyond the mental capacity you are aware of currently.  You are breathing it, receiving it through every pore of your skin. It is being vibrated into your cells and your heart is listening, even if your mind is not.

    It’s important to know you are getting help.  It makes hope possible.  When things are bad the difference in having hope or not is knowing that there is help.

    We are pure intelligence. Our body is nested in this intelligence, just look at it how it functions without your conscious direction.  What is the intelligence that operates below the level of your conscious awareness?  Aren’t you curious as to how this world functions without your input?!  You come from this source and have a direct connection to it, like the umbilical cord from the mother to the child within her womb. It’s important that you know you are part of and participate in this greater intelligence. You will think, act and feel differently if you know this.

    Your heart is already tuned into the vast cosmic web of higher intelligence. Tune into it and hear what it hears, see what it sees, and feel what it feels. There is a whole world just below your head that knows more than you can possibly imagine!

    Your heart is connected to the heart of the divine, they are One. You’ve been in the cosmic womb and you are ready to be born to the realization that God, the highest Source, the Greatest Light is a version of YOU.  It is written that we are the divine manifestation, that we were made in God’s image. Yes, this is true. But it is not a God outside of us, we are nested within God consciousness and intimately connected, intertwined, even one and the same.  We just haven’t realized it. This is the revolution happening on the planet today: that every being has the possibility of knowing the highest, most exquisite unity of being that is their self. You’ve been gestating for thousands of years and you are ready to emerge into your new consciousness.

    Until now the womb that surrounds you is the only world you know.  It’s dark so you can’t know your new self until you come into the light.  We (the ascended and highest frequency of you) are here to help, like midwives attending a birth.  We are light, our words are light, our hearts are light, and our bodies are light.  These words are filled with light and you can drink them in as  liquid light or breathe them as sparkling air.  The medium of the emerging world is light. You are shifting from being centered in a dense temple, the physical earthen body, to a less dense temple, your body of light.  That is why this transition is like being born once again.  Your consciousness, which has only known the physical body as home, is moving. Your central intelligence is moving. The more you understand this the greater your compassion will be for the resistance that is attending this move. The change is so huge and we don’t do big changes so easily when we are ensconced in denseness. But there is a light leading you, just as the light guided Moses (a prophet, an ascended master and a version of your higher self) through the desert.  You are not alone and you are receiving help in the form of light, an intelligence without words but with vast knowledge and the ability to open doorways that instantly transfer you to the new dimension.

    The words “opening doorways” are coded to awaken a memory in you of your inner connection to light.  Words like “doorway”, “portal”, “opening” are coded in your cells to help you remember your True Self.

    The birthing process does not have to be difficult if there is a light guiding the experience. Your light knows this light already. Your heart knows this light already. It’s time to remember.

    Imagine you are surrounded by a circular rainbow of light that is alive and circulating around you. It’s filling you with its iridescent colors, the music of the spheres dancing directly into your cells. These vibrations and frequencies are information that communicate without words. The frequencies communicate directly, without interference from your mind that is clouded by personal need. The information is vibrated into your field and human body so that it will permeate your consciousness and arise as inspiration and guidance when you are capable of knowing it.

    Soon you will be more comfortable with this form of communication. It is the universal language….this is understood throughout every sentient dimension.  Our computers are the model for this communication. They exist on silicon X’s and 0’s. Their inner crystals vibrate and translate the electrical particles and waves into information.  Your inner crystal, your heart, vibrates to and translates universal intelligence into words your mind can understand. Your mind can only understand words; but your heart understands immediately and directly the living vibrations of the universe. This is what we call “LOVE”. We know “love” as the all-supportive enveloping deeper wisdom that makes us feel ecstatic and alive, safe and creative, embraced and free all at the same time. Love is the binding intelligence of Oneness. This unifying force flows throughout all of existence and is the stream of intelligence that carries us on its waves through the open doorways into our new light body and new world of light.

    Learning to communicate without words, communing in the universal language of frequency is the key to understanding your new light body. If you don’t know how it communicates with the world why would you want to be in it?  What’s the use of sitting in a new car if you don’t have the key to run it? Learning communication without words, vibrational communication, opens the doorway to your new body and ascended consciousness. It’s the key to learning how to live in a body that understands and lives on light. The light eases your consciousness, relieves the anxiety of the huge transition we are going through, and guides us lovingly.  The old paradigm of  “pain and gain” is released and replaced by the ascended states of joy and love.  That is the transition you are going through as earth ascends to her next level of consciousness.  She is done with the old paradigms and ready to shake off the consciousness based on “words” that have promoted limitation and violence. When you communicate silently through vibration you cannot ignore that which is alive around you.  You cannot pretend that death and destruction don’t register if it’s not in your immediate surroundings. You are well aware of all and everything because you are in universal mode.

    Awaken, listen to your heart. Become the light of your consciousness by tuning into the universal language of vibration. Your awareness will not be trapped in one dimensional words, instead your words will take on the full dimensionality of vibrational intelligence. They will carry the living energies of light and love and guide you through this great shift into a higher frequency existence. What I’ve been calling “your version of your higher self” is there to help. This is the teaching that the mystics have been holding in their hearts for thousands of years, guarding and nurturing it so that it is kept alive. It is the everlasting light that is kindled and passed from heart to heart in ceremony and initiations that wisdom keepers have protected with their lives. That light exists within your heart, it is the source of your being, lighting the way to your illumination. The planetary awakening is happening now.  As we approach the solstice the wisdom of the cosmos is supporting our awakening.  It’s time to walk through that open doorway into your new life of higher awareness and loving guidance.


    1. Trish

      I really needed to hear this today. Thank you.
      I think your book is being written now.
      “Insights from A Mystic”
      The book is a collection of these blogs, or essays
      Sometimes it is that simple. Right in front of your
      So grateful

    2. Donna

      Wow Sarah, I just heard almost the same exact message from a different source just yesterday. There are no coincidences, the Truth is near!

    3. Mark Tapajna

      Thank you for this Divine reminder. Your words continue to awaken the Words in me: the deep Words of Wisdom and Light.


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  • Scared Sacred 10.29.15

    Scared Sacred October 29, 2015

    Just changing one letter transforms “scared” into “sacred”. It’s a true spiritual teaching embedded in a language that usually comes up short when expressing spiritual nuance.
    We’ve forgotten, even lost, the sense of the sacred in our lives while being fearful and anxious seems more commonplace than ever. As our language so cleverly reveals by making a slight shift in our perspective we can shift from “scared” to “sacred”.

    If you’ve had a taste of the sacred, the sense of awe that humans are capable of, then you’ve experienced the absence of fear. You’ve experienced the light of heaven on earth, in your own body and mind. Mystics write holy prose and poetry to try to describe the freedom from suffering that accompanies the experience of the sacred. How can we not pursue the sacred once we have had just one experience that raises us beyond fear and suffering?

    The sacred can be the antidote to being scared. Entering into the sacred awakens a sense of trust in our hearts and ultimately a trust in the unfolding of events in our lives. Living in the sacred illuminates a path that is powered from within, from a greater source. Instead of giving away our power to our fears and anxieties the sacred helps us claim our power and take our lives back from scary oblivion.

    I learned long ago that worry, anxiety, and fear don’t change any outcomes. In fact they may make things worse! For example our bodies succumb to more illnesses when we are stressed and worried. Others feel our fears and catch it like a virus until everyone is infected with a bleak outlook. Confusion breads annoyance and irritation creating bad feelings and misdirected efforts.

    How do we turn Scared into Sacred?

    It’s simple but also tricky. The issue is just how invisible these heavy emotions truly are. We live and breathe fear as if it were our normal natural state. We’re scared so much of the time that it’s now the new normal. Just like the polluted air we breathe, we don’t see it but it’s everywhere! It’s almost as if we’ve forgotten what it feels like to be free of fear; to not be scared that the next bad thing is just around the corner.

    Pervasive fear is undetectable by the mind because the mind is immersed in it. We just accept the tension and press on. When I’m in session with clients who have not relaxed in a very long time they are amazed at what it feels like when their muscles unwind and their emotions lighten up. The relief of relaxation is intoxicating because it can lead to an experience of the sacred. In the deepest relaxed state our true being is free to emerge because we are no longer too scared to see the light.

    The Body Speaks Truth

    We have a reference point that we can use to detect whether we are in “scared mode” or “sacred mode”. Our nervous systems can tell the difference between being “scared” and being “sacred”. We can’t fool our muscles. They know flight/fight on an intimate level and twist and tighten in response. But when we enter the realm of the sacred our body relaxes and releases, we breathe, sigh, cry and laugh as we open to states of bliss that have long been forgotten. We can fool our minds into believing we are fine but our bodies tell us the truth.

    So our first step to turning scared into sacred is to listen to our body, to let the body tell us what mode we are in instead of our mind. If our muscles are tight we are trending towards being scared and anxious. If they are loose and relaxed we are trending towards the sacred.

    Grant yourself a few quiet moments to contemplate what a life with less tension, fear and anxiety might be like. Spend some time learning to listen to your body. Listening to your body will lead you to your heart. The heart is the center of the body, every cell in your body returns to the heart for renewal and direction. In its infinite and natural wisdom the heart knows how to direct the living essence of the body that keeps us alive. Your heart is also the center of your spiritual consciousness. When allowed to, your consciousness will return to the heart for renewal and wise guidance, just like your cells do.

    This is the path of embodied wisdom, the path that is open to all people in all walks of life. You don’t have to retire to a monastery or ashram, your body is your temple and your greatest teacher. It will teach you how to shift from scared to sacred as long as you give it a chance.


    Guided Meditation:  Embodied Wisdom Part 1:  Body Breathing  
    Try the guided audio meditation Embodied Wisdom: Body Breathing, a practice that introduces the experience of “letting go” and “allowing”.


    1. Becky McLoughlin

      Thank you!! Entering into motherhood with Liam has been a journey of returning to the sacred. I will catch myself worrying, fretting, and not trusting every so often and then take a breath, seek my grounding and return to the deep faith of the sacred. The guided meditation is a fantastic way to return, thank you!


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  • Fall Equinox and Mercury Retrograde: Peace or Chaos 9.15.15

    Fall Equinox and Mercury Retrograde: Peace or Chaos September 15, 2015

    As Mother Earth spins her love throughout the galaxy we become participants in Planetary Celebrations marked by the equinoxes and solstices. When we recognize her body as our body then we can experience the same ecstatic relationship with the cosmos as Mother Earth does. Honoring the quarterly alignments brings out lives into harmony with the greater cycles and a broader perspective. Portals open to our true self and higher purpose and we get a glimpse of where our soul is leading us.

    If we forget our connection to Mother Earth and Father Sky we also forget our True Self. When the opportunity presents itself, as in a solstice ceremony, an open heart will understand and with great humility turn toward the greater reality, the eternal, your true self. The equinox and solstice times are gifts of spirit. They open doors to remembering the eternally evolving One Life that sources our life today.

    Our attunement will take us deep into the fall equinox energies, aligning and bringing into focus the meaningful experiences that fulfill life’s purpose. Fall is a time of reaping and collecting. It’s also perfect timing that Mercury will go retrograde on September 17, just before the equinox. Mercury Retrograde gives us a time to review and discover anything we’ve lost or forgotten. With the two cosmic events overlapping we will have a few weeks to catch up, go deeper and find what we’ve lost on a soul level, collect ourselves, and move on.

    This is what retreats are for, returning to your self, to the light, to the greater meaning of your life. In the past several years the light energies have gotten more potent as the world has spun into greater chaos. We are in the midst of the great change that has been predicted and widely known since the 60″s. We need to look to the eternal and changeless to understand the tumultuous changes. Did it ever occur to you that the chaos is showing you the way to peace? Causing you to let go, detach and drop into your deeper, more ascended self. There is only so much of the chaos our being can take. When we can’t handle any more we either get totally lost and confused or find our cherished peace. It’s your choice!

    It takes courage to turn from the chaos, to let go and trust that your true self will be there to guide you and hold you. Mother Earth and Father Sky hold you in their loving embrace until you mature spiritually and discover the infinite wisdom within your heart. When you discover the mystery that is hidden within your own heart you are able to find peace as well.


    Fall Equinox Retreat Info


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  • Taking A Look at the Third Eye! 8.27.15

    Taking A Look at the Third Eye! August 27, 2015

    The word most associated with the third eye is INSIGHT. It’s the type of penetrating insight that pierces the veil that separates physical and metaphysical reality.

    It’s such a remarkably freeing feeling to expand beyond the limitations of 3D reality and finally experience your full intuitive capacity. We understandably want more of these types of experiences!

    At First We Have No Control

    Often happening spontaneously, this exciting glimpse of the greater reality arrives suddenly with no warning or preparation. ESP experiences, vivid dreams, intuitive AHA’s, near death experiences, deep healing, or profound waking visions give you a hint of the subtle realms that form the matrix for our reality. Once you’ve been graced with a few of these breakthrough experiences you want more and seek out every avenue for opening this faculty of inner sight.

    I know because I’m one of those “insight junkies” who can’t get enough of expanded reality! Fortunately it was in the cards for me this lifetime to experience frequent spontaneous journeys into the subtle realms from birth. I couldn’t wait to go to bed and be taken off by the star beings into realms that felt more like home than earth. Each night I would lie in bed softly waiting, knowing they would arrive just as I was drifting to sleep. Then a swirl of either gold or royal blue light would open a tunnel of swirling stars and lead me on that night’s journey home.

    As I got older the journeys became less frequent and I missed them terribly. I felt trapped in the lifeless dimension of earth reality. A quiet panic grew inside me. Fear of being stuck in a sphere so narrow and limited, clouded by confusion, and dominated by self-centered concerns eventually drove me to find a teacher who could teach me how to nurture my inner sight.

    At first this resulted in a lot of headaches. I was impatient. I thought that my willing myself mentally to “open my third eye” would grant me access. I was totally wrong and my teacher often lost patience with my bull headed approach.

    Subtle Realms Require a Subtle Approach

    The subtle realms require a subtle approach. Opening to insight does not happen solely from the third eye. It happens through cultivation of all of the subtle energy centers, not just the third eye. Subtle perception opens when we achieve a delicate harmony of mind, body and spirit. When we purify our energy channels we can see clearly beyond the clouds of doubt and fear. The light of understanding naturally awakens when the illuminated heart informs your third eye and instills it with a foundation of LOVE. The illuminated heart clears the field of perception and awakens the third eye in service of the heart.

    Of course there are instances where a very strong willed person develops psychic capabilities through persistent willful practice, but that is often the realm of black magic and includes manipulating energy for personal control and self-benefit. When the inner sight is awakened through careful and beautiful cleansing of all of the energy centers personal desire diminishes and open-hearted generosity increases.

    This cultivation takes patience and most importantly the ability to relax in the face of intense desire. We need intense desire to awaken; passion for the beyond calls to us and we follow. Passion generates escape velocity. But that passion needs to be shaped and channeled by patience and wisdom. And it would be an understatement to say our culture does not reward patience!

    Desire Creates Headaches!

    This desire “to see” can be so strong that we bypass the time honored stages of entering into a meditative state where this intuitive ability naturally awakens. We become so focused on getting psychic information from the third eye that we become “attached” to the desire “to see” in a way that impedes the actual ability “to see”! The desire erects a wall of mental pressure that shuts us out of the intuitive realm and even creates a “third eye headache”.  It took me years to learn to channel my “enthusiastic” and “impatient nature!  Third eye headaches are something I really know a lot about!

    Let’s back up a little bit here. The third eye is one of the seven major chakras or energy centers defined in classical Vedic meditative texts. These energy centers are not located in the body. They do have nerve plexi and endocrine glands that are connected through subtle channels to these chakras. The chakras are not physical, they are subtle. We forget that they are not physical. For simplicity sake we have used correlations in the body to give us a reference point for where the subtle centers are located. But subtle energy centers are not physical nor can they be seen or known by physical sense organs. The subtle sense organs need to be awakened to perceive the subtle realms.

    We forget this and when we enter into meditation we put pressure on our forehead (where the third eye is associated with the pineal gland located behind the bridge of the nose and deep inside the brain) and we try to wake up the third eye with our intent. We end up pressing with our mind into the spot where we think the third eye is and try to open it like you open a lid on a jar.  Our cranial bones get jammed from the mental pressing just when they need to be floating freely to accommodate the higher and more powerful frequencies. That’s not how the third eye comes on line.

    Through deep relaxation, concentrated awareness, and contemplative ease the entire subtle energy system comes into harmony, your multi-dimensional matrix comes alive and the third eye naturally becomes aware.

    For example, if I ask you to put your attention on your nose you can do that with your mind. If I ask you to place your attention on your third eye you can’t do that with your mind. You can locate the pineal gland or the center of your forehead with your mind, but not the actual energy center without accessing your subtle energy senses.

    Antennae and Light Beams

    Traditionally the third eye is associated with inner wisdom and light. This subtle center has the ability to send out a beam into many dimensions and receive information that is not accessible by the mind alone. Remote viewing is a function of the third eye and so is medical intuition; some forms of healing and certain types of spiritual realization also involve third eye capabilities. The third eye is necessary for seeing into realms beyond the physical light spectrum in order to penetrate the mysteries of sublime spiritual teachings.

    It is also a receptive center receiving light and information like a dish antenna and helps us intuit the unseen and unspoken frequency interactions around us. Its highest purpose is not for playing psychic games, astral travel, or ESP; its highest purpose is to enlighten us in the most profound ways possible.

    Have Confidence in Yourself and Then Practice

    Every human has the ability to access their intuitive insight; it came pre-loaded with our birth body. You weren’t given the manual at birth so actual training really helps!

    We need confidence in our ability to enter a deeper state and patience to take the road of depth and truth instead of taking shortcuts. We gain confidence by participating in the time honored tradition of repeated practice. If you are yearning to pierce the veil and enter into the unlimited multi-dimensional realms that are accessible through the third eye, then it’s time to prove to yourself you can do it!


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  • New Energy Supporting Healthy Relationships 8.18.15

    New Energy Supporting Healthy Relationships August 18, 2015

    Have you wondered how you ever existed solely on masculine energy?

    The feminine energies are just surfacing now and we are able to see what we’ve been missing.  It’s the FEMININE energy that is awakening to support healthy relationships!

    We’ve lived relying solely on the the masculine, which has been dominant in our lifetime.  This leaves us with a sense that something is missing, which of course is the complement to the masculine, the feminine.  When the psyche feels like something is missing it will do whatever it can to fill the emptiness. In relationships this means we have to look to others to fill us with what feels missing or lost. This is a huge responsibility to put on another person. In the end it feels like a demand and we become entangled in a web of reciprocal demands that bind us like a legal contract with no loop holes.  No wonder couples are so challenged and the divorce rate is so high. Energetic factors are working on us without our awareness.

    In order to be whole and sovereign we need two energies to awaken and support our higher consciousness; the feminine and masculine.  The energy anatomy of the human body has a central column of energy that runs from the tail bone to the brain called the Shushumna in the Vedic terminology.  The chakras are centered along this central column. Along each side of the central column is another energy channel. On one side is the feminine, or Ida and on the other side is the masculine, or Pingala.  They channel the dynamic living energies that when harmonized and balanced generate enlightened consciousness.  Our energy anatomy shows us the path to healthy relationships. The masculine and feminine in harmony within help us establish harmony in our relationships.

    With the awakening and surfacing of the feminine energies we are now able to awaken the feminine within ourselves and begin cultivating the new energies that support healthy relationships. Until before this awakening of the feminine we were crippled and relationships were our crutch.  With the cultivation of the feminine to help balance the masculine the emptiness is filled with our true self and our need to fill the gaping hole through another is diminished.  Relationships then have the possibility of growing from healthier ground.

    We have not experienced the awakened feminine very deeply yet, at least not in our current time span.  This new consciousness  is just becoming available to everyone on the planet.  It’s actually a planetary awakening that affects the entire consciousness of Mother Earth, all sentient beings, and our mental, physical, emotional and spiritual consciousness.  Everything will change with this shift. Nothing will remain the same.  How can it?  If you could only walk with crutches and then suddenly could walk without them, how would your world change?

    The more we are connected to Mother Earth and Father Sky in sacred relationship, the more awakened and harmonized the feminine and masculine become, the more we will see the fulfillment of the human potential in ways that we have not been able to imagine yet.  Love may take on an entirely different meaning, a new experience.  Instead of binding and clutching, the new energy of relationships may be based on the shared experience of unity consciousness and the recognition of a joint spiritual journey.  Intimacy may be attained in body, mind and soul through this awakened perspective and the emptiness, loneliness and suffering of our hearts may be healed.







    1. Jim B.

      To get ahead of things a bit I am also getting a glimpse of this energy as it can manifest through groups. I don’t have words to describe what this will look like but the sense of potential leaves me stunned. We see the power of groups still stuck in the masculine only energy, imagine what this heart and love centered way will look like expressed through groups!

    2. Mary Ann Chambers

      I love the term, right relationship. As I detangle in my relationships, I feel the room that is created for the balancing of the masculine and feminine. I sense that is where true intimacy begins to be nurtured

    3. Jim B.

      This effect has gradually been building in me for a number of years. The changes in relationships have been amazing. At least for those open to it. Love is manifested in new ways. There is a lot of experimenting in right relationship and faithfulness. Fortunately possessiveness can collapse in the face of the kind of trust, love and faithfulness this new energy offers. Spreading it is a lot of fun, if risky.


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  • The Solstice Effect 6.07.15

    The Solstice Effect June 7, 2015

    The Solstice has a deep effect on us. If we tune in we can feel the draw towards the special day of the year when Mother Earth aligns with the cosmos for a moment of stillness and deep reflection. The path of our planet through the cosmos can inform our daily lives through frequency and vibration.

    We can’t ignore that we are part of a cosmic event each day. With each sunrise and moon-rise we transform and change as Mother Earth finds herself in a completely new and unique place in the cosmos. Her spiraling path is never the same, she never repeats anything twice. Her signature frequency is new each day and so is ours.

    We cycle through a year just as the earth does. Our seasonal changes occur in our consciousness and when our consciousness is aligned with our mind and body we experience well being. It’s a beautiful feeling of harmony and flow with our soul, Mother Earth, Father Sky and the cosmos.

    The Solstice is a time of deep stillness; a moment when time stops and we can experience timelessness. Most of our lives are spent under the pressures of time, the Solstice offers a moment to free ourselves from that pressure and experience an expansiveness rarely felt in our busy lives.

    During the Solstice Ceremony your True Self has the opportunity to emerge from the cloud of heavy energies that keep it hidden. Those heavy energies are generated by emotional wipe-outs, mental confusion, illness, anxiety, depression and stress. The Solstice Ceremony takes us through a series of clearings that ultimately reveal your True Self.

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  • The Deeper Meaning of Grounding 5.20.15

    The Deeper Meaning of Grounding May 20, 2015

    Can you find your center, your inner voice that provides direction and guidance?  Our sanity depends upon our inner intuitive voice, the voice of our heart.  The world spinning around us is forcing us to find our peace within.  It’s a very strange time, one that has taken most by surprise.  We have not been prepared for a world of constant change, tumult and the upsetting of all that is familiar on a daily basis so now we find ourselves with less than adequate adaptive skills.  The generations before us tried to insure a secure world. All of the force and control that was used to make our world safe seems to have run it’s course and we are being called to bring forth an even greater consciousness from within our hearts.

    Heart consciousness has not been cultivated in our culture so we’re all pretty confused. Our minds and hearts are in conflict. It’s exhausting and clarity is hard to find. Cultivating heart consciousness if not about ignoring the mind. It is well proven now by the Heart Math Institute that the energy range of the heart is hundreds of times more powerful than the mind. They also have proven that the heart has it’s own intelligence. One day science will discover that each organ has a unique intelligence that if recognized will willingly reveal its healing wisdom. Why wouldn’t we want to engage an intelligence within us that is powerful and wise?   Because the heart is the central and most powerful organ in our body, cultivating heart consciousness will help bring harmony to our entire being, even to the mind.

    On the surface “Grounding” is a simple practice.  At first it helps us balance, clear and energize our body, mind and emotions.  It has a wonderful stabilizing effect, increasing confidence and a sense of well being.   Grounding has its roots in many traditions and is a completely natural path to enlightenment.  The grounding that I teach is rooted in my training in the Taoist tradition but I have also been exposed to it in the Andean, Sufi, Vedic, Shamanic, Kabalistic, Christian, and nature based wisdom traditions.

    Grounding begins with connecting to Mother Earth but ultimately leads us to the awakening of the deep feminine wisdom that is latent within the first or root chakra.  It has been represented by a coiled serpent lying dormant at the base of the spine ready to awaken and enlighten our being, a cauldron or well of wisdom in the pelvic bowl, or the roots of the Tree of Life.  When we ground and connect with Mother Earth she helps reawaken the feminine wisdom within us and shows us how this wisdom is our birth rite.  Our subtle senses awaken, our intuition is heightened and inner joy pervades our being.  The inner worlds start to reveal themselves to our quieter senses and the yearnings of our heart find fulfillment.

    We don’t have to seek for wisdom and enlightenment outside, it is tucked neatly within our body and our consciousness, ready to be recognized and awakened. When practiced for a longer period of time, grounding leads to the type of illumination of the body, mind and heart that reveals the deepest mysterious of the heart.  It is a heart cultivation practice that takes you by surprise because of it’s subtle intimacy and immediate availability.

    Even though it doesn’t look like we are evolving, we are.  We are about to enter an age where we will be surprised, even shocked, to find something very clear within us….our True self.  The seeds of this transformation have been germinating for thousands of years and they are finally seeing the light of day.  Grounding is a practice that helps you find your center and the inner voice that will guide you through these transitional and transformative times.

    I am providing a audio meditation that introduces you to the practice of grounding.

    11 Minute Grounding Meditation

    Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

    Can't view the player? Download the audio file.



    One comment

    1. joann

      I listened a couple times this week and have practiced for the other class, ans also Sr.ann’s Med. class for a month. I don’t know if you want us to tell you our experiences or ask questions. I am always full of questions but I am also feeling so much inside my body. Who know what an exciting adventure lay right inside me! WOW!


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  • What is Grounding? 5.16.15

    What is Grounding? May 16, 2015

    You would never live in a house that isn’t grounded, why live in a body that isn’t grounded?

    Ungrounded energy, such as electricity in a house is unstable,it has no direction and no clear path to follow. The same applies to us. The practice of grounding helps reconnect us to our purpose, clears up confusion, and provides stability in a whirling swirling world.

    We’ve lived an ungrounded life. Slip-sliding around on the surface we miss the key to life’s secret that is right beneath our feet. When we ground and reconnect with Mother Earth we reconnect with our own internal wisdom, power and compassion.

    Our Mother is the first teacher and what is she supposed to teach her children? Besides knowing how to survive she is granted the privilege of conveying the teachings of the heart, the teachings of wisdom, power and compassion.

    When we walk upon the earth we treat it like an object to be used at our whim. When we ground we discover she is our living breathing mother. How can we treat our mother as an object and still walk in dignity and beauty?

    We look outside of ourselves for guidance because we haven’t been taught how to look within. Grounding is a good first step. When our body remembers what it feels like to be “at home” in the heart of Mother Earth a whole new world is revealed. It’s as if we’ve been hobbled, unable to express our lighter and brighter, most beautiful nature because we’ve been tied up in our fears and anxieties. The safety and security we’ve been seeking, the clarity and wisdom we’ve yearned for and the power to unfold and express our True Self becomes possible when we are grounded in Mother Earth.

    Once we are settled in her heart she reconnects us to Father Sky and the two together lead us back to our own heart centered fountain of wisdom, power and compassion. From there we can become mature spiritual adults who have the inner resources to live a life of realization and fulfillment.

    This is grounding.


    1. Jan

      Wonderful explanation! I am grateful for your teachings, which continue to grow in my life. Warmest greetings from Jan

    2. Carol Spears

      Hello Sara! Even though I have moved to Florida several years ago, I still so enjoy getting your emails and newsletter. This blog especially touched me. Always a good reminder to ground ourselves, love and respect our Mother Earth. Being in nature has always been my connection to the Divine.
      Peace, Love, and Joy.

      1. Sarah Weiss Post author

        Hi Carol, Great to hear from you! I have always known that your home is in nature, you’ve lived a life dedicated to protecting and preserving our beautiful land!


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  • Sedona Retreat Journal 5.12.15

    Sedona Retreat Journal May 12, 2015

    This blog entry is longer and more comprehensive. This is a photo illustrated journal of the retreat in Sedona, AZ, April 27 – May 1, 2015.  If you’ve ever wanted to know what a SpiritHeal retreat is like, this gives you a beautiful day-by-day description of our experience!

    Sedona Retreat 2015


    1. Nancy

      Thank you for this wonderful gift, Sarah, of sharing the teachings and experiences from the Sedona Retreat. My own heart is filled with joy as I read through the details of your journey and view the photographs of the beauty that surrounded the group. Will be reading again . . . and again!

    2. Maureen

      Thank you for making this extensive description available to us, Sarah. What wonderful experiences and wisdom! Loved the blue spectrum consciousness information . . .


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  • What’s Your Spiritual IQ? 5.05.15

    What’s Your Spiritual IQ? May 5, 2015

    Spiritual aptitude is completely different than academic aptitude. Spirituality is learned by the heart, not the mind.  Someone who is quick and clever academically may not have the highest spiritual IQ. But someone with a sensitive heart may have greater spiritual intelligence.

    Spiritual teachings are coming at us from all directions these days.  Our cars are associated with zen like peace and TV shows, face book and movies shower us with spiritual aphorisms so much so that we actually believe we are more spiritual each day. We focus on spiritual acquisition rather than spiritual learning. Hearing a spiritual teaching over and over doesn’t mean you’ve learned a spiritual teaching.  Those with higher spiritual intelligence know the difference and expect to take time deepening their understanding, put the teaching to test in their lives and continue contemplating until the teaching is written in their bones.  This may takes years and years and isn’t the result of buying a “zen” car!  Who in our speedy world has the patience to engage in this type of learning?

    The phrase written in the bones comes from the shamanic world.  It is used to describe a learning so deep that it is ingrained in every cell of your being. The teaching has taken root in your being and transformed your personality to the point where you don’t even recognized yourself!  You don’t have to pretend or will yourself to be compassionate if compassion is written in your bones. It means that you have explored the depths of the heart until the mystical roots of compassion source your actions, thoughts and feelings. Compassion becomes second nature. You don’t have to brag about power and confidence if it is written in your bones.  

    Anyone who has taken the time to master something, an instrument, an art form, a computer program or a sport knows when they are so immersed in the topic that it becomes second nature to them.  They are masters. Those who devote the same amount of time to spiritual training rather than spiritual acquisition become masters too. There is no way to fake it when playing an instrument with a world renowned orchestra. And there is no way to fake spiritual depth and knowledge.



    1. JoAnne

      Yes, experiencing “written in my bones” seems very different than resonance in my mind/body. Perhaps, grounding and centering myself over time, allows resonance to vibrate teachings deeply into my bones.

    2. Maureen

      I have said in the past that some knowledge, after being absorbed in it for years, is engraved in my DNA. I like the “written in your bones” phrasing, too. Thank you, Sarah.

    3. Shelby

      Thank you for this wisdom. I feel that I am just now, after a decade, maybe two, learning the difference between hearing and learning/acquiring.

      Will it ever be written in my bones? I don’t know, but at last I feel some sense of peace about the pace of my learning. In the end, we will all get there.


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  • Preparing for the Equinox…..Spring is Coming! 2.20.15

    Preparing for the Equinox…..Spring is Coming! February 20, 2015

    This is the perfect time to test your subtle sensing skills! With mounds of snow and frigid weather all around us Spring energies are starting to peak through! Each season has a unique energy, no matter what the weather is. A season is a result of the earth’s tilt and spin on its axis and we can tune into the upcoming changes in frequencies if we are tuned into Mother Earth!

    Normally we look for visual signs of the changing seasons, the little purple crocus springing up; the long days of summer; the changing color of leaves and the first frost that shines from the tips of each blade of grass. These are some of the usual signs of the changing seasons. But what if you tuned into the energy of the season,marked by the equinox and solstice times?

    When we are heading into the winter solstice for a full month ahead of the December date we can experience a drawing within. Our soul calls us inward to prepare for the deep process of renewal. We don’t think of the Winter Solstice as the start of a new growth cycle but it is. It’s the time when the earth is starting to incubate the “new” and “fresh”. It’s invisible to the physical eye but not to the heart. This is the time when we take stock of how the past year has realized itself and tune into the upcoming year to generate new plans and goals.

    As the Spring Equinox approaches we can sense the surging energies that are ready to thrust us into a very active cycle of manifestation. Why do we want to sense these energies? Because we want these energies supporting our dreams and visions. We want to align with their power and become a great surfer that knows how to gracefully ride the waves of life from beginning to end.

    These great moments that mark the shifting tides of our beloved planet’s life teach us how to be in harmony with our own life in a way that makes much more sense and optimizes our efforts. It puts us in the zone!

    One of the teachings of these planetary celebrations is that everything has a beginning, a middle and an end. Not every beginning is a GREAT HUGE beginning and not every ending is an ultimate final death blow. But if we interpret and sense the energies skillfully they will teach us when to pause and regroup, to initiate and exert effort, and when to call it quits if that is what needs to happen. So many times we are on an exhaustive auto-pilot that has lost all sense of subtlety and beauty in our creations.

    It’s a good time, right now, to tune into Mother Earth and Father Sky and sense the excitement rising just below the surface of your being. It’s letting you know that the time to spring into action is coming close. Spend time preparing to launch your visions for 2015. Feel the wave beneath your feet and practice your surfing…..even in the six feet of snow that surrounds us right now!

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  • Heart Centered Full Consciousness Living 2.19.15

    Heart Centered Full Consciousness Living February 19, 2015

    We recently passed out of an age where we believed that parts of our consciousness were cut off from our awareness. An age in which, over time, we learned that with great psychotherapeutic effort we could access those aspects of our self that were in the shadowy area we called the “unconscious”, the “subconscious” or the “intuitive” and understand the motivations and desires that drove our waking minds.

    Now that the planetary consciousness is evolving and our consciousness is expanding along with it, we find that awareness of these former “mysterious” states is becoming much easier. The unknown subtle world is revealing itself in many unexpected breakthrough everyday heart centered moments and we are experiencing full consciousness living.

    Words like “energy”, “sensing”, “vital” and “feeling it” are becoming common in our everyday language. Touching our hand to our heart, we express nonverbally a sentiment that is widely recognized and respected. We are finally finding ways to express experiences on the subtle level and a willingness to stand up for the important place these experiences hold in our life.

    The Little Indications

    At the grocery check-out line the other day my bill totaled exactly $52.00. The clerk and I looked at each other and I asked her how many times a day did her register ring up even totals like this one? She said it was rare and that she takes notice when it happens. She went on to express how she relates to numbers all day long. She said it was if they “speak to her” in a way she couldn’t quite explain but that always meant something. When she paid attention she received answers to questions, large and small, through the numbers she rang up on her cash register.

    While speaking to a bank representative about my account the conversation turned unexpectedly towards her husband and his struggle with cancer. She settled into her heart and spoke of the deep love they had for each other and her knowing that this experience was going to reveal something important for them both. She “felt it in her bones”.

    Animals are making their presence felt more poignantly. The other day my dogs sat in the driveway, next to each other like perfect twin poodle statues, as if called to attention. They sat facing east, towards the end of the street, not moving for over five minutes. I didn’t know what they were looking at until I heard my husband’s car pull in the drive. They were waiting for him to turn the corner in his car. They knew before I did that he was on his way home.

    My girlfriend’s dog passed over last week and she was aching in pain from the loss of her dearest friend. As she was driving through farm country a few days later she noticed a horse standing by a fence. It was unusual for her to do this but she got out of her car and walked toward the horse. He did not budge and she could tell it was safe to move in closer. It was if he was calling her to him. When she reached the fence he touched her cheek with his and surrounded her in a love that sent healing into her grieving heart. She knew he was her angel and he knew she needed healing.

    I’m sure these types of experiences are happening more often and to more people. More people are realizing the gift of heart centered full consciousness living and are not willing to settle for being confined by someone else’s limited vision and judgment.

    Let’s take time to notice the little breakthroughs that are happening moment by moment. The synchronicities, the dreams, the intuitive hits, and whispers from the voice in our heart that says, “do this or don’t do that”. Before you know it you are living a heart centered life with access to your entire consciousness; the heretofore unknown and unseen now becomes the seen and known.

    One comment

    1. Vicki

      Hi, Sarah: I totally get what you’re saying. These “breakthroughs” have been coming through for a quite a while. Life seems so different now…I feel so much more “connected.”

      I just have to tell you I’ve been thinking about what you used to tell us about grounding (or meditating?): “Relax, relax, relax.” I’m getting better with that and am learning so much.

      Blessings to you and Ken (and the dogs!)



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  • Taking Refuge in Your Body 2.08.15

    Taking Refuge in Your Body February 8, 2015

    2014 took us on a huge wave of tumultuous change and transformation. 2015 promises more change but also freedom from the big waves, that is, once we claim our inner joy and happiness. The perennial teachings continue to ring true and every once in a while its nice to touch base with eternal wisdom!

    The constant message we receive from every tradition is that our happiness is found within. How much more do we need to suffer? How many more waves will we be tossed upon before we finally give it up and seek a more constant inner ground to support our outer life? This is not a religious teaching where we try to find faith in some ideal beyond, it’s taking to heart and discovering the joy that already exists in our spiritual heart and our physical body.

    Finding Refuge in Your Body

    The place closest to us where we can find refuge and comfort is in our body. Not the parts that might hurt or that contain illness, but the deeper consciousness of the physical body. The body is as beautiful as the cosmos, it follows the same laws of harmony, flow and breath as the sun, stars and planets. We can go within, to that mysterious space between the front and the back of our body to discover our private cave, our inner physical retreat space.

    As I was lying in bed with an acute infection from some dental work, I took the opportunity to spend time inside and participate in some healing. I didn’t aim for the infection site; focusing on what is “wrong” or “ill” gives energy to the pain and suffering. Instead, I asked permission to enter into the consciousness of my body; it’s wise, all loving, supportive physical presence!

    I’m always delighted when I’m connected with the consciousness of my body. It takes me on beautiful journeys of illumination and deep connection. Inhabiting the physical space within me feels like I’ve come home again. Beneath the initial sensory physical experience is a bubbling joy that exudes throughout the body, just for the fact that we are alive. It’s not purely physical because we take our joy with us when we die, but it is there because we are there! Most of the time I’m not connected in this way and I miss it.

    Next, I’ll ask for healing guidance. Since my body is more connected to my True being than my mind is, I’m often led to a living consciousness connected from the earth to the divine, with access to great healing wisdom.

    In this case I was given a healing image to work with and patience to continue the unfolding of the infection issues. I was released from having to “get better right away” and was able to rest into the process of a deeper healing that was ongoing. I also recognized that this was not an infection issue it was really a detoxing issue. Changing the context opened up a new path for me.

    Then I was shown how my consciousness had gone through a rather significant change of state. That change had induced this situation so that I could realign body, mind and spirit with my new state of consciousness. All of this took place in a loving primal space that felt like being held in the original womb of the universe.

    Taking refuge in the body is a way of taking back your power. You find your inner center and ownership of your healing journey. From here you can be open to a full range of therapies and have the discernment to choose which is right for you.



    1. Carla Kramer

      Thank you! I’ve not thought to ask permission to “enter into the consciousness of my body.” I needed to read these words to realize that I CAN enter into the consciousness of my body. What an exciting adventure it must be. I can’t wait to ask permission and begin the journey. Thank you so much Sarah. What a blessing you have been in my life!
      With love and deep appreciation, Carla

    2. Trish

      This sentence really reverberate through out my whole physical body, Like a singing bowl.
      ” Beneath the initial sensory physical experience is a bubbling joy that exudes throughout the body, just for the fact that we are alive”.
      Such a universal truth that I tend to forget. Thank you for opening a teaching to my “true being”

    3. Nancy

      What a wonderful and timely reminder to “rest into the process of of the deeper healing” that is going on rather than be fearful of any physical disturbances that I am experiencing. Perfectly perfect counsel as I move through each day. Much gratitude, Sarah.


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  • Living (Surviving) the Cusp of a New Age 1.17.15

    Living (Surviving) the Cusp of a New Age January 17, 2015

    It’s actually true. We are living at the cusp of a new age. It’s not THE NEW AGE; it’s A new age.

    I’ve been helping clients and students try to understand the chaos on the planet right now. It’s almost too much to grasp the speed of change, the darkness of violence and the light of spirit in our hearts and minds. We become overwhelmed and respond with a variety of defenses to help us deal with what we see and hear every day.

    The difficulty I have is the great disparity I see taking place on many dimensions. On the more subtle dimensions I experience a tremendous amount of light and support; like we’ve never had before. And on other planes I see so much darkness it’s hard to believe that they exist side by side. We are at a loss to explain it all.

    A Broader Perspective

    I found that it helps to put it in a larger broader context. This context is so broad it takes place over 26,000 years. I can’t help that. It’s the way Mother Earth lives, breathes and moves through the cosmos. It’s her cosmic timing that we are connecting with here!
    Approximately every 13,000 years the earth enters a new cycle. This happens as a result of the precession of the equinoxes, an astronomical term for how the earth tilts away from the sun for 13,000 years and then tilts towards the sun for 13,000 years. You are probably well aware of this phenomenon because of all the talk around the events of 2012.

    In mystical language this shifting towards and away from the sun is equivalent to one inhalation and one exhalation of Mother Earth. We just passed the point where the earth made her turn towards the sun and I’d like to you consider why that impacts everyone on the planet.
    We are enveloped in the life of Mother Earth and Father Sun. We have a life because of these two cosmic beings; they are our Mother and Father on a spiritual as well as a biological level. Without them we would not exist as we do. We don’t often take into account that this is our reality. Instead we believe we are acting independently of Mother Earth and Father Sun. It’s kind of silly to think like that but we do.

    Everything that happens to these cosmic bodies, as well as the moon and our sister planets, impacts our lives in ways that we often do not see. Medical personnel have documented the effect of the full moon on our behavior and if we extrapolate from that we can assume that we are influenced by all of the cosmic bodies whether we know it or not. Historians also document the effect of eclipses and comets and show correlations more in the way of anecdotes.

    Mystical Understanding of the Breath

    Take a moment to breathe in and out. Unless we’re trained yogis our breath is not always even, smooth and equal. There might be a catch or pause between the in breath and out breath and that is what I want to highlight.
    Mystics understand the breath in ways that we can’t even imagine. They have taken it to a level where it is very scientific. Digestion can be improved with one type of breath and buying a new home can be successful with another type of breath. Every action of our body, mind and heart is enhanced when it is coordinated with the information provided by the science of the breath.

    When we breathe out we connect with the external world; our surroundings and our senses are focused on obtaining information outside of us. The information is mostly about the changing circumstances around us. When we breathe in we are focused on the internal space; the eternal aspect of our body, heart and mind. Our senses pick up information from within. It is possible to gain greater understanding of our “eternal” unchanging nature on the in-breath, when we are drawn within. This is one of the goals of the mystic; to understand the breath so that it will reveal the deepest secrets of life.

    I consider Mother Earth to be a living breathing being. So when she inhales or exhales we feel the effects of her entire body breathing. Since she has just completed her 13,000 year exhalation and is in the midst of beginning her 13,000 year inhalation, we’re experiencing the transition point. Humans often experience transitions as stressful, accompanied by chaos and confusion.
    With this understanding of the breath think about the shift that just occurred.

    The entire planet’s orientation in the cosmos changed from an out-breath, or focused externally, to the in-breath, and focused internally. This can be very confusing if we don’t understand the mystical nature of life. Our entire planet entered a phase of turning within. This is why all of a sudden the NEW AGE took hold of our consciousness. Classes on meditation, yoga, diet, and inner awareness are very popular. It’s all part of the message that tells us to start turning within, just like the planet did. We are taken by surprise by this change and really don’t know what to do because:
    A) We have lived as if the life of the planet doesn’t impact us and
    B) We’ve lived as if the external world is the main world with little or no understanding of the world’s we inhabit within.

    A Great Opportunity

    It’s time to align with the consciousness of the planet or we are at risk of feeling more anxiety and fear. It’s like paddling upstream in a boat; it’s very tiring and filled with unpleasant resistance. Many of the spiritual traditions around the world have predicted this time of turning within. It’s called the time of “meeting our True self again” by the Incas. The last fifty years have been inching towards the end of one age and the beginning of another. Indigenous cultures have predicted this time and recognize the span from 1988 to 2021 as the time when this takes place.

    What does that mean? It means that, based upon the shifting tilt of Mother Earth, we now have the opportunity to discover our more eternal self. It means that our subtle senses are waking up. We’ve called this new awareness “intuition” but it’s more than that. It’s an awakening of several discreet senses that exist within the heart that sense levels of consciousness we are not even aware of yet.

    Everyone on the planet has access to this inner secret now. During the planet’s out-breath select mystics dedicated their lives to keeping the teachings on the eternal True self alive. It was their service to humanity to keep these teachings alive while we were focused elsewhere.

    Not the First Time

    This is not the first time we’ve gone through this type of shift. More information is coming to light that shows that humans have lived in more enlightened and less enlightened epochs. The story of humanity is not as straightforward as those timelines in history books show. Higher consciousness has existed on this planet before. As we begin to connect with the internal wisdom of our heart more information about those epochs will be revealed.

    We have several platforms for perceiving who we are and what we know about our world and ourselves but these are only accessible through the inner intelligence of the heart. It’s time to open to alternate ways of processing. There is some information that we get through dreaming, some through shamanic journeys, and some through flashes of insight and lucid states achieved in quiet moments in meditation. Remote viewing, emotional intelligence and body intelligence have paved the way for the opening of new and vaster ways of knowing and experiencing life. We are looking towards a future where the full history of humanity and the cosmos will be revealed through alternate avenues of intelligence. It is possible that then we will be able to understand our world with greater depth and understanding. Until then we just don’t have the senses awakened that can access the information we need. Learning to live with the “unknown” may be the best we can do!

    How to Live Through Cosmic Transitions

    We hope to learn from the records that are now surfacing on both the physical and metaphysical planes how to live through changing times such as these. Without the full knowledge of the universal wisdom traditions available to us through contemplation we are at a loss to grapple with the chaos that transition brings.

    Faced with a time span that is beyond human scale and the many “unknowns” this transition brings there is one place we can turn to: the wisdom of the heart. The heart is the site of the eternal where abundance, peace and harmony exist always and forever. The eternal consciousness gives us a place of respite from the constant change presented by this transition. It is possible to cultivate the eternal heart awareness. We can learn to take refuge in the peace and wisdom it offers and then bring that wisdom and peace to our lives as a blessing to those around us. This is a vision that has been held for all humans by all traditions and religions.

    Let’s take our cue from Mother Earth and turn to our own hearts which are connected to her heart to learn how to live in the present and experience the greatest possibilities of this unique time. Once we learn how to tune into and connect with Mother Earth and Father Sky and value our relationship with these cosmic beings we will find inner guidance on how to traverse these changing times. It’s time to align our breath with the cosmic breath; to understand our relationship with greater bodies of wisdom and finally to mature into spiritual adults who can embrace the responsibility that comes with the gift of a human heart and body.


    1. Cathy

      My heart pounds with the truth this brings through my eyes. My body vibrates with light and joy! My deepest spiritual desire is to align deep within Earth Mother/Father sky’s breath, vains of our universal heart,pulsing to align with positive thoughts and right action as I am guided by their loving light,and grounding forces. By not questioning “is this real”, or need affirmation. I know, I am of serviceship when dark forces can no longer scare me, I pray with all that is divine to make change.
      The true meaning of Namaste, together as one light.

    2. Chris

      Beautiful reminder and more besides. Makes me aware of appreciation for winter today as just one aspect of Mother Earth. Good timing, too.


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  • Please Don’t Mangle the Teachings! 12.27.14

    Please Don’t Mangle the Teachings! December 27, 2014

    Do you remember when you suggested that I practice “gratitude’ more often? Well it’s been a year and I feel like I’m failing the gratitude class. I don’t remember to thank every tree I see, or feel grateful for all that surrounds me every second of the day. The practice of gratitude has turned into a vicious task master that stands over my shoulder scolding me every time I forget to feel grateful.– Joan H.

    My client had managed to take a beautiful spiritual teaching and “mangle” it! She had twisted and tangled it to the point where it was no longer a spiritual teaching. Over time she put it through a series of personal emotional and mental filters that clouded the original teaching.

    Spirituality and the Western Mind

    When the spiritual teachers of India first started visiting Europe and America in the late nineteenth century they were invited to share their spiritual heritage with the western world. Their travels to the West were inspired by a planetary movement that would ultimately seed planetary unity and the recognition of the Oneness of all religions. They intended to build bridges between the Eastern and Western religious traditions which required sharing their teachings and understanding ours.

    But these teachers met something mysterious and so far beyond their reference point that they couldn’t find a word for it in their native language or in their personal experience. When introduced to the materialistic mind of the west they were also introduced to “self-loathing”. This was and is a particular version of self-loathing that challenged the traditional methods of spiritual teachings to the limit. These illuminated teachers had to find ways to bring the deep teachings of their traditions to an emotionally immature and materialistic culture. It was a rare western student that could appreciate the pure spiritual teaching that was offered. For most it was about how it could serve their materialistic and personal gain.

    The Western spiritual traditions had already been devalued and adapted to serve the desires and needs of greed and power. The pure universal teachings could be seen in the holy texts but the contemplative nature; the silent inner searching was most often missing. When “meditation” and yoga was introduced to the western mind it seemed like a new idea!

    Eventually it was clear that helping the Western mind become free from the programmed materialism included teaching mindfulness, compassion and embodied spirituality geared to everyday life. Spiritual teachings had to be both practical and deeply touching to reach us where we were at. In this process many of the spiritual teachings became “mangled”. In other words they were first subsumed to materialistic gain and creature comforts. If a spiritual teaching didn’t make your life better or heal you completely it was tossed out and replaced by another. This illustrates the impatience and lack of understanding that permeates our “immediate gratification” culture. Spiritual teachings take time and contemplation to unfold and discern the precious jewels that are waiting to be revealed.

    Back to Joan

    Joan had mangled the teachings. She had taken in the teaching of “gratitude” through her lens of self-loathing and used it as another reason to hate herself; to feel failure. She had turned the teaching of gratitude into a rigid rule filled with “shoulds” and forgotten the true meaning of the practice.

    I asked her to remember back to the moment when I suggested the practice. What was the feeling when I spoke to her about it? She was able to remember the love that surrounded the words, the softness and the light that permeated the conversation. But her self-loathing filter was so strong that once the session was over she forgot that the practice of gratitude meant sinking into a state of deep love and compassion. It was not just a mental exercise to be filtered through the lens of competition and judgment. It was not about counting, keeping track of and racking up “gratitude” points.

    This is what it means to “mangle the teachings”. Spiritual teachings exist within a context of love and compassion that is usually beyond our own personal and cultural reference point. They are inspired and filled with “illuminated magical seeds” that will grow into self-realization if they are cultivated and cared for within the quiet space of our hearts. No matter where we come from, East or West, we have the universal capacity to enter into deep contemplation to foster clarity and insight. This will help clear the filters that cloud our perception and open us to self-loving instead of self- loathing.

    So please don’t mangle the beautiful spiritual teachings that are our greatest hope for a better world. Give them space beyond the filters of a limited mind and allow them to lift and expand your consciousness to a peak of great transformation that will inspire your life and our world.


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  • The Trauma in Dismissing Intuitive Intelligence 12.07.14

    The Trauma in Dismissing Intuitive Intelligence December 7, 2014

    I was so profoundly impacted by Sarah’s words in our meditation. When she assured us that our True Being would not be attacked, dismissed or  be subject to interrogation for proof, my heart opened and I wept. I hadn’t realized how desperately my Being needed to hear that tender message. It gave my ‘flight or fight’ tendencies permission to ease up and to feel all that I truly am!  –Kim 

    When I invited everyone in the class to relax and connect with their “true” being, their intuitive, heart centered being, I didn’t expect the intense responses that came forth. It was clear that the programmed prejudice against and dismissal of our intuitive intelligence has created its own type of trauma.

    One morning I woke up from a very clear dream telling me I had breast cancer. I waited anxiously until 9 AM to call my doctor’s office. I felt I needed to pay attention to the message on every level, physically, emotionally and spiritually. My anxiety on this occasion was very high, the dream seemed to be pointing to a physical interpretation instead of the symbolic and when the receptionist answered the phone I blurted out, “I had a dream last night that I had breast cancer!”

    She obviously heard the panic in my voice and said, “Let’s see if I can get you in to see the doctor this morning.”  I couldn’t believe she actually heard what I said so I repeated it again and she responded with, “many people tell us of their dreams, whether it’s about the birth of their baby or an illness, we’ve learned to listen”. My intuitive message was respected by this stranger on the other end of the line. My whole body released and I felt affirmed in a rare moment of true communication. The anxiety had broken down my defense system that kept my intuitive voice silenced and my only default was to speak my truth.

    Within a few hours I was checked out and cleared of the physical diagnosis. But dreams have a way of moving us forward despite our resistance to change.  They work in mysterious ways to bring our deepest fears to light.  In this case the fear of breast cancer and the fear of showing up in my intuitive intelligence created a perfect storm that freed me of both fears. In one morning I left my self-betrayal behind to stand firmly in my truth.

    I’m sure this is true for others; my greatest talent and most shining gift is my intuitive heart centered intelligence.  I also am an artist.  And I was born with a physical body that never fit the ideal. I must have planned to be marginalized from the very moment I decided to incarnate again. I see now that I was, in true wisdom, just planning ahead. I was to be a consciousness pioneer and experience all of the dismissal, prejudice and persecution that would accompany that role.  But I was never alone.  There was always a light in my heart, an angel watching over my shoulder, guides in my dreams, and incredible teachers on all planes leading me onward.  There was so much inner support that made up for the lack of outer support that I was allowed to live in a bubble of illusion that ultimately protected my life’s vision and purpose from destructive and dismissive forces.

    The marginalizing of the intuitive intelligence has inflicted its own form of trauma and victimization.  This realization is coming forth as the planetary consciousness awakens to all forms of discrimination, manipulation and violence.  Every day we are awakening more. We are living in both confusing and amazing times. The most dependable, clear and comforting space we can turn to is in our hearts, where our true being, our higher being, lives and breathes.

     If I didn’t have to defend my intuitive hits when I was a child maybe I wouldn’t have suppressed my intuition and I could access it more easily today.  –Jim 

    I’ve actually been asked to leave the board of a professional organization when I offered my “feeling” about a situation. I had no “evidence” or “proof” to back up the feeling.  In the end I found out my “feeling” was right but no one ever acknowledged it nor was I invited back.  –Julia

    People chalk up my “intuitive hits” to luck; they don’t recognize a greater intelligence behind the hits! –Ken

    It’s time to heal from the trauma and let our intuitive intelligence gift to the world great insight and solutions.  Why wouldn’t a doctor want to hear what my dreams reveal about my body? Why wouldn’t a CEO want to hear creative intuitive solutions that provide win-win benefit?

    Our planet has revolved and evolved to a place where we can recognize and free our suppressed intuitive intelligence.  With each equinox, solstice, eclipse and full moon since 2012 the ascension of the planet has supported planetary and personal ascension. The more we realize we are supported by our Mother Earth and Father Sky that are spiraling through our galaxy into greater consciousness we will be able to claim our true voice.  This ascension has been has been predicted by all indigenous and tribal elders for thousands of years and we are in the throes of it right now.

    The old paradigms are breaking down as emergent paradigms peek above the surface. It can be a little daunting to go through the disintegration of the old while the new is birthing, I’ll admit that. But, who wouldn’t want to be present to transformation rather than holding on to a sinking ship? Trust that your emergent true being is guiding you through the process as gently and lovingly as possible, but also know that you are the higher being you are seeking. In your own life, this life time, you can bring your higher being to life, birth it within the human body that is already outfitted with the nervous system and subtle energy circuits to install it.

    We all sense that it is the time for this to happen. Yet it seems that it’s not happening fast enough for those of us who have been involved in the consciousness movement for a long time.  There is a greater timing to these changes, on a cosmic level.  Our higher being understand this, our limited one dimensional being might understand it in a limited sense.

    This is where initiation and wisdom schools come in.  The wisdom schools had to go underground during the darkest moments of last cycle but now they are coming forward once again.  Initiation rites and training in heart centered wisdom are the focus of these schools.  As the schools resurrect they are having to regroup and find their new operating system.  The old system of guru/student, where the student is awakened by an external guru through a structured series of teachings and tests is no longer the viable model.  Today’s model involves initiations provided by daily living and the guru within.  We need to reawaken the inner wisdom that knows of initiation and spiritual growth and also claim the guru or wise one within our hearts. The role of today’s wisdom schools is to help students find their inner teacher or higher being, tune into the living teachings of the heart and teach them how to listen in patient silence for the call or purpose that will guide their next cycle in life.

    The winter solstice is the cosmic invitation to connect within.  Over the next few weeks we have the opportunity to live within a supportive portal from which wisdom flows in rivers of light and frequency. I hope that you take the time to tune into this opportunity and use it to source your rebirth during the spring equinox!


    1. Renee

      I’ve just re-read this in a different state of consciousness than I did a month ago. Before, I was in a rush and was almost ‘speed reading’ for the ‘highlights.’ (Old behavior pattern!!) This morning, I took in each word and allowed the energy to wash over me. Now I feel the teaching.


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  • Full On Powerful…Stop Splitting and Crashing 11.04.14

    Full On Powerful…Stop Splitting and Crashing November 4, 2014

    Conflicted much?  Arguing with yourself? Incessant self loathing chatter? Did you know you are living two lives at once?  It’s evident from the inner conflict that at least two of you exist within your mind, otherwise there would be no one to argue with or hate!

    We have an odd phenomenon in our culture. We may look free on the outside but on the inside we’ve imprisoned ourselves with a constant barrage of self limiting attacks and we don’t even know we’re doing it.  It’s so normal to be in a state of conflict and confusion that we don’t have a reference point for positive clarity.

    One of the goals of spiritual practice is Oneness.  Oneness with the True Self, the One Light, and the One All Powerful Loving Heart.  But in our daily lives we live in a state that is far from this feeling of Oneness and it is the cause of so much pain and suffering.  It is a state of being split off from your True Self.  Once we are split off from our True self we are constantly juggling the fragments and parts that have splintered off and vie for attention.  The part that wants to “please”. The part that wants to “succeed”. The part that wants “to be loved”. The part that is “furious and resentful”.  We can stand with one foot on each side of a case we are building until the anxiety overwhelms us and we split into more fragments. No wonder over 75% of our health issues are stress related!

    One of the common splits we do on the spiritual path is splitting from our intuitive self.  We play a role that looks pleasing to others while denying the intuitive voice that quietly guides us on our true path. It might put us into conflict with another person, we might be shamed or humiliated for not having “scientific, concrete proof” of what we believe or know to be true,  When did we become a culture that is afraid of following our intuition? When did intuition become the enemy instead of the steady protective guidance that contributes to a complete vision of life?

    We can use our will to bring these fragments together but after a while that becomes so tiring we can’t keep it up.  At some point we give up exhausted and depressed. The cortisol levels have skyrocketed, the inflammation is out of control and our body can no longer support the madness of splitting.  Our bodies were not designed to thrive with more than one voice in our head!  Imagine your body holding up a protest sign that says “One Body One Mind”!

    So often in my medical intuitive practice I search for the source of illness and discover that splitting is the cause.  A client has forgotten or not learned to honor and value their unique identity and becomes lost in a maze of confusion.  We’ve lost our spiritual grounding in Truth and are spinning out in a massive energy drain.  If we are serious about our health and well being we need to look at the inner conflict that is usurping our power.  The answer is not in will power or control but in discovering the place where all conflict dissolves into peace. Learning how to shift into heart centered consciousness gives us a place where all of our fragments can melt in the cauldron of love and reunite in the Oneness state. This used to be a lofty ideal that only ascetics, gurus and spiritual masters aspired to; at this point we all need to find this heart centered place within and stay there for a much needed healing retreat!




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  • Solar Flares….We Like Them! 9.15.14

    Solar Flares….We Like Them! September 15, 2014

    Around Sept. 10 we started experiencing the effects of the solar flares our sun was generating from within its fiery atomic heart.  Unseen but felt, the energy from the flares is absorbed by our bodies and all organic matter as a breath of fresh air.

    Scientists were worried about satellites and communications being impacted negatively by the flares. There was a lot of fear generated by the predictions and people were backing up all of their tech ware and making alternate plans if satellites went out of commission. But when I looked outside at the trees, flowers and lawn, I saw a different scenario.

    If you are a reader of these blogs you know we are capable of seeing the unseen with our subtle senses.  In this case it was during one of my medical intuitive sessions with a client that I looked outside using my third eye vision and saw all of nature brilliantly lit up. Blinding radiance was surrounding my home and nature was dancing in joy, receiving the more refined frequencies from the excited sun.  Our bodies and nature were drinking in the beautiful energies of the solar flares and storing the energy in our cells, human and non-human alike.

    It might be hard to believe that as human beings we need higher frequency environments to support our health and well being.  It is not easy maintaining enthusiasm, peace and clarity in a toxic, or low frequency environment. You know how great you feel by the ocean, in a forest, or in clean mountain air. Those who have developed their subtle energy skills appreciate the refined energies of the remote areas and try to reproduce the vital and supportive energetic state that these natural environments provide.  Ayurvedic, Taoist, Shamanic and Indigenous medicine along with meditation and inner energy work are modalities that aim to upgrade the quality of energy in our bodies and minds so that we will naturally feel better and heal from within.  The solar flares gave us a huge dose of great energy! The Great Lakes and all large bodies of water absorbed these life giving energies and are storing them to help rekindle an earth that is alive and vital.  The rocks and mountains are also storing it for the entire planet.  Sacred sites were built to receive and store energies from these cosmic events for the benefit of humans who knew how to access them through ceremony.

    The fact is, we need high frequency energies to support our expanded self. But other than the rare solar flare, where can we access them?

    My main point is that we need high frequency energies to support our expanded self. These energies can be generated from within to a great extent but there was a reason Rishis and Shamans lived in remote natural locations.  That scenario is hardly possible today.  When we were visiting a shaman deep in the jungle in Costa Rica he told us that their water and air was polluted, not from his tribe’s practices, but from the surrounding effects of civilization.  If remote areas are threatened, as we now know to be true, how will we ever generate refined environments that support our ascension and health?  It looks like we are being backed up against a wall that will force us to generate an inner and  outer world within that is cleaner, clearer and healthier.

    I can’t stress the importance of refined energies for health and well being.  We’ve become accustomed to a very low level quality of living and struggle to maintain health in a low frequency system.  Our bodies and consciousness are requiring more of us. Awareness of food, air, water, and medical treatment quality is starting to become mainstream but is the practice of improving our inner consciousness at the forefront as well?  It takes time to cultivate an inner practice that is pure and clear.  Will we take the time to attend to it? Without the inner world balancing the outer world we’ll be in a continual struggle to find health and well-being.  There will be far less struggle and anguish if our western culture takes seriously the cultivating of inner refined energies.

    If what ancient wisdom tells us is true…..that our hearts hold the key to our inner radiant solar flares and that our bodies are the sacred embodiment of the entire cosmos…then we should be able to figure this out!






    1. Sandy

      Yes I agree with you Sarah! Just recently the Atzec Dream Plant and other sacred plants in the back yard have exploded with new growth and transformation!

    2. JoAnne Scullin

      My experience walking the creek in Chagrin Sunday and Monday supports what you are expressing and experiencing, Sarah. Thank you.



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  • Time to Upgrade Your Consciousness 9.10.14

    Time to Upgrade Your Consciousness September 10, 2014

    Technology is upgrading daily and so are we!  It’s tempting to surf the surface without checking out the depths but don’t you wonder what’s upgrading within you?

    The turbulence on the surface does not reflect the true transformation that is going on within everyone on the planet right now.  We are in the “transition times”. This is the time where we are letting go of the body centered focus and getting ready to embrace a multi-dimensional focus. Technology is embracing it but are you?  Have you honed your skill at surfing the net of the heart matrix or the cosmic dimensions of consciousness. Everything that your computer gives you access to you can access with your consciousness.

    The net is the perfect model for our upgraded consciousness.  Global connections, free exchange of information and services, thoughtful sharing, and the stealth ability to respond in the moment. This and more is open to us without needing to use technology as the interface. Eventually we will not need computers, all of our communication will be through the airwaves of our connected consciousness. We will no longer see the body and our five physical senses as our only reality.  This is already happening in your consciousness but you may not know it if you are only focusing on the surface phenomena.

    Ancient and indigenous wisdom teachings speak to this reality as already having been manifested on the earth.  Indigenous tribes and guru/student relationships are not dependent upon the spoken word or time and space.  I have had many telepathic communication experiences that come in the form of words, feelings, images and energy; in fact, that is my reality and I’d love for you to join me there!  The world of this type of highly skilled sensing is already here, we just might not recognize it unless we take some time to get to know how our consciousness has already been upgraded!

    The purpose of the attunements and classes I have been teaching over the past 30 years has been meant to show you the abilities you have within yourself.  When I look back over the past 30 years I am amazed at how the planetary consciousness has been given access to what only  rare devotees and mystics sought in the silence of monasteries and distant mountain tops! It’s all here and ready for us to understand RIGHT NOW!  Because we are in  what are known as the “transition times” it still takes practice to unearth these capabilities within and time set aside to learn how to live within this paradigm, but it is possible.  I believe that our hearts are lighting the path in this direction because this experience of interconnected consciousness is the experience of the heart.  When we experience life only from the brain we are missing an entire world of wonder and expansion that exists just below our collar bones.

    The last two attunements of the year are scheduled to celebrate the Equinox, Sept. 20, and the Solstice, Dec. 20, 2014.  The attunements are the time when we get upgraded and can catch up with the transformation that has already happened. The support of a grounded, heart centered community helps open the inner realms to our hearts and positions us to recognize who we are and who we are becoming.  Consider joining the SpiritHeal community for the Equinox attunement coming up next week, you are welcomed with open hearts.



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  • Death: A High Frequency Experience 9.03.14

    Death: A High Frequency Experience September 3, 2014

    I’ve wanted to write about this topic for a while now. So many of my friends and relatives have had dear ones pass in recent years. Our lack of experience in journeying to realms beyond this dimension leaves us with limited resources to call upon in times of grief and parting.

    For those who are moving on, the undeveloped knowledge we have of death in our culture leads us into fear rather than joy. Our lack of mature emotional and mental preparation leaves us with unfinished business to complete which may have to be achieved through a slow and painful detachment of psyche and body.

    It is important to know that each life has a purpose. Our main purpose is to live, just plain live. In and of itself this is a great accomplishment. Our spirit accomplishes something momentous just by living in an earthly body. It is a new perspective and an exciting opportunity to experience the organic life cycle that is the hallmark of Mother Earth and Father Sky. Not all dimensions and bodies participate in the same cycles that we call “organic”. The unfolding of the beautiful harmonic of birth, growth, expansion, seeding and death, is the unique experience of our third dimensional world. It is filled with the beauty and intelligence of nature. It is also based on the frequency of Love.

    Love, in its simplicity, is the frequency that generates our earthly life. When we leave this life we leave through the portal of Love that brought us here. This is the information that is missing. We need to know that we leave through the portal of love and will ultimately experience the great liberation that is the return to our exalted state. If you truly knew this, with every cell of your body, your transition would be one that anticipates joy and celebration.

    When we are able to journey beyond this world to where dimensions of our consciousness also exist we discover that we are more fluid and wise than we think. We connect with the wisdom of the ages, what is called the Perennial Wisdom in Buddhism, that guides our soul through its journey from and to Oneness. With this as our experience, not just a thought or a concept, we can prepare for our final journey out of body with care and detail. This applies to everyone and to all cycles of our life. There is not a moment in our life that we shouldn’t be aware of, learning from and accepting of death. Death is the true teacher that helps us make the most of our embodied life.

    Those who have had near death experiences or who have made shamanic journeys or meditations into the heart of being have discovered the source of Love. Without an experience of the deepest love imaginable we are left in a confused void; as if we are homeless. In the modern world we haven’t recognized the realm of the ancestors; the beings who hold the key to the mysteries and who recognize our being as sacred. The ancestors are not just our biological ancestors, but the ancestors of our spirit and those who came before us and know the road we walk upon. Without this connection to our ancestral heritage we are left emotionally bereft because all we know is the void. We may be sorely compromised and feel powerless until we dive deep down to reveal the mystery of life and death.

    Unlike most religions teach, we do know where we come from and where we are going as we pass through this life. The rainbow road or the river of life that carries us onward and through is an ancient teaching that is very real and knowable in the depths of our heart. Indigenous cultures keep these teachings intact and make sure that their children are taught that the meaning to their life depends on where they came from and where they are going. The star that is the soul light of each being is known prior to or at the time of conception and the purpose and plan for that life is held sacred. How wonderful that must feel, to know that your elders held your life as sacred and understood the deeper meaning and purpose–to know that you had people to turn to that could be trusted to not project their own needs upon you. They were entrusted to know and hold the vision of your true nature in clarity. This feels almost out of reach and not even desired in our culture because we might think, in a twisted upside down way, it makes us vulnerable.

    I have had the privilege in my life of being the student of one of these elders, a wise being that only held the highest truth in his heart for me. Just knowing there was someone with this type of heart vision in my life provided a reference point for the unfolding of my soul in this life time. He was a great mirror and barometer. Just by sitting quietly with him I could sense if I was being true to my deepest self or was a bit off track. He never told me what to do; it was in the holding of this vision for me that was the true gift. It is a rare experience and since his passing, one that has been hard to find again. As I write this blog I am experiencing the deepest appreciation for this great teacher who taught me how to walk the spiritual path with dignity, patience and my heart as my guide. In today’s world many of these wisdom keepers are not available to us and we are sorely lacking in good guidance and direction.

    On the evening he passed from this earth plane I was unaware that he was in the throes of his liberation. At around 11 pm I was drawn outside to sit in my backyard. It was a beautiful star studded summer evening. All of a sudden I felt a breeze. It was more than just a breeze; it was a loving embrace, an all-encompassing embrace that melted my heart. I looked around and against the darkness of the night each blade of grass lit up like a twinkle light and the entire yard was filled with little lightbeams dancing with joy! It was more than magical, it was astounding. A few minutes later my husband called me inside to pick up the phone. It was the messenger telling me of his passing just a few minutes before. I was able to experience the joy of liberation through this great master.

    I’ve been blessed with many of these “joyous liberating” experiences. In the role of spiritual guide I have accompanied many souls who have “dropped their robe” and continued on beyond earth life. I’ve had the privilege of journeying with them until I was allowed to go no further. Each time the experience was of pure joy and unbounding love.
    Death has been part of my life since I was very young and in many ways has been my primary teacher. Almost continually for 56 years death has been nearby in the form of terminal illness for grandparents parents, uncles, aunts, childhood friends, and in-laws. Death is part of my daily life. Two of my own near death experiences continue to provide great teachings and access to unbounded love. Visitations from close relatives and friends who have passed, relatives and friends of clients who visit during sessions, visions of unembodied beings who grace with their light are a regular experience in my life.

    Dying does not take our loved ones across an impassable boundary. We are free to learn about these other dimensions so that they become more permeable. Many mystical traditions have a saying; the spiritual path is learning to die before dying. The mystic and the shaman practice the art of shifting dimensions so that when death comes they are skilled in the art of dying.

    What are some of the lessons learned in these journeys beyond?

    1. Love is the river of life and we are carried on that love from one dimension to another.

    2. Knowing where we come from and where we are going after this life is very important for understanding how to live each day. It gives a broader view of one’s life and frees us from the suffocation of self-possession and obsession.

    3. Our spirit is infinite. We are the energy that physicists say can’t be destroyed; only transformed. We exist in other dimensions and experience many unimaginable types of “lives”. All are driven by the one universal principle which is LOVE.

    4. We can know where we came from and where we are going. This is an earth shaking piece of information. We don’t realize how we live suspended in a void when we don’t have this information. Pause a moment and ask yourself, are you really open to knowing who you are as the light of spirit? What would that mean to your current life? Might it open you to great joy and relieve you of the heavy burdens that accompany our materialistic culture?

    5. We need to be able to consult elders and wise people who carry the vision of who we truly are beyond the physical to the metaphysical. We are much more than we remember and when we come into relationship with someone who remembers and holds this knowledge we will remember too.

    And finally…

    6. Death is a high frequency experience for the soul. The soul is freed of all heaviness and allowed to experience itself in its finest and most exquisite frequency.


    1. Barb

      Your beautiful teachings are always so timely, and so very well appreciated. Being present with my parents as they transitioned taught me that Love truly is the river that carries and sustains us. Thank you Sarah!

    2. Rosanne

      I have had the privilege of being present at the transition of my parents, friends and patients and have found it to be one of the most beautiful, sacred, and mystical experiences of my life. You describe it so eloquently! I truly believe, too, that we learn to live when we truly learn to surrender to loss and death. Thank you, Sarah! Blessings

    3. Christine

      Thank you, Sarah, for passing on so much Truth and Power. Each word resonated – you were surely channeling, too. Thanks to you and to your Teacher.


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  • Nurturing Relationships…..Feelings are Power 8.26.14

    Nurturing Relationships…..Feelings are Power August 26, 2014

    Do you nurture your relationships?  Or do you allow them to drain your energy and fester in the shadows of your hurt and anger?  Can you commit to cleaning up the relationship area of your life with a loving heart and patient understanding? Our relationships can create a cloud of heavy energy that ultimately filters all that we do and feel.  We end up projecting our pain and suffering on those around us because we’ve been lax in caring for our primary relationships. Our relationships deserve our time and love.  Our lives are so driven by distractions that keep us distanced from relationships, it’s time to do a relationship check-in with those you love and care for the most. Often these are the people who receive the least high quality attention.

    One of the reasons we might not keep our relationships current is due to our lack of listening skills.  I find that it’s rare to have a conversation where someone actually listens without interrupting me mid-sentence.  Interrupting gives the message that the person is not truly listening and is anxious, not truly present.  Test this out for yourself let me know if you are experiencing the same thing.

    It takes two people to have an interest in nurturing a relationship.  Acknowledging how much a person means to you often feels risky and vulnerable.  Are you willing to honor and commit to the power of your feeling for another person?  Are you willing to savor your love or anger for another in and of itself?  If you can do this you will free up the relationship from limiting control, manipulation and projections to find it’s right place and space in your life.

    Feelings are what we feel within ourselves, to be enjoyed or processed within our own heart and soul. We’ve learned a different role for feelings in our culture. We’ve been taught that others have power over our feelings.  What another thinks about our feeling is more important than how we experience our feeling.  Feelings are powerful energies that are yours to savor and know in your truth. They are not meant to be “given” to another.  We have subtle channels of energies called meridians that circulate the energies of emotion. These channels can cleanse and upgrade the energy of emotions into positive vitality for the body, heart and soul.  Traditional Chinese Medical and Ayurvedic practitioners understand this about thoughts and emotions and while making a diagnosis and treatment plan take the hole person into account.

    When we can honor and recognize our feelings as an internal source of power, relationship takes on a new meaning.  We are not looking for another to “give back in kind” or “affirm” our feelings, rather we stand powerfully in our feelings and experience them for what they are….a powerful experience of our own being.

    Once you learn to trust and channel your feelings within you are in a better position to do a relationship check-in.  Relationship check-ins can come in different forms. For one person it might mean a deep conversation and for another it might mean doing something fun where a light hearted feeling fuels good vibes and connections. The goal of a relationship check-in is to find the next right place and space for your relationship; to breathe some life into the relationship through presence and loving attention.  In our crazy world of speed dating and speed everything it might be worth while to slow things down a bit to check-in with your partner, children or good friend and create a space where the relationship can grow and catch up.  Slow it up, ground, feel within, and give your total presence as a gift to another.



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  • Full Moon Catapults Us Light Years 8.10.14

    Full Moon Catapults Us Light Years August 10, 2014

    Today’s full moon has catapulted our ascension light years into the future.  All of the craziness and challenge we’ve been experiencing during the summer months has been forging new paths for us.  There is a relationship between challenge and growth. In this case it has to do with releasing programs that kept us ensconced in the old paradigms of sacrifice and darkness.

    We are doing away with the polarity of sacrifice on one end and selfishness on the other. Our ability to discern with wisdom has been seeded and is growing within us daily.  We are being asked to become the wise ones that we are. You are of the lineage of the wisdom keepers. You actually know much more than you have been led to believe. Your life springs from a cosmic intelligence that spurs your growth and lives within your heart. Doesn’t it make sense that we are all made of the light of the heavenly stars? That the forces that spin the cosmos spin us into existence. Just being alive on the planet we fulfill our purpose of radiating the wisdom and harmony of the cosmos. We are the cosmos in a limited form and this new moon is reminding us of the fullness of our being.  Assume you are the well of wisdom that pervades the cosmos and rest in this knowledge, let it be the foundation for your thoughts, feelings and actions.  Trust that when you release old ways this new way will fill in the space that is freed up!


    1. Donna

      I slept under that very beautiful full moon with my 9 year old daughter, at her request, and loved every minute of it.


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  • Truth and Health in Relationships 7.09.14

    Truth and Health in Relationships July 9, 2014

    It’s amazing how much and how often we adapt ourselves so that we will be accepted by those we are with. If we only knew the effect that contorting ourselves in this way effects our physical health, clarity and passion we would start to pay attention pretty quickly.

    Our heart and brain are highly sensitive to each of our thoughts and feelings and will relay this information immediately to the body. If I feel fear about expressing my truth this fear immediately is relayed to my body and some form of contortion and contraction is experienced. We put this under a broad label of “stress” and then drop it as if living with stress is an acceptable way to live. The thoughts and feelings involved in fear become embedded in the cellular memory and fear becomes part of our physical structure. This can manifest in any number of ways from arthritis, to addictions, to contraction of the fascia, tendons and muscles that create pain, disease, and limitation in every tissue and organ.

    It is widely known that over 70% of the common ailments that doctors see are caused by stress and much of the stress we experienced is caused by the fear of expressing our true feelings. If we’ve been ridiculed, humiliated, and bullied for our feelings we’ll find every way to suppress them so that we won’t be subjected to yet another negative experience.  We suppress our feelings so much that we actually forget we have them and substitute a whole host of twisted thoughts to to cover them up. These twisted thoughts and buried feelings throw our entire being out of alignment on every level.

    As a medical intuitive it is within the scope of my job to intuit the thoughts and feelings that are creating symptoms in my clients. That is the definition of medical intuition, understanding the mental, emotional and spiritual source of illness. Taking this one step further, once we understand how fear and anxiety compromise our health and well being it is really beneficial for everyone to take the journey within to find their center of power and passion and let it source their well being and expand their insight. This might look pretty risky at the outset, to actually allow yourself to know your truth.

    Just recently I had a session with a lovely powerful woman who took the courageous step of divorcing a husband who had been emotionally abusive and passive aggressive. To the world he looked like the nicest guy, but at home he showed his controlling manipulative side. When she got divorced, Emily (not her real name) told me she felt guilt over the divorce because her “ex” was such a “nice guy”.  I reflected back to her the discordance she was expressing. Her experience was different from what her concept was. She had protected the “nice guy reputation” of her “ex” at her own expense. She let the lie of his being a “nice” guy take over her being and her body was taking the brunt of it. Once an avid athlete she could barely move from the pain and inflammation in her joints. She had convinced herself that she had divorced a “nice’ guy and the conflict between the lie she was living in her body and her true experience was making her ill. This is an example of how clueless we truly are. Another woman was experiencing eye issues. When she examined her primary relationships she realized she was not letting herself “see” the reality of her experience in the relationship.

    Starting to allow the truth to surface is the first step. This means knowing that your feelings are valid and being willing to make space for them even if they don’t fit the “nice person” or “spiritual person” paradigm.   This is a form of taking your power back. Your heart knows clearly how to guide you in this process…..if you can find a way to listen. Reconnecting with your heart’s wisdom can be exciting and scary at the same time. It can upset the “apple cart” of your life when you start to own your truth, but you don’t have to act on anything in a hasty manner.  Be patient and delve into the depths and let creative solutions and paths open before you in right timing. Sometimes we scare ourselves into thinking we have to take drastic measures to get our life back on track and often that’s not the case. Sometimes decisive action is required but most of the time we can wait and let right timing guide us to through an unfolding that leads to a new inner alignment with our truth which promotes further healing.

    There is an urge within our being to be true to our self that is so powerful that when it is diverted or suppressed it creates confusion and illness. Aging and death are unavoidable but so much of our pain and suffering can be avoided when we learn to radiate our inner light and truth throughout our body.


    1. Barbara Whittenberger

      Hello. You offer many ways to help people help themselves. We all have such long complicated stories. I am not sure where to start but I know I need some help outside in and inside out. Have studied metaphysics for last twenty years, and healing. Animals and nature are my passions and am interested in animal communication and healing. Ideas appreciated. Thanks Barbara (I live in NE Ohio)

      1. Sarah Weiss Post author

        Hi Barbara, Thank you for commenting. I believe in studying with teachers who are doing what you want to do. Have you found someone who feels in the same “realm” as you and asked for some mentoring or if they sponsor a program to help you develop your skills?


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  • Heart Wisdom and Vision in Relationships: 2014 July Attunement 6.28.14

    Heart Wisdom and Vision in Relationships: 2014 July Attunement June 28, 2014

    During our day long attunement we will be supported by Mother Earth, the Ascended Masters and our Higher Being to explore our current and past relationship with the intent to find the inner gem of a teaching that is trying to transform you right now.

    Relationships take on a whole new meaning when experienced through the vision and wisdom of the heart.  Mystics seek the wisdom of the heart for counsel and guidance on how to engage in life and our relationships authentically and with compassion.  It is possible to gain enlightenment through the lessons learned by our primary relationships of friends, lovers and family.  Actually this is one of the most natural spiritual paths to take.  Where else will we find such an abundance of teachings surrounding us all of the time!

    Our current life style leaves little time to nurture our relationships deeply. We need free space to swish and wiggle around in our feelings and reactions to find some clarity and peace with the challenges that arise. We also need this space to find our own  peace and self acceptance so that our relationships are not just a projection of our own needs and desires.  Rather than try to escape or ignore the relationships that we find ourselves in at this very moment we can journey into our hearts to discover the teachings that are relevant to our immediate growth and expansion.

    We will experience the process of returning to our inner heart vision and wisdom through a series of meditations that refine your awareness and clear the clouds of confusion and doubt.  Learn how to sit in a spiritual circle that supports individual and planetary healing.  Let your intuition speak to you about the qualities and life lessons you brought to life to be completed through relationships?  Come with an open mind and an open heart sincerely wanting to understand yourself and the relationships in your life.

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  • Understanding the Solstice 6.15.14

    Understanding the Solstice June 15, 2014

    The mysteries of the solstice are beyond the grasp of the western reductionist mind. That we live on a planet that is alive and sentient and our planet exists within a community of planets. Our solar system exists within a greater community and the galaxy and so on; this should show us that there is an intelligence that is within our grasp that we are not comprehending. There is a living world that we are part of that has more answers and meaning than we will ever know unless we open our hearts to the life cycles of our dear Mother Earth.

    The Solstice and Equinox offer opportunities for growth and expansion that are in harmony with the entire cosmos. Why wouldn’t you want the power and love of an entire cosmos supporting your development and fulfillment as a human being? Would you plant a summer blooming annual in the snow in winter? Ignoring the timing cycles of the environment you live in is a recipe for failure. Our efforts to fulfill our dreams are rooted in finding harmony with the natural cycles of Mother Earth and the cosmos.

    Harmony is an interesting phenomenon. When a person is in harmony with his or her self there is a feeling of smoothness, seamlessness, and peace. It’s as if we slip into another dimension and experience another state of being. You could say that reaching a perfect harmony opens dimensions beyond our daily reach. The ancient Vedic teachings reach us with this message through the wisdom of the chakra system. Once the chakra system, our subtle intelligence, is in balance and harmony, we attain enlightenment, or experience of the divine. This is an actual Vedic science called the Science of the Breath.

    Harmony gives us what we long for and it opens possibilities that we never dreamed of as we are carried on waves generated by harmonic resonance. At the time of the solstice humans have an opportunity to readjust, accommodate and re-center towards greater inner harmony. The alignment and harmony of the planet with the solar system sets up a great wave, or harmonic, that carries us into new dimensions of consciousness, if we are prepared and aligned. This wave is happening whether we are aware of it or not. It is influencing your body, mind and heart in ways that are not apparent to your physical senses but still exert an influence.

    Have you ever started a project on the “wrong foot”. You know how much effort it takes to get it onto the “right foot”! Sometimes you can’t get it reset and have to start all over. Recognizing the effect of the earth cycles helps us live our life on the right footing. Participating in solstice meditations where a group enters into the state of harmony with the planetary cycle is even more powerful. Just as Mother Earth is a member of her community in the solar system, we are members of the community of Earth. If we don’t understand that we are participating in an earth experience with our sisters and brothers we are denying our very roots and purpose for being alive.


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  • Summer Solstice 2014 6.03.14

    Summer Solstice 2014 June 3, 2014

    How many truly understand the profound significance and meaning of the Solstice? When friends and family are planning events I politely tell them that I am already busy on the Solstice and Equinox because these are my “holy-days”.

    Our bodies know and understand these markers of celestial timing. They know when to rest and when to act, when to sow and when to reap. Even the bible tells us that there is a time for everything in its season. So when the Solstice draws near, in June and December, it is a time to turn within and align with the cosmic forces that align us with the multiverse, the multiple dimensions of being more subtle than the material plane.

    The Solstice is a time to remember…..re-member; return all of the scattered fragments of our being back to unity and harmony. Leading up to a solstice life lets you know what is out of whack. We may not listen or learn, but the teaching is present.

    There is a solstice moment that is calculated astronomically and there is the time of the solstice which is a three day window of opportunity to gather wisdom and experience expansion. The days before and after the solstice are “in the energy” and carry the power of the cosmic event. During the summer solstice our bodies know to celebrate the light as they absorb the long hours of daylight and turn it into energy for healing. Our hearts know to celebrate the longest day of the year and opens to the sun as a flower blooms in fullness. Light is the language of the mystic and more light means more holy teachings are being brought to us by the ascended masters and those who are the wisdom keepers of our life.

    During the dark hours of the winter solstice our bodies know to rest and nest. During this cycle we turn within to renew and seed the blossoming of the next cycle of our life. We commune with our soul and guides to prepare the path for our new blooms. We are more like trees and flowers than we realize and have much to learn by observing nature’s beauty and harmony.

    The mind that is separated from nature and from Mother Earth will not see or feel the meaning in celestial events that the earth takes part in. Nor does a mind disconnected from its roots understand that we do not walk ON the earth; we walk within the earth, as guests of her heart and soul. It is an illusion to believe we are separate or that we do not come under the influence of all that happens in the cosmos. Learning from the solstice we may find that we are participating in the vast waves of contraction and expansion of the universe, the in-breath and out-breath of the one living spirit. These cosmic contractions and expansions are the forces that birth our growth and awareness, just as the contractions of labor birth us into a new world.


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  • Embodying Spirit 4.27.14

    Embodying Spirit April 27, 2014

    How much we have changed in the past year! We are adjusting to a new way of processing information.  The mind is no longer the only game in town. The wisdom of our heart and the intelligence of our cellular consciousness are being recognized and valued. We no longer walk on the earth as if it is an object, instead we are participants in Mother Earth’s consciousness through the body she has graciously created for us.  Our contribution to the evolution and expansion of Mother Earth’s consciousness is essential and critical. Our shining light of spirit is a catalyst and channel for her growth.  We unify heaven and earth through our being to birth the new consciousness. We are the wombs that carry the new seed of creation.  She knows this and deep down so do we.

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  • Presence, Patience and Wholeness 4.18.14

    Presence, Patience and Wholeness April 18, 2014

    Presence, Patience and Wholeness
    So long as you regard yourself as a part only, a small, infinite something like three cubits and a half long and 150 pounds heavy, so long as you consider yourself to be flesh and blood, so long as you are limited; you are impaired, you are cut, you are divided, you are not whole, you are simply a finite fraction and are not whole, not healthy, not strong…If you separate a small particle of water from the sea, it will become putrid, it will become stagnant and filthy. Similarly the man, the sage or saint, or anybody who feels himself as a finite being limited by time or space, confined within a short area is not healthy, is not whole and is not happy; he can lay no claim to happiness. The very moment your vision is not limited, the very moment you dispel your finite consciousness and feel that you are the all, that you are the whole world, that you are an Infinity; when you replace that, then you become whole and the bodily disease, trouble and anxiety is dispersed, dispelled and evaporated.
    – Swami Rama Tirtha in a talk delivered on March 5, 1903 in San Francisco.

    Wholeness is not just a state of grace, it is our birthright. We yearn for something without a name, something that will complete us and make us whole once again. A vague memory of wholeness plagues and agitates, niggling at our insides and sending us to look for relief but we look in all the wrong places. The place to look is within. I keep repeating this because it needs to be repeated. Within is inside you, inside your mind, your body, and your heart. Going within creates presence and presence penetrates the veils of inner mystery. Presence is the key to wholeness and the fulfillment of your life.

    As you read this feel your feet, ground and align with your inner axis of light. Feel the grace spiraling downward and love spiraling upward in a cosmic dance of joy and ecstasy within your being. You may be able to experience the transmission that comes with the words or you might decide not to read because being present is more satisfying than reading!

    One of my greatest impediments to presence is impatience. I know this because I was very impatient as a beginning mystic. My teacher, Sufi Amin, told me I was one of his most impatient students. He said, One day you will have a student that is as impatient as you and you will understand the pain and difficulty caused by this quality. I didn’t need to wait until I had an impatient student in front of me to realize the pain of impatience. My inability to experience wholeness was enough of a reminder. The constant pressing of my mind to be someone or someplace other than where I was and the feeling of being “out of synch” tortured me most of the time.

    He gave me mantras to help develop the quality of patience and also concentration and mastery exercises to do. I learned from him that impatience may exist due to a lack of concentration. Concentration is a state of being; it is not the crinkled forehead grunting effort we put into studying for exams. Concentration is a state of mind that can maintain a relaxed and peaceful single pointed focus for a long period of time. In Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras concentration is noted as the first stage of preparation for meditation. When the mind is concentrated it deflects the disquieting influences of illusion and confusion. The silky smooth stillness has no texture for attachments to cling to. Freedom from the ripples of mind leads to great clarity and penetrating insight.

    is still my tendency but every time I hit a wall and feel the tightening grip of impatience closing in on me, (the shoulders rising to my ears, the pain in my neck, the shallow breathing and the internal pressure building….) I recognize my persistent friend and invite her to relax. Impatience creates tension and anxiety. It is a clever if ineffective attempt to distract us from the pain of fragmentation. Somehow we hope that if we keep moving and thinking fast enough we’ll out run the pain and numb out from exhaustion. Actually the opposite is true. In spiritual terms patience is the ability to tune into the Divine timing. It is similar to the idea of Thy will, not my will. Patience becomes Thy time, not my time. God’s time is present time. Not the future nor the past, but the present. All exists in one moment of presence. Impatience is the pushing and tugging on God’s time with the inevitable result of limitation and frustration. Remember the Chinese finger torture toy you had as a child? It’s a 5 inch long bamboo tube that you put a finger in each end and then try to get your fingers out? If you pull the fingers away from each other, the grip gets tighter. But if you
    relax and allow the fingers to release inward the grip eases and your fingers are free. The same is true for wholeness; it is a result of relaxing and releasing inward towards self rather than pulling and tugging away from self.


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  • Intuition: The Path to the Divine 1.01.70

    Intuition: The Path to the Divine

    Intuition: The Path to the Divine
    Intuition is our direct connection to the Divine. When we trace our intuitive voice to its origin, we are eventually led to the knower and lover of all—the Divine. Usually we look to intuition to provide information that will help us with matters of health and well being, life challenges or life purpose.
    What if we turn our sight inward and invite our intuition to guide us to the divine?

    Intuitive information bypasses all the “knowing” that we have acquired and the judgments that defend our ego. It also provides information where there was none before—such as knowing something you have never learned or couldn’t ever know about. Intuition leads us to the spiritual path because of its ability to “blow our minds”—transform our notion of self and others. Intuition is our line into the vast Oneness that connects us with everyone and everything. Imagine a wire that carries information, like a fiber optic telephone cable. Trace it to its source and you connect directly with the caller. This is where intuition can lead us—to the Source—with a capital “S”!

    In this case, intuitive information is not the goal; it is the gateway that gives access to something even greater than information, something closer to the source. I speak of inspiration and revelation.

    We usually associate inspiration with an artistic endeavor or at least something very creative. Inspiration is very creative—it comes from the source of all creation. When something is inspired it is beyond the comprehension of all—it seems to arrive as an act of grace that brings wholeness, peace and completeness. A painting or symphony can be completed when the inspiration descends, an invention can be conceived in its entirety, and a poem writes itself across the page. Anything created through an act of inspiration has a feeling of wholeness and completeness unlike any other idea or creation. Imagine living an inspired life! The feeling of wholeness and peace that accompanies inspiration is beyond compare. It is having access to the grander plan—a true alignment with the divine will. There is no mistaking intuition for personality projection in this type of experience because our minds are purified so as to see all for what it is.

    Those who feel inspired will do anything to manifest whatever they are called to do because of the sense of purpose, wholeness, and peace that accompanies it. They mystics have always claimed that for every illness there is a cure—it is through inspiration that the cures can be revealed.

    When we feel inspired and uplifted we come in contact with the realm of revelation. The mysteries of the divine and all of creation are revealed to those who have the eyes to see and the ears to hear, so say generations of prophets and mystics. The grace of inspiration leads to the state of revelation. Revelation leads directly to the source of divinity within—the true self revealed in its glory, power, light and love. From the state of revelation miracles occur–such as the miracle of life! We are the revelation of the Divine—our heart, our body and our mind are manifestations of the Divine Love. Through revelation we return to the source of our being, the original seed with its potential and purpose. It is at this Source that the deepest healing and transformation takes place.

    This process of evolving from intuition to inspiration to revelation is a natural progression and is presided over by the spirit of guidance. The spirit of guidance is the living intelligence of the Divine that animates life. By tuning first into our intuitive feelings and messages, we begin a process that leads us to the revelation of spirit in our lives.

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  • Accessing Subtle Energies: Preparation 1.01.70

    Accessing Subtle Energies: Preparation

    Accessing Subtle Energies: Preparation

    Don’t give up!

    Many think that they can sit down and tune in on the spot and they will be able to access the realm of subtle energies. This is usually not the case. Subtle energies do not subscribe to the instant gratification model of our current society. Often we get frustrated and confused, suffer self doubt and self-rejection because we can’t access this realm at will. It is possible to move into this realm often but it does take some preparation; a shift of perspective and consciousness.

    There are actually two realms we can easily identify that are part of the expanded realm of consciousness. A strong reaction in our gut when we are facing trouble is the first. It doesn’t matter how you prepare for this, it will occur dramatically sometimes and more quietly at other times. This reaction is visceral and direct and shows that our primal instincts are still intact. Note, we often override this gut reaction and dismiss it with rationalizations that we really believe! The second is the realm of the divine within. Accessing this realm takes preparation as it is so subtle that the noise of our busy mind out shouts the silent communion of this realm.

    Accessing the realm of the sacred or divine within, first takes relaxation. How many of us actually relax when we say we are going to relax? We usually turn on the TV, exercise, read, talk on the phone, or chose another enjoyable distraction. These activities do not promote the type of relaxed deep alert awareness that true relaxation brings. True relaxation is a turning within to the silence of the inner space that is identified by many names: the psychic realm, the sacred, the divine, esp, PSI, subtle energies, etc. It is this exercise of turning within that has a door with rusty hinges! It is not surprising that after a busy day it would take one almost an hour to relax to the point where they feel deeply connected within. So please, don’t give up if you haven’t given yourself a chance to approach the depths of your being with the type of relaxed alertness that it truly requires.

    The following is a brief list of additional qualities of the mental, physical and emotional realms that will promote access to the realms that your heart is seeking.
    1. Relaxation of mind, body and emotions
    2. Release of judgments of others and self
    3. Spaciousness of mind and emotion—not pressed for time or to do something
    4. An open loving heart
    5. Grounded with earth and spirit
    6. A quiet mind
    7. A clear conscience
    8. Relaxed concentration
    9. Patience—no expectations
    We will delve in-depth into each of these qualities in the articles coming up next month!

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  • The Medical Intuitive Within: Part Three 1.01.70

    The Medical Intuitive Within: Part Three

    The Medical Intuitive Within: Part Three

    How many times have you called to make an appointment with a doctor or healer believing that he/she knows more about your body than you do? In one sense this is really ludicrous—-I live in my body, how could anyone know more from the outside than I know from the inside?

    If you’ve never thought about this perspective, here are a few questions to consider. Why don’t we know more about how our body functions given we have the inside scoop? What is this body that “I” supposedly live in? Who is this “I” I am referring to and how did “I” get in here? Who threw out the owners manual before I got a chance to read it? These questions reflect the mind/body split that exemplifies most of Western culture. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to find out that you can know more about your body than anyone else? That the “I” who you think lives in your body is also the “I” of the cells and the DNA?

    From the intuitive point of view we have the ability to know vast amounts of information about our bodies. Amazonian shamans take medicinal plants, Siberian shamans go into trance, Mystics delve into the divine light, Australian aborigines connect with their spirit guides–enabling each to connect with and channel the divine intelligence of the universe. The information regarding the disease, cure and the mind/body/spirit relationship are clearly revealed.

    We have the ability to know this type of information without the medicinal plants, through development of our intuition. We have the ability to do what is referred to as “internal viewing”, or the ability to use intuitive sight to see directly into the body and view the biochemical processes that are linked to biological functioning. We can develop the ability to “see” the valves of the heart, the lining of the intestines or the cells of a virus. How empowering it is to have this kind of direct connection to your body. The only reason we don’t is that we have been are told that we can’t!

    You can be taught to do internal viewing, it is an intrinsic human ability. Barbara Brennan teaches it in her healing school and I teach it at the Ursuline Sophia Center. One of the requirements of the training is to be able to relax and quiet the mind so that the intuitive sight is not overrun by projections and desires. Truly, if the mind is quieted and we can connect to the spiritual guidance which is constantly guiding us from within, we can develop our internal viewing skill. This types of training takes patience for our world is not a quiet world, nor are we used to be so intimately connected to our own bodies!

    One of my students was intent on learning how to “see” into his body and to “see” energy. Frustrated as he was with his hundreds of attempts, one night, lying quietly in his bed, he practiced one more time and it happened–he saw his own physical heart!

    Imagine going to a doctor and asking for help based on the information you already have from within? You would choose a physician that would partner with you in your healing process. Partners who would work together to honor the richness of the inner knowledge that is revealed to you intuitively and the medical knowledge offered by the professional. The process would truly enhance the healing, dignity, and self-respect of all involved.

    Everyone has the potential to develop this ability. It is a birthright waiting to be claimed. In fact, if you quiet the busy-bee mind right now and listen, you may hear a voice urging you ever so gently to claim it right now.

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  • The Medical Intuitive Within: Part Two 1.01.70

    The Medical Intuitive Within: Part Two

    The Medical Intuitive Within: Part Two

    Lighting Up the Darkness
    There is an old Sufi tale about a rascally kind of guy named Nasruddin. Nasruddin was not a bad man, he just always doing things in odd and different ways. One night a townsperson found him on his hands and knees searching for something on the ground under a street light. The townsperson asked Nasruddin if he lost something. Nasruddin replied that he had lost the key to his home. The townsperson inquired; did you lose it around here? Nasruddin replied; no, I dropped it by my front door. Perplexed the townsperson asked; then why are you looking for it here? Nasruddin answered; it’s too dark by my front door, I can’t see a thing! So I’m looking where I can see the key, in the light!

    What light is Nasruddin referring to? Certainly not the streetlight, but the light of the divine, the light that illuminates our life’s path, the light of our soul that shines out from our being, illuminating all that falls in its beams.

    What does this have to do with medical intuition? Medical Intuition is about understanding the mind/body/spirit continuum. Healing and well being is about restoring harmony to the mind/body/spirit continuum. To initiate this process of deep understanding, we need to see with the light of the soul. The light of the soul sees wholeness and perfection first and allows the light to reveal the path to healing and restoration. Our being is always moving towards perfection and wholeness—it is encoded on all levels to guide us towards optimum growth and health. Even cancer or a cold is an attempt by our being to reestablish some kind of harmony given the present mind/body/spirit circumstances. As an example, if you have been too busy to listen to the spiritual guidance coming from your heart, maybe you’ll come down with a cold or flu that will make you stop and listen! Divine love precludes anything other than perfection. What we do to cloud or veil that perfection is the mystery of life.

    Many people remember the fist time they experienced themselves from a point of wholeness and light—it is a life changing experience. We no longer think of ourselves as essentially bad and in need of fixing, but instead, we experience our essential perfection in a way that shows us the illusory nature

    of the mind and its ability to hide or throw a shadow on our divine perfection. The act of performing a medical intuitive assessment may bring about very helpful healing insights regarding a challenging issue but it also has the potential to initiate a profound healing process by providing a new reference point and connection to our light and wholeness.

    When we think about the inside of our bodies we usually think of a very dark place that is inaccessible to our vision. Surgeons can see it when they open us up, eye doctors can see inside our brain with special equipment when our pupils are dilated or laparoscopic cameras can give us the inside view. And yet, in our culture we were never taught to use our innate ability to see with our mind’s eye or our intuitive sight?

    There are many ways in which we can view the inside of our bodies without special equipment. Traditional ways include entering trance states that induce dreams and visions, the use of plant psychedelics, spiritual ceremony, vision quests, retreats, and by mastering spiritual practices that develop the intuitive sight so that it can be accessed in a waking lucid state. There are probably many others that I haven’t mentioned. Every indigenous culture that is connected to the earth or a mystical tradition has a method for seeing inside and beyond into realms that are considered by our culture inaccessible.

    Internal viewing with intuitive sight gives us direct perception of the body’s interior in the same way that a laparoscopic camera does. But internal viewing requires the soul light for its source of illumination. Imagine the light of the divine illuminating the interior spaces of the body. Yes, just play with the idea that a light is turned on inside of your body. What would you see? At first you might image it like the pictures you have seen in anatomy books. But as you work more deeply with the practices that develop your intuitive sight, you will actually see the organs and tissues.

    One of the first practices begins with imaging light. Become aware of the crown center at the top of your head and then picture a beautiful diaphanous light pouring down, around and through your being. This is the beginning of your work with the light. If we start out by imagining it, one day it will turn into a reality. When the divine light illuminates the dark interior of our body, the physiology and anatomy become visible to our intuitive sight. At first you

    won’t believe that you are actually viewing something that seems impossible to view, but then as you practice and the reality of it sinks in, you will have a deep knowing of your connectedness to your own body.

    I have to admit to a bit of enticement here. While the explanation above seems rather simple, there is an aspect to internal viewing that is not simple. It requires enormous concentration skill and enormous amounts of energy to open and fuel the intuitive sight. Most people won’t commit to the discipline to develop their concentration to the point that it penetrates the densities of consciousness. I have had many students complain that they practice and practice, yet don’t see a thing. But if they continue to develop their relationship to the divine light invariably, one day, they call me up to report their success. About 6 moths to a year of practice will develop this ability so that it is no longer novel. It takes a few years of concentrated practice to acquire the level of skill required for doing internal viewing in a masterful and responsible way with others.

    One of the changes we see when we start working with the light is that we naturally look for what’s “right” or healthy rather than being drawn to what is “wrong”. Remember, one of the fundamental principles of healing is; whatever you focus on you magnify. The role of the healer is to magnify wellness and light, not the illness or personality challenge. Connecting to what’s right or healthy connects you to the vital life force of the person. Working with this life force increases it thereby supporting immune response, intuitive insight, self-confidence and self-respect.

    When a client comes into my office, the first experience I hope they will have is the awareness of their wholeness and light. They will be introduced to themselves in an entirely new and exciting way. Guided into a deep state that allows them to experience their light being and their perfection, they experience energy, flow, safety, love and light. A connection to their perfection is the first and foremost healing opportunity. After that, the

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  • The Medical Intuitive Within: Part 1 1.01.70

    The Medical Intuitive Within: Part 1

    The Medical Intuitive Within: Part 1

    Each of us has a little medical intuitive within monitoring the state of our mind/body wellness. Discerning or listening to the voice of the inner medical intuitive is another issue!

    Our cells, organs and tissues are communicating with us continuously; in fact there is an entire channel of our consciousness devoted to this communication. Like the travel channel or the weather channel on cable television, this channel carries only information on your health and well being. It tells you how your life, thoughts, and feelings are impacting your body, how your soul and cells are aligned and how to reclaim your dignity by living life from an inner-directed perspective. Unfortunately we have not been trained to tune in to this wonderful medical intuitive within.

    If we had been raised in an indigenous culture that was in touch with the earth and the natural rhythms of the cosmos, we would have been taught as a young child to recognize and listen to our intuitive healing voice. The community we lived in would be united by the common ability to heed this intuitive voice. As a culture that is displaced from the natural world and with the mind/body disconnection that ensues, learning to discern, listen to and heed the voice of healing within requires an enormous change in perspective.

    As we approach the subject of the inner medical intuitive we will address the following common issues: 1) How to discern the intuitive voice? 2) Fear of the actual intuitive information. 3) Overcoming the belief that someone else knows more about yourself than you do.

    Projection or Intuition?

    The intellect has little to do on the road to discovery. There comes a leap in consciousness, call it intuition or what you will, and the solution comes to you and you don’t know how or why.

    Albert Einstein
    Every student of the intuitive arts has the same fundamental question. How do I discern the subjective thoughts and feelings from a true intuitive communication? Often you think you know something to be true and then find out it isn’t. This happens when the mind, with its desires and projections, overrides the intuition. The mind has the ability to fool us, but true intuition doesn’t. Intuition is the voice of the soul, the wholeness of your being. It is not necessarily psychic ability or the ability to tell the future or past. Like a compass, it continually reorients your being to your truth and integrity leaving you to figure out the details!

    There are qualities to an intuitive communication that truly distinguish it from the random ramblings of the mind. It is important to learn what your intuitive voice sounds like. It is unique to you and unlike anyone else’s so comparing yourself to others may cause you to doubt yourself rather than confirm your experience
    Here are some of the qualities that distinguish an intuitive hit
    • Clarity and definitiveness that seems to come out of nowhere
    • A sense of security and confidence
    • An overall stillness surrounding the insight
    • Particularly vivid or strong dreams and day dreams
    • A sense of wholeness and completeness
    • Mind/body relaxation
    • Synchronous with other aspects of your life
    • The same message appears everywhere you are, on television, in magazines, in conversation with friends
    • Goose bumps, tingles or energy streams
    • The light bulb goes on in your head
    • A sense of coherency
    • Visual cues such as colors, images and symbols
    • A clear voice that breaks through the mental chatter
    • A taste, smell or feeling that alerts and enlivens
    Fear of Knowing
    There is

    Fear of Knowing

    There is a soul force in the universe, which if we permit it, will flow through us and produce miraculous results.
    Mahatma Gandhi

    There is a common fear that the intuitive communication will be bad news or hard to live up to. That your whole life will be turned upside down as a result of receiving the information! What we are really afraid of is turning within and hearing the voice of our own self loathing! Usually when we begin the process of quieting the mind, relaxing the body and turning within, the first thing we encounter loud and clear are our negative and judgmental thoughts and feelings.

    Why would anyone want to turn within if the first thing they heard was self loathing criticism? Actually the fear is of hearing the same intimidating tape of self loathing mantras that were once faint, but are now quite loud and clear! The wrathful God of the Old Testament may be who appears to prophets and saints, but to most of us, the gentle loving voice of our intuition sooths and comforts because it brings a sense of confidence that we are connected to a wonderful sacred inner resource. Usually, the intuitive mind has a sense of peace and clarity that provides a respite, a retreat space from the craziness of our internal and external pressures. No matter what the message is, even one we do not want to hear, there is a reassurance when we hear it from the quiet voice within.
    Being and Begin
    Did you ever notice that the words being and begin are practically the same word? There’s an intuitive clue! We can begin by being loving and present. Loving towards ourselves and present to the amazing light of intuitive knowing within. Light reveals and heals. It illuminates all aspects of our lives with love, understanding and insight—even the darkest corners of our psyches are freed from shadow by the light. It is literal and symbolic; it is divine and yet physical; it is both particle and wave as we are both unique individuals and at the same time united as One. Intuition is the faculty that allows us to glimpse the divine light, to feel the divine presence, or to catch a whiff of the divine fragrance that permeates all creation. When the divine light illuminates our being, all is revealed though a lens of love.

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  • Medical Intuition: Where to Begin? 1.01.70

    Medical Intuition: Where to Begin?

    Medical Intuition: Where to Begin?


    We come from the light and we return to the light. We are light. Light reveals and heals. It illuminates all aspects of our lives with love, understanding and insight—even the darkest corners of our psyches are freed from shadow by the light. It is literal and symbolic; it is divine and yet physical; it is both particle and wave as we are both unique individuals and at the same time united as One.

    As an infant I remember seeing the light all around me and light beings were my companions. One day a shadow fell in front of the light and my mother came into focus as she bent over the crib to pick me up—the foreground and background shifted and I was grounded into this physical reality of shadow and light. It was a day I will never forget. It spurred in me a yearning, a single-minded driving passion to return to the radiant and loving land of light. The only place my soul knows as home. Unrelenting, this yearning led me to the mystic’s path—the path of the heart.

    The path of the mystic brought my focus back to our earthly reality because it put me in touch with the divine light, the divine intention and the divine presence as it manifests in our hearts. My yearning is now channeled into compassion and service. I now seek illumination and ecstasy in the day to day role of child, mother, wife, artist, healer, teacher, and friend. With this realization my mother, and for that matter, all of creation is divine love incarnate, not just a shadow! Once again the foreground and background shifted—not one instead of the other—but into a dynamic spiraling wholeness where all possibilities exist!

    Intuition is the faculty that allows us to glimpse the divine light, to feel the divine presence, or to catch a whiff of the divine fragrance that permeates all creation. When the divine light illuminates our being, all is revealed though a lens of love. The interior of our body, normally out of reach of our “physical eye sight” can be literally lit up by the divine light so that we can perceive our organs, tissues and cells with our inner eye. The “inner eye”, also referred to as the sixth chakra or the third eye, has the ability to activate intuitive perception. Each of our physical five senses has a corresponding heightened or inner sense and each of these inner senses may be used to perceive conditions other than the physical, such as auras, remote locations and energy channels. We have only to be present to the divine guidance revealed by the light to understand our healing path. We may then perceive energies, know and understand correlations of attitudes and actions with disease, and gain insight into how to move forward towards a new dynamic balance of well being.

    Begin now. Turn within and connect to the divine light that lives within your heart. Let that light radiate throughout your entire body and aura until you feel luminous like the sun. The light burns away the self-critical feelings and infuses your perception with love. It is when you are in this state that you focus on your questions and wait for loving guidance to direct your inquiry. This is where the intuitive process begins, not when you are in your judgmental, critical perspective, but when you are aligned with the loving viewpoint of the divine light.

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  • 3 Little Steps to Become More Intuitive 1.01.70

    3 Little Steps to Become More Intuitive

    3 Little Steps to Become More Intuitive

    Exercise #1: Practice Being Worthy
    If you don’t listen to your intuition why should your intuition speak to you? Your intuitive nature needs to know that it is being heard and not dismissed. How many times do you like banging your head against a brick wall!

    Start to honor your intuition in the small details of life. Notice the number of times you defer to someone else during the day. When someone asks, “Would you rather go for Chinese or Italian?” Do you say, “Oh, I don’t care, whatever you want?” Or do you ask yourself which would you prefer?

    Or how many times do you phase out when someone is talking at you, being rude to you, or asking you to do something for them and you just agree, nodding your head up and down like a bobble doll just to get the person off your back? Phasing out is a clue that you have lost your self respect; you are no longer present and without presence you cannot listen to your intuition. Instead, can you find the presence of mind to find a gracious way to excuse yourself or say “no” to protect your precious time and inner space? Watch for these seemingly little incidences during the day when you phase out and defer to someone or a situation because you do not have the confidence to stay present to your own needs and intuition! Every time you manage so stay present rather than phasing out you are nurturing your intuitive ability!

    Exercise #2: Bubble Awareness
    Be aware of the type of space you need around your being and your body. I call this your bubble. You know when someone stands too close to you; you have an instinctual feeling of wanting to back away. Do you honor your instinct or stay in an uncomfortable position because you are afraid of offending someone?
    On the emotional level, do people lean on your bubble too much? That’s another way of saying; do they drain your energy with their negative talk and heavy energy? How might you listen without getting drained or phasing out while still remaining supportive? Once again, presence is the key to retaining your self respect while being helpful to another. The exercise here is to begin recognizing when your

    energy is getting drained. Very often we don’t even realize that we are losing energy until after it has happened. By then it is too late. When we listen with presence we are able to continue filling ourselves and the space around us, thus supporting the beings we are with without getting overly empathic or overly involved with their situations. We support them with our energy rather than letting them drain us. Very often you may be surprised that with this type of energetic support, the person who has the problem may come up with a new insight just from being in your energy field!

    Exercise #3: Practice Truthfulness With Self and Others
    There is a direct relationship between being honest with yourself and clarity of intuition. Intuition is not always about good things. Sometimes it is about illnesses, death and nasty situations. If we are not honest with ourselves we will block out the intuitions that don’t agree with the lies we tell ourselves.
    This is a touchy subject, but it is very relevant to the development of your intuitive abilities. Being honest with ourselves is something that needs to be done in small increments. We eventually want to be led to the truth….THE TRUTH! I am talking about the truth that is referred to in the mystical traditions, the true nature of reality, the true nature of our being, the true nature of God. Ultimately our intuition will guide us to these big truths, but we have to start with learning about small truths.

    I suggest that people ask within themselves to be guided or oriented towards “truth”. I am not suggesting that you go out and brutally tell everyone the honest truth about how you feel about them. No, first you must attend to finding out what your truth is and that is something between you and yourself. Then when you have a handle on being honest with yourself, you will find a compassionate and self respecting ways to bring truth into your relationships. I really believe the 12 step programs have a great grasp of coming to terms with being honest and true. It’s a process to work through carefully and over a period of time, but with a commitment to the end goal.

    These three exercises may look pretty mundane, but they attend to the qualities that support your intuitive nature. Our society has ways of justifying some very bad behaviors and these behaviors contribute to the shutting out of our intuitive voice. Entering the path of the intuitive leads us to illuminate the shadows and crevices our being. These exercises point you in a direction that may be very helpful. Turn within and check to see if any of these are calling to you.

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  • So You Want to Be More Intuitive? 1.01.70

    So You Want to Be More Intuitive?

    So You Want to Be More Intuitive?

    People often ask me, “How can I be more intuitive?” I have many answers to this question, but one important one is: Practice presence!
    The practice of presence helps us tap into the intuitive because we discover the true essence, or ground of our being. We find out who we are beyond what we do or say and connect to the stream of intelligence that guides our vast universe in its unfolding. It is the same intelligence that keeps the galaxies spinning and our feet glued to the earth. It is the intelligence that exists within a seed that knows how to turn itself into a tree. And within humans it is the intuitive insight that guides and illuminates our life’s path. We call this intuition.

    To quote Eckhart Tolle in his book Stillness Speaks,  When you step into the Now, you step out of the content of your mind. The incessant stream of thinking slows down. Thoughts don’t absorb all your attention anymore, don’t draw you in totally. Gaps arise in between thoughts – spaciousness, stillness. You begin to realize how much vaster and deeper you are than your thoughts.

    It is in this spaciousness that intuition and insight arise.

    When I give this answer the question that follows is: How do I practice presence when I am overwhelmed with the busy-ness of life? The answer lies in starting with little steps that deal with a very large, but very real issue: reclaiming our self respect; your dignity. Think of someone you regard as dignified. What comes to mind for me is a person who walks tall through all challenges in life. People can feign dignity by looking pompous and putting on airs, but true dignity shines through despite appearances. It is a quality that emanates strength and clarity along with compassion.

    Dignity is the result of self respect. Self respect is gained by following what we know to be true or right based on a sense from within. Beyond basic social standards, it emerges from the state of presence which gives us access to universal wisdom and values. This is the reason why every religion and spiritual tradition have one universally recognized common rule or law. It is the law of reciprocity: Do unto others as you would do unto yourself.

    How does this translate into little steps? Every time we do not follow our intuitive guidance we lose a little self respect. Every time we follow our guidance we increase our self respect. For example, what if you had an intuitive hit from a dream, a vision, or a voice in your mind, telling you that the plane someone was about to board was going to crash? What would you do? Would you just dismiss it as one of your crazy notions? Would you be afraid of the consequences of being wrong? Would you be too shy to speak up? How many ways do you find to dismiss your intuitive knowing?

    Let’s take another, seemingly less dramatic example. What if you had a knowing deep within you that you are a healer? What would it take to bring that healing potential into manifestation? How many people have to tell you that you are a healer before you will take the steps to fulfill your purpose? Or do you have the confidence to develop your talent no matter what anyone else says or thinks?

    These are examples of instances where self-respect are the keys to greater intuition. If you can be present and honor your self by following your inner guidance you will support the growth of your intuitive abilities. Intuition needs to be nurtured and reinforced, but the nurturing and reinforcement come first from within you. Once you have the strength to follow your intuition, the world will either support you or not—but it doesn’t matter because you have the strength of your inner conviction to carry you through to success. Just remind yourself of the craggy paths that lead to success; your intuition doesn’t guarantee you ease, it guarantees you inspiration, presence and purpose!

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  • Twelve Myths about Intuition 1.01.70

    Twelve Myths about Intuition

    MYTH #1: Intuition is a gift. FACT: Everyone is intuitive!
    Discussions about intuition often evoke two extreme responses; either a sense of awesome mystery or overwhelming anxiety. It is a subject either taboo or revered—neither approach offering much opportunity for open discussion. A vision of a world where intuition complements analytical ways of knowing would bring greater inspiration, fulfillment, wisdom, wholeness and unity to our planet. We human beings do have the ability to hold both the mysterious and the obvious in a way that reveals the highest wisdom possible.

    Everyone is intuitive! We don’t recognize our intuitive moments because we haven’t been taught to identify them It wasn’t taught in elementary school, or at home, unless we were fortunate to have a parent, grandparent or mentor that taught us about this wonderful connection to the universe! Dreaming is intuitive and so is listening to music, fixing motors, and computing mathematical models. Intuition is not usually (although sometimes it is!) a booming voice coming out of nowhere telling you what to do. It is more like a quiet sense of knowing, a gut feeling, a daydream, or an abstract image with meaning. Intuitive messages are coming to us all the time, if only we would quiet our busy minds and tune in.

    Listed below are some common myths about intuition that come up in my classes and when working with clients. The comments are brief, but hopefully they will stimulate and inspire!

    Intuition is not Fortune Telling…

    1. Intuition is a gift. Intuition is not a gift; it is the very essence of our being and needs to be recognized, nurtured and developed. Some may be more intuitively talented but everyone has the ability to develop it to a useful level.

    2. Intuition only comes to those who are spiritual. Everyone is intuitively guided—it is the way of the universe. All of creation is part of a dynamic grander design. Intuition is understood most consistently when we come from a place of wholeness. In the quiet space of meditation it is easier to connect to your intuitive nature, but in reality the guiding forces of the universe are continually steering us towards our greatest potential, if we only knew how to tune in. Intuitive messages also break through the random
    noise of our mind when we are in crisis such as life threatening situations or when we are called upon to help others. It may be at these times we are thrust beyond our everyday mind into a space that allows us to intuitively know that we are guided .

    3. Intuition will help you predict the future. Intuition helps you become present; it has little to do with the future. When you are fully present the future is not the issue! You are willing to take the steps right in front of you when you are present, with great faith in your heart.

    4. If you are intuitive in one subject you will be intuitive in every subject. Intuition usually shows up in the areas of passion and talent. If you are in love with cars and engines, you’ll know how to fix something under the hood as if it were second nature, but you may be clueless when it comes to cooking a soufflé. A financial analyst can predict the stock market but probably not the weather! Look to your areas of great interest to know where you are the most intuitive.

    5. Intuitive answers are absolutes. Intuitive hits are possibilities that present in the here and now. The here and now changes every second. One intuitive hit may lead to another if you let it.

    6. Being intuitive means your life will run smoothly. Intuition does not guarantee a smooth life. As we said before, intuition is not about telling the future, it is about being present. If you find yourself present to a situation that is challenging, your intuition may have led you right to it for a “growth opportunity”!

    7. Intuitive awareness is all you need. Awareness is the first step but transformation comes from actualizing the awareness in your own life. You may be guided to go in a certain direction but can you overcome fears and anxieties to actualize the intuition? In order to safeguard your intuitive guidance, you need confidence, power, compassion, wisdom and faith to bring the guidance fully to manifestation.

    8. There is one “right” answer. If there was one right answer, wouldn’t you think we’d have found a way to resolve all of the differences in the world? Diversity is built into life and intuition reflects this diversity in all people and situations. Intuition is sifted through cultural filters—it takes the prophetic state of consciousness to rise above all filters.

    9. Information is useless unless it is intuitive. The old adage of keeping your head in the clouds and your feet on the ground applies here. The mind is a good tool for fleshing out intuition. Asking questions, thinking through consequences, compassionate consideration, simple mathematics, and many other applications of the mind supplement and complement our intuition. The mind and intuition are meant to complement each other and they do when the mind/body split is mended and whole.

    10. Intuition guarantees you an answer. Sometimes our intuition is blocked and we have no clue—no gut feeling—nada—zip—we are in a void. Nature has built voids into the cycles of life so that regeneration may occur. Winter is a void time for most plants. It looks like nothing is happening but a great deal is happening in the unseen realms to allow for new growth in the spring. The same applies to us, a void period may seem to yield no insight, no path, no where to go or nothing to do. At these times, if we allow it, our intuition will guide us to rest and renew—but we might not recognize it as intuition because of our cultural inclination to be so busy all of the time!

    11. Intuition is a booming voice or a flaming bush telling me what to do! Intuition comes to everyone in many different ways. A gut feeling, a song playing over and over in our mind, a dream, a vision, fragrance or taste. All of the senses are channels for our intuition and every cell can be an antennae for information. Presence and awareness allows us to know to what we know in many less dramatic ways than a booming voice or mind altering vision!

    12. Intuitives are kooks and crazy people! Are you afraid of using your intuition because you will be labeled a kook, witch, or nutcase? When intuition comes to a clear confident mind, the information may be modulated so that it can be used in everyday situations without freaking others out. It is very important to be grounded, present and clear so that you may use your intuition to benefit society without appearing kooky or crazy! Patience and maturity will help you navigate your path.

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  • Visiting with the Divine Mother 4.17.14

    Visiting with the Divine Mother April 17, 2014

    Two weeks ago I returned from Thailand. I lived for three short weeks in two tiny villages in the rice field plains and rain forest hills of the north. The experience was life changing in many ways. The hearts of the people were wide open, the rice fields cast a spell of the misty primordial energy of creation and the rain forests lunged at us with unbridled life force. Needless to say, both the inner and outer gifts were priceless.

    What happened two days into the trip is what I want to share with you. I was resting after a day of service; we had helped a father and son build an addition to their small wood and cinder block home. I fell deep inside my body, the rice fields spell was at work, and I noticed an iron suit of armor releasing from the depths of my being. It was not just personal armor; it was the armor of our culture here in the United States. This was not just a “vacation thaw”, it was deeper, closer to deeper, closer to the core, a much more insidious imprisonment releasing me from it grip. It was a deep level of imprisonment–limitation put on the soul by the culture, again I reiterate, not just by family and personal history.

    Many inspirations followed from this experience but the one that stands out the most is that it is almost impossible to notice the deepest influences on our being because we are living and breathing them subconsciously. We make so many automatic assumptions about who we are based on these deep levels of automatic programming. Caroline Myss, the well known medical intuitive, would call this coming in contact with the tribal level or first chakra awareness of our being. The realization that healing is not just a personal path but has much to do with our greater community was impressed upon me deeply.

    In the United States I see people taking on personal healing with a vengeance and also with a heavy burden of self imposed personal responsibility. This idea of “rugged individualism” that is part of our culture is part of the “iron armor” that was revealed and released (at least momentarily) in Thailand. It was evident that a deep aspect of our healing path and our current popular illnesses–cancer, heart disease, diabetes, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, and others, can be traced to the mass culture and the individual life styles that are propagated as a result. I asked what an individual could do when this is the case.

    In response a sweet rosy atmosphere filled the room and enveloped my being in a loving embrace. The Divine Mother appeared and this is what she communicated to my heart.

    The heart is a world of its own and is so vast that if we allow it, it will expand to encompass our current reality and provide an entirely new world to exist within. This will free us from the deep cultural impressions that cling and weigh on our hearts and liberate the soul to express its true nature.

    This confirmed the heart centered work I have been quietly exploring for the past several years. It is now time to make the shift into this new world of the heart. To facilitate this shift the balancing of the masculine and feminine energies on the planet is necessary. Without these two fundamental energies working in harmony, creation and renewal cannot exist. Our world will be focusing on death and destruction until the polarities come into balance.

    I realized that this was the continuation of an experience that began last year on a sacred journey to Peru and Bolivia. The theme of the journey was “reawakening the feminine: and so as we performed ceremony to reawaken the wisdom sealed in the ethers and earth from hundreds of years ago, the Divine Mother in her varied forms appeared to many of us in the group.

    One of the places she appeared was the celebration of the Virgin of Copacabana in Copacabana, Bolivia. While the celebration was practiced as a Catholic mass it was also recognized by the indigenous peoples as a celebration of the Divine Feminine within their own traditions. She had come in answer to my desperate pleas about what to do about the overwhelming pain and suffering of humanity. She appeared with radiant stars beaming around her glowing ethereal being, speaking to me in soothing tones and celestial music for almost an hour. I was in a state of awe, unaware of myself or the earth plane. Two dear friends carefully tended my body as my soul soared into the heavens. The Divine Mother initiated a planetary cleansing through my heart as she pulled the strands of humanity’s pain and suffering through my heart into her heart. Every cell of my being represented a suffering being and she transmuted through her sacred heart this overwhelming embodiment of planetary suffering. The pain was like beads on strands of energy that seemed endless but eventually the cleansing was completed. Completely empty, I was bathed in the divine healing light for the remainder of the night and following day.

    While I have had the privilege of traveling to exciting remote locations and meeting with extraordinary people, the path of the heart does not require such great external efforts. Thanks to these experiences and to the training bestowed by great beings on this planet and other realms, I can share with you new perspectives, new energies. Just by reading these words you are downloading the experiences and shifts into your being. They will take seed and sooner or later generate new insights within.

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  • When is it Time to Heal? Part Five 3.01.14

    When is it Time to Heal? Part Five March 1, 2014

    Soul Retrieval and Healing

    A recent client inspired this installment of When is it Time to Heal? 

    I always ask my clients what they want to focus on during a session. In this case, Brian could barely describe what he wanted out of the session.  He got out the words “lost, weak, and miserable, I can’t sleep and my knee is not healing right.”  He seemed dismayed as he described his life this way. He had a loving family and a successful career and usually felt fine. But he now felt uneasy and irritable.

    We sat quietly and I asked him a few more questions. It turns out that over a year ago Brian was in a car accident that badly damaged his knee.  He required surgery on the damaged knee which, according to the doctor, had healed correctly but still didn’t feel right to Brian.  Something changed after the car accident and surgery and he was at a loss to explain it.  Everything should be OK but it wasn’t. He was struggling and seeking help.

    When clients have only a vague sense of what is troubling them I try to get them to be more specific, to form a clear sense of their feelings and experience.  Brian couldn’t get farther than “I’m just miserable”.   His energy field was cloudy and heavy, which explained the “miserable” part but not the source.  I explained to Brian that we should look into a condition that shaman’s call “soul loss”.

    When we experience soul loss we often feel as if “something is missing” and that “something” is a fragment of your soul or a piece of your identity that separated off during a traumatic or shocking experience. The fragment settles into dimensions beyond the physical and stays there until it is offered a safe way to return and reintegrate.  Its symptoms can include everything from depression, confusion, foggy brain, to chronic illness and even accidents. People describe experiencing a vague but troubling sense of emptiness along with an inability to feel happiness and/or move forward in their lives.  Soul loss is not always the cause of these symptoms, but it is important to include it as a possibility.

    Remember a time when you were startled out of a deep sleep and couldn’t “gather yourself” together for the rest of the day? This is similar to what it feels like to have a fragment of your identity separated off from your being.  You know you aren’t quite all there, that something is missing and preventing you from moving forward like you want to, but you can’t put your finger on it. Often when we go back to sleep and wake up again we feel better. During sleep our consciousness was able to gather the fragment back to current reality.

    Any type of profound mental, emotional, or physical trauma, including accidents, surgeries, illness or extreme violence can cause us to fragment. On a more subtle level shame and humiliation as well as disrespect for our Mother Earth, Father Sky and the living world of spirit are also causes for soul loss.

    “Any event that causes shock could cause soul loss. And what might cause soul loss in one person might not cause soul loss in another. It is important to understand that soul loss is a good thing that happens to us. It is how we survive pain.”  Sandra Ingerman.

    We cannot thrive when we experience soul loss. We’re constantly trying to compensate for the loss we feel, exhaustively striving to replace what is missing.  When soul loss occurs physical healing may be stalled or blocked entirely until the fragment is retrieved and fully reintegrated in the body through soul retrieval. Based on what I now knew about Brian and what I’ve experienced with other clients and soul loss, he was probably a good candidate for soul retrieval.

    Brian and I connected our energy to the energy of Mother Earth, greeted the nature spirits, the elements and the directions to ask for support and guidance and to establish a safe foundation for journeying into the unknown.  This ceremonial approach awakens our higher being and connects us to a greater source of compassion and wisdom. With the light of love surrounding us and our humble approach to the spirit world we journeyed to find Brian’s lost fragment.

    Alternate Dimensions

    We know more about alternate dimensions than we think we do. Dreaming is a journey into alternate dimensions and experts say that everyone dreams, whether we remember them or not.   Dreams take place in a dimension other than the physical.  When we dream we’re not aware of our physical body but we live and move in the dream world as if it is our everyday world. We are fully aware of the dream dimension and totally unaware of the physical. There is an entire universe of dimensions that we are not aware of but actually participate in without consciously “remembering”.

    The Surgeon as Shaman

    In Brian’s case he had two traumas that instigated his soul loss; the car accident and the knee surgery.  They formed a sequence of events that led him to healing a younger wound that was hidden beyond his reach.

    Since the last trauma was the surgery we started there. In my opinion surgery stands along with war, violence and rape as a very common source for soul loss in our present world. I believe it is one area we can make profound changes in very quickly that will result in a greatly reduced number of soul loss cases.  Based on the healings my clients have experienced when we perform post-surgical soul retrieval I would recommend that all surgical patients undergo soul retrieval as part of the treatment plan.

    Surgery is a wonderful healing tool. But it is not understood or practiced with an appreciation of the subtle sensitivities of the human soul and body. Because of this, further damage occurs when the medical personnel, who have the best intentions of the patient in mind, perform surgery without skillful attention to the subtle intelligence of the body and soul. This is not a knock on the medical profession; it is a request for an upgrade. Surgery should be a “ceremony” instead of a “procedure”.  The surgeon as shaman!

    During surgery the patient is put in an unconscious state so the medical team can perform surgery without having to worry about the patient being in pain. This allows the surgical team to treat the patient as an object that needs to be “fixed”.  But even when the patient does not consciously feel the pain, the body knows that it has been submitted to a painful procedure outside of its control. It knows it has been objectified and on a soul level experiences a deep sense of humiliation and betrayal.  Patients have reported that while out of body during a surgery they can hear and see everything the medical team is doing.  This shows that although our body is numb and in an artificial sleep state we are still very conscious. Depending on how the surgery is handled further soul loss can happen.

    As the anesthetic takes the body temperature down the body and soul are no longer able to stay connected. The soul will wander around out of body. On numerous occasions clients undergoing surgery will travel in their energy body and ask me to help anchor them back to their physical bodies.  Sometimes the soul does not fully return and fragments can be lost in the out of body dimensions.

    If the surgery is treated as a spiritual ceremony instead of a procedure the body and soul are treated with honor and respect. The surgeon and medical team can speak to the unconscious patient while they are under the anesthetic and explain they are doing the procedure in the patient’s best interest, that they honor and respect the patient’s body and soul. They can seek  deeper permission to perform the procedure in a humble and prayerful attitude.  Recognition and permission go a long way towards healing in the subtle realms. The soul has less of a need to splinter and remain out of body when the entire procedure is treated this way.

    Brian’s Surgery and Soul Loss

    It turns out that Brian’s car accident and subsequent surgery were extremely traumatic and he did experience soul loss. We didn’t actually know this until we journeyed together in search of greater understanding of his present condition.

    After grounding and invoking the sacred dimension, we performed a chakra cleansing to align and clear the field of heavy and dark energies. Once his field was cleared we were able to connect consciously with Brian’s higher being who gave us very specific information.

    His higher being became our guide and we journeyed through inner space together.  We landed in a dark forested glen.  We searched the area and eventually discovered a fragment of Brian’s personality sitting crouched behind a tree.  Sometimes fragments look like the person and sometimes they are symbolic, like a withered tree or a toy doll. This fragment appeared as a very young Brian, about 7 years old. He was naked and cold, curled up against a great tree trunk.  He was so immersed in his misery that he didn’t even notice our presence. Brian’s higher being approached young Brian and sent out a gentle beam of light so as not to shock him again.  Brian’s fragment responded slowly, sensing the unknown but loving presence.  A silent dialog between Brian’s higher being and his fragment had begun.

    As it turned out this fragment had left Brian when he was very young. The car accident and surgery only highlighted the soul loss that had already occurred.  Brian was absolutely furious about the car accident. He was so angry he didn’t know what to do with his feelings other than live them out in a raw punishing state separated off from the rest of his being.

    When I reported what was transpiring between Brian’s fragment and his higher being it made perfect sense to Brian.  He came from a very stoic family who did not “do” emotions.  He was taught to avoid emotions so they would not cause ripples or interference. Brian had learned at a very young age that emotions would not be tolerated.

    When Brian experienced the painful loss of his beloved grandmother at an early age he was not allowed to grieve or express any emotion.  The shock of the car accident jolted him out of this hypnotic state and opened a flood of overwhelming emotions. He couldn’t cope. He was so overwhelmed he couldn’t even put words to the feelings.  Children often have trouble expressing huge emotions unless they are taught skillful ways to identify, feel and process them. Many childhood memories or grief and pain are often “non-verbal” and as a result “split off” and stored “off-site”, in a dimension far away from waking consciousness.

    Brian and I had a heart to heart discussion on the importance of emotional intelligence. He found it interesting that we used the words emotions and intelligence together.  With a little coaching he understood how he had been taught to ignore and suppress his feelings to the point where he was totally disconnected from his heart and soul.  He wanted to know more about the relationship between his emotions and his body. His fragment was showing him in very dramatic terms that his healing was dependent upon recovering and reclaiming his feelings.

    At this point Brian’s higher being took the young Brian by the hand, surrounded him in love and asked him if would like to return to the adult Brian.  Brian’s young fragment agreed and we journeyed back to current time, with young Brian reintegrating with adult Brian.

    Brian felt different after the soul retrieval session.  He feels more alive and comfortable in his body, more whole.  He is on a path to learning about and accepting his feelings and his knee is feeling a lot better.

    When is it Time to Heal?

    Soul Retrieval is an attempt to heal soul loss and when the client is ready to heal at a very deep soul level they can seek out a trusted practitioner who is skilled in soul retrieval.

    During soul retrieval, as in Brian’s case,  we enter the expanded dimensions through the heart to insure we have engaged very refined wisdom, power and compassion. The delicate facets of consciousness reveal themselves to the eyes of the heart. Like when a microscope reveals an entire world of unseen organisms or a telescope opens us to cosmic visions beyond our normal ability to see, our heart is the lens through which these other dimensions are known. Brian’s higher being was known to us through our hearts.

    The twists and turns, the folds, wrinkles and angles of multi-dimensional worlds reveal their secret passageways to the heart.  In these dark corners or crystalline worlds of light we find the fragments hiding or just wondering aimlessly through the endless maze of uncharted worlds.   In the safe loving arms of the heart we turn the process over to the higher being and guides who are connected to the client. This helps the client feel more secure and safe. Who better to guide us to the hidden fragments than the oversoul of our being who knows all.? Our everyday mind does not have the scope to perform these functions but our higher being does.

    When we suffer from long chronic illness, depression and anxiety, PTSD, confusion and low energy it is worthwhile considering soul loss as a source of the symptoms and soul retrieval as a path to healing.  If these symptoms have defied the healing wisdom of western medicine it is possible that we need to look deeper, to the more subtle realms of energy and spirit for healing.

    When is it time to heal?  When our fragmented identity is returned to a state of wholeness we are ready to heal and enthusiastically move forward with our lives.

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  • When is it Time to Heal? Part Four 2.17.14

    When is it Time to Heal? Part Four February 17, 2014

    It’s time to heal when you have received a teaching or insight from the illness.

    Illness is a form of purification. The body is trying to restore harmony and order to the mind, body and spirit relationship. In the midst of this process, if we have been forced to let go of our consuming focus on daily responsibilities, we are free to tune into and learn from the healing process. Spirit never wants anyone to suffer but when suffering happens there is power and wisdom revealed in the healing journey.

    If you end up in the same consciousness you were in before the illness you haven’t received the full gift of the illness.

    For example, there is no such thing as a “simple cold”. There is always a message in congestion and inflammation. In Light Journey Training we spent an entire month exploring the subtle teachings of the “simple cold”. We discovered ancient wounds that were still weeping deep in our cells, anger that immobilized our joints, and fears that suppressed our immune system. I’m not suggesting that you go crazy analyzing every ache or pain for yourself or someone else, but there is something to be gained by the quiet contemplation of the message in the illness. Once we are in touch with the feeling behind the symptom and the body knows it doesn’t have to alert us to untended wounds and emotions it may be free to heal.

    Being present to the illness is about opening a dialog with your body to find out what it is trying to communicate. It may be saying something as simple as “I need and aspirin.” or it may be leading you to new insights and awareness that involve more of a journey.

    Your healing guides are always willing to provide the information that opens the next healing step if you ask. Maybe something about your self-care needs to be adjusted in terms of diet, exercise, and physical structural alignment? A dream may reveal an old wound in need of healing or a fear that is draining precious vital energy reserves. Have you lost connection with your creativity and passion because you were too busy? Maybe the illness is indicating soul retrieval or spiritual healing are required? Or possibly the body is calling you back from the dissociated state that occurs when we are “in our head” for too long? If you try to “enter into” or connect with an ill or injured part of your body you might be surprised that it was “missing you” and what it needed was your quiet presence. The body is the temple of your soul. Its purpose is to provide a sacred meeting place for Mother Earth and your Soul to connect for mutual enlightenment.

    Our life purpose is very much about “embodiment” and experiencing the joy of creation. When we are confused and forget why we are here our body can become confused and “out of sorts” too. The body is in tune with the same cosmic harmony that keeps the planets orbiting and the sun rising every day. We are that cosmic consciousness in an embodied state. Sometimes illness is the path to remembering this. When this is true we want every cell to remember this teaching so that the universal perennial wisdom lives on in an embodied state. This is our agreement with Mother Earth… that the wisdom we carry from the stars is joined through us with the wisdom of the earth to be crystallized and recorded for the benefit of all that exists on all planes and dimensions.

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  • When is it Time to Heal? Part Three 2.10.14

    When is it Time to Heal? Part Three February 10, 2014

    Dreaming Your Healing

    Dreams have a lot to tell us about healing.  In ancient Mesopotamia, Egypt, Greece and Rome, dreams were a primary source for intuitive information. In the sleep state we have less resistance to receiving information from the deeper recesses of the soul.

    The interpretation of dreams is a spiritual art with a specific skill set.  Everyone can learn to dream purposefully and interpret them as long as they are patient and open to receiving information that may not match expectations and attachments.  Learning to dream is much like learning the SpiritHeal Light Journey energetic healing modality.   It includes steps that help you define the question, open to the unknown, tune into the silence beyond the chatter of the mind, and pay attention to the all-pervading heart centered guidance that is always present

    More often than we realize we dream of our steps to health. Many people dream but may not understand the symbolic dream language and therefore miss the message. The healing information comes in symbols and metaphors which might not seem obvious. Unless we’ve studied our subconscious deeply to understand our unique symbolic language we’ll need to develop dream interpretation and incubation skills.

    Sometimes we see a vision of the complete healing in a dream and we are healed by the time we wake up. Sometimes the actual healing shows up later than we had hoped–it may occur a month or two or even a year later. When a dream reveals complete healing offer gratitude for the gift because spirit has been generous and gracious to you.  Then allow the dream to live on in your heart, letting it be a connection to the teachings of spirit that is yet to unfold.

    Dream incubation, holding the dream gently and letting it float around in the subconscious until we have an AHA! moment is a wonderful intuitive skill to develop. It begins with writing the full dream or a dream fragment down and then inviting it to reveal itself to you.  This can happen as you are waking up or throughout the day or week.

    When we learn to hold a dream gently and openly we are taken on a healing journey that can be illuminating and exciting.  Holding the dream without jumping to a conclusion about its meaning allows the interpretation to reveal itself in right timing and with greater impact. Fragments of information will show up as if magnetized to you.  Even more synchronicities will occur until the full interpretation suddenly reveals itself.  You will recognize when the insight has arrived when you experience a sense of deep clarity. Suddenly life is seen and known from a different perspective and there is a peaceful acceptance about the information that allows you to move forward with your healing.

    When you are suffering through an illness or a challenging situation and wonder “when is this going to end?”  look to your answer in your dreams.  Your soul knows the answer and will guide you on a healing journey leading to new states of awareness, a new relationship with yourself and others, and a deeper understanding of the role of spirit in healing.



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  • When is it Time to Heal? Part Two 2.04.14

    When is it Time to Heal? Part Two February 4, 2014

    Spirit School Calling

    A session with a client this afternoon reminded me of another mysterious factor that we often forget on the journey to healing. In my lifetime I’ve noticed that when I experience illness or weakness in my body, I can more readily listen to spirit and the guidance offered.

    Since childhood I’ve noticed that when I’m ill I get to fly off into dimensions that I wouldn’t be aware of when I’m strong and healthy. When my body is weakened with illness my channels to spirit seem more clear and open. When I was younger I would almost welcome illness knowing that I would enjoy being in deeper communion with spirit. In high school I had a serious case of mono that totally transformed me and initiated the spiritual path I’ve been on ever since. At one point on my path I equated spiritual transformation with illness; it seemed to be part of my path.

    Often when people undergo extreme traumas or surgeries it is another opportunity for spirit to get in touch. How many books are available that describe extreme cases of illness, near death experiences, and traumas and the spiritual awakenings that accompany them?

    One client had lifesaving surgery thirty years ago. She spent 3 months in bed recovering and each evening her spiritual teacher arrived on schedule to take her to “spirit school”. When her teachings were completed she recovered. Fast forward another twenty years and this same client had another serious surgery. This time her teacher visited every evening for three weeks and when spirit school was over she recovered.

    Please don’t misunderstand; it is not our spirit or our teacher’s wish that we become ill or suffer, that is not their intention. Combinations of mysterious factors conspire to awaken us in life and we often have little control when this happens. The spiritual voice within often requires a spacious attentiveness and deep silence to be heard. Perhaps our current culture doesn’t afford enough time and space to nurture spiritual awakening?

    We are not to blame for our illnesses and traumatic events. One way or another we were scheduled for the “wake up” call. We can’t spend our energies avoiding the difficult challenges in life, but we can open to the deeper meaning of the situations we find ourselves in. Our lives have so many “unknowns”, more than we care to admit. Hopefully we can remember to tune into spirit and find the light in the darkness more often than not. And most of all remember that we live in an all-pervading spiritual heart that guides us with love at all times.

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  • When Is It Time to Heal? Part One 1.30.14

    When Is It Time to Heal? Part One January 30, 2014

    Healing and Right Timing

    Sometimes we experience full spontaneous healing and sometimes we don’t.  There are so many factors that determine the outcome of healing and I’d like you to consider this one particular aspect of healing.

    I’ve noticed within myself that sometimes I’m just not ready to heal.  That my inner being has not said “YES” to the healing for various reasons.  Sometimes the source of the issue, which may be personal, planetary, or even more subtle, may not be “ripe” for healing.  We may not be ready to let go of something that we aren’t even aware of.  Recently I”ve experienced this in two different instances.

    Just after the winter solstice I came down with the flu.  I actually heard a voice within me  go  “YES!”.  That voice was the part of me that needed a reason to shut the world out and go within for a few days. I went to the Minute Clinic to get an official diagnosis so that I could say unequivcably to myself and others….”I have the flu….which was code for “don’t come near me I need to shut down”. After three days of the flu I heard the same voice say, “OK I can get better now”.  And within a few hours I was better.

    Another example has been a dental issue. At the beginning of the month I went in for a dental cleaning and came out with an emergency root canal.  The root canal became infected and for the past few weeks I’ve been on anti-biotics which the infection seemed to be resisting.  Then I remembered, the light bulb went on. 40 years ago this month I had a near death experience (NDE).  I had two wisdom teeth pulled prior to the NDE. The extraction led to a septic infection which then led to a surgery where I died on the operating table. I had a profound near death experience that changed the course of my life.  So here I am 40 years later experiencing an “anniversary” of the near death experience.  Even though I didn’t remember to commemorate the date, my body did. Now that I’ve remembered this the infection is resolving and taking me through a deep expansion in the process.

    So much more of our consciousness than we even realize is involved in our healing.  The timing doesn’t always make sense to us or our healing support team but it does make sense to some level of our consciousness.  This is why we want to approach healing as a “holistic” experience. One that takes into account all levels of our being.  Over the past 20 years of practicing as a Medical Intuitive I am continually surprised at what the quieter voice within us has to say about our healing.  When that voice “yes to healing”, it’s time to heal!

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  • Saying “Yes” to the Sacred 1.19.14

    Saying “Yes” to the Sacred January 19, 2014

    2014 promises more exciting transformation….more than we can even imagine! Straining to see what is coming up is a futile effort at this point because the changes are so swift and deep. Managing to stay present to each day seems to be the challenge. The unseen sphere of consciousness that we live, move and exist within has dramatically expanded. The capacity to know yourself and others in much deeper and intimate ways swells up from within and take by surprise at times. As we take a deep breath and retreat into our silent center we may allow a wisdom to arise that illuminates the unseen world. And if we are centered enough, and willing to look, our subtle senses will awaken us to a fantastic playground of happiness and love. The Perennial Wisdom that has been kept alive by the masters, saints and prophets for thousands of years is being offered to all who will participate in it’s unfolding To those who will nurture it in their heart or hearts, and tend it as a precious seedling it is entrusted into your care. If you feel the call to participate, find that voice within your heart that says “YES”, and “I ACCEPT” to being a caretaker of of the sacred.

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  • Solar Pole Shift…..As the Sun Turns, So Do We! 1.07.14

    Solar Pole Shift…..As the Sun Turns, So Do We! January 7, 2014

    All that happens in the heavens is reflected on the earth and the recent solar pole shift has impacted us dramatically. It activated the planetary shift into heart centered living. Yes, it is a reality that has the full go-ahead from the cosmos!

    The subtle and not so subtle emanations from the sun are intimately linked to our health and what we are able to think and feel. For example, from mid-December through New Years I was getting numerous calls and emails from people who were in emotional and physical crisis. Reports of heart attacks, deaths, feeling that there was no reason to live, depression, wanting to sleep forever, turned upside down, swirling brain syndrome, vertigo, confusion and lack of holiday spirit were arriving daily. People were saying their holiday was “flat”, that it didn’t seem like the usual holiday excitement. This is the time that the sun was approaching it’s final pole shift and actually experienced a zero magnetism point. The suns’ magnetic field spans the entire solar system. We exist within this field and can’t exist without it. Link to information on the Solar Pole Shift

    Scientists have measured the effects of magnetism on our health and mental activity. It is possible that we can lose our entire memory and not think like we are used to thinking when we are surrounded by a magnetic field other than the one we are used to. As we know from the astronauts, their bodies and minds are dramatically affected by zero gravity. The magnetics of the earth, moon and sun actually determine who we are, what we think and the formation of our bodies. We are intricately linked with these cosmic forces more than we ever realized. The solar pole shift gave us a taste of what this might be like. It also let us know without doubt that we are members of a conscious cosmic community that is interwoven and interdependent.

    When the poles changed polarity it made it possible for more expanded and heart centered consciousness to enter the human heart and brain. This means the force is with us to free up more of the invisible programming that limits and binds our thoughts and emotions. It is now possible for planetary consciousness to support thoughts that are more loving and more conscious than before. I know it seems hard to believe that such grand vibrational factors determine our possible thoughts and feelings but unless you are a yogi or adept who can rise above the planetary programming you, we, are all subject to it’s influence.

    Most importantly, the feminine consciousness that is so needed to balance the masculine that has predominated for thousands of years will now be seen and recognized. We need to assume at this point that we don’t even know what feminine consciousness is because it’s only been known through the lens of the masculine. The surprise will be the new openings in thought and feeling that we can’t even imagine until they happen!

    This means we will have to make major adjustments in all aspects of our being. We’ve been waiting for this opening and our hearts are ready but our bodies and minds may not be. We’ve been in a defensive mode for so long that we’ll need to consciously release the defensive posture we’ve unconsciously assumed. Pay close attention and give good care to yourself over the next year. Much of what you experience will be a personal response to planetary changes in consciousness. It will take more of your time and attention to adjust to these changes. Learning to relax more efficiently, seeing the uselessness in anxiety and discover the silent center within, live from the heart for your own benefit and others will benefit as well!

    The Seasons of Love Attunements, Heart Centered Living Classes, The Ultimate Grounding Class and the retreats offered by The SpiritHeal Institute are to support us all in the active consciousness shift that we are experiencing. It’s so much nicer to be supported by a community than to do it alone. Check our the calendar or read below for more information!.


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  • Tired, Cranky, Sleepy…It’s the Solstice! 12.25.13

    Tired, Cranky, Sleepy…It’s the Solstice! December 25, 2013

    Powerful, relentless and profound, the Winter Solstice draws us within.  The entire magnetism of the cosmos exerts its influence on our consciousness, opening portals to our soul.  Whether we are conscious of it or not, our energy is drawn inward. Like a plant in winter, our consciousness withdraws from the surface and burrows deep within to go through the fire of transformation. If we resist, we can feel out of sorts, cranky, tired, accident prone or even come down with an illness in response to the power of this pull. Clients are telling me they are depressed, they want to give it all up, give in to the urge to sleep both day and night.

    Think of the solstice like a giant full moon.  Full moons are portals to the unconscious, to the vast black holes that source the manifested light.  If you are not a skillful navigator of full moon energies then solstice energies might be a challenge for you as well. When we are guided to go within but don’t follow that guidance our energy splits.  Our deeper awareness is going in one direction and our surface awareness is going in another. This causes a fracture in our psyche that we experience as sleepy, tired, foggy, cranky and out of sorts. We can feel lost, confused, listless and depressed.

    I’ve learned that when I feel tired and sleepy during the day that my spirit is calling to me.  It is a call from the depths of my being to “listen up”.  Also, if I get sick or feel out of sorts, that’s a call too. It’s as if my energy won’t source what I’m doing and signals me to pay attention.. Sometimes it’s a pleasant way as in synchronicities, numbers, names, song lyrics, books, symbols and dreams. Other times it’s through more unpleasant signals like the ones we are discussing. Sleepiness has become a common signal for me.  If I go to sleep and my resistance is lowered my soul can get through to me in dreams. I’ve learned to traverse from sleepiness to lucid awareness.  Instead of going to sleep I slip through portals into more expanded states.  It’s fun to find out what your specific soul signals are and then figure out how to respond to them.

    When we approach an equinox or solstice we should expect change and transformation rather than resist it. Often we end up in conflict. It might be time to pause and reflect but your job or family won’t let you.  It might be time to change jobs or relationships and your fear of the unknown won’t let you. It might be time to immerse yourself in your heart but your fear of being vulnerable won’t let you.  It could also be a pull towards a sacred site but your scarcity fears stop you in your tracks.  Very often we experience conflict rather than support during these times because we are unaware of the cosmic forces that are exerting a transforming effect. We’re not familiar with the idea that we are part of a greater universe that might support our growth and evolution because we haven’t been taught to recognize these cycles.

    We’re not really clear about what transformation looks like on the earth. Often it’s awkward and uncomfortable because due to lack of education we haven’t learned to accept and account for it in our lives. We don’t understand that every moment we are riding a huge cosmic wave of change. Nor are we aware of the counter energy, the yin to the yang, of the eternal still point of peace within.  At this time in our evolution it would be very helpful to invest a lot of time learning about this beautiful gift of spirit that exists deep within our hearts.  It’s our place of retreat and renewal, where we can find understanding and compassion for ourselves and others.  It’s a wellspring of helpful insight that broadens our understanding of life.  Everyone has access to this retreat within, everyone!

    We are already immersed in the solstice energies. The three days before and after the actual solstice are very potent times. The veils are thinned and our ability to traverse expanded states is enhanced.  This is the cosmic gift of the seasons. In its great intelligence the cosmos knows that the most essential sustenance of the human spirit is being able to rest in the love, harmony and beauty of a peaceful heart.

    Think of the solstice like a giant full moon.  Full moons are portals to the unconscious, to the vast black holes that source the manifested light.  If you are not a skillful navigator of full moon energies then solstice energies might be a challenge for you as well. When we are guided to go within but don’t follow that guidance our energy splits.  Our deeper awareness is going in one direction and our surface awareness is going in another. This causes a fracture in our psyche that we experience as sleepy, tired, foggy, cranky and out of sorts. We can feel lost, confused, listless and depressed.

    I’ve learned that when I feel tired and sleepy during the day that my spirit is calling to me.  It is a call from the depths of my being to “listen up”.  Also, if I get sick or feel out of sorts, that’s a call too. It’s as if my energy won’t source what I’m doing and signals me to pay attention.. Sometimes it’s a pleasant way as in synchronicities, numbers, names, song lyrics, books, symbols and dreams. Other times it’s through more unpleasant signals like the ones we are discussing. Sleepiness has become a common signal for me.  If I go to sleep and my resistance is lowered my soul can get through to me in dreams. I’ve learned to traverse from sleepiness to lucid awareness.  Instead of going to sleep I slip through portals into more expanded states.  It’s fun to find out what your specific soul signals are and then figure out how to respond to them.

    When we approach an equinox or solstice we should expect change and transformation rather than resist it. Often we end up in conflict. It might be time to pause and reflect but your job or family won’t let you.  It might be time to change jobs or relationships and your fear of the unknown won’t let you. It might be time to immerse yourself in your heart but your fear of being vulnerable won’t let you.  It could also be a pull towards a sacred site but your scarcity fears stop you in your tracks.  Very often we experience conflict rather than support during these times because we are unaware of the cosmic forces that are exerting a transforming effect. We’re not familiar with the idea that we are part of a greater universe that might support our growth and evolution because we haven’t been taught to recognize these cycles.

    We’re not really clear about what transformation looks like on the earth. Often it’s awkward and uncomfortable because due to lack of education we haven’t learned to accept and account for it in our lives. We don’t understand that every moment we are riding a huge cosmic wave of change. Nor are we aware of the counter energy, the yin to the yang, of the eternal still point of peace within.  At this time in our evolution it would be very helpful to invest a lot of time learning about this beautiful gift of spirit that exists deep within our hearts.  It’s our place of retreat and renewal, where we can find understanding and compassion for ourselves and others.  It’s a wellspring of helpful insight that broadens our understanding of life.  Everyone has access to this retreat within, everyone!

    We are already immersed in the solstice energies. The three days before and after the actual solstice are very potent times. The veils are thinned and our ability to traverse expanded states is enhanced.  This is the cosmic gift of the seasons. In its great intelligence the cosmos knows that the most essential sustenance of the human spirit is being able to rest in the love, harmony and beauty of a peaceful heart.

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  • Freedom to be Your True Self 12.15.13

    Freedom to be Your True Self December 15, 2013

    Are you afraid to discuss your intuitive hits, dreams and spiritual experiences for fear of being mocked, excluded or verbally attacked? You may be in so much fear that you don’t even expect respect for your own unique intuitive sensitivities.
    I spent most of my life trying to look “normal” while I was having incredible intuitive and transcendent experiences. I self-isolated and drew within trying to straddle two worlds. I even dismissed my own inner guidance because I had internalized the cultural norms. I was embedded in self-betrayal until I boldly claimed and valued my multi-dimensional intuitive nature.

    Our psyches have adjusted to this fear by actually hiding our multi-dimensional experiences from ourselves. If we don’t experience it then we don’t have to hide it. And furthermore, we can project our fear outward and bully not only our own self, but others for being “crazy”. In this post I’m more concerned with how we’ve internalized this bullying and how it prevents us from realizing our true being. It also prevents us from fulfilling the yearning in our hearts for self-healing, co-creative community and unity consciousness.

    Now that planetary consciousness is moving towards more illumination we can begin to recognize and address how we’ve hidden our greatest treasure from our own self. We spend a lot of energy trying to keep our multi-dimensional experiences from seeing the light of day while at the same time taking classes to increase our intuitive abilities and calm our minds. And we don’t even recognize that while one part of us is trying to expand our consciousness another part is too scared to do it. This is a bind I see in students all of the time. We have been so bamboozled, (hypnotized) to believe we won’t be accepted as “normal” that our unconscious need for safety and security buries our multi-dimensional experiences deep in our subconscious so that we don’t have to be in obvious conflict with our culture. It takes an act of courage and faith to claim our colorful, fascinating, multidimensional inner world as part of our current reality. Little by little we can test the waters but eventually we have to stake our claim to be who we truly are. Just as anyone who has been bullied has to stand up to the bully to reclaim his/her self-respect, we each need to stand up to our internalized bully!

    As the solstice nears, the cosmic forces draw us closer to the inner, more transcendent dimensions. If we can’t acknowledge the wisdom of nature that calls us into a contemplative time so that we can harmonize our active and receptive energies, we run the risk of being out of harmony with our self and the cosmos. Equinoxes and Solstices are naturally powerful and pivotal portals to the true being. They are built-in opportunities to pause and realign, to regain poise and dignity which translates to health and well-being. The power of alignment with the finer cosmic forces sources us from deep within and brings our Higher Being and Human Being in alignment. When our Higher Being and our Human Being are in harmony they generate and reveal our True Being. Once this union is experienced we will protect it fiercely, protecting the precious jewel that it is. You have no choice but to defend its right to exist and be exalted. The opinion of others falls to the wayside as we fall to our knees in awe. The bully within is felled by the light of Truth. Ultimately the bully transforms into the protector; the Knight who shrinks before no one.

    The theme of the upcoming solstice is FREEDOM. Freeing our self from the inner bully encourages us to show up and speak up in surprisingly brave and powerful ways. We become the living breathing savior that we’ve been waiting and hoping for. We become the light of the world.

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  • Loving Mother Earth 10.30.13

    Loving Mother Earth October 30, 2013

    I’ve known Daniel Erbach for several years and for the past year he has been taking his spiritual studies very seriously.  Each time we get together he relates an insight or a teaching that he received during his meditations or his experience in life.  This one was so profound that I had him write it up to share.  I wish we would all remember Mother Earth with the same love and respect he discovered within his heart.  Daniel is committed to planetary healing.  At 20 years old he is an example of the many Indigo/Rainbow/Crystal kids that are coming of age and who will soon be taking on the care of our planet.  It is important to support these young men and woman who live with a sensitive energetic awareness of the multi-dimensional reality that is the truth of our being.  They are a barometer of planetary consciousness and feel the heavy energies of the world.  I hope that when you read this you are inspired as I was when he related it to me.

                 Lying on my bed yesterday evening, reading a digital copy of Paramahansa Yogananda’s “Autobiography of a Yogi” on my iPhone, I had one of the most important realizations of my entire life. Reading the book, I kept noticing a theme that felt foreign to me… it was the profound gratitude, respect, humility and devotion that Paramahansa, among many others in the book, had for Divine Mother Earth, as well as Heavenly Father Sun.  All of a sudden I became aware that, although my ego would like to say otherwise, these characteristics were indeed missing from my spiritual practice. I realized that instead of acknowledging Divine Mother Earth for how beautiful, and merciful, and generous she really is, I’ve been treating her like some tool I can use to get “high” whenever I want. Instead of being in a reciprocal, respectful relationship with her, I’ve been coldly treating her like just some “thing”, just some “good feeling”, that I’m entitled to. And as soon as I realized this, her love came pounding into my being, like the waves of the ocean pounding the beach, with a depth and an intensity I have rarely felt before. She was intelligently, consciously confirming, “Yes Daniel”.

                Shortly afterwards, my family & I decided to have a little fire and roast some marshmallows. As I was gathering the wood, I was having difficulty staying grounded. So I stopped what I was doing, with my hand on a piece of wood, and I asked. I asked, “Mother Earth, may I burn this wood?”, & I felt a very small response. Upon receiving confirmation, I started to pick up the wood, but then I stopped myself again. And then I thanked her, with all of the gratitude I could muster. And once again, she came joyfully flooding into my being.

                 I think it’s high time that we as human beings break this spell of ungratefulness; this tendency to “use” everything without giving anything in return. The truth is, we are not entitled to anything. Divine Mother Earth loves us more deeply than we can possibly imagine, but we must be careful not to take advantage of that love. We must keep in mind that this is a living, conscious being that we are interacting with; one who hears every thought and sees every action; and not just some energy that we can use to feel good. Respect, gratitude, humility, and devotion. This is all she asks. And in my personal opinion, that’s not very much to ask for infinite bliss.

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  • Relationship Ecology: Heart of Divorce 10.27.13

    Relationship Ecology: Heart of Divorce October 27, 2013

    Grief is not our duty. Sadness is not our penance. Loneliness is not a soul choice. The human heart thrives on love, joy and connection. Where are the lovers united in love and spirit? Why are there so many divorces and incomplete relationships? Where is the transparency and trust to work through the challenges that will help us deepen our compassion, patience, and love? Why is it so hard to find your beloved; the one you came here to meet; to fulfill your destined unity of heart and soul?

    We have come to believe that living without love is some kind of punishment that we deserve. This is not true nor is it what our soul has intended for us. Love is the only purpose and fulfillment of our life and it is to love that we turn to guide us on our journey.

    I look around and my heart breaks for those who are looking for their beloved and see no one nearby or even on the horizon. It’s as if something is in the air that interferes with this meeting, so we can’t even see our beloved if he or she is standing right in front of us.

    This is why I created the Heart of Divorce workshop and the Spiritual Divorce Ceremony. It is not to trigger past judgment of your relationships nor about religious sanctioned divorces. It’s about aligning with your higher being and the guidance of the ascended masters. Can you trust your higher being and those who are the beings of light to guide you towards your true love? Heavy energies have drained the living energies from our hearts. The life force, the surging thrust to become the radiant lover of life, the power that draws two hearts together as One has been diminished and is calling for revival. Step into the light of higher guidance to energize your relationships!

    The heavy energies need cleaning and clearing. The power of love that lives within our hearts can break the hypnotic spell that believes pain and suffering is our birthright and is inevitable.

    One huge step we can take in this direction is to clean up our own heavy energies that contribute to the cloudiness and confusion that surrounds “relationships”. Past relationships that ended abruptly, without respect for the process of two hearts separating, leave a dark cloud over all relationships in our culture. Soul loss, fragments of “self” are still embedded in past relationships. Energetic wounds, trails of severed cords flail in the wind, creating turbulence all around. Through lack of enlightened teaching on relationships we have inadvertently created not only personal, but overarching cultural heavy energies that make finding and maintaining loving relationships challenging. Our environment is not a healthy one for relationships.

    Just as we are more aware of the ecological crisis and the need to clean up our environmental act, we are being called to awareness of the “lover’s crisis”. Our hearts are crying out for love, in all of its glorious expressions. It’s time to turn our attention to tending the heart of the lover. This begins with establishing our deeper connection to heaven and earth. We become the child of love as the two great lovers, Mother Earth and Father Sky, meet in their great dance of love in our hearts. Once we are initiated as the Children of Love we cast a radiance that clears the loneliness and grief. Once connected we can retrieve our fragments, reclaim our power and reignite the flame of love to dispel the darkness. This prepares the ground for true love to come into our lives. It allows us to move forward in relationships without casting the projections of past relationships onto the present.

    The focus of the Spiritual Divorce practice is to clean up the mess we’ve left behind in all of our broken relationships–to pick up the pieces of broken heart trashing the lover’s environment and to claim the dignity that comes from knowing that true love has been tended to with care and respect. It is not just for those who have been officially divorced; it is for all who have left a trail of unfinished relationship energies in their wake. Engaging in the Spiritual Divorce process raises the relationship frequency for all relationships, not just our own.

    Knowing how to participate in higher frequency relationships creates the possibility for conscious community. But this takes us beyond the scope of this workshop and into the next stage of our evolution. If you have a yearning to have love in your future, then take the time to clear the webs that bind you to the past. Help raise the frequency of relationships to a thriving, radiant state by participating in purification rituals that reclaim your ability to be in right loving relationship.



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  • Equinox Attunement 9.16.13

    Equinox Attunement September 16, 2013

    During the September 2013 Equinox Attunement we will continue our theme of integrating higher consciousness into our daily lives. Our higher being is communicating continuously. Just as the internet makes tons of information available to us when we connect to it, we have to connect to our higher being to receive the beautiful golden stream of intelligent wisdom and compassion flowing into us. The spiritual path is the process of clearing the clouds that block and distort this abundant nectar. That’s really what the practices are for; they are not an end in themselves.

    It’s pretty scary opening up to this wisdom if we still have attachments…and we all do. It takes a coordinated effort of ascended beings, our higher self, the consciousness of the planet and cosmos, and our personality to bring about the transformation that we came to earth to experience. Please don’t think this is just up to you, alone. More and more we will realize we are all in this together. Just as the Bodhisattva take vows to to reincarnate over and over until the last person is enlightened, we aren’t going anywhere until the entire planet and all beings on it ascend too.

    One of the illusions of modern individualism is that we each need to “pull ourselves up by our bootstraps”. This concept is actually a distorted notion. It arises out of the impulse to know our distinct individuality within the context of wholeness. This is the message of the integration of Eastern and Western spiritual traditions; to know and integrate both our invidual and our unity nature. Somehow the part about the “unity” nature was dropped and we were left in a void of immense challenge and hardship. Believing we alone are responsible for transforming our consciousness using only our personal will is an absurdity. This is actually an impossible feat. We can’t ascend without our connection to our higher being which exists in unity consciousness. While we are working diligently on earth to ascend we are being met from the heavenly domains, being enveloped in light so that we access wisdom and inspiration. We are definitely not alone.

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  • Your Community is Gathering 8.23.13

    Your Community is Gathering August 23, 2013

    We are gathering. Light beings, physical beings, star beings and ascended masters are gathering on the inner planes to concentrate our energies. We are ushering in higher frequencies daily now and as light beings in human bodies our purpose is to focus these energies by channeling as purely as possible. The goal is to bring together cosmic energies with earth energies to birth a new consciousness on the planet. Participating in this is Gaia’s consciousness, the ascended masters, and energies in the vast cosmos that are being directed towards the planet in support of an enlightened expansion. This includes both the energies that exist beyond the veils of our awareness, and all that exists within the physical sphere.

    Our higher beings have prepared us for this time and we, our higher beings, are ready to be known. It’s as if we’ve been living behind a mask and our true self is now ready to become visible. We will be the first to witness or experience the true self and then we can recognize the true self in another and them in us.

    So many additional spheres of being will become visible in the coming years. We’ve been aware of the densest sphere but there are so many other spheres we are already experiencing that we’re not aware of. Imagine these spheres like bubbles within bubbles. If we exist in an inner bubble we may not know that there is another bubble surrounding us because we don’t have the expansiveness to encompass it. Our higher being has been preparing the way. During our dreams, meditations, and illnesses the channels that carry the frequencies of the higher being have been opened and cleared so that we can begin to commune and embody higher consciousness. Just as a mother has the proper channels to usher a new physical being onto the planet we all have the proper energetic channels to birth higher consciousness. The focusing of the energies is happening now and we are all a part of it. The chaos that is prevalent now is part of the change. As our energies no longer support outdated modes of being, the structures they previously supported are collapsing. All physical experience is supported by consciousness and when consciousness is focused in another direction the physical experience will change.

    The fluctuations in the magnetism of the planet are a reflection of the change in focus. When the magnetic force is weakened we can be aware of greater spheres of consciousness, when it is stronger our attention is focused on the more dense spheres. We are now experiencing a lot of “spaciness” which could be looked at as “spaciousness” if we knew how to navigate it with better skill. When you feel spacey pause a moment and notice what is going on within you and around you. Could you be experiencing higher consciousness and not know it?!

    The next time you sit quietly, ask your higher being to show you where your consciousness is truly focused and then invite it to align you with your true being. Allow this to happen without expectation or control and see what happens. It’s possible you are gathering with your family of light beings in more expansive spheres and would feel so much more at home if you could be aware of this. Our subtle nature is very real and our lives are so profoundly enhanced with meaning, understanding and wisdom when we give validity to all that exists in these subtle realms.

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  • Equinox Energies 6.01.13

    Equinox Energies June 1, 2013

    Today is the celebration of the Equinox, our spring awakening! The power that surges through the cosmic portals supports the Northern Hemisphere with a wave of rebirth and renewal. As I meditated this morning I was reminded of an experience I had in Bolivia in 2005.

    We were in a beautiful grand medieval church in the tiny town of Copa Cabana, on the shores of Lake Titicaca. We were to visit the Island of the Sun and Island of the Moon the next day but we landed right in the middle of the celebration of the Virgin of Copa Cabana when we arrived. The sleepy town swelled to thousands during the honoring of their glorious Goddess and we were squeezed shoulder to shoulder into the cathedral for a standing room only mass. Villagers with their children and grandchildren filled the cathedral. The long black and gray braids of the women flowed over their shawls, babies slept in their arms as they stood along side men humbly waiting, with expectant hearts for the gift of divine grace.

    I was first overwhelmed with a sublime awe, the divinity was palpable. Then suddenly I was totally overcome to the point of almost fainting by a wave of suffering that was long standing and weighted with a heaviness I had never experienced. When the mass was over I was whooshed through the line for the priest to bless each parishioner and then out into the plaza where families gathered to feast. It was right there that the Virgin appeared in full majestic flowing robes to bestow grace on the planet. She began pulling a dark thick twisted glutinous rope of suffering that rooted in the planet, moved through my body, and exited through my heart into her heart. This went on for over an hour. My friends saw that I was overcome and couldn’t even walk. They eventually guided me, holding my elbows so gently and lovingly, through the winding cobblestone streets back to our hotel. I had no awareness of being in a body, I was immersed in the heart of the Goddess. With sacred hearts we continued clearing planetary suffering for a while longer. Then she kissed me and left with a promise that we would continue this work together.

    Since then she has continued to fulfill her promise to help relieve the suffering of the planet. And when I awoke this morning she was there once again, drawing out the suffering from the earth, through my heart, into hers.

    As we celebrate the Equinox, Passover, Easter and the other numerous spring holidays I hope we can remember to ask for help, particularly from the Goddess. She has so many names and appears to each of us, not to just one or two. The human heart is the sacred heart, the inner sanctum where heaven and earth meet….where the secrets to eliminate suffering are held in a treasure chest within. The beautiful light filled Goddess reminded me to open my heart and join my passion with hers so that together we can continue to heal the world.

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  • Unusual Energies 3.07.13

    Unusual Energies March 7, 2013

    Unusual Energies Lately…to Say the Least!

    Sometimes I get a grouping of emails from clients and friends that fall into a theme. Lately there have been two themes:  very heavy dark energies and relationship issues.

    Those who are experiencing heavy dark energies seem to feel under attack and fearing for their lives.  As I go into this topic I have disclaimer.  You will not come under attack by reading this article. Now you can proceed.  There is a cone of light from the Ascended Masters surrounding and aligning the frequencies of these writings so that they support the predominance of light on the planet.

    I’ve been focusing on the need for firmly establishing our identity, our energy and the roots of our being with Mother Earth, Gaia, the living being of our planet and Father Sky, the living light, eternal wisdom and universal oneness for over 20 years now.  This was in preparation for the times we are experiencing right now. Everything we have known or identified as “self” is turned upside down (almost a metaphorical pole shift). With our central light axis firmly connected to the lovely unity of being we have a guiding compass back to sanity and calm.  Each one of us, hopefully with a small community of support, has the strength to recenter our world by turning within and reconnecting with Mother Earth and Father Sky.  Imagine the pole of light swirling up and down your axis, forming a center of peace and clarity that radiates and centers all in it’s influence. This is our purpose now and one of the reasons we incarnated at this time.  For those of you who accept that this is your purpose time needs to be set aside to tend to your ceremonial duties, also known as grounding with Mother Earth and Father Sky.  

    It’s time to walk with soft soles and tender hearts on our planet. When the energies get heavy we need to take the time to purify our surroundings, allow our heart to engage it’s self cleansing mode and dig deep to resource our being once again.  There are many energetic devices, herbal and salt remedies, smudges, and meditations for cleansing. These will work when you learn to use them as true gifts from spirit. Sometimes we approach these protection remedies as if they were magic pills that don’t require an investment of reciprocal energy exchange.  We “use” the remedy and then go on as we were before.  

    We are being invited to stand in the heart of truth right now, just as the hint of spring and the approaching vernal equinox sings new life into the planet. 

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  • Say “YES” to Mercury Retrograde 3.04.13

    Say “YES” to Mercury Retrograde March 4, 2013

    We can be truly grateful for Mercury Retrograde (February 23 – March 17)  as we move along through 2013. At a time when “transparency”  and “release” are themes, Mercury Retrograde is our supportive friend.

    Most people associate Mercury Retrograde with breakdowns in communications and electronics. On a deeper level it is an opportunity to clear and release by revealing what was incomplete, confusing or out of soul alignment. During this time we can have a “do over”, set things right and move on.  We usually have three Mercury retrograde cycles a year, how intelligent of the universe to set up a “review” time every few months so we can slow down and contemplate the past few months of activity in all areas of our lives.

    If we take the time we may have some startling and enlightening revelations. Our dreams, intuitions, and meditations can guide us to grow in areas that prior to this time were veiled and inaccessible.  We may lose an important document and in trying to find it we find all those other missing items too.  Or if you were struggling with an issue for the past few months the solution may appear now.

    It seems perfect that a Mercury Retrograde cycle would precede the Spring Equinox. It’s almost a built in “spring cleaning” to align us with the burst of equinox energy that carries our plans and aspirations into manifestation.

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  • The Wisdom of Meteors and Asteroids 2.18.13

    The Wisdom of Meteors and Asteroids February 18, 2013

    We had impressive cosmic visitors this past week.  The asteroid came so close that it grazed our atmosphere and the meteor actually passed through the portal and landed on earth.  These visitors are a pure form of cosmic consciousness.  They have not been imprinted with our physical, mental and emotional history.  So much of what we come in contact with on earth is overlaid with human history that we generally don’t have a reference point for pure cosmic consciousness. 

    Cosmic consciousness is the living frequency of the stars, planets and space.  It is very expansive and vital pure consciousness.  Astronomers tell us that life originated in the twinkling particles of star dust.  It is the consciousness of star dust that also becomes our consciousness. That is why the mystics have always described our beings in terms of “light”.   So imagine that when a cosmic body such as an asteroid comes close to earth or when a meteor lands with a big plop in a lake, it is the material emanation of unlimited consciousness.

    When we come in contact with these emanations we have a reaction.  It’s like being in the presence of perfection.  Sometimes this is a good thing, it makes us swoon in ecstasy and leave our own limitations behind or it can remind us of just how imperfect we are.

    I heard a variety of reactions this past weekend.  Some people were “taken down”.  They experienced an energy drain that resulted in depression, fear, anxiety and illness. Others experienced exaltation that bordered on a new level of enlightenment. For sure these cosmic bodies reminded us that we are not alone on earth and that we are inextricably connected to a much grander matrix.  The galaxy and its inhabitants affect what happens to us very directly. This is where astronomy and astrology become married to the mystical. The vastness of space has a direct and specific impact on how we think, feel and live.

    With the specific visitation of the meteor and asteroid the possibility of a new awareness was seeded in our hearts.  Our rigid belief that we are only a physical body was dislodged by these visitors and a new awareness of the magnificence of our being was allowed to dawn.  We are now free to realize that our physical body is just the smallest body we inhabit.  We can now begin to understand ourselves as having multiple bodies, the largest of which is as vast as the known universe.  It’s like the beautiful nested Russian dolls. We believed that we were the smallest doll and didn’t even know that we were contained within dolls of larger size and scope.  Now the consciousness of the “larger doll” is more apt to be known by more and more of earth’s inhabitants. We will start to remember our greater being through dreams, visions, intuitions and synchronicities.  

    The message will be coming from all directions because it permeates our atmosphere, it’s what we are breathing now!  As an aside, when I try to write anything about hardship and lessons learned, the ascended masters won’t let me go there.  I end up backspacing over anything that has the old paradigm frequency of punishment, hardship and karma. I end up deleting anything about the near disaster that occurred, it didn’t happen and that’s the point.  Thanks to these cosmic visitors earth’s consciousness is taking a big leap.

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  • Working Too Hard 2.12.13

    Working Too Hard February 12, 2013

    If You Find Yourself Working Too Hard…

    Life in 2013 is starting out on an interesting note! New perspectives and creative solutions are emerging, almost erupting, everywhere we look. At the same time we are bored to tears with repeating the same old patterns that have chronically plagued us forever. Welcome to the “transition times”!  We know something is very different, we feel it in the air but it’s a little ephemeral and  at times barely discernible.  Or it’s staring us right in the face; breaking through in dream time or being surprised by the words that come out of our mouths!  Community is important now. Our newly emerging beings need to be reflected back to us in the clear hearts of others. We naturally want to feel the support on a group level because we know we are of “one heart and mind”. 

    I’ve noticed that people are reporting pretty bumpy rides right now.  Lots of turmoil in relationships and questioning of their life path and purpose.  This is as it should be, there is so much reconciling and re-balancing that is happening to clear the path forward.  One helpful hint to remember is this….

    If anything takes too much work pause for a moment or even longer!  If you are working too hard to make a relationship or a job work, or working too hard to find your inner peace pause and allow your heart wisdom to work silently behind the scenes. Invite your heart wisdom to engage in your life and then stop long enough to notice it working!

    We are so used to extremes; pushing and forcing or inaction.  It’s nice to learn how to pause, become present and listen.  No one knows what the next day will bring but our intuitive wisdom knows how to work things out if we let it.  Patience is of the utmost importance right now. Step back and let time and the wave of life create magic for you! 

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  • Whackiness 1.31.13

    Whackiness January 31, 2013

    Everyday now is an unknown.  We don’t know what miracles will happen nor can we anticipate what will come up from behind and give us a little whack!  It’s really useless to defend against the unknown but we can do something about the “whacks”.

    For me “whacks” are very literal.  When I think or feel something that is negative towards myself or others a flare of energy rises from the back of my second chakra. It spins around and gives me a “whack”. It feels like a jolt or hitting a wall. My head turns as if I’ve been hit or my body recoils in some way.  It’s really not very subtle.  I used to think these whacks were some form of psychic attack and they are, but they originate within me, not from an apparition or someone who is angry at me.  Of course there is such a thing as psychic attack but this is a little different and much easier to read once I figured out what was happening.

    As I observed this phenomena over a long period of time, it was amazing to me that my own thoughts and feelings were coming around to “whack me” so immediately.  There is no lag time between the thought/feeling and the “whacking”.  Talk about karma, who needs to wait for another life time when I “whack” myself right on the spot!  

    Sometimes these whacks come as scary thoughts instead of a physical sensation. I may be driving and a frightful feeling comes over me and my thoughts go towards very dramatic tragic outcomes.  I don’t want to mention them here but just think about how many ways we scare ourselves with our own inner drama queen or king.  

    The “whacks” hit whenever I’m not in clear flowing space.  If I’m angry, self critical or judgmental of myself or others it becomes very clear that I am being  “whacky”! 

    It took a leap of faith to claim my “whackiness”.  Now I know most of my psychic attacks are coming from me not from some unknowable source.  Now I know to step out of  “whack” mode and move into a warm loving space.   Who knew I had such a clear feedback system with such great wisdom within my own being? Our physiology is highly responsive to our thoughts and feelings, why not our energy field?

    The whacks are decreasing now that I’m aware of my own inner wisdom. It’s really not a matter of processing; the “whack” is the process.  Using that signal to shift into clear light space is all that is required. Once I am in the clear space I can move on with the flow of life. 

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  • The Passing of a Beloved 1.22.13

    The Passing of a Beloved January 22, 2013

    Chet and Vivian….Sharing the Sublime

    Vivian’s husband Chet passed on from a long bout with cancer.  My heart aches for her but I also watch in awe as she experiences the fullness of her grief with little resistance.  When I am in her presence I am reminded of the dignity and delicacy of the human heart. Vivan knows all of the steps of the grief process from her counseling background. But now she knows them intimately.  It is written in her bones, as a shaman might say.  When we know something first hand,  know it so deeply that every cell of our being is imbued with the “knowing”, then it is “written in our bones”.

    Soon after Chet passed we had a very poignant session.

    Vivian and I were sitting together, connecting to our inner light when I noticed Chet was present in the room.  Just a little above and off to the left of the side of her head he appeared as he looked in life.  Fully clothed in a sport shirt and khakis, he appeared casual and well groomed.  From experience I now know that when I see a spirit in their “street clothing” it indicates that they are still in the early stages of transition, in dimensions close to the earth plane.  Quietly, so as not to interrupt Vivian’s restful reprieve from grief, I told her that Chet was with us. She was a little shocked and immediately felt very vulnerable but she remained centered and curious.  She felt wisps of energy over the left side of her head, but since I had cued her into that location she wasn’t sure if she was imagining it.

    Chet was insistent with me.  He wanted to assure Vivian that he was OK.  He described his surroundings.

    “It’s a place of great beauty and serenity.  I would compare it to a golf course back home. Rolling green hills, blue sky, sunshine, it’s very nice    and I’m actually very busy learning about another kind of life.  I mean it’s different from life on earth but it’s still life.  I still feel sort of like a person, but not the person I was.  I still love science.  I’m able to have experiences that seem incredible.  Vivian knows that I’m totally intrigued by the sun and now I am able to talk to it. Not in word but as if it is another being.  I love getting very close to it and watching the fire and light and then at some point we merge and I know it as part of me.  Now I know that I only understood solar flares from a very limited point of view.  I can’t explain it exactly in your language but now I’ve experienced them from the inside.  They are more like waves that carry information out into the cosmos also to the earth.  The earth and the sun seem to be in conversation.  I’m learning a whole new way of being here, it’s kind of fun and interesting being in new territory!”

    Hearing his message through me helped Vivian relax.  She did a lot of caring for his basic needs when he was alive so she felt relieved when she heard he was happy.   She also confirmed that as a physicist his lifelong passion was researching the effects of solar fields on the earth’s atmosphere.
    After sharing this news he leaned over and gave her the sweetest kiss, it felt like a valentine!  Then he expanded his valentine to a huge downpour of golden light and love that filled every inch of Vivian’s  being.  We were both immersed in this incredible blessing of love from the other side.  She was breathless with excitement and bliss.
    During his life Chet was never one to dote too much. You could tell that he loved his family deeply but he had a stillness to him that was rarely disturbed by waves of emotion.  He was never really interested in Vivian’s spiritual pursuits. He never hindered them, he just didn’t share in them or understand them.  So the next event brought us both to our knees in gratitude.

    When Vivian first sat down for the session she was questioning why she had spent so much time seeking spiritual  experiences.  Now they all seemed so unimportant. Who needs to journey within when your loved ones are around?  Isn’t enjoying life with them what’s most important? In the absence of her beloved of course her feelings were natural. I offered to Vivian that spending time in spiritual practice had helped her develop a capacity and an inner core strength that was supporting her through the grieving process now and that would continue serving her in the future.  I wanted to confirm that her spiritual practice was not in vain or frivolous and help her see how it was supporting her now.

    Chet told me he had a gift for Vivian.  He held out a beautiful single golden white flame in the palm of his hand.  The scene was very “Zen” like, dark, simple and just a single flame.

     “I was not very interested in Vivian’s spiritual quest when I was in an earth body.  But now I see that we were searching for the same thing.  We both wanted to feel in AWE of greatness. Hers was of the divine and mine was of the cosmos.  The greatest gift I can give her is to let her know that I now share the same deep appreciation of the sublime divine beauty that she does.  I want to place this simple golden flame in her heart, it is the only thing I can do to help fulfill her deepest desire and to heal her heart. “

    Gently he placed the flame in her heart and lightly blew on it so that it glowed more brightly, just for a moment.  Vivian’s heart almost burst at that very moment.  Huge tears exploded from her eyes.  She felt a combined ecstasy and agony in a moment of transcendence that she will never forget.  I burst into tears as well. I had never witnessed such an exalted gift of love, ever.

    Vivian and Chet basked together in the splendor, beyond time and space.  At some point we both felt the energy subsiding.  Chet explained, through me, that he had to leave. He was not saying good bye for good and let her know that he would visit again.  He stepped behind the dark veil that separates his dimension from ours and  we knew he had left. The room felt empty.  It took us a few moments to get our bearings.

    Vivian took several deep breaths and knew not to disrupt the rapture of her heart with the ramblings of her mind.  She gathered her belongings, we hugged and I walked her to the door.

    I feel so blessed to be witness to so many miracles of spirit!


    One comment

    1. Darlene cocherell

      Oh Sarah this message about Vivian and Chet brought tears to my eyes….I so believe our loved ones who have passed are only a thought away. I kept a small journal after Don died about all the contacts he made with me…mostly with electrical stuff–lights-music -dreams. I know he’s well (joyous in fact) I sure do miss him–waves of love and light and Sufi hugs. Darlene


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  • Spiritual Divorce Ceremony 1.13.13

    Spiritual Divorce Ceremony January 13, 2013

    Julia scheduled a session to perform a spiritual divorce ceremony that would finalize on all levels the end of her marriage to Tony.  

    The two of us sat together in silence, journeying deep within to prepare for this very special ceremony.  Julia and Tony had signed their legal divorce papers just two days ago.  Her soul contract with Tony was now completed and they were both ready to move forward, lovingly dissolving their marriage union on all dimensions of being.

    Soon the spiritual light of our higher beings enveloped us and the ceremony began.

    When beloveds are joined as one by a marriage ceremony their hearts are truly united. On an energy level I see the hearts of the two individuals literally form the shape of a “heart” made out of overlapping spheres light. It’s not a static heart like we might draw on a piece of paper; it’s very dynamic, and dimensional.  Each being flows into the other in a continuous infinite stream forming a powerful magnetic field that blesses all within its range. This is how truly profound a marriage vow is; it is an important element of the fabric of human community. True sacred marriage is one of the ways to share love and provide a portal for love to flow from the divine to the human and back again.

    The spiritual divorce is a very precise ceremony and one that cannot be done in “personal consciousness”.  We call upon the greater beings, our higher beings and ascended masters to perform the dissolving of the union because we are dealing with the most sensitive and precious core of our being. From this center of love our existence arises and the soul of our being resides.  It is the womb of the soul. Like the complex physical womb with its lush blood supply, the subtle womb of the heart is made up of a geometric matrix of subtle energy channels that delicately interweave divine love into the earth plane to form a home for the soul. How delicate we must be when approaching this experience. ( It also raises the issue that in most cases divorce is not treated as respectfully as a marriage ceremony  and it can have a devastating impact on one’s heart when handled roughly.)

    Julia sat before me in her sovereign majesty, prepared for what was about to happen.  We were drawn deeply into the light of our souls and we each offered our honor and gratitude to Mother Earth, Father Sky and the directions that hold all of existence in loving arms.  We opened to the deepest love beyond human love which was offered as a shower of light from above.

    I asked Julia to silently request the dissolution of her marriage,  to express her gratitude and respect for Tony and for all that she had learned and experienced, the pleasant and the unpleasant, during their union. In this case Tony and Julia had fulfilled their earthly contract. Their eternal relationship was not impacted by the earthly divorce; they were still working together on the higher planes. With deep sincerity she expressed all of this from the depths of her being and this called forth a powerful force into our space.

    We were transported into the Holy of Holies, where the ascended master’s priesthood resides.  A group of five master priests surrounded Julia forming a multi-faceted crystalline energy field around the entire group. The closest I can come to describing it from an earthly point of view might be to liken it to a multidimensional tuning fork. A ringing vibration emanated all around  impacting all dimensions throughout time and space.  The de-coupling was now in progress.

    The two hearts immediately began to separate.  It was like separating two panes of overlapping glass. You didn’t know there were two until they started parting. I saw the one sphere of light that was their union start to separate into two. Like the shadow of an eclipse that moves sideways off of the full moon, Tony’s heart orb moved to the left and Julia’s to the right.  When they separated completely there was a huge POP!  Julia’s body almost lifted off of the chair.  Simultaneously my house made a huge creaking sound and my dog barked, one single bark. As if on cue the wind chimes outside of my office window went into a glorious symphony of exuberant melodies!  You would have thought someone just got married instead of divorced!  Julia smiled and opened her eyes.  With all of the external validation confirming our internal experience we knew that the ceremony had been gracefully completed.

    Julia felt centered and whole. She was now ready to move forward in her life knowing she had walked through the divorce process in truth and integrity. There were no doubts or energetic cords to hold her back from pursuing her next steps in life. Julia and Tony were now free and ready to move on with their separate lives.

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  • The Time We Have Been Waiting For 1.06.13

    The Time We Have Been Waiting For January 6, 2013

    Comments on the Energies #4
    This is the time many of us have been waiting for. We are digging out of the dark ages moving towards the light.

    For me, I’m finally feeling supported by more refined energies entering the planetary sphere. This makes me feel more at home here, on earth. It’s like yearning for sunlight all winter and then the sunlight of spring finally arrives.  My body can breathe the deep fresh air in spring and release the heavy coat of winter darkness. I’m experiencing a similar energetic release on all levels of my being now that we’ve passed the pivotal point of transformation on 12/21/12.  Drawing in the nourishment of the refined energies of the photon belt rejuvenates and enlivens!  It’s true that we’ve learned how to dig deep to tap into the refined energies that are essential to mind/body wellness but it’s really nice having them so readily available!

    Unless you spend more down time in meditation and stillness, you might not experience this, but I hope you do.  I know many highly sensitive people are starting to feel the support they need to be comfortably in their earth bodies.

    I had a private session recently that highlighted the changes in a heartening way.I’ve been witness to many young people who struggled with the densities of the old paradigm.  My hope was that we could help keep them alive until the new energies arrived. Now I’m hearing about openings and new beginnings. They are starting to find their way out of the confusion and suffering, little by little, but with hope.

    A highly sensitive young eleven year old  and his mother came for a session last week.    The day before the son had become upset and went to his room to be alone. It’s not unusual that a highly sensitive person finds that being alone helps to quiet the nervous system from overwhelming circumstances and emotional upset.  His mother came in and laid her hand on his back to run some healing energies.   He pulled away quickly.  Her hand was hurting him.   She was dismayed at his sudden and unexpected response. The son was surprised too and also felt confused. Why would he experience pain from his mother’s touch, that didn’t make emotional sense at all?

    I asked his mother what she was feeling at the time she laid her hand on his back.  After pausing to reflect she expressed her feelings honestly.  She was feeling deep sadness for her son at the time.  While it was obvious to me it took a few minutes for this information to make sense to both mother and son!  Instead of “healing” energy flowing through her hands there was “painful sadness”.  The emotional pain in her heart was flowing directly into his sensitive body and it physically “hurt”.

    We paused for a moment to take this in.  Mother and son smiled simultaneously.  She realized that she had to be clear and deeply aligned with very refined healing energies or her son would experience pain rather than healing when she wanted to console him. He realized that his mother really meant no harm and felt he now had words to express his experience.   They had found a common language to express the subtle and unseen.  A truth was shared between the mother and son at a very deep level and that is a form of healing that is immeasurable.  How exciting that they can bring their subtle sensitivities to the foreground rather than stuff them in a dark corner as is often the case.

    I am seeing more and more of this type of shared experience.  The subtle world is becoming the common reality rather than remaining in shadow.  Our brains are rewired with a new consciousness.  We now have words for the intuitive experiences we previously struggled to express along with the courage and clarity to use them.

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  • Centered In Higher Self 12.30.12

    Centered In Higher Self December 30, 2012

    Centered in the Higher Self

    We’ve got so much going on right now it’s hard to be anything other than in the moment. But “in the moment” can basically mean two things.  One “in the moment” is being carried along a wave of anxiety, irritation and disconnection. The other “in the moment” is about being centered.  Centered in the light of your own higher self.

    We each know the subtle realms from a unique vantage point.  I’ve always seen the higher being radiating a beam of light from above that forms a spinning axis of light through and around my physical being.  For simplicity sake we’ll go with this vision. When we align, through a knowing with any of our subtle senses, with our central axis we are aligned with our higher being. The Moon, Sun, Central Sun and the Heart of the Universe fall into alignment with this central axis and we are in a deep state of harmony with all that exists.  We don’t have to wait another 25,000 plus years for this alignment to occur planetarily if we can learn to do this on a daily basis. This has been the mystic’s path for centuries!

    What is different is just how activated our subtle senses are now. The subtle world is on the verge of becoming as real as the material world.  As we learn from our higher being it will be easier and easier to live in right relationship with our energy bodies that are not as material as the physical.

    We exist multi-dimensionally and the only way to know this is through the golden jewel of our heart.  The mysteries of our nested realities are revealed through the inner sanctuary of our heart shrine.  Aligning with our higher being, the Moon, Sun, Central Sun and the Heart of the Universe opens the portal to the wondrous revelations hidden within each one of us.

    Sages have always shown the way through the maze of our inner being.  The focus has been on the central channel that runs subtly in the vicinity of the spine. The chakras are centered along this central channel.  Now we are finding that the central channel reaches beyond the body deep into the earth and far into the cosmos.  You could say that our most ascended and expanded energy body encompasses the entire universe. Is this any different than the perennial wisdom teachings?

    Standing in the spotlight of our higher being, aligning with the frequencies from the heart of the universe, perfectly centered in the beam, unlocks the golden jewel of the heart.

    Whether aware of it or not the alignment we all experienced last week, 12/21/12, has unlocked this vast wisdom and we are all responding to it.  Our energy bodies have changed and new geometries are constructing our new reality.  I’m hearing all kinds of reactions to this experience. Wonderful insights and visions, awareness of new guides and exciting new energies, as well as a feeling of being in the right place at the right time. Fatigue is being reported frequently.  Wanting to sleep a lot, feeling heavy, disinterest in participating in holiday activities, and confusion are abundant. Relationships are going through adjustments and our bodies are going through huge adjustments as well.  I keep hearing of back issues and flues.  These are the body’s way of trying to adjust to the activation of the new energy geometries.

    Our brains also have to adjust to the heart intelligence becoming more predominant, causing dissonance between what we have believed and what we now know to be true. Time shifting is happening where we feel gaps in time or can’t relate to the 24 hour clock model.  Sleep interruptions are occurring so that we can receive the teachings on cosmic time rather than in material time. This is the shift and it is very real

    I’d like to close with a wonderful moment of enlightenment that occurred in a private session the other day.  After talking for a little while, catching up on how the client was experiencing the shift, we entered deep into our hearts.  All of a sudden this client had a huge revelation that came in very clear words.

    “Leading people to enlightenment is not a contest.”

    Important for all of us, this teaching reminds us that there is no competition on the spiritual path as the antics of the New Age Marketplace might lead us to believe. There is One Reality, One Heart and One Teaching. All of this resides in the golden jewel of the heart and it is not a contest of numbers, fame or riches.  We are on a path of “quality” not “quantity” and it is good to remember this every so often!

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  • We’ve Shifted 12.26.12

    We’ve Shifted December 26, 2012

    We’ve Shifted!

    We’ve Shifted! At a very deep and profound level the earth along with the entire cosmos has entered a new space and consciousness. The depth of the shift makes it almost hidden from the everyday view of the mind. As the new frequencies begin to radiate out in waves from the heart of the universe we will begin to feel the effects of the waves. If you want to know and feel this from the source, you’ll have to enter the depths of your heart.

    We are so used to thinking from a short sighted perspective, in terms of our daily moment to moment life. This shift is happening on a cosmic level and only the heart has the ability to embrace the enormity of this event. This experience will seat us… center us…in the brilliant wisdom and compassion of our hearts. As this happens we will also discover that a corresponding light body has been activated that was once only known by the great sages that kept alive the universal wisdom throughout the darkest ages.

    The heart offers the broader perspective, the long term gain rather than the short term grab. If there is anything that will help us move in a healing direction for the planet it is a perspective that takes in the next seven, if not seventy, generations.

    As a result of the cosmic alignments our planetary body is moving through, the Ascended Masters are able to activate the heart light subtle body that will guide us into a broader perspective. The way my teacher Sufi Amin used to define “enlightenment” was by using the example of ever broadening perspectives. Do you see life from your little spot on the planet or from the sun, moon and stars, looking down on the planet from the perspective of eternity and light? The more tapped into the eternal we are the more we engage and appreciate the mystery and magic of our life on earth!

    During the healing ceremony we held yesterday we were able to experience the changes in our light body that have been set in motion. The chakra and meridian system will look as dense as our nervous and circulatory systems now that our heart light body is activated. We will discover an entirely new configuration of subtle energies that will support our new biology. The preview of our new biology is embodied in the super psychic and alternate brain children and adults that began with the Indigo children. Their sensitivities and needs will lead the way in showing us how to live in harmony with the planet. The field of medicine will have to open to the lead of these sensitivities or it will be faced with a failure to serve, a failure of its prime oath. As one beautiful young women said in our healing ceremony, “I want a hospital where I can go and say, ‘My Spirit is sick'” and they will understand what I mean.”

    A wise teaching came through the group at our Attunement on Friday as attendees were trying to figure out how to live from the heart, in the new energies, while the rest of the world is still in the old energies. It was amazing to watch the light of perennial wisdom become synthesized in everyday language through group discussion.

    Embrace life rather than get entangled in it.

    If we can live just a little bit more each day, embracing life from the heart rather than getting entangled in the mind, we’ll be able to find our way.

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  • High and Low Frequencies 1.01.70

    High and Low Frequencies

    High and Low Frequencies

    How are you feeling this week? I am hearing about all sorts of reactions to the high frequency energies flooding the planet right now and the low frequency behaviors of certain humans. We are certainly being blessed by very refined ascension energies from the center of the galaxy right now as we head into the Solstice on Friday. The Solstice traditionally is a three day experience; the day before, during and after and there is the actual moment of the Solstice which is another experience unto itself. As for the 12/21/12 energies, I can’t comment upon them until I actually go through it as this really falls into a category of the unknown for me. If we project too much into the 12/21/12 experience we might miss it altogether so I am keeping myself open and free of expectation and projection. I have to admit I feel an excitement deep within as my soul incarnated to experience this particular time on the planet and intuitively it feels like a profound moment.

    People have been reporting waking up a lot during the night, feeling elated, spacey, depressed, and/or anxious. Food cravings, loss of appetite, irritability and reactiveness are prevalent as are aches and pains, cold/flu/congestion symptoms, dizziness, ringing in the ears and a general fatigue/sleepiness. Multidimensional encounters with higher beings, guides, UFO’s, divine healing energies, dreams and visionary experiences are also occurring. When I woke up this morning I wasn’t sure I could get back into my body and function because during the night I was immersed in so many beautiful light energies. It took me about three hours to find my way back to my body, ground and orient to earth life again! As I think about it the energies from last night and continuing today they are some of the highest and brightest I’ve ever experienced. My father even made an appearance from beyond the veil to give me an encourageing message to relay to a dear cousin. So it appears that the veils are very thin and this could be causing stress, both positive and negative, in our lives.

    How do we maintain normalcy during a time like this? The answer is: we don’t. Don’t even try or you’ll exhaust yourself going agains the grain. This is a time of change and a time TO CHANGE. Allow yourself to evaluate your life in light of the higher wisdom that is available right now. Be courageous and allow in new thoughts, perspectives and multi-dimensional experiences. Dare yourself to look at your life other than from a financial perspective. In our culture finances are most often the bottom line and we have been captive to this thought. What choices would you make if love and energy were the bottom line, if your self loathing did not rule all of your decisions?! Try it out. Spend some down time with yourself, relax and clear your mind of clutter. See what appears….be creative and let yourself think beyond wherever you have thought before!

    Try out TRUTH, yes “truth”. What is your intuitive version of the truth versus the programmed version? See if you can experience your intuitive voice even if it’s telling you something totally different from your programmed mind…notice I didn’t say “logical” mind because the mind we consider logical just isn’t. We’ve come to believe we are logical and left brained when logical and left brain really are two different brain experiences. What we call logical is what we have been programmed to believe and believing isn’t logic!

    These are just a few brief thoughts to share. So many people have been emailing me with their experiences and questions. I’m hoping to have an interactive blog up very soon so that we can chat about the spiritual journey and help each other keep abreast of the changes that are happening every day.

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  • Young Healers Among Us 6.11.12

    Young Healers Among Us June 11, 2012

    The Young Healers Among Us

    I am a guide to a wonderful 10 year old who has known he was healer since arriving on the planet.  He is bright, handsome, very energetic and quite a handful for his teachers and parents. The first time we met he demonstrated his healing for me. His hands turned bright white with light as his heart chakra connected to his guides and grew the size of the room and beyond.  It was awesome for him to be acknowledged and be seen for who he is.  I’m sure that is a desire we all have as well. One of his issues is his outbursts of anger.  Intuitively I knew that he felt anger when something was out of order, when someone or a situation needed “healing” or harmony restored.  I explained to him that when he felt anger the very first thing he should think is “Hmmmm who or what needs healing here?.  Is the person I’m feeling anger for feeling out of sorts, experiencing loss of power or love, ill or emotionally disturbed? If so then he or she needs healing energy from me and not anger.” I also explained to him that he was not to discount his anger, that it was his first defense to protect himself and his energy. That after assessing the situation to make sure he was safe and if need be, stand up for himself, then the next step was to take time to examine his anger, the situation and to go into a state of healing.  Intuitively he had picked up toxicity and he needed to clear this for his own health and well being. He is working this through in his young but very old being. It may take him a while but he realizes that his anger will get in the way of fulfilling his life as a healer. There is another interesting piece of the puzzle for this young boy.  The frequency on the planet currently is not supportive of his personal frequency.  This really hit home when his parents reported how wonderful and happy he was during the few days before, during and after the full moon eclipse and the Venus transit across the Sun. There were very high frequency light vibrations flooding the planet with wonderful higher consciousness during those days. The portals that opened during the Venus transit allowed ascended souls to join us here briefly on the planet. It was light the air was filled with teachers and guides who were able to get a close look at what is happening here and help us, inspire us, from a close up and personal perspective. My young friend felt more at home, more comfortable in his body at that time and more supported in his True self. Imagine the vibrations he encounters on any average day.  10 year olds at school, his friends, adults, the media…how many of the people he is around are paying attention to their own frequency?  So many of the young children today carry deep wounds of loneliness and alienation, if you were tuned into sensing what “needs healing”, how distracted would you be from your school work if you felt that your teacher was having a “bad day” or that a friend was hurting from a parent’s neglect?  When he sits in my healing room he is at peace. When we run energy and perform healing together he is finally being nourished rather than having to attend to the healing needs of others. Children like him need higher frequency environments and so do we. Our limited vision of the lives we lead just astounds me. Please know that I am not making excuses for his behavior when it is out of line, it’s just that we aren’t paying enough attention to the vibrational environment that we live in. We don’t even understand how high frequency environments can help us as adults.  How little attention is paid to clearing and balancing of the energetic fields where we live, work and entertain ourselves? This is a symptom that is perpetuated by darkness upon darkness. Remember how you feel in a pristine natural environment?  By a pure stream or high up in a remote mountainous range don’t you feel invigorated, spacious and empowered? My hope is that we will start practicing energetic cleansing and awareness as a society so that our health and well being will be supported by the very roots of our culture. With so many children being diagnosed on the autism spectrum they will be the ones leading us to look to the energetic domains, a multi-dimensional approach to supporting our evolving consciousness.

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  • Sleep and Illness 6.07.12

    Sleep and Illness June 7, 2012

    Sleep and Illness

    I was reminded today about one viewpoint for healing illness.  My guides have explained to me  in the past that sometimes illness serves purposes that seem at odds with rational thinking. I guess I needed another reminder of that teaching today.

    Let’s think first about the purpose of sleep.  Conventional thinking says that sleep is meant to rest the body, which it does. The muscles relax, the mind quiets, emotions settle down most of the time and the body gets a break from the onslaught of the monkey mind and the soap opera dramas of our emotional life.  The subconscious is given space to surface, providing dreams and journeys that lead to further release, healing and expansion.  There are additional factors to consider as I was reminded of today.

    When we sleep we also journey to dimensions beyond the earth plane.  We meet with our teachers and guides, we commune with beings from other realms, and basically have a whole other life.  We just haven’t been trained to be aware of this dimension of our consciousness. We are taught to go to sleep, rest, and start another day of earth life so that is what we do.

    Tying this into the the topic of illness and healing…  Sometimes we are ill so that the grip we have on 3D reality can be loosened.  When are too ill to continue with our usual way of thinking and feeling, so ill that we basically drop out for a day, week or several months, then we have the opportunity for to journey to other realms like we do when we sleep but for longer periods of time. For myself I’ve had the flu, Lyme disease, broken bones, thyroid ills, and accidents that have “taken me out” in ways that allow for great expansion and learning.  The illness or issue will have a time line that’s usually out of my control and not usually to my liking either.  But when I pay attention, and I get better and better at this, I can experience the alternate dimensions that I am visiting.  Awareness and insight follow a deep relaxation and acceptance of the situation.  In fact, for the first several years of my spiritual journey this was the main way I was learning because my fear of the unknown was so great and provided such resistance to growth that the only way to get me out of the way was to get sick or have an accident.

    I am not saying that this is the only way to expand, nor is it a pre-requisite, but illness and the subsequent healing can lead to profound spiritual awakening, as many have already discovered.  Now that the dimensions are thinning and our journeys are taking us further into “unknowns” I am seeing a resurgence of illness and issues that “take people out”.  We are being asked to grow so far beyond our known and safe realities that illness, accidents, and impulsive reactions are on the upswing.  The idea that there is a time line for our growth that is beyond our external control and that might not mesh with our “daily schedule” is throwing many of us into a state of permanent tantrums.  Yes “permanent tantrumming” is a state where our physical and emotional bodies are screaming out for control and permanence when there is no likelihood for either one appearing too soon!

    As a result we might feel restless, extremely tired/fatigues, irritable or impulsive.  As we head into the solstice in a week or so all of these symptoms may increase as the energies refine and call forth our deeper wisdom and timing.  If you can allow some space and quiet time within during the next week it will help you to sort out what is truth from illusion and change from the changeless.  It’s time to grow into spiritual maturity and side with your intuitive knowing, break from the pact and stand on your own firm ground!

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  • Venus Transit 6.05.12

    Venus Transit June 5, 2012

    It’s been a wavy few days. Tonight is the Venus transit and I’m not sure if the ground is solid or not.  Leading up to the transit I kept looking around me to see if things were still solid or whether they had liquefied into waves of energy.  If I had to use one word to describe how I feel and have felt it would be “vaporized”. You could spray me out of a Windex bottle and use me to clean your windows, that’s how “vaporized” I feel.

    Starting Sunday I felt very languid and sleepy.  When I get this way I know that other dimensions are calling.  So I relax and expand into the outer reaches of my aura and switch into intuitive knowing out of the analytical mind. Intuiting with my sensory feelers gets me tuned into the subtle planes and then I can follow through into deep immersion.

    Once immersed in a deeper meditation I discovered I was in good company. Members of the white brotherhood, star beings from Pleiades, Sirius and numerous Star systems, enlightened beings who once lived on the earth plane seemed to fill all the sir space around me. It seems that this Venus transit is much greater than I realized. The lunar eclipse of Sunday compounded with the Venus transit is probably the greatest cosmic event I’ve experienced to date. My awareness focused more on the subtle planes than usual. And in fact even though I’m very grounded normally, I was really enjoying the expansiveness and the company I was keeping. The boundaries between earth reality and expanded planes seemed nonexistent almost.

    The double awareness was interesting. On one level I lived my normal everyday life; dogs, clients, Ken, kids and friends, on another it was as if ancient dramas were playing out with gods and goddesses reminiscent of Greek plays.  Each being was an earth being as well as a god or goddess.  One drama played out on earth and another played out in heaven.  One drama was that of a gentleman who had just been committed to a facility to care for his dementia.  He was agitated and unhappy, creating disturbances for the staff and his family .  On the heavenly plane he was under the wing of arch-angel Michael.  He brandished a sword that cut the cords to all of his loved ones, setting them free as he himself was committed like a prisoner of his mind and the institution.

    Another drama was that of a woman who had suffered with migraines since puberty.  Simultaneous to the onset of the migraines she had deep spiritual awakenings. For another 20 years she suffered, literally exhausting every allopathic and holistic approach to migraine relief.  Sitting in my office we witnessed the higher planes of her drama.  She had the energetic signature of a spiritual initiate of high ranking but had no earthly awareness of any such thing.  We became aware of a Buddhist monk in energetic form living in close proximity to her body.  He took her on a journey to reclaim her complete enlightened wisdom and explained that he had died and reincarnated purposely in her western body and had been waiting for this Venus transit to become fully aware in this lifetime.  He explained that her migraines were caused by kundalini blockages and now that she was fully aware and integrated the blocks would begin releasing.

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