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2015 Heart Centered Living

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Heart Centered Living

Once you have given up your limited self willingly to the Unlimited, you will rejoice so much in that consciousness that you will not care to be small again.
Sufi Mystic Hazrat Inayat Khan

Heart Centered Living is the new paradigm for our lives.  With this class you will ride the wave of heart centered consciousness plumbing it’s depths and heights.  We have ignored the most compelling and powerful intelligence that a human being has within, the intelligence of the heart.  In this year’s Heart Centered Living classes we will learn all about our heart centered consciousness and learn to live in it as well.

The heart has been the mystic’s domain for thousands of years. It has been sought after for it’s jewels of knowledge and wisdom. Now, with the evolution of planetary consciousness, we are able to access the wisdom and ecstasy of the heart and live from it as well.  A new found inner happiness, peace and power is discovered when we live from the heart but it takes cultivation and practice to bring forth these qualities in our everyday life.  Heart centered living is natural to us and will unfold given the right conditions, just as a seed will grow and flower in soil that has been well prepared.

The two sections of Heart Centered Living 2015 will help prepare and cultivate your shift into heart centered living in your daily life.

Each class is recorded and made available for your download on the dedicated class page on the SpiritHeal Institute web site.  There is also a place for class communication during the week between classes to support and sustain the class learning curve.

You enter the class on an energetic level the minute you register because these classes are inspired and called forth by the great ascended masters that guide and protect us. Our higher beings lead us to the class and hopefully you respond to the call.  Our class becomes an energetic environment that draws forth from us our greatest self-knowledge.  More happens than you can ever imagine and plan.  The blessings reach cosmic proportions when we totally immerse our hearts in the unified field of source energies.

 Note:  Choosing “full participation”  provides:  1) access to the live class and the direct experience of the energy in real time; 2)  opportunities to ask questions and participate in live discussions; 3) full access to the class page with a review of the teachings, the audio recordings, and the class forum in the form of written comments.   Choosing the “audio participation” provides:  1)access to the recordings from each class; 2) full access to the class page with a review of the teachings and participation in the class forum in the form of written comments.

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    Teleclass:  Birthing Each Day From the Heart NOTE: THIS IS NOW A “TELECLASS”, WE WILL MEET VIA TELECONFERENCING.  YOU WILL BE SENT INSTRUCTIONS WHEN YOU SIGN UP FOR THE CLASS. WOW, this will be an amazing class in the practice … Read More »