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2017 Enlightened Empath Part Two

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Teleclass  The Enlightened Empath Part Two

The Enlightened Empath…Insight into the Evolving Human

We will continue our journey into the world of the Enlightened Empath in Part Two of this very transformative class.

The Enlightened Empath is the representative of the new human for the new age. We are star beings gathered to pave the way for humans to evolve in sync with and in harmony with Mother Earth’s evolution. We are the channels of the higher dimensions, who have an innate sense of Oneness, Love and high frequency wisdom that eludes the materialistic minded. Our presence establishes the space and place for enlightened sensitivities to become integrated into daily life.  

The sensitivities of the empath are a preview of the evolving human species. We are all evolving empathic sensitivities as we grow into the heart centered dimensions of the new paradigm.

If you are an empath think of yourself as ahead of your time and leading the way. You are sensitive in ways that others have not yet learned to be.

When we read descriptions of the intuitive abilities of yogis and shamans, we resonate with the stories because we know we have similar capacities, albeit, not yet mastered. All humans have the capacity to traverse multi-dimensional realms, see into the soul and understand the spiritual purpose of life utilizing the subtle senses to access this wisdom. The suffering empath can be transformed into the enlightened empath by understanding how their sensitivities lead to a deeper, heart centered experience of life and spirit.

Are you tired of being told you are “too sensitive”? Tired of fighting to clear the confusion from your heart and the pain from your body because the world is too overwhelming?

Learning to navigate the empath’s world is a journey towards enlightenment. Everything about learning to manage empathic feelings leads towards greater clarity and enlightenment. It’s as if the empath is already enlightened but a mysterious barrier of confusion and self-doubt prevents this realization.

I have walked this path. I am an empath from beginning to end. It doesn’t go away, it just gets better. Not only do I sense all that surrounds me but I sense all that is within. Every feeling, thought, and sense becomes a clue to who I am when I accept the fact that I feel ALL that is and will ever be.

Let me share an old journal entry with you.

One night in a fit of confusion and sadness I broke down. I was tired of fighting the world, fighting my sensitivities. Constantly clearing the clouds from my brain and pain from my body to fight through to clarity and sanity was a constant struggle. I never knew if the thoughts in my mind and the words that came out of my mouth were mine because I could just as easily voice the thoughts of those around me. Always in fear that I would drown in the ocean of feelings and thoughts of those around me, frightened that one day I wouldn’t have the strength to lift myself out of the empath’s fog and be forever banished to the astral underworld. I felt I would die, literally die, because I couldn’t take one more breath in the dense dark atmosphere created by heavy feelings and thoughts, my own and others.

I cried, I finally understood my fear. In the depths of my subconscious I feared death by overwhelm and confusion.

But break downs eventually become breakthroughs. Once I accepted the reality of my empath’s world a clear path opened before me. Instead of being a victim, I realized I had a special set of gifts. The sensitivities I once cursed became the key to the greatest mysteries of consciousness and a path to enlightenment.

Are you willing to find out who you really are? Are you willing to release the despondency, the self-defeating image of yourself as an overwhelmed person who is “too sensitive” to live in this world?

Join me for an journey into the world of the enligthened empath. Be ready to claim your space and place in the world and finally start living fully.

Recommended Reading: The Empath’s Survival Guide by Judith Orloff


3 Sessions: Mondays, August 21, 28 and September 12, 2017 8 – 9:15 PM EDT

Full Participation $125 (real time participation in the class teleconference along with access to the recordings and class web page)

Call in number and web page login information will be sent prior to the class.


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