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2017 Your Evolving Consciousness Part 2

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Your Evolving Consciousness Part 2

Sourcing Life from Your Heart

The Evolving Consciousness Series the updated version of Heart Centered Living. Each class will address the topic along with attuning to the deepest transmission of the moment. 

Sourcing Life from Your Heart is the second part of this series featuring heart consciousness.

As a sensitive spiritual person who wants to source life from the heart, your main teacher is Mother Earth. We continually look to the heavens for guidance on being loving and spiritual, but right beneath our feet is the first person we should turn to. We don’t realize it but we are living in her heart and she can teach us to live in ours.

I’ve spoken, taught, and written about grounding for over 30 years, but this class has new revelations on how to learn from Mother Earth so you can take her as your teacher and learn directly from her.  Mother Earth has evolved more than we realize and we need to discover how we have evolved as a result of being held within her heart.

We will go through the steps of how to maintain awareness of our larger sphere of consciousness, the one that is enhanced by Mother Earth in particular.  Now that you know from Part 1 how to stay safe and centered in your heart awareness, it is time to establish your life firmly rooted first in Mother Earth and from there the greater cosmos that is part of your spiritual lineage and parentage.

Mondays, 11/13,  11/20, 11/27, 12/4, 12/11, 12/18, 2017

Full Participation $250  (real time participation in the class teleconference along with access to the recordings and class web page)

Call in number and web page login information will be sent prior to the class.

Cancellation policy:   You may cancel up to three days before the workshop and receive a full refund minus a $25 registration fee.  If you cancel 3 days before the workshop you will receive a 50% refund.


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