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2017 Summer Solstice Ceremony

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2017 Summer Solstice

Freedom from Control Programs

The 2017 Summer Solstice brings about big changes in humanity’s consciousness. The global community is coalescing into one mind and throughout the collective consciousness a light is turned on.

Freedom from Control Programs

The deconstructing of who we thought we were based on the simplistic recorded history we were taught in school is finally happening and we are able to wake up and integrate as a new human being. The new human is multi-dimensional. With ancestry in the stars and roots in the earth we are discovering our universal self and releasing limited beliefs about our abilities and intelligence.

We have the support of light beings throughout the cosmos helping us release the mind control programs that have kept us in the dark. Our path now is to adjust to a new way of thinking and being. This  new freedom comes with some turmoil and anger as our minds and heart are freed up to blossom as our inner wisdom intended.  Who would come to such a beautiful planet to experience captivity? When we planned our arrival here we saw beauty, we saw grandeur and life as it is rarely known on any other dimension. We sought possibility, love and meaning in this beautiful earth and what we got instead was limitation, darkness and confusion.

Our solstice meditation will focus on freedom and discovering our true self. As we gather in our circle we will be joined by the masters, saints and prophets of light who are here to help guide us through this transition.

Date and Time   Tuesday, June 20, 2017   6 – 9 PM EDT

Location  Laurel School Butler Campus, 7420 Fairmount Rd., Novelty, Ohio 44072

Fee   Full Participation  $75  (real time participation in the class teleconference along with access to the recordings and class web page)

Audio  Participation $50  (access to the recordings and class web page)