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It is so remarkable how close a group feels when we meet over the telephone. When we meet in a sacred circle enveloped by the Heart of Oneness there is no distance, there is communion and and the shared light of being.

All classes include both planetary and personal healing and expansion. When you register for the class you are immediately entered into the sacred energies of teachers and ascended masters who guide the class. Please enter wisely and with respect for the teachings.  Also, please respect the registration deadline, it will support the integrity of the circle.

Teleclasses make the SpiritHeal teachings accessible to everyone no matter where they live. As our awareness of global unity increases we are finding our soul groups not just in our local communities but throughout the planet, including the planet, sun, moon and stars!

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Living the New True You:
Part 1:  Mother Earth and Father Sky
Part 2: Multi-Dimensional Relationships
Part 3: Beyond Limitations…Your Cosmic Purpose

Professional Mentoring for Energy Healers

General Q & A with Sarah Weiss

Please see below for class description.

  • 2015 Living the New True You 2 Multi-Dimensional Relationships

    Understanding Multi-Dimensional Relationships including Friends, Families, Guides and Ascended Masters (Teleclass) What do multi-dimensional relationships look like?  We are now at the point where including intuitive and energetic experiences in relationships becomes important for our develoment as multi-dimensional beings.  We … Read More »

  • 2015 Beyond Limitation: Your Cosmic Purpose

    Living The New True You 3 Beyond Limitations….Your Cosmic Purpose  (Teleclass) Our cosmic purpose arises from the heart of our being. Are you willing to let your purpose reveal itself to you if it will transform you in ways you … Read More »