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2015 Ultimate Grounding Workshop

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The Ultimate Grounding Workshop

Come ALIVE with a fresh sense of passion and excitement through the universal practice of grounding!

Sunday, May 31, 2015   9:30 – 4:30 PM

Follow up support teleclasses:  Mondays, June 1, 8 & 15, 2015,   7:30 – 8:30 PM

Experience the 11 Minute Grounding Meditation!

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Level:  Beginning and Intermediate

Grounding is a practice that starts with a simple connection to Mother Earth and leads to complete and total enlightenment. It is the first step in the journey to discover the True Self.  When students first experience grounding they feel improved health, well being, emotional balance, healthy boundaries,  and mental clarity. With continued practice the deeper realms of spiritual realization unfold and ultimately ” True Being” is revealed.

So many people take grounding as a suggestion, when it is really a fundamental spiritual practice. Grounding reconnects us to our body, to Mother Earth and to the cosmos in such a simple natural way. We are held in the safety of Mother Earth’s loving arms while we explore the depths and heights of our being. All that we learn in our spiritual journey is then linked back to our human consciousness and made manifest on earth.

Grounding is really a gift. It is rewarding in so many ways. I often feel like I’m wrapped in a warm safe blanket once I allow myself to relax. The grounding process centers me and allows my physical body to calm and my inner being to connect to Mother Earth. –KB

Grounding is a catchall word that has come to describe exercises practiced for millenia by indigenous peoples and mystics alike.   Actual grounding is the experience of connecting our subtle energy with the energy of Mother Earth in a reciprocal flow that brings alive our true being and reveals our true purpose. We are here to participate in the consciousness of Mother Earth and help seed the new consciousness awakening here and now.

You might say that many of the ills of our society are rooted in a lack of grounding. Being ungrounded is a form of mind/body/earth dissociation that disconnects us from our true source of power and intelligence.  Almost all aspects of our modern world are futile attempts to compensate for our lack of grounding.

Not so long ago, if you would have asked me to describe my sense of Self, the words confidence, love, connectedness, faith, and belief would not have been a part of my vocabulary. The only words I would have used at that time to describe my sense of Self would have been fear, hurt, confusion, doubt, and loneliness. The practice of grounding as taught by Sarah Weiss has brought me to a new level of peace and well-being I could never have imagined. –D.W.

When we are grounded we feel centered, connected, confident, clear, safe,  vital, compassionate and genuine.  We have healthy boundaries and can navigate the world with presence. When we not grounded we feel confused, competitive, invasive, greedy, fearful, ill, depressed and anxious.  When we are grounded we have a source of physical energy that supports a healthy integrated mind/body experience of life. When we are not grounded our experience is exhausting, fragmented and takes an enormous effort to maintain.

The practice of Grounding has taught me that I am a temple of God and an instrument of grace.  –K.P.

The difference between the grounded and ungrounded state is the connection to Mother Earth. How many people in our culture honestly feel a connection to Mother Earth 24 hours a day, 7 days a week?

Electricity is a great example of what grounding does for energy.  When electricity is not grounded in your home it is in an unstable form that makes it literally unusable. Energy, like electricity, needs to be grounded to the actual planet to be made into an available and usable form of energy.  When we ground we are making sure that the energy we have sources our health, desires, and goals in a positive way.

The ancients knew this.  Great Qi Gong masters, martial artists, indigenous healers, and spiritual adepts practice grounding to master their art. We practice grounding to find our selves again.  But we need a good source of energy to supply this quest.  Over-excited frenetic energy generated from the mental effort, caffeine and drugs won’t support and sustain the depth of this practice.  Eventually we get depleted because we are not connected to an infinite source of energy.  Our infinite source of energy comes from Mother Earth.  Do you ever think of the earth running out of gravity?  I don’t think so.  Our goal in grounding is to tap this infinite source, which is our birthright, and allow it to guide us in its infinite wisdom.  Does the earth ever tell a flower or a tree the wrong way to grow?

Grounding leads to centering and centering leads to expansion.  During the workshop we’ll take the grounding practice into these next two stages of consciousness.  We’ll learn that when we think of Mother Earth she’ll guide us to Father Sky.  When we are connected to both Mother Earth and Father Sky we’ll experience our true and rightful place on earth.  Our purpose becomes clear and we have a sense of what right relationship means in life.  How to have an intimate relationship, develop your talents, source your dreams, and leave fear behind starts with the practice of grounding.

Join us for an exciting day that will transform your life.  If you’ve been practicing grounding the workshop will deepen your practice. If you are new to grounding the workshop will get you started on a life-changing path.

Workshop Objectives:

–Experience yourself coming ALIVE with a fresh sense of passion and excitement for living

–Tuning into the world of subtle energy

–Discovering the living connection between the body and Mother Earth and Father Sky

–Learning how to cleanse and release heavy energy

–Reclaim your dignity and integrity through alignment with your Light Axis

–Experiencing the healing effect of grounding

Grounding for me, was an issue of survival. Because I hadn’t been grounded before, my energy field had no boundaries. I was subject to being thrown around by every storm that came my way, typically other people’s scattered and uncentered emotions, desires, expectations, and suffering. I had no barrier and my body was slowly shutting down under the weight of it all. From the first hour of grounding with Sarah, I finally felt a sense of safety, protection, and containment within myself. I also learned that doing this did not limit my compassion for other people, but  increased the amount of love and light that I can offer.  In the past year, I have recovered my health almost 100%, when at one point  not that long ago I thought I was sure not to continue to live. –C.E.

Date:  Sunday, May 31, 2015    9:30 AM to 4:30 PM

LocationCenterville Mills Dining Hall Cabin, 8558 Crackel Road, Chagrin Falls, Ohio 44023

Full Participation:  $200   This is an on-site workshop and full participation means that you will be attending in person.  It also includes downloadable audio recordings of the full workshop,  The Ultimate Grounding workbook in PDF form, and three follow up practice teleclasses.

Audio participation: $150  Audio participation means that you receive the downloadable audio recordings from the class and in this case the downloadable workbook as well.  It does not include the three practice sessions following the workshop.

Registration Deadline:  May 25, 2015

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