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2016 New Feminine Energy Rising 3

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New Feminine Energy Rising (Overview)

The Feminine Stream of Kundalini is Awakening Humanity

Not to be confused with “feminine dominance”, feminine emergence means that the feminine stream of kundalini energy is finally opened and ready to establish its own space and place in our lives.

Our body, heart and mind are readily awaiting a new perspective to help heal and bring new light to humanity. The feminine energy has a lot to contribute but how can we recognize it or even open to it if we don’t know what it looks and feels like? This energy has not been available to us for thousands of years and now it is streaming through Mother Earth up into our bodies waiting to be recognized and integrated into all aspects of our consciousness.

The feminine models of courage, compassion and power have been dormant in recent spiritual teachings. Mystical teachings that reduced the feminine to a receptive vessel reduce feminine power, courage and compassion to a small trickle. It takes the wisdom of the heart to understand the true feminine. The dissociated mental approach to life that is predominant in our world right now continues to dismiss the feminine. Fearing retaliation the dominant masculine forces will be surprised when they find a new model of power arising out of a wise and courageous feminine. The awakening feminine is devoted to all life and the flourishing of the earth and all of its inhabitants.

Both men and women have felt the absence of the feminine to balance the masculine. This is why the masculine energies are crumbling. Without the true feminine for balance, the masculine energies become dark,weakened and feeble.

Mother Earth has always been there to teach us about the true feminine power, courage and compassion but we never recognized her voice. We were manipulated into thinking of Her as an object. Now that we are recognizing the living heart centered energies within our own being we can recognize the source of these energies in the Mother we have forgotten. Mother Kundlini, Mother Earth and our bodies are One. Growing beyond polarities we are on the verge of discovering the unity that exists within our hearts. The feminine leads us to this awakening. The feminine leads us to unity. What mother does not feel at One with her child? This is a wisdom inherent in the very essence of the Mother.

The concepts of the archetypal feminine being passive, receptive and open, readily receiving without having active power and discernment is simply not true. The feminine is not just a chalice waiting to be filled, this concept has been used to keep women from owning their power for thousands of year. Feminine courage, compassion and power looks a lot different than we think; and it is certainly not passive. During this class we will unearth and reclaim what true feminine energy is and bring it alive once again.

New Feminine Energy Rising 3…..Connecting to Your Inner Elder

The message from Mother Earth and Father sky is very clear: It’s time to grow up and recognize who we are, where we are and how we are connected to and through a web of living energy that informs every aspect of our being.

Spiritual immaturity is no longer supported. It may be in great display these days but it is not the wave of the future. We are being called to access and connect to our inner elder and grow up.

As the great mystic and poet Rumi wrote:  Stop acting so small. You are the universe in ecstatic motion. 

Part Three of New Feminine Energy Rising will support your connection to your inner elder, to your heart wisdom, in a way that allows the true you to express your clarity and authenticity with dignity and awareness.  The new feminine energy rising is guiding us and supporting us to ride the wave of the future; to usher in the great wisdom that is only found when we sink into our hearts and recognize that what we are searching for is already there. This is the way of the feminine, to simply know, to realize the true nature of reality without straining, and to love the world into being.

The chaos around us is a symbol, it is a message to us of the transformation taking place throughout the entire planet and stemming from the heart of Mother Earth and Father Sky. We have not been challenged to exercise our mastery muscles because we have lived in a dream state, an illusory version of reality that is dissociative and disconnected from the true reality within.  Now we are presented with a mirror of what we have dreamed, not because we wanted to, but because we have been unaware. We forgot about the power that exists within us. Like Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz in the field of poppies we were lulled to sleep and now is the time to awaken.  We thought we would be saved by the Great Saviors, the illuminated Ones, but we are discovering that placing any power outside of our self is dis-empowering and an insult to the great being that we are. Just as the prophecies of all of the trusted indigenous and native teachings have predicted: We are meeting our true selves once again.

We will have one attunement each week during our three weeks together.  It will be the same attunement each week.  We will be invited to get to know our inner elder.

Registration Facts and Link for New Femine Energy Rising 3: Connecting to Your Inner Elder

Date and Time  Thursdays, August 18, 25, and September 1, 2016    8 – 9:15 PM

Fee  $150  for live participation in the class teachings, Q & A, discussion and access to the class page

$125 for audio file download and access to the class page only

Register by August 11, 2016    Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on REGISTER


Previous Class
New Feminine Energy Rising 2…The Shocking Power of the Feminine

The Feminine Stream of Kundalini is Awakening Humanity

The shocking power of the feminine….what a strange name for a course!  I called it this because I find that both women and men are confused and shocked when the new archetype shows itself and it doesn’t match the expectations we grew up with. We don’t have a reference point for our new ways of thinking and feeling so it confuses and shocks us when suddenly, without notice, a new type of  power, freedom and high frequency compassion channels through us!

In New Feminine Energy Rising…The Shocking Power of the Feminine we will attune to the fresh and bright energies that are freeing us up daily and support the clearing of the old paradigm energies that might be hanging on.

We will be working with these open ended questions during the class:

• How does reconnecting to Mother Earth’s heart change you?
• How do I manage my relationships while I am in transition?
• Where is fear of the new paradigm lurking in your physical, mental and emotional bodies and how to release it?
• What does feminine/masculine balance really feel like?
• How do I deal with the anger that arises once I experience true freedom?

We will have three attunements during our time together:

  1. Attunement: Clearing the channel from your higher being to your personality
  2. Attunement: Opening to your loving self.
  3. Attunement: Adjusting to feeling powerful and expressing high frequency compassion.

The audio files of the Part One and Part Two are available for purchase. Please email me at sarah@spirithealonline.com if you are called to listen and participate in the attunements.