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Frequently Asked Questions about Individual Sessions

1. How do I schedule a session?
Contact Sarah preferably via email and you will receive a personal reply offering the first available appointment.  You may call 440-564-1190 and leave a message as well.

2. How do I get the most out of a session?
Relax about the session.  Gather your thoughts and questions and write them down.  This will help you prioritize what you want to cover in a session. Once a session begins Sarah tunes into your higher being and your guides and focuses the session on the element that will be most transformational for you at this time.

3. How do I prepare for a session?
Sit in a chair that is very comfortable with your feet touching the ground.  Wear clothing that is comfy and that you can breathe in.  Be alone in the room and eliminate all distractions.

4. May I audio tape the session?
Yes, you may audio record the session if you are listening on speaker phone.  Wearing a headset microphone is easier most of the times but if it is important for you to record the session then use your speakerphone and your recording device.

5. Can I be outside for the session?
If you are sitting comfortably and enjoying nature that is a wonderful way to experience a session.

6. Should I have a follow up session?
I will tell you whether we need a second session.  Otherwise I tell people that one day you will hear yourself say…” I think I should contact Sarah”  and that’s when you should set up the next session. Sometimes it is two weeks between sessions and sometimes 10 years!

7.  Will I feel different after the session?
It depends upon how sensitive you are to energy. Some people have a complete transformation and healing during the session and need to rest afterwards. Others are not that sensitive to energy but see a change in their perspective, a healing in their body, or a deep clearing and relief from suffering.

8. How do I pay for the session?
Please pay via paypal on the web site or send a check prior to the session. The mailing address is 9953 Woodruff Lane, Newbury, Ohio 44065.

9. What number do I call?
At the appointment time call 440-564-1190.  If the line is busy for any reason call back in a minute or two.

10. What is the cancellation policy?
Cancellations made 24 hours or more in advance are not charged a cancellation fee.  Any cancellations within 24 hours of the appointment will be charged 100% of the session fee.

11. What do I wear?
Wear comfortable clothing that does not constrict your breathing.

12. Listen to the relaxation audio recording.
It will help you prepare for the session by guiding you through a relaxation meditation.