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Intuition Helps You Know What You Already Know

Intuition does not predict the future. Intuition helps you know what you already know, what is worthy and true.

Our lives are changing so fast now that we need a better way of navigating the chaos. Intuitive intelligence is a way of knowing that is more direct and instantaneous than logic. Our computers are more intuitive than we are at this point!

We know so much more than we realize. In studies done at Princeton and Stanford using random number generators, researchers proved that study participants knew what numbers were going to come up before they showed up on a screen. The researchers tracked this through sensors placed on the participants’ bodies that expressed subtle changes in the nervous system. The only problem is that the participants were not able to feel those cues in their nervous system so they didn’t know they could predict the random numbers beforehand. They didn’t know what they already knew!

This gives us a view into how our intuition is expressed. Intuition has been referred to as the “quiet voice within” or “a sixth sense”, but what if we don’t need a “sixth” sense but just need to fine tune our five senses?

Many people feel their intuition as a felt sense, through a sensation in their body. Unexplained experiences that have no obvious source such as chills running through body, a shiver, cold, heat, hair standing on end, an uncomfortable feeling, tension in the gut, nausea, or excitement are expressing what we already know, we just don’t know it yet. By focusing on the body with no distractions, we can become aware of sensations we were not aware of and begin to understand our very physical intuitive messages.

When you see a message on a license plate, sign or just the right book shows up, your intuition is showing you what you already know. When you read the sign on the side of the truck and know it is the answer to your question, you already knew the answer or you would not have recognized it. Your intuition is printing it out in big letters on the side of the truck. How much more obvious can it be?

How about the times you take a different route home and find out there was a big accident on your regular route? Or get sick and can’t go to an event only to discover much later it was a blessing that you missed it?

Dreams are the bearer of intuitive messages that are part of our physical reality. Dreams peak through our defenses and the noise of our busy minds to get messages to us that we are ignoring or avoiding.

My point is that intuition has been relegated to a mysterious realm that is not that mysterious. We’ve been taught incorrect information about intuition, misled.  Intuition is a type of intelligence that supports the fulfillment of our being. It can be cultivated and refined. Emotional intelligence has finally been accepted and recognized, now it is time for Intuitive Intelligence to be accepted and cultivated as a valid form of knowing.

During times of change and chaos, intuition is often the best source of guidance we have. You don’t have to defend how you know something just through logic. We need to acknowledge and accept there are other ways of knowing. We’ve accepted that there are many forms of learning. It’s time to accept there are many ways of knowing important information that will make the difference between survival and extinction of the human species.

Standing Rock is a perfect example of two different ways of knowing. The indigenous way of knowing tells us that water is the source of life, that the earth is our mother and the sky our father. This is an intuitive way of knowing in relationship to all that exists. We begin and end with Source and proceed to know from a holistic, broader perspective. The logic of corporate greed begins and ends with greed. This has always been the failure of logic. You are limited by where you start. Logic doesn’t give you the greater picture like intuition does.

Intuition is often sourced in love, from the heart. Love exposes what is meaningful. Love is also ridiculed as a way of knowing in our culture. Doing something out of love instead of for financial gain, that doesn’t fly in a board room.  Those who follow their hearts are often marginalized and their valuable contributions go unnoticed. Luckily the young adults in our world are finding imaginative ways to express their creativity. They are often on the fringe but the fringe is growing in numbers as traditional avenues of success are shutting down and failing.

Our society is undergoing massive change. Changes that defy logic. When the animals run from the shoreline because a tsunami is going to hit, we are in awe of their intuitive instincts. When will be in awe of our own intuitive intelligence? I hope it’s soon because rehashing and recycling old ideas are not the answer to today’s challenging issues. Intuitive intelligence sources a deeper wisdom that opens new and creative solutions.  We need to learn to trust this wisdom and its unique ability to guide us safely; to show us what we already know to be true and worthy of our attention.






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