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2017 Nepal and Bhutan Sacred Journey

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Ascension and the Mountains of Light in Nepal and Bhutan!

NOTE: This retreat is cancelled for 2017. I hope to reschedule it in 2018.

The Ascended Masters call us to the light of the mountains in Nepal and Bhutan! We are invited to enter through the portals of light into the loving arms of Mother Earth and Father Sky. In the tradition of the masters and saints who were guided by the light of the mountains into ascended states we will softly journey through a land that feels like home. If you are called to this journey then you know the feeling in your heart right now. A stirring, a tickle, even an uncomfortable itch or catch in your breath reveals your connection to these ancient lands.  It’s so deep that you can’t name it but you can’t forget it either.

We’ll journey together, a soul group reunited uniquely for this journey, because we each heard the call.  The days will be filled with visits to monasteries, gentle hikes through valleys and mountains, and meetings with spiritual leaders and local citizens.  Our guides are native to the area and are willing to share the history of their home land and spiritual/cultural traditions. Each morning and evening we will gather in circle for an inner meditative experience and during the days we will take in the breathtaking scenery and nourishing energy of the land.

Travel and Lodging

The journey includes 3, 4, and 5 star hotels (the best in the area available). Travel will be by Toyota Land Cruisers or equivalent luxury vans. Roads are well maintained where we are traveling.


Our hosts and guide will be Bal Kumar Basnet, MD, founder and director of Parikrama Tours and Expeditions

Click here for detailed itinerary and price. (not active yet)

Parikrama Tours and Expeditions

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