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Awakening Healing Intuition: A Sacred Pilgrimage to Embodiment

May, 16 -20, 2016         Limit: 12 participants

Spend a week exploring the consciousness of embodiment!

–Attune to your Heart Centered Healing Intuition… your inner guide to intuitive healing.
–Learn the skill of inner viewing; being able to sense and see inside the body with your intuitive senses.
–Enliven the living energies in your cells and tissues.
–Clear left over traces of physical illness, emotional trauma and past life patterns that are ready to release.
–Learn the most you’ve ever learned about your body, the mind/body/emotion/spirit connections.
–Learn to love being fully embodied and embrace the wonders of the life you are living.

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This retreat calls to those who need to connect beyond the surface of their body; a pilgrimage to the vast wisdom and healing that lies just below our physical awareness.  Our bodies are a sacred site. We’ve journeyed here to evolve in ways we can’t do any other way, why else would we be here? Do you actually think you would have come to earth without knowing the benefits?  We’re not that ignorant. Somewhere deep within is the answer and the doorway that leads to buried secrets and wisdom teachings.

Embodiment is a spiritual path and our retreat will give us the opportunity to spend a week being immersed in all of the mystical teachings our bodies are ready to reveal.Traditionally the mystical teachings of the body fall into the realm of Feminine Wisdom teachings. Of course, who knows better than a woman the secrets of creation, she embodies the act monthly and with each child she bears. Males also have this wisdom but it is not as visible. But we have lost this essential knowing through the ages and we’ve lost a huge part of our self in the process.  We know we’re missing something BIG, it’s a sadness that reaches to our core. This lost knowledge of sacred embodiment compromises our ability to feel confident and connected, whole and complete.


We will connect with our Heart Centered Healing Intuition to help clear the channels so this wisdom can come through more clearly.  The wounds to the psyche, physical illness, and limitations on all levels manifest in the deep recesses of physical consciousness.  The gifts of these experiences, their teachings will be revealed. The energy and power lost to feeling a victim will be reclaimed. Each participant will be on their own personal healing journey during this retreat.  The guided meditations, the healing environment, and the ascended masters will support your journey.

Why a Retreat?

Deeper retreats are called for when the student is ready to expand beyond what they can even imagine.  Retreats are gifts of time, energy and silence to yourself. A retreat offers the opportunity to leave the outside world and enter the inner realms with undistributed attention.  They provide a backdrop where the noise of daily life recedes to the background and the quiet intuitive voice of the heart comes forward to be heard clearly.

You (and your guides) managed the pace of the retreat so beautifully.  It’s like every day was the foundation for the next.  The energies of both the meditations and the sacred visits moved in a rhythm that was exquisite, naturally and seamlessly taking us to places within ourselves which would have seemed unlikely at the outset. What a beautiful progression of moving into the Heart. Thank you so very much. — Rose C. Cleveland, OH

Retreat Format

Sedona, Arizona is a spiritual home for me and it has opened its arms to me for personal healing and expansion and as a host to the spiritual growth of others.   We will spend time in sacred circle in our meeting room and out on the land. There will be times of silent solitude in the canyons and along the rivers where the nature spirits,  Mother Earth and Father Sky, and the Ascended Masters, speak directly to you, providing great wisdom and guidance.  We visit sacred areas that welcome us with open arms and give us access to the subtle realms of living energies and expanded heart space. Everyone comes back transformed from this very special retreat.

We will be on retreat continuously from the morning of May 16 – 20, 2016.  Plan on staying over the last night of the retreat as the we will be ending late that evening.  There will be times when you can go off by yourself, relax, and of course enjoy the ambiance of the town. Each room has a kitchen so you may stock your fridge and eat in the room as you please and sometimes we will eat as a group at local fresh food restaurants. The expectation is that the participants will not get caught up with shopping and tourist activities and honor the energy of the retreat circle once it is invoked.

Participants should expect to arrive on May 14 or 15, 2016 and leave on or after May 21, 2016. The retreat begins early in the morning May 16, 2016 and ends late evening May 20, 2016.  Flights, and car rental are the responsibility of each participant. We will share information with the group so that car rental and transportation from Phoenix to Sedona can be arranged. Usually up to four participants share the cost of a rental car.  There are very reasonably priced taxi vans that go between Phoenix and Sedona should that be the best option in your case.

We stay at very comfortable hotels that have kitchenettes so you can have the comforts of home while on retreat.  There is a Whole Foods and a Weber’s IGA grocery store where you can pick up food. We will eat out maybe once a day depending on where the retreat takes us on any particular day.

We will be staying either at The Ridge in Oak Creek. The approximate cost per kitchenette room is $110 plus tax per night with single occupancy. Each person will have their own room, their retreat “cave”.  Further details on accommodations will be sent upon receipt of your registration.  Please do not contact the hotel directly, all reservations must be made through SpiritHeal Institute.

The fee for the retreat guidance is $900. This may be paid by credit card by clicking on the register button on this page. For those who pay by check the fee is $850. The retreat fee is due by March 1, 2016. If you cancel before January 1, 2016  you will receive a full refund minus a $75 administration fee. After the retreat fee deadline date is passed the retreat fee is non-refundable except in extreme emergency cases. All hotel, flight, meals and car expenses are the responsibility of the participant. Trip insurance is recommended.

Each participant will be asked to sign a waiver which will be sent upon receipt of registration.


May 2016 Retreat Dates: Monday, 7 AM, May 16 through Friday, 10 PM May 20, 2016

May 2016 Fee:  $900/credit card   $850/check or cash

May 2016 Retreat Fee Deadline:  March 1, 2016

Comments by Past Participants

–Unbelievable beauty…unbelievable universal consciousness. A life changing experience that expands and heals your heart in a gentle, loving and fun environment. This is like no other retreat you will attend. It starts prior to the actual date through reflection and intention. Sarah’s exquisite ability to connect with the Spirit Guides and Ascended Masters literally customizes on a daily basis what participants need to grow and raise your vibrational level to your True Self. I was looking for peace and tranquility in my transition from a life threatening disease and not only was provided with knowledge and wisdom on healing but blessed with pain free days to enjoy the beauty of the red rock structures and lava beds that hold the highest vibration I have ever felt within the U.S. The logistics are handled so smoothly with the hotel being a perfect base that it is easy to focus on your personal spiritual growth. Thank you, Sarah, Ascended Masters and Guides for the peace and love gained during and since the retreat. –Cheryl DeVaul, Albuquerque, NM.

–Participating in the SpiritHeal Retreat was life changing.  Earlier in the year I had suffered some deep losses and was recovering, I had a hope that maybe having a week of retreat would be helpful.  What I received was not just a retreat and a hope but a true recovery and engaging healing.  Standing in one of the most majestic parts of the country, surrounded by and participating with great energies, and collaborating with like-minded people experienced a soul cleanse and heart expansion I had never dreamed possible.  Returning home from the retreat I was able to continue some of the practices and in some ways continue my life as a retreat.  I can’t wait to join again and know that what Sarah has to offer in these retreats is priceless! –Becky McLoughlin, Prescott, AZ

–Being over 50, I have connected with a lot of Spiritual Centers and practitioners over the years. It has been such a gift to find a Spiritual Teacher who is grounded, seasoned, powerful yet humble, humorous, transparent,nurturing and generous with her time and teachings. I felt like there were internal shifts going on during the retreat. The land around us came alive and I was able to see faces in the rocks everywhere I went. Maybe it wasn’t the land coming alive but my opening on a deeper level to all that was around me. The classes have continued to nurture that connection and awareness of the luminosity that surrounds us. Somehow, the pace of the retreat felt laid back even though we packed a lot in each day. I was also pleasantly surprised by the accommodations for the price. One week’s hotel stay in Sedona could easily be more than the price of the retreat plus the amount we paid for our single rooms.–Mary, Dana Point, CA

–On it’s own merit Sedona is an other wordly-place, with wonderful light energies. When combined with the guides and attunements Sarah is connected with it’s truly out of this world magical.  Patricia, Garrettsville, Ohio

–My experience at the retreat in Sedona blew away any expectation I  brought with me to that beautiful land. I will be forever grateful to Sarah for her months-long preparation for the retreat and her unwavering commitment to holding it in the highest possible Light. Sarah’s loving cultivation of the retreat enables the individual participants to operate in a safe, trusting, supportive, and caring environment. You will not find a more fertile soil in which to plant the seed of the new You. Marrying the subtle energies of the retreat with the vibrant energies of Sedona itself takes things to an entirely deeper level of profundity. Sarah’s loving, respectful relationship to the land in and around Sedona is clearly met by an equal love and respect from the spirits of the land right back to Sarah and her group. The experience I had on retreat opened my heart in ways too exquisite to fully describe and in ways I’m still discovering months afterwards. It’s an understatement to say that my life has been forever changed by taking that brief journey with Sarah, my fellow retreat participants, and the Sacred beings of Sedona.   Scott Friel


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