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2017 Mentoring for Subtle Energy Practitioners 3

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Transforming Your Practice

Mentoring for Subtle Energy Practitioners  Part 3

If you are doing energy work this class is for you!  Join with fellow practitioners who want to refine their subtle energy healing and perceptual skills!

Most people involved in subtle energy healing are working in a void, wondering if what they are seeing , feeling or hearing in the subtle realms is real and valid.  Is your imagination working overtime or is your intuition guiding you to be  truly insightful and healing ? You will receive the feedback and supervision you need to become a truly clear subtle energy practitioner.

This class is open to all energy practitioners and those who wish to be!  Even though this is part three it is open for anyone to join. The topics are new each month and are generated by the participants. All kinds of topics are covered from how to operate a subtle healing business to feedback on subtle energy issues. We will meet two hours, once a month, for four months. This gives you time to ask questions, digest the information and have energetic and emotional support from a community of big hearted healers.

The world of subtle energy medicine is growing quickly and yet there is little accountability and supervision.  Every therapeutic profession has a mentoring and supervision program to insure quality and continued growth.  When you are working in the field of subtle energies supervision has to take into account the “invisible” realms that are the substance of the practice.  This mentoring class will provide guidance and feedback for those who are working or hope to work in the field of subtle energy medicine.

We will discuss your client sessions, subtle energy experiences, administrative and financial aspects of your practice, and your growth opportunities!  You will have a chance to describe the energetic aspect of your session and receive feedback.

  1. Did I do anything harmful to this client?
  2. Was I effective and is there something I can do to be more effective?
  3. Did I let my own projections get in the way of healing?
  4. Why did I lose my grounding?
  5. Why did I get sick, not sleep, feel anxiety, etc. before seeing this client?
  6. Do I still have heavy energy left over from the client?
  7. How do I create a boundary with a needy client?
  8. How do I charge what I’m worth?
  9. How am I sabotaging my practice?
  10. Am I over my head or drowning in my practice?
  11. How do I attract new clients?
  12. How do I describe the subtle energy and what I experience in a session?
  13. Can I really trust myself?
  14. How do I know if I am receiving guidance or just making stuff up!

DATES    Thursdays,  9/28, 10/26, 11/16, and 12/28, 2017   7:30- – 9:30 PM  EST

FEE   $250

REGISTRATION DEADLINE    September 20, 2017


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