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2017 Winter Solstice Ceremony

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2017 Winter Solstice Ceremony

Gathering of Star Seeds and Light Beings 

Join us for a Sacred Circle gathering of Star Seeds and Light Beings. We are beyond human, we are made of star light and higher frequency consciousness. This truth is finally dawning on us.

As the earth ascends in consciousness, so do we. The higher frequency cosmic fields the earth is traveling through is freeing us up from the imprisonment in one dimensional thinking and allowing us to be the multi-dimensional free beings we truly are. One thing though, if we are to stay on earth we need to travel with her, not against her or fleeing from her. We came here to merge heart and soul with Mother Earth’s heart and soul and to fulfill our purpose we must complete this union. She will share with us the secrets of physical nature and physical manifestation. We will learn the mystery of creation from her but only when we allow our full heart to merge with her full heart.

Our ceremony begins at 6 pm. The teachers and guides will begin right on time!

Date and Time   Thursday, December 21, 2017,   6 – 9 PM EDT

Location  Laurel School Butler Campus, 7420 Fairmount Rd., Novelty, Ohio 44072

Fee  $75


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