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2018 Spring Equinox Ceremony

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Being and Knowing are the Themes of the Spring Equinox.

Thinking is Old Paradigm!

2018 is a pivotal year for consciousness. We are taking huge leaps in consciousness that require our body, mind and emotions to go through dramatic changes. We are not the person we were a minute ago, five minutes ago or 2 months ago.  You can now live in present time, being a new original you every moment.

I’ve always received guidance from Mother Earth and Father Sun. They are my first and most direct guides. They also serve as wise portals to higher frequency guides through many realms of consciousness. Ultimately they guide me back to my self to show me the many fractals or frequencies that make up my terrestrial and celestial being.

As the earth and we move into the sphere of the Spring Equinox, Mother Earth and Father Sun are coming forward more prominently. We hear more about the Central Sun and more from the spring of feminine wisdom that wells up from the heart of Mother Earth. When we can let go and expand into their consciousness we learn directly, bypassing the mental filters that create resistance to knowing. We don’t have to listen, we just have to attune and then the wisdom teachings arise naturally from within, as if we knew them all along.

We need their help. Our physical consciousness is too enmeshed in materialism. We keep object and subject separated as if their is something to seek rather than to be.  When the Oneness of our being speaks to the universe, the universe speaks back.

In honor of the equinox let’s spend time speaking the language of both the terrestrial and celestial realms. Let’s leave the mental concepts behind and shift into knowing and being with Mother Earth and Father Sun. The Equinox is a reunion for these two beings, the heavens open up, and they run into each other’s arms uninhibited and unchallenged. Let’s celebrate the grand love of heaven and earth together.

Spring Equinox Farmers Almanac

March 20, 2018   6 – 9 PM    $25

Laurel School Butler Campus,7420 Fairmount Rd,   Novelty, OH 44072