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Ascension Energies: Reconciling Our Truth with Our Illusions

2018 is a pivotal year for consciousness. We are taking huge leaps in consciousness that require our body, mind and emotions to go through dramatic changes. We are not the person we were a minute ago, five minutes ago or 2 months ago.  You can now live in present time, being a new original you every moment.

As the earth, and us along with her, move into the sphere of the Fall Equinox, we are being guided to reconcile our truth with our illusions. This is no small feat but with the help and guidance of our higher being and Mother Earth and Father Sun, we can allow our illusions about life, relationships, purpose, spirituality, and any limiting beliefs we hold dear, to dissolve.  Illusions fall away easily when they are replaced by a deeper truth, a truth that feels more solid, more stabilizing, more reliable. Your body, your heart and your intuition can feel this and then open the gates for the shift to occur. This is the way of the spiritual path, illusions are replaced by higher truths when resistance is lowered and willingness is great.

The Equinox energies support our transformation and ascension. When the earth goes through the still point of the equinox, where the balance between light and dark are perfect, a portal opens. Perfectly balanced energies, those that take us beyond polarity thinking, flow into the planet during the Equinox. We can see how our thoughts have been influenced by illusions of fear created by polarized, black and white, thinking. We can see beyond, feel the depth, of who we truly are and allow new, creative pathways to open. When the Oneness of our being speaks to the universe, the universe speaks back.This is the blessings of the Equinox.

2018: You are Holding More Light Even If You Don’t Feel it

The changes you are going through, on all levels of your physical, emotional and mental bodies, are to help you hold more light. What does this mean in terms of our earthly reality?

It means we are going through an upgrade where we become aware that light and frequency define who we are and how we think, feel and act. All of the challenges that appear now are meant to help us hold more light and be more light. You can’t just think your way through this stage. Your thoughts are of the old ways. New thoughts will come as insights that you will learn to trust and act upon. Money is not the bottom line, love is. Competition is old paradigm and collaboration is the new.

We will be informed in ways that help us perceive the multi dimensions of our being as real and substantial. We will begin living from the center of our soul where it is more important to be multi-dimensional rather than revert to the illusion of a one dimensional reality.  It will feel absurd to define ourselves in materialistic terms. The Uranus transit that is occurring for the next seven years will pierce the veil of secrecy and illusion to bring forth the grander reality of the human being.

Earthquakes of the soul will occur and the only refuge is your humility and willingness to change. When you can feel the truth and the release of the tight bindings on your body, thoughts, and feelings, you will be able to welcome the changes. You’ll feel the freedom directly, you’ll hear the truth and experience the awe. You’ll discover that the void space between the old and new is really filled with invisible light and silence that you can sink into and dissolve into true being.

Time and Date

September 23, 2018   10 AM – 1 PM   

Registration Fee: $25

Registration due date: September 18, 2018

Laurel School Butler Campus,7420 Fairmount Rd,   Novelty, OH 44072