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2018 Winter Solstice Ceremony: Spirit Time is Now

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2018 Winter Solstice Ceremony: Spirit Time is Now

This ceremony is filled to capacity.  See you at the Spring Equinox!

It’s time to live your spirit self. You’ve called it your “higher self”, God, the Divine, the Great Sky, Source, Perennial Wisdom, or the Unlimited. You know the difference in perspective. It’s time to live it.

We’re living in an age of transition where the perennial wisdom is guiding us to be the finest form of humanity we can be. When you look at the world around you this might not be apparent but it is in times of disintegration that your finest, highest being can emerge. You feel the call to let your higher wisdom guide you on a different path. Let the light of your being shine through the cracks in your limited being. Give yourself space to allow the walls of illusion to tumble to the ground where Mother Earth knows to take the fragments of the old you and turn them into growth enzymes for the new you.

The Winter Solstice is the time of resting into your soul, of retreating from the material world and reductionist thinking. It’s time to sink back into your heart and feel the living energies of creation cycling through your being. It’s the time of remembering and reconnecting, when the world of spirit has a chance to surface and speak to you.

I realize this sounds dramatic. We need to over-emphasize spirit to overcome the inertia of illusion that has grabbed hold of our minds and bodies. It’s easy to overlook the solstice; it’s been forgotten for a long time now. But it’s time to take a stand and nurture your soul, your inner voice that is longing to be heard.

We will meet on Friday, December 21, from 5 – 8 PM. Consider this time as a gift to yourself. The SpiritHeal community has been holding ceremony during solstices and equinoxes for many years now and has generated a potent circle of light and healing for all who attend.

DATE  Friday, Dec. 21, 2018

TIME    5 – 8 PM

PLACE   Laurel School Butler Campus

Laurel School Butler Campus, 7420 Fairmount Rd,  Novelty, OH 44072


Wear layers, bring your water bottle, share some snacks if you feel inclined.