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2018 The Self-Revealing You

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2018 Your Evolving Consciousness Series

The Self-Revealing You: Discovering All That You Are

Are you willing to discover who you are beyond the veil of illusion? Beyond the religious, political and cultural lies that have kept you in the dark and so little for so long?  Are you ready for your self-revealing?  You are the only who can become conscious of the multi-dimensional you. There is no external God who will illuminate you with a lightening bolt! Your path of self-revealing will take you into the domain of the mysteries and magic of the soul.

There is so much confusion, stress and conflict during this transition from the Age of Pisces to the Age of Aquarius. We thought we’d be in a permanent state of bliss at this point but it turns out that shifting from one 2600 year cycle to another is not so smooth and easy.

You are changing; you are opening to greater love and wisdom because that is the promise of the Aquarian Age.  You feel it in every cell of your body and in every intimate thought and insightful intuition. Yet, life on the outside doesn’t match life on the inside.  In order to ride the energy of this shift we need to learn to trust that we are in a constant state of self-revealing. What does this mean?

It means that you are always growing in the womb of the Great Mother and that you can only know yourself by taking into account the Great Mother that surrounds you.

There is a purity to you that is so light and ecstatic, so in touch with the forces of the universe. You don’t have to seek for your new self because as you grow in the womb of the Mother you are growing as your true self. We have passed a threshold where our former self is no longer aligned with the new frequency of Mother Earth. The new being who is emerging has roots in a new consciousness, a new paradigm of being that is the result of higher frequencies informing our consciousness and radiating into our Mother’s heart.

Straddling the stages of death and re-birth is a tough position to be in so we have to learn to be the living essence of life, not the result of life.

We can’t let confusion, doubt, and negativity decimate our soul.  Just because we don’t know much right now and being on the cusp of a new age seems to be more than we bargained for, we can’t let confusion, doubt, and negativity collapse your desire to thrive. If there is one teaching from the Age of Aquarius that we can grasp, that will help us right now its that:

The opposite of not knowing is silence and presence, not doubt and fear.


Join me for another installment of Your Evolving Consciousness: The Self-Revealing You.

DATES    6 Sessions:  Mondays, 8 – 9:15 PM,    September 10, 17, 24, October 1, 15, 22, 2018

TIME        8 – 9:15 PM Eastern Time

FEE           $250

REGISTRATION DEADLINE     September 1, 2018

Call information will be sent a few days prior to the start of class.

Phone Etiquette:  Participants must use earbuds or headphones that enable speaking as well as listening if using a cell phone or land line. The “speaker” feature is not acceptable because it causes electrical interference on the teleconference call and holding the phone/receiver also makes noise that disturbs the class.