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2018 Your Evolving Consciousness 2

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Your Evolving Consciousness 2

The Cosmic Earth and You

We continue with the Your Evolving Consciousness in Part Two.  The topics were channeled as a series and this next topic may look like…been there, done that….

but I guarantee it isn’t.  You haven’t scratched the surface of her consciousness and the more you know about her, the more you’ll understand about yourself.

Do you know who Mother Earth is?  Do you have a living relationship with her?

We have an incredible source of guidance, healing and consciousness available to us when we connect with her true being to true being!

In the new world of quantum consciousness we open to the multiple dimensions that feel so comfortable and real.  It’s like a cloak or straight jacket is removed and our we can breathe fully, our muscles relax as if they know they are safe, fear and anxiety drop away and we are finally free.

We are free to see Mother Earth in a whole new light.  She is a being, just as we are. She has a center of light, just as we do. Her body is the expression of her material reality but not her only reality, just like us.

When we can see Mother Earth as her true being, we can see ourselves as our true being.

There really is no difference between us.  We are living beings cohabiting the same dimension. We are sourced from the same source and emerge from the unseen together and constantly create together. We may even say we are one and the same but it looks like we are separate.

From the perspective of fifth dimensional consciousness we vibrate together with Mother Earth. When we are in harmony with Mother Earth, we are more powerful because our group consciousness is stronger.

What do you know about Mother Earth?

Is she just a big round ball of dirt or is she the living embodiment of the feminine cosmic wisdom, compassion and power?

Is she a myth or real?   Are you her and she you?

Are Mother Earth and Kundalini one and the same?

What is your relationship to Mother Earth?

Why are you here and what does Mother Earth have to do with your purpose?

We will delve into all of these questions and more in this six part series of Your Evolving Consciousness: The Cosmic Earth and You, Feeling Alive in a Dead World

Why is Mother Earth such a mystery?  Why do you feel so separate from her body when it is the same as your body?  Where is the disconnect and how do you reconnect to the vital cosmic life you each share?

What if you could feel alive and vibrant every day?  What if how you feel depends on how connected you are with Mother Earth’s consciousness and vitality?

Today’s world provides us with so many questions and few answers. If your life feels like a ship lost at sea, or depression and anxiety has taken over, your disconnect from Mother Earth may be one of the reasons you feel like this.

You probably feel so much better when you are in nature, where you resonate with the organic creation energies. Where these creation energies, the sunlight, moonlight, storms, blue skies, green leaves, pure water, lightening, trees, and moist earth, make you feel so excited to be alive.  Why shouldn’t you feel vibrant all of the time?

Spring is the perfect time to reconnect with The Cosmic Earth.  The flowers and trees blooming remind us that we can be born again too.

Through meditations, subtle energy healing, and inspirational attunements we will enter mystical dimensions of “Oneness” that not only answer your questions but palpably change your daily life.


DATES    6 Sessions:  Mondays, 8 – 9:15 PM,    March 26, April 2, 9, 16, 23, 30, 2018

TIME        8 – 9:15 PM Eastern Time

FEE           $250


Call information will be sent a few days prior to the start of class.

Phone Etiquette:  Participants must use earbuds or headphones that enable speaking as well as listening if using a cell phone or land line. The “speaker” feature is not acceptable because it causes electrical interference on the teleconference call and holding the phone/receiver also makes noise that disturbs the class.