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This is your class page for the retreat.  The password is SilverSky

The attendees so far are:

Jamie Bass / Leopold
Ananda Cronin / O’Keefe
Becky Distad / Hummingbird
Cindy Schickendantz / Gila Room
Mark Schickendantz /Gila Room
Andrea Schlenkerman / Wren’s Nest
Mark Tapajna /  Emory
Kristin Voinovich / Warbler
Caroline Williams / Warbler

Ken and Sarah Weiss  /  Cabeza de Vaca

Mimbres, Bluebird, Roadrunner are available

There is one more person tentatively holding a space. There is room for two more people.

Please post your flights/rental car dates/times here if you would like to share a car.

We will have a group call closer to the date of the retreat.  Here we go!