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2020 Meditation for Those Who Can’t Meditate

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Inner Enchantment: Meditation for Those Who Can’t Meditate

Do you sit down to meditate and freak out? Do your thoughts sound deranged? All you hear is “Why did I do this?”, “Why did I say this?”, “What an idiot I am – I should’ve, could’ve but didn’t, everyone else can do this, why can’t I?”.  Then the next thought is “I’m out of here!” and you chalk up another failed attempt to meditate.  This, my friend, is the class for you and everyone else who thinks they can’t meditate and have given up trying.

Do you actually believe you can quiet your mind and emotions just by sitting cross-legged on a pillow?  Can you run a marathon just because you put on running shoes?!

Meditation is a science. There are proven steps to quiet the mind and calm the emotions. I have developed a style of meditation for those who failed over and over to meditate. There’s one catch. You have to practice it or it won’t work. Can you learn to play the piano without practicing? I can still hear my mother saying, “Sarah, it’s time for piano practice”.  I dutifully sat down and destroyed a Clementi sonatina day after day. But I did learn, and I still play, for my own enjoyment and relaxation.

It’s the same with meditation. You sit down (not in a lotus position, but in a comfortable chair) and practice the steps I’ll teach you in this four-week class. After four weeks you will have a meditation practice. You can tell your friends proudly, “I love to meditate, it keeps me sane and I’m a better basketball player, musician, nurse, teacher, maintenance worker, father,  fill in the blank _______, because of it”. The last part is only partly true. There are no guarantees that you will be better at anything else, but you will be a better meditator. And if you are a better meditator, someone who knows how to relax and be at peace, then you will be better at whatever you do.

The title of the class gives it away, Inner Enchantment. You will learn to be enchanted by your beautiful heart, your inspiring thoughts and your very cool energy, your Qi. You’ll discover an inner connection you didn’t know was possible.

Meet live on zoom or listen to the recordings.

In four – 60 minute – sessions you’ll learn…

  1. The real meaning and purpose of meditation.
  2. About grounding with Mother Earth for love and vitality
  3. How to connect to your subtle energy and happiness.
  4. How to relax and create an intimate connection to your inner space.
  5. What it means to feel Inner Enchantment.

You’ll have four class recordings to download and an ebook of written instructions and guidelines for future reference.

I normally teach advanced meditators and energy practitioners and rarely teach a beginner’s class. As a medical intuitive, spiritual guide, retreat leader, and university professor for over 40 years, I’ve taught thousands of people to be enchanted and connected within. I consider myself a spiritual grandmother in matters of the heart and soul. I was inspired to offer this class by world-renowned author and friend Regina Brett. She’s always looking for ways to help people feel better about themselves and the world. Inspiring, warm-hearted, and authentic, she has made the world a better place with her inspiring books, newspaper columns, radio shows, and now her new podcast Little Detours debuting soon.

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Register Online. Class starts May 7, 2020, 12 Noon – 1 PM Eastern

Dates: May 7, 14, 21, 28, 2020  Yes, it’s in the middle of the day, when you need it most!

Special pricing for the meditation challenged $49.98 for all 4 weeks.  If you can’t join live, you can listen to the recordings.

Inner Enchantment: Meditation for Those Who Can’t Meditate
The key to meditation is inner enchantment. If you haven’t figured that out yet, this class is for you!