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The Enlightened Empath’s World

Where Are My Boundaries?

Whoever knows the mystery of vibrations indeed knows all things. –Sufi Mystic Inayat Khan

Note: This class satisfies the pre-requisite for The Enlightened Empath Retreat.

Do you have high-frequency boundaries? Are you trained in the art of subtle energies and telepathic boundaries? Are your boundaries so light and love-filled that you forget that the rest of the world may not have the same boundaries as you? Do you feel confused when others hide behind walls of fear and shame?

Boundaries are a big topic for empaths. Most empaths feel like their boundaries are non-existent. They move through their day merged, without filters or protection, with the world around them. Developing and maintaining boundaries is at the top of the list for empaths. Boundaries preserve your sanity, serenity, and happiness.  In this class, we will ask the question: What are these elusive boundaries? Why do you feel like you don’t have any? And, how do you skillfully manage your energy so that it protects you and allows you to grow into the unique being you are meant to be.

Empaths have boundaries but they are not the typical boundaries of the materialistic western world. Empaths should be interested in the fact that boundaries are determined culturally. Boundaries are not set nor are they morally determined. For example, differences in personal physical space, how close you stand next to someone, differ from one country to the next. In some cultures, people are comfortable with very little physical, mental or emotional space. Empaths may fit more comfortably in cultures that are more aware of the group collective consciousness and how that consciousness fits within the cosmic plan.  These societies are collaborative, support connectedness,  and recognize how each being is integral to the success of the whole.

With more research into the empath profile, we may discover that the entire community’s survival depends upon everyone being empathic to survive. Indigenous and mystical communities fostered empathic qualities to help convey spiritual teachings more purely, through direct transmission from teacher to student. Words could distort the teaching, so direct knowing through resonance and vibration was/is common. Individuality is not sacrificed for Oneness, the unique qualities of each community member are recognized, respected and developed with the hope that a deep sense of mutual support is created. Does this sound more aligned with you?

Boundaries in a Telepathic World

Empaths are telepathic. Telepathy is the ability to know another’s thoughts and feelings without speaking.  Instead of thinking of yourself as empathic, update your identity to telepathic. The qualities you describe as empathic are extra-sensory abilities. You are a sixth-sense being functioning in a five-sense world.

Your consciousness is tuned to forms of communication and connection that originate in the unseen world of energy and vibration. Because of this, your boundaries are different. Your boundaries include multiple dimensions, not just the physical world. It’s important to know you HAVE boundaries, but your boundaries are based upon the world of multi-dimensional information,  These boundaries are fluid, living and intelligent. They help us structure the worlds of both earth and spirit. They are based on Oneness and Transparency. Do you see how different your boundary structure is from those who are not empaths? Can you imagine how frightening it is to a non-empath to know that someone can feel your feelings or know your thoughts without speaking?

The boundaries of the materialistic world are not natural or comfortable for the empath. Living in the transition phase of humanity that is ascending to higher frequencies and higher wisdom, we are tasked to learn boundaries that are not heart-centered in order to maintain our well being. But, we also need to claim and accept the boundaries that are natural to us. Your boundaries are valid in your world.

In The Enlightened Empath’s World: Where Are My Boundaries you will learn how to

—Create healthy boundaries while preserving your natural intuitive and telepathic sensitivities.
— Learn to live from your heart and protect yourself at the same time.
— Navigate successful relationships while getting the space and love you need.
— Appreciate your unique skill set and maximize it for happiness, peace, and fulfillment.

Empathic Sensitivities Lead to Telepathic Abilities

It’s time to embrace and optimize your empathic sensitivities and telepathic abilities.  You have been an empath all your life but you haven’t been acknowledged, trained or shown the benefits or your unique nervous system and sensitivities. How has the lack of mentoring caused you to defend, hide, suppress and hate your self?

I am an empath and also a Medical Intuitive. For over 45 years I’ve studied higher consciousness and I see the evidence of higher consciousness in the sensitivities of empaths. But empaths are not skilled and don’t recognize their own spiritual gifts. When an empath tunes their sensitive antennae to the light within, the doorways to both spiritual ascension and a masterful life open. I believe that empaths are a preview of the future human. We are evolving towards more subtle sensitivity, not away from it.

Join me for a four-week journey into the empath’s world.  We will cover what I call the Empath Basics.

These include:

♦ Who is an Empath?
♦ What type of Empath are you?
♦ Understanding the Empath’s nervous system.
♦ Creating healthy boundaries.
♦ Cultivate your natural intuition and telepathy.
♦ Ways to heal the lifelong wounds of dismissal and misunderstanding.
♦ Knowing yourself as a multi-dimensional spiritual being.
♦ Directing your sensitivity inward to discover your True Self.
♦ Allowing Love and Oneness guide you

By the end of the course, you will be able to:

—Feel comfortable embracing your empathic nature.
—Be recognized, affirmed and supported.
—Benefit from your sensitivities.
—Understand the importance of boundaries.
—Pave a path to healthy embodiment.
—Understand your place in the cosmos and on earth.

This class is ready for you if you are ready for it. The information is transformational and will set you on the path to becoming a skilled Enlightened Empath.

If this sounds familiar, if it causes you to weep, feel relief, or scream for joy, then this class is for you.

You’ve had quite a challenge this lifetime….you know you are not like everyone else, you know a lot more than you can say, and you’ve suffered quietly and deeply for a long time. I am an empath so I know firsthand the struggle to maintain firm boundaries, clear thoughts and feelings, and good physical health.

I worked so hard for so long just to keep my sensitivities in check. If I let myself be fully empathic, life became too overwhelming and exhausting. People were annoyed by my “issues”. I couldn’t stand up for myself.  I had been dismissed as “too sensitive” so often that it seemed natural to dismiss myself. So I tiptoed and hid, creating a false personality just to please others. At one point I got tired of all the hiding and fear of rejection and said I don’t care what anyone thinks. I’m an empath and I will embrace who I am and finally get to know my true self.  

Dates and Times  Wednesdays,  April 8, 15, 22, 29, 2020, 8 – 9:15 PM (Eastern)

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This is a  Zoom teleconference. You may join by computer or phone. Attendees should have headsets or earbuds as speakerphones create electronic interference on the call.