2022 The Loving Body Workshop: Your High-Frequency Relationship to Physical Consciousness!

An Online Zoom Workshop

Release the last vestiges of body loathing and shame!

Q: Your body loves you; do you love it?

Discover the love hidden in your cells, tissues, and organs! Your body is your physical consciousness which means that your awareness extends to every cell inside your body! Yes, with your heightened senses you can see what has been hidden from sight and feel what has been submerged beneath your awareness.

A new vision of body consciousness is emerging from the shadows of ignorance. As the planetary consciousness awakens, we are given opportunities to see what we couldn’t see before. Our bodies are now revealing their living, loving consciousness. We can shift our perspective of the body as the source of original sin and a beast of burden to experiencing it as spacious light and intelligence!

Q: Is your light hiding behind your body shame and self-hate?

The angelic spheres are making the new vision possible; they are downloading this new awareness as part of the current awakening.  It’s time to leave behind the outdated and usher in the new. As humanity progresses, there will be no need for MRIs, CAT scans, and X-rays. Why?  We will now connect to our cellular consciousness as if it is part of our everyday consciousness. We will be able to read our physiology at any moment because finally we can know what lies beneath the skin, those realms that exist between the front of the body and the back!  Your body is a realm of consciousness, a spacious intelligence that channels the highest mystical realms!  You think of the light, etheric, and celestial bodies as special; so is the physical body. It is pure consciousness, too, and now this realm has opened and is ready to reveal itself.

Of course, this is a little ahead of humanity’s curve, but if you are called to live in more light and higher frequencies, follow that call to explore the mysterious realm of physical consciousness!

Q: Are you delighted to be in your body?

Shamans and Mystics Meet Here

What do Mystics and Shamans have to teach us about physical consciousness? The body is a sacred and loving expression of the divine.

We have become so distanced from our bodies’ living, loving consciousness that we have come to treat it as a bother or an extra weight to bear. Every one of the negative thoughts and feelings we have about our bodies is stored in each cell, tissue, and organ. Our bodies, yours and mine, are ready to embrace the new vision and release the self-loathing and shame imposed on them in the past. Now it is possible to know our bodies as mystical and magical!

Your body is living physical consciousness, not just a sack of bones to drag around!  There is no distance between your liver and you. You exist in your liver, and your liver knows it is nested in the greater consciousness. Physical consciousness is real, and we can enjoy and enhance it when we realize our body is not separate but is an intimate aspect of our very being – that our relationship with our physical consciousness has everything to do with our enlightenment and the portal to the next dimension, the portal we call death.

Q: What’s beneath your skin, just meat or an incredible intelligence waiting to be discovered?

What You Will Learn

Let me be clear, I’m a teacher of feminine mysteries, and the new vision of the body arises from the re-emergence of the feminine presence on the planet. She is the answer to our yearning for balance and well-being. Without her presence, we are lost in a sea of toxic negativity, which perpetuates self-loathing and shame. It is time for her energy and wisdom to grace our world through you.

The entire workshop will be experiential, and the teachings transmitted will plant seeds for you to nurture and grow. The Great Mother teaches this way; she believes in her children’s ability to receive seeds of wisdom, take them into their hearts and then patiently gestate and birth higher frequency consciousness. Isn’t that your dream, your vision? To live aligned with the higher frequencies of love, light, and wisdom?

  • Transmissions from The Heart of the Mother to support the
    awakening of these teachings in your hearts.
  • Becoming your own medical intuitive.
  • Experiencing your body through heightened sense activation:
    remote and direct view, sense, and listen to your body from within.
  • Claim your entire physical consciousness; stop dissociating and
    start loving life!
  • Guided meditations to connect deeply to your body and being.
  • Discussion, feedback, Q&A

I felt such relief in the organ meditation. There is so much density that I recognized
and also, such great relief in
the acknowledgment, energetic alignment, and support
of the sacredness of my body.

—Student of The Loving Body Teachings

The entire workshop will be recorded for you to retain forever. Register even if you can’t attend the live workshop; you can listen to the recording, which carries the full transmission, high-frequency attunement, workbook, and information.

The Loving Body Workshop opens your mystical and magical physical consciousness. Future workshops expanding on this topic will be scheduled this fall.