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Living Love….Becoming the Love you Seek

Teleconference:   Our Circle of Guides and Trusting Guidance

The entire experience of being guided and by whom is taking a new direction as the planetary consciousness ascends.  Each person has a circle of guides and teachers. Their guidance originates in the seed of living consciousness embedded in the womb of creation and travels as a frequency through the multiple levels of consciousness that make up our true being.

Prior to this time guidance was channeled to those who were open to their higher being.  Consciousness found clear channels and poured their wisdom where it would find clear expression. Now each person is receiving clear, direct, non-verbal, frequency based communication from their seed being. The link between seed and flower is established on a planetary basis for all to receive and experience.

The seed being is the original consciousness of each individual that is embedded in the womb of creation.  The seed of our being is the living, growing and flowering consciousness of our being and as it flowers in the unseen, dark womb of the cosmos, we live, grow and flower in this planetary reality.  It is our mirror consciousness, the yin to our yang, the implicate to our explicate expression.

With this understanding we open to the multiple dimensions of our true being.  The first step is learning the language of guidance, next is journeying to find it, and the last step is learning to trust it.  Placing trust in this guidance takes a huge leap of faith. It looks fairly risky at first but when the trust builds we experience it as embracing Love and finally meet the circle of beings who populate our guidance system.  We need to learn how to call our guides and bring their guidance forth, to overcome the fear of really seeing who we truly are as pure consciousness and the multitude of beings who actually inhabit consciousness. The journey really does get more and more interesting!

DATE and TIME   March 13, 20, 27, April 3, 10, 17, 2017   8:00 – 9:15 PM

$275 Full Participation  (real time participation in the class teleconference along with access to the recordings  and class web page)

$200 Audio Participation   (access to the recordings and class web page)

Registration Deadline  March 2, 2017