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Inspiring News and Research for Empaths!

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2019 The Enlightened Empath: The Basics

What does it mean to be an empath and how to refine your sensitivities and elevate your consciousness?

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Check out the November/December issue of The Sedona Journal 2020 Predictions Issue. My article is published in this edition! Barnes and Noble carries The Sedona Journal locally.

New book for empaths by Judith Orloff, MD   Thriving as an Empath 365 Days of the Year
Good daily tips for self-care.

Buddha at the Gas Pump Dorothy Walters

Dorothy Walters had a spontaneous Kundalini Awakening in 1981 and speaks to the “splendor” and “guidance” of The Great Mother.  Wonderful interview.

Unapologetically Sensitive Podcast on Emotional Neglect is a must for empaths!  Listen here as Patricia Young explores the impact of not being heard or recognized as a sensitive child.

Buddha at the Gas Pump Rey Hernandez Interview is Amazing for UFO’ers

Rey Hernandez is Executive Director of the Consciousness and Contact Research Institute (CCRI), a 501c3 academic research institute comprised of 15 Ph.D. academics and medical doctors whose mission is to explore the relationship between Consciousness, our Cosmology, and Contact with Non-Human Intelligence via the Contact Modalities.

Terri Ann Heiman interviewed me for her Empowered Spirit podcast.  We covered the topics of Intuition, Medical Intuition, and Empaths.  It is a fun interview and you may learn something new about my childhood experiences with spirit!

Awaken Yourself by Dr.Shefali Tsabary
She tells it like it is.

Emotions Heal or Harm DNA! Read about the impact your emotions are having on your DNA! 

Three different studies, done by different teams of scientists proved something really extraordinary. But when a new research connected these 3 discoveries, something shocking was realized, something hiding in plain sight. Human emotion literally shapes the world around us. Not just our perception of the world, but reality itself.

Need help with relationships?  Michelle Chalfant very clearly outlines 7 steps to healthy relationships that everyone can benefit from! The Adult Chair: Healthy Relationships

Highly Sensitive People overlap with Empaths in so many ways. Some of the sensitivities are similar, the difference is that Empaths internalize and personalize their experiences more than HSP’s. The podcast Unapologetically Sensitive with Patricia Young is great for both HSP’s and Empaths.

Some empaths have a clear relationship with the “hereafter”.  These two docs normalize the experience and speak to the merging of science and spirit in the study and experience of death and near death experiences. It’s not odd to be aware of the states beyond 3D, it’s actually healthy and very human to have access to multiple realms of consciousness. I’d just die if I couldn’t experience the multi-dimensional life! (ha-ha)

Biophysicist finds new life after death.

I See Dead People: Dreams and Visions of the Dying | Dr. Christopher Kerr

Empaths Have Their Own Language! Empaths, consider how language has impacted your entire identity and ability to express what you know to be true! The importance of language cannot be overrated when trying to find your space and place in our world.  Emergence Magazine has devoted an entire issue to the importance of language in defining and naming our reality. This issue features how the lack of language has all but decimated native American tribal culture and how the reclaiming of each tribes language puts them back in touch with their land, their identity and their spirit. Robert McFarlane’s article on language looks at how limiting it is and how language fails to save us when nature wants to communicate. This issue is important for everyone, but particularly for empaths who feel like failures when they can’t find the words to name and describe what they feel and know.

How to Live a Legendary Life by Christina Pratt. (The link is for her podcast Why Shamanism Now?–google the title of the podcast with her name if it doesn’t come for you.)  In this episode, Pratt speaks to the need to ground ourselves within the heart of Mother Earth and Father Sky so as to have a greater reference point than our own personal one. Those who have studied with me will hear familiar words such as “axis”, “truth cord”, “Qigong Macrocosmic Orbit”, and the path to what she calls the Legendary Life as a function of this axis and the connection to Mother Earth and Father Sky.

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Getting grounded is so important for empaths. It creates and sustains healthy boundaries, opens your body to revitalizing energies, and clears the heavy energies accumulated through empathic merging. The Grounding Movie explains the science behind grounding and the importance of connecting with the earth. You also have the ability to ground directly through the soles of your feet and your root chakra any time and any place, even wearing rubber sole shoes and in an airplane 30,000 ft. in the sky when you practice with this 30 Minute Grounding Meditation. As an empath, you are probably sensitive to subtle energies and the more you tune in to the subtle world the more you will understand the invisible energies that are affecting you daily.

The Grounding Movie and You Tube Videos on Grounding

For products that help you ground check out Earthing.com

Your House is on an Ancient Site! The history of America has been hugely distorted and hearing the truth will transform your cells and consciousness. When a culture is based on lies darkness prevails. Listen to Scott Wolter on Earth Ancients to learn how North and South America’s history is far different than you were taught. Empaths need to know the truth in every aspect of our lives. Life aligns when we hear the truth and here is some more light for you.  (The Scott Wolter interview begins about halfway through the episode.)  Earth Ancients Interview with Scott Wolter

Plants Can Feel You Touching Them and Sometimes They Don’t Like It!
Humanity is being called to accept the true sensitive nature of all sentient beings. Empaths are as sensitive as the plants described in this scientific research.  What most people don’t realize is that we are all sensitive and learning about subtle energy helps you see beyond the veil of illusion that western mind/body dissociated culture has contrived to keep us in the dark.

Waking Up from Trance Unworthiness by Tara Brach
The western world has been under a trance of unworthiness for thousands of years. The sense that “something is wrong with me” pervades our day. Whether we are empaths or not, waking up from the trance of unworthiness is the path of feeling whole and confident.

The Physics of Spirituality with Nassim Harimein
From the world of physics comes the explanation for why empaths are empaths! Listen to Nassim description of the unified field, entanglement, and consciousness and you will begin to see why I believe underlying the sensitivities of the empath is the awareness of Oneness and Love.

The Shift Network Evolutionary Empath Summit

The Earth is as Alive as You Are  For all you earth empaths out there, here is the article that affirms your connection.

Some Podcasts you might enjoy!

Reiki Radio with Yolanda

The Adult Chair Podcast with Michelle Chalfant

The Intuitive Woman Podcast with Tina Conroy

Sounds True: Insights at the Edge

Why Shamanism Now

From Betrayal to Breakthrough with Debi Silber

Standing Up to Each Other with Love by Terry Real

Reframing Betrayal as Abuse

Empaths have gone through many betrayals in their lifetime but often these betrayals are not recognized, just accepted. As you’ve probably noticed in your research on empaths, it is not unusual for empaths to be in a relationship with narcissists. Not only do narcissists deny the empaths experience, but many who do not understand the sensitivities and awareness of empaths deny or dismiss it too. In this podcast by Debi Silber, the topic is relationship betrayal and how it falls in the category of “abusive”. The reason I’m posting it on this page is for those who have gone through relationship betrayal and abuse, but also for all empaths who have had their own narrative denied, dismissed, and overturned by those close to them. The similarities are fascinating. Whatever the reason, when someone makes you feel crazy for what you experience or believe, that is now considered abusive. This is not meant to perpetuate a victim attitude, please be clear on that point.  I hope you will be able to identify more quickly and nimbly when your narrative is being controlled by someone else and then be confident in standing up for yourself.

Here is the link to her podcast.

Listen to 055: Reframing Betrayal As Abuse w/ Anne Blythe from From Betrayal To Breakthrough in Podcasts. https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/from-betrayal-to-breakthrough/id1441968059?i=1000437307893

Check out the conversation about grounding and mindfulness on The She League podcast. Megan and Hilary asked me everything they ever wanted to know about grounding and mindfulness!

The research on empaths is so new that a total picture has not yet been revealed. These studies are bits and pieces of an emerging field of research so please understand this as you read the articles.  My approach to empaths is through the lens of the mystic and requires a multi-dimensional approach. The place where science and empath research meets is in the realm of physics and non-local communication and instant communication through Oneness.

Researchers Find Differences In Empathic People’s Brains

New research has found that types of empathy can be predicted by looking at physical differences in the brain. This raises the fascinating possibility that some kinds of empathy might be able to be increased by training or that it might be possible for people to lose their empathy over time.

Empath May Be Super Power

Why has empathy become such a prized commodity?

Research May Support Existence of Empaths

The scientific studies that are often used to demonstrate that empaths exist, however, provide indirect evidence.

This includes research showing the existence of mirror neurons in the brain, which are said to enable us to read and understand each other’s emotions by filtering them through our own (Iacobani, 2008). Other studies used to explain empaths include the concept of emotional contagion, which is the idea that when people synchronize their attitudes, behaviors, and speech, they also synchronize their emotions both consciously and unconsciously (Hatfield, Cacioppo & Rapson, 1994).

Judith Orloff, MD on Symptoms of Empathic Children

How to determine if your child is an empath.

Empathic children have nervous systems which react more quickly and strongly to external stimuli including stress.

In The Empath’s Survival Guide, I emphasize that empath children feel too much but don’t know how to manage the sensory overload. They see more, hear more, smell more, intuit more, and experience emotions more.

Judith Orloff, MD The Science Behind Empaths and Empathy

Empathy is when we reach our hearts out to others and put ourselves in their shoes. However, being an empath goes even farther. Like many of my patients and myself, empaths are people who’re high on the empathic spectrum and actually feel what is happening in others in their own bodies. As a result, empaths can have incredible compassion for people—but they often get exhausted from feeling “too much” unless they develop strategies to safeguard their sensitivities and develop healthy boundaries.

Super Empaths Are Real says study

New research has suggested that 1 to 2 percent of the population struggle to differentiate between their own bodily feelings and other people’s.

Meet the Nurse who Feels Your Pain–Mirror Touch Synesthesia

Pohlmann is a skilled pediatric nurse. But there’s another reason she can suss out her patient’s pain: She feels it too. Pohlmann has a rare neurological condition called mirror-touch synesthesia, or MTS, which enables her to have a virtual mind meld with those around her. It’s an empathy so profound she can read room when she walks into it, feel the emotions of strangers before they speak, and even suffer the physical pain of another person’s injury.

Empaths Are Made, Not Born

Empathetic people are made, not born, new research suggests.The largest ever study into the genetic basis of empathy, suggests that just 10 percent of the variation between people’s compassion and understanding is down to genes.