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Living Love 1

The Living Love series will help you learn to be seated in your heart in daily life. As we know and scientists have proven, the heart has the largest electromagnetic field in the entire body. We also know that it is the heart that is the first organ to develop and that the heart brain is the coordinator of the body systems. Likewise, the heart chakra is the central coordinating and integrating energy center of our consciousness. When we live from the heart we live fully and wholly (holy) in our true self.

Heart center awareness takes cultivation. Beginning with awareness of the root chakra and Mother Kundalini we will set out on a journey to understand just how our consciousness arises our of our energy centers and how our mind and body form lenses for the expression of our consciousness. Understanding this more deeply we learn to identify with the our greater consciousness and gain freedom from the limitations placed on us by illusions and dimmed, lower frequency energies.

Living from the Ground of Being: Mother Earth, Kundalini and the Root Chakra

What do Mother Earth, Kundalini and the Root Chakra have to do with you? The answer is: EVERYTHING!

Kundalini and Mother Earth are one and the same.  Kundalini is the latent primal female energy lying dormant in the root chakra and Mother Earth is the latent female consciousness of our planet. Awakening and cultivating this vital feminine force leads to enlightenment.  Both Kundalini and Mother Earth are the source of love that transforms us from  abandoned orphans to beloved children of the cosmos. We are so unfamiliar with her energy and we don’t even know what we are missing.  She is the wellspring of life and generates the consciousness of spiritual living and she is worth every moment we spend learning about her. Great mystics, masters and saints have given everything up in order to learn her secrets. When we know how to cultivate her life giving energy we can transform a lackluster meaningless life into an exciting purposeful life!

We, in the west, have lived a handicapped life.  In plain view, beneath our feet and at the base of our spine yet so out of reach of our limited minds, is the most magical gift of spirit. What a great way to hide something! Make it available to everyone but put it where no one will look, where it is hidden by the shadow of prejudice, arrogance, fear, control, and ignorance.  Protect it from fools who will short circuit her power and remain clueless to her beauty. Anyone who disdains the juiciness, enthusiasm, creativity, love and vitality of the feminine is leading a  dull, dreary life.

Mother Earth, Kundalini and Love will open your heart to the magical gifts of Mother Earth and Mother Kundalini and help you understand that you are sitting and standing on a treasure that is your body’s gift to spirit.

Dates and  Time   January 16, 23, 30, February 6, 13, & 20, 2017   8 – 9: 15 PM EST

Fee    $275 for full participation   $200 for audio participation only (access to the class recordings and private class page)

Registration Deadline    January 9, 2017


Living Love 2: Guidance and Guides begins March 13, 2017