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2018 Surprise! You Are the One You Are Seeking

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Teleconference: Your Evolving Consciousness 5

Surprise! You Are the One You Are Seeking,

No pre-requisite required.

It’s not so bad to be the one that you are seeking.  You are an amazing being and when you aren’t stuck in a one dimensional materialistic consciousness life can be pretty exciting.

If you want to simplify all and any spiritual teachings into one message it’s this: The Infinite Awarenss, the Divine, the Eternal Being you seek is YOU.

Throughout the year in the Your Evolving Consciousness Series we have been learning to sense and embody our multi-dimensional being.  Knowing that you are multi-dimensional raises you above the ego consciousness. It loosens the ties that bind you to one particular identity over another. Instead you learn that you are more like a diamond with many facets, each sparkling and reflecting the light uniquely. You also discover reality is more fluid than you thought.

The biggest surprise of the spiritual path, the most profound teaching there is in any spiritual tradition is this:  You are the one you are seeking.  You believe you are seeking the Divine, Goddess/God, the One, as a being outside of you when your true nature is one and the same as who you are seeking.

In this fifth section of the 2018 teachings we will gain further insight into this profound teaching and deepen our understanding of who your true self really is.

Time: 8:00 – 9:15 PM

Dates: November 19, 26, December 3, 10, 17, and Thursday Dec. 27,  2018

Fee: $250