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The Enlightened Empath Training:  Part One

The Enlightened Empath is the preview of the future human.

Empaths are star beings paving the way for cosmic evolution.

Empaths are channels of the higher dimensions, who have an innate sense of Oneness, love and wisdom that eludes the materialistic minded. Their presence establishes the space and place for enlightened sensitivities to be integrated into daily life.

Teaching empaths how to tune to high frequency consciousness is the purpose of the Enlightened Empath Training.

The Enlightened Empath by Sarah Weiss interviewed by Michelle Chalfant for The Adult Chair Podcast

An Evolved Nervous System

The Enlightened Empath Training recognizes the empath as a human with an evolved nervous system.

With every leap in consciousness the human nervous system must adjust and adapt to process the new consciousness that courses through its electrical circuits and subtle energy pathways. Empaths are on the leading edge of this leap. 

Training is essential if the empath is to attain an ascended purpose.  Within the context of a sacred mystical school empaths have the support necessary to develop mastery of their sensitivities and to consciously direct their energies towards finer subtle realms. They become the oracles, seers, healers, sages, and wise guides to portals of higher consciousness.

An enlightened empath must be able to maintain a delicate and refined nervous system while having enormous strength and courage to live what they know. To grow beyond the wounds that bind their heart and minds to self-preservation, the empath needs to be proficient in the mystical arts of light, sound and frequency communication.  Learning to live within the heart of Mother Earth and Father Sky protects the empath until the day they are born into their true self.

Are You an Empath?

Judith Orloff, MD, in her book, The Empath’s Survival Book, sums up the empath this way. The trademark of an empath is feeling and absorbing other people’s emotions and/or physical symptoms because of their high sensitivities. These people filter the world through their intuition and have a difficult time intellectualizing their feelings.

She continues with a fuller description of the empath’s nervous system.

Empaths have an extremely reactive neurological system. We don’t have the same filters that other people do to block out stimulation. As a consequence, we absorb into our own bodies both the positive and stressful energies around us. We are so sensitive that it’s like holding something in a hand that has fifty fingers instead of five. We are truly super responders.

Orloff describes the 10 common traits of an empath:

  1. Empaths are highly sensitive.
  2. Empaths absorb other people’s emotions.
  3. Many empaths are introverted.
  4. Empaths are highly intuitive.
  5. Empaths need alone time.
  6. Empaths can become overwhelmed in intimate relationships.
  7. Empaths are targets of energy vampires.
  8. Empaths replenish in nature.
  9. Empaths have highly tuned senses.
  10. Empaths have huge hearts and sometimes give too much.

I would add:

  1. Empaths experience negative emotions as illness, pain and discomfort.
  2. Empaths easily lose their sense of self.
  3. Empaths often feel out of place and misunderstood.
  4. Empaths have poor boundaries because their nervous system is tuned to Oneness.
  5. Empaths require a specialized form of health care due their ability to express the symptoms of others.
  6. Empaths readily tune into the spiritual realms and the unseen dimensions of consciousness.
  7. Empaths are truth seekers.
  8. Empaths show us a preview of the evolving human.

If you identify with several of these traits you might be an empath!

The Mission of the Enlightened Empath School

The mission of The Enlightened Empath School is to help empaths explore, accept and embrace their unique sensitivity in the context of spiritual ascension.

The Enlightened Empath School Objectives

To help empaths

  1. Appreciate and accept their high sensitivity as a positive trait.
  2. Purify and heal the wounds of the past.
  3. Ground and organize their energy.
  4. Develop confidence and self-compassion.
  5. Improve health and well-being.
  6. Feel safe and protected in relationships.
  7. Establish an inner sanctuary to purify and replenish.
  8. Understand their high sensitivity in the context of spiritual evolution and ascension.
  9. Find their purpose and place in the world.
  10. Align with their higher being.

This class is good for people from all walks of life. According to Orloff, 10 -20% of the population are empaths. This means empaths are found in every profession. You should take this class if you want to:

  • Rise above the pain and suffering you pick up from others.
  • Improve your relationships.
  • Understand your sensitivities within a intuitive, spiritual and energetic context.
  • Learn clear boundaries in life, work and love.
  • Mature into a powerful, confident individuated adult
  • Improve your health, find clarity and peace of mind.

These goals are attainable through your participation in the year long Enlightened Emapth Training Program!

Finding Comfort and Ease Through Mystical Mastery

When an empath feels out of place and misunderstood, unable to navigate the predominately left brain rational world, they may find comfort and ease in the realm of the mystic.

Initiates of mystical traditions seek to develop the sensitivities to the unseen that the empath possesses from birth. The training of the mystic is unique because it originates in an “energy first” model. The initiate goes through training to purify the body, mind, and emotions to facilitate clear spiritual vision and discernment in the context of a spiritual lineage that bestows benevolent energies in the form of blessings, healings, and transmissions. It is never expected that the initiate could attain the ascension frequencies without the aid of the unseen masters and their higher being.

Sarah Weiss, MA, LMT,  Your Teacher and Guide

SpiritHeal Institutes’s Enlightened Empath School is based in the mystical lineage of its founder, Sarah Weiss, MA.  Sarah is a recognized master teacher in the mystical schools of The Sufi Path, The Andean Tradition of the Incas, and the Taoist Qigong tradition.  Sarah has integrated the teachings of these wisdom schools into the spiritual context of the today’s ascension energies and is a living channel of Mother Earth and Father Sky in the way of the feminine earth based traditions.

Insights into the Evolving Human

Humanity is in a transition phase. The earth has entered a high frequency area of the Milky Way that traditionally brings about a shift to higher frequency consciousness.  This we know from the ancient wisdom teachings of the Vedas in which the cycles of consciousness are described in detail. The sensitivities of today’s empath are a preview of the evolving human species. Acquiring empathic sensitivities are necessary to grow into the heart centered dimensions of the new paradigm.  These sensitivities include:

  • Sensing space as a connective matrix of intelligence.
  • Experiencing the continuum of consciousness throughout all dimensions.
  • Engaging the world telepathically, sensing all as alive and communicative.
  • Living in unity consciousness where all is visible, and nothing is hidden.

If you are an empath, think of yourself as ahead of your time and leading the way. You are sensitive in ways that others have not yet learned to be.

Yet, these same sensitivities pose challenges if you do not understand how they fit into your current world.

  • Are you living your passion?
  • Do you show up as your true self?
  • Can you soothe and nurture yourself?
  • Are your boundaries clear and healthy?

The Enlightened Empath School Approach

The curriculum of The Enlightened Empath School helps release limitations and rise to the challenge of being the true you.  Each month will have a primary theme supported by lecture, group discussion, guided meditations, self-healing energy practices, recommended readings, and access to the class recording.  The primary modalities of the school are Attunement, Transmission, and The Healing Ceremony. This is a mystical school sourced in the light and wisdom of the lineage of enlightened masters. As an empath, YOU are a member of this lineage and innately understand that transformation is based on exposure to frequencies of light, sound and energy and is not a function of empty words. These materials will be available at the first class in March.

  • Attunements align your being to your next highest frequency to release denser energies.
  • Transmissions convey transformative energies that stream through your mind, body and spirit, conveying just the right frequencies to animate your power to be.
  • Healing Ceremony calls forth the healing energies that rise from Mother Earth and pour down from Father Sky in the infinite spiral dance of the masculine and feminine creation energies that purify and restore your wholeness.

Are you tired of being labeled “too sensitive”?

Are you exhausted from the confusion and pain you sense from the world around you?

Are you overwhelmed with sensory input that causes you to lose a sense of self?

Learning to navigate the empath’s world is a journey towards enlightenment. Learning to manage empathic sensitivities teaches us about ourselves and leads to greater clarity, peace and compassion. Yogis, shamans, and sages spent years, even lifetimes, developing the sensitivities to the subtle world that you have. Now that you have this sensitivity, how are you going to use it?

You are Never Cured of Being an Empath

I have walked this path. I am an empath. You are never cured of being an empath, nor do you resign yourself to confusion and suffering. Your nervous system is biologically set.  The evolving human will be more sensitive, not less. Your sensitivity level is already heightened.  Learning to navigate your empathic world is a journey of mastery and majesty. 

Empaths learn optimally by feeling in another what they want in themselves. When you read a book by an enlightened master, you know the experience of enlightenment.  When you stand by a healthy, strong person you experience what healthy and strong feels like.  These become your reference points and set your being on a path of attainment.  Once you experience what you yearn for, your being will find a way to experience it again and again until it is a state grounded in your being. The attunements, transmissions, and healings you will experience in The Enlightened Empath School will lead you to deep authenticity and grounded wisdom that can be expressed in your life.

The hope of The Enlightened Empath School is to transform suffering into joy and confusion into clarity.

The Sacred Circle

The members of the class create the space for receiving wisdom and healing, for becoming the enlightened empath. We form a sacred circle during the first class in March.  Our higher beings, Mother Earth, Father Sky, and many ascended beings will help create a healing wisdom temple on the subtle planes for our class. You will be participating in a true wisdom school and be supported through subtle frequencies between classes.   The insights, questions, and “aha’s you share on the private Face Book page will inspire and help focus the entire class.  You are very much an active participant in this program.

I Am an Empath

I had no idea I was an empath until later in life. There was no word to describe me. I knew I was sensitive to everyone and everything around me. I felt feelings no little girl should have to feel. If I forgot, I was readily reminded by my parents and friends that I was too sensitive. As someone who is too sensitive I took these comments to mean: You are bad. You are wrong. Be different. You are not liked.

These messages damaged my self esteem to the point that a continuous stream of negative self-loathing messages coursed continuously through my mind and body. As Judith Orloff, MD. wrote, it is common for the empath to have a difficult time intellectualizing their feelings and that was very true for me.  It left me feeling alone and left out, even though I had many friends and was a high achiever in school.

I felt the pain of my little friends at the age of three! One of the boys shot an air riffle into my girlfriend’s ear. I was reeling in pain and shock. I remember being overwhelmed by my father’s rage and my mother’s depression. I was so angry at my father by two years old and I didn’t know what to do with the intensity of the emotion.  It was then that I developed food allergies that went undiagnosed for 60 years.

My grandmother’s illness and death from cancer thrust me into the ether when I was four.  I felt my father’s despair and grandma’s pain to the point that I became a depressed and angry four year old. I dissociated and never came back.  One night in bed, just before falling to sleep, I started visiting with star beings. I left my body and journeyed into realms of light that were ecstatic. It relieved my suffering temporarily, but it awakened my search for the divine.

I wanted to share with you just a little bit of my empaths journey.  I studied with great spiritual teachers, researched and practiced energy and spiritual healing modalities, with the hopes of ending my own suffering.  I will share what I learned with you in the Enlightened Empath School. In my younger years I never imagined that my empathic sensitivities would lead me to a successful career as a Medical Intuitive and Spiritual Teacher!

Here is one last personal account. This is a journal entry from a very dark time in my life.

One night in a fit of confusion and sadness I broke down. I was tired of fighting the world, fighting my sensitivities. Constantly clearing the clouds from my brain and pain from my body to fight through to clarity and sanity was a constant struggle. I never knew if the thoughts in my mind and the words that came out of my mouth were mine because I could just as easily voice the thoughts of those around me. Always in fear that I would drown in the ocean of feelings and thoughts, frightened that one day I wouldn’t have the strength to lift myself out of the empath’s fog and be forever banished to the astral underworld. I felt I would die, literally die, because I couldn’t take one more breath in the dense dark atmosphere created by heavy feelings and thoughts, my own and others.

I cried, I finally understood my fear. In the depths of my subconscious I feared death by overwhelm and confusion.

But break downs eventually become breakthroughs. Once I accepted the reality of my empath’s world a clear path opened before me. Instead of being a victim, I realized I had a special set of gifts. The sensitivities I once cursed became the key to the greatest mysteries of consciousness and a path to enlightenment.  

Are you willing to find out who you really are?

Are you willing to be the wise person who sees clearly and acts with sovereignty and self-respect?

You are not a victim of your nervous system! 

Join me for a journey into the world of the enlightened empath. Be ready to claim your space and place in the world.

The Enlightened Empath School Part One

6 2-hour sessions, Saturdays, 10:30 AM – 12:30 PM,  on March 3,  March 24,  April 7,  May 5,  June 2,  June 30, 2018

Fee: $600   Includes 6 monthly classes, 6 class recordings, manual, private class discussion page

Registration Deadline:  July 14, 2018

The Enlightened Empath School Part Two

Requirement:  Completion of Part One

Part 2: 6 2-hour sessions, Saturdays,  10:30 AM – 12:30 PM, July 28, August 25, Sept. 22, Oct. 20, November 17, December 15, 2018

Fee: $600

Phone Etiquette:  Participants must use earbuds or headphones that enable speaking as well as listening if using a cell phone or land line. The “speaker” feature is not acceptable because it causes electrical interference on the teleconference call and holding the phone/receiver also makes noise that disturbs the class.