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“I Don’t Care” and “I Don’t Know” are not Answers

You really do know and you really do care!

How many times do say “I don’t care” or “I don’t know” in just one day?

Is it because you have dissociated from your body, heart and mind?  I don’t blame you, it’s an overwhelming world and life is pretty confusing right now.  But don’t mistake detachment from self as spiritual detachment!  Spiritual detachment is all about caring and knowing from your highest and most refined consciousness.  It is detaching from the illusion and rising into the light of wisdom. W

When your consciousness is veiled in illusion it is easy to not care, not know and give up. Defense mechanisms such as these can slip into your consciousness like a stealth bomber. They are invisible and hard to detect.

Everything around us seems intent on distracting us instead of sending us inward to connect with what we know and what we care about.  I’d love to see you reconnect with your center and open the channels for your clarity to command a dominant place in your psyche.

When you stop for a moment and tune in, you know from many different sources what you care about and what you know.  Your body knows deeply what you care about. Your physical intelligence is so beautiful. It will help you discern the truth from lies, what is helpful and what is not, and what is meaningful and what is not.  Tapping therapies,  muscle testing, and direct intuitive sensing channel your body wisdom so that you never have to say “I don’t know”.  You do know.  The question is whether you are willing to know.

Your intuition is also a guide for what you know and care about. Dreams, synchronicities, messages from books, media or even the side of a truck or a license plate, will cue in the direction of knowing and caring.

When you say I don’t care or I don’t know you are abandoning your sovereignty, your freedom to chose what is best for you.  Your soul is sovereign and urges you towards greater and greater self-empowerment. When your joy is squashed, your body is sad, and your spirit is bound to the darkness, the last thing you want to hear is a message that sparks truth in your being. You want to resist it, it seems so hard, but that is the darkness speaking.

When you hear the voice of darkness pause, breathe, give yourself space to see your truth. Don’t rush into anything. Delay decisions with comments like, “I need some time to think about this.” or “I’ll get back to you with a decision”. Don’t be pressured into responding when you are not ready.  Then remind yourself you are willing to hear truth, you are willing to care and you are willing to know.




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