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The SpiritHeal Newsletter has inspirational articles for those interested in subtle energies, spiritual growth and intuitive development. Click on the link below to open that issue. Only the past five newsletters are listed here, when you open one up you can click on the “past issues” link to see more.  Requires Adobe® Reader. Get Adobe Reader free, Click here.


  1. Visiting with the Divine Mother
  2. Twelve Myths About Intuition
  3. So You Want to be More Intuitive?
  4. Three Little Steps to Becoming More Intuitive
  5. Medical Intuition: Where to Begin
  6. The Medical Intuitive Within: Part 1
  7. The Medical Intuitive Within: Part 2
  8. The Medical Intuitive Within: Part 3
  9. Accessing Subtle Energies: Preparation
  10. Intuition: The Path to the Divine
  11. Presence, Patience, Wholeness