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Heart of the Mother

The Importance of Grounding

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Light Journeys are sessions in which Sarah helps seekers access their own healing ability, explore their energy fields and discover the roots of chronic and/or acute challenges. At the end of a Light Journey session, a plan for healing, spiritual direction and life changes is co-created by the client and Sarah. Two audio programs also support her clients in deepening their intuitive abilities: Medical Intuition–Developing Your Intuitive Perception and Silent Mind, Soaring Heart–Meditations for Healing and Spiritual Growth.

Her certifications include Reiki Master, certified Master Qigong instructor, licensed Massage Therapist, certified Polarity Therapist and Infant Massage instructor. Sarah has taught at a variety of schools, institutions, worked with professional sports teams and corporations sharing her practical wisdom and healing with many.
Prior to founding SpiritHeal Institute Sarah had a full career and in the visual arts and media, non-profit management, marketing and public relations.