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Medical Intuition

Medical Intuition:
Developing Your Intuitive Perception

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Medical Intuition is the art of discovering the psychological and spiritual roots of illness. These roots, which are perceived in the energetic flow of our chakras and meridians, can be accessed through intuitive perception. On this cassette are seven guided meditations that will help develop your ability to… Read More

Price: $12.99

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Silent Mind Soaring Heart (MP3 Instant Download)

Meditations for Healing and Spiritual Growth

Silent Mind…Soaring Heart is a guided meditative journey into realms where the mind is perfectly silent and the heart is open and free. For beginners as well as advanced meditators, Silent Mind…Soaring Heart will introduce you to inspiring spiritual healing practices of the Sufi Mystics and Qigong Masters. Meditations… Read More

Price: $9.99

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