SpiritHeal Institute Classes & Retreats

SpiritHeal Institute Classes and Workshops for 2021

The SpiritHeal Institute fosters a deep connection to Mother Earth, Father Sun and the Heart of the Cosmos. 

Sarah’s classes are alive. I’ve noticed that the frequencies that come through in the classes directly connect with what is happening elsewhere on the planet, including in my personal experience. In these times of uncertainty – in this time of opportunity – I am relying on Sarah’s classes as a touchstone to Truth and alignment. Let there be more light!  —CW

SpiritHeal Institute classes help you understand and open to the higher frequencies of the cosmos and your being. It’s easy to believe that something or someone outside of ourselves, that which we call Source, or God, is All-Knowing, Luminous and Infinite, but to believe that these same qualities are found within each individual is very difficult to believe. Each being is the Source, the Alpha and Omega, the One, the Truth.  When resistance, illusion and darkness is removed we find our True Self to be the very One we have prayed to and worshiped.

The shattering of illusions is challenging and we can find support in small groups that give us time to ask questions; to explore and question our beliefs and feelings without being judged.  We wish that spiritual growth was instantaneous. Often the “AHA moment” happens in an instant but the cultivation of that realization, making it a reality in our life and psyche, takes time, compassion and patience.  Gathering together in sacred space with fellow committed spiritual seekers magnifies the potential for self-realization, this is what the SpiritHeal Institute classes and retreats offer.

A clear way through the Chaos: Sarah inspires me to keep my body and spirit grounded and connected to the Earth as I explore the outer (and inner) reaches of my consciousness. The paradox of her down to earth, hilarious style with the expansive, soul enlivening content of her classes is remarkable! Over the years as we have gone deeper and deeper into the Mystery, my life has changed in miraculous ways. —CF

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