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SpiritHeal Institute Classes and Workshops for 2019

The SpiritHeal Institute fosters a deep connection to Mother Earth, Father Sky and the Heart of the Cosmos. 

SpiritHeal Institute classes help you understand and open to the higher frequencies of the cosmos and your being. It’s easy to believe that something or someone outside of ourselves, that which we call Source, or God, is All-Knowing, Luminous and Infinite, but to believe that these same qualities are found within each individual is very difficult to believe. Each being is the Source, the Alpha and Omega, the One, the Truth.  When resistance, illusion and darkness is removed we find our True Self to be the very One we have prayed to and worshiped.

The shattering of illusions is challenging and we can find support in small groups that give us time to ask questions; to explore and question our beliefs and feelings without being judged.  We wish that spiritual growth was instantaneous. Often the “AHA moment” happens in an instant but the cultivation of that realization, making it a reality in our life and psyche, takes time, compassion and patience.  Gathering together in sacred space with fellow committed spiritual seekers magnifies the potential for self-realization, this is what the SpiritHeal Institute classes and retreats offer.


FAQs for Classes and Workshops

  • 2019 Sanctifying Your Cosmic Consciousness 

    Teleclass: The Coherent Cosmos Series: Sanctifying Your Cosmic Consciousness Part 1 The Coherent Cosmos Series arises from a stream of coherent laser-like healing light that carries us along the planetary and personal ascension pathway. Traveling with others along the path is … Read More »

  • 2019 Empath News and Research

    Inspiring News and Research for Empaths! Click Here to receive your FREE 13 Limiting Beliefs of Empaths E-Book  by Sarah Weiss 2019 The Enlightened Empath: The Basics What does it mean to be an empath and how to refine your sensitivities … Read More »

  • 2019 The Enlightened Empath: The Basics

    Join me for a four-week journey into the Enlightened Empath’s world.  We will cover what I call the Empath Basics. Note: This class satisfies the pre-requisite for The Enlightened Empath Retreat. There is a lot of basic information you need … Read More »

  • 2019 The Milky Way, Kundalini, Mother Earth

    Teleclass: The Coherent Cosmos 2 The Milky Way, Kundalini, and Mother Earth and You Did you know that the river of light called the Milky Way pours into your crown, spirals down through your chakras and joins with the Kundalini … Read More »

  • 2019 The Fullness of Empty Space Retreat

    2019 Retreat in Silver City, NM The Fullness of Empty Space…Seeing What We Don’t See November 4 -8, 2019 (Arrive on November 3 and leave on November 9) Bear Mountain Lodge, Silver City, NM   12 -14 participants max Physicists and … Read More »

  • 2019 Advanced Enlightened Empath Training

    Advanced Enlightened Empath Training The Empowered Empath Navigating the Empath’s Consciousness: Embodiment, Empowerment, Expression, and Expansion pre-requisite: Enlightened Empath Training Now that you’ve experienced exponential growth from the first year of The Enlightened Empath Training, it’s time to refine your … Read More »

  • 2019 Enlightened Empath Training

    The Enlightened Empath Training 2019 Dear Fellow Empath, You’ve had quite a challenge this lifetime….you know you are not like everyone else, you know a lot more than you can say, and you’ve suffered quietly and deeply for a long … Read More »

  • 2019 The Coherent Cosmos 1

    A Year of Healing and Ascension……..Teleclass: 2019 The Coherent Cosmos Part One Finding Your Center in a Chaotic World The monastery has met everyday life. The spiritual challenges of monastic living are no match for the lessons learned from life’s … Read More »

  • 2019 Enlightened Empath Retreat

    The 2019 Enlightened Empath Retreat A Five Day Retreat with Sarah Weiss, MA, LMT June 10 -14, 2019   (Maximum 12-14 Participants) • Slip into the silence, spaciousness, and mystery of the high desert. • Be embraced by the high-frequency light … Read More »

  • 2018 Winter Solstice Ceremony: Spirit Time is Now

    2018 Winter Solstice Ceremony: Spirit Time is Now This ceremony is filled to capacity.  See you at the Spring Equinox! It’s time to live your spirit self. You’ve called it your “higher self”, God, the Divine, the Great Sky, Source, … Read More »

  • 2018 Surprise! You Are the One You Are Seeking

    Teleconference: Your Evolving Consciousness 5 Surprise! You Are the One You Are Seeking, No pre-requisite required. It’s not so bad to be the one that you are seeking.  You are an amazing being and when you aren’t stuck in a … Read More »

  • 2018 The Self-Revealing You

    2018 Your Evolving Consciousness Series The Self-Revealing You: Discovering All That You Are Are you willing to discover who you are beyond the veil of illusion? Beyond the religious, political and cultural lies that have kept you in the dark … Read More »

  • 2018 Removing the Shroud of Guilt and Shame

    2018 Your Evolving Consciousness   Removing the Shroud of Guilt and Shame Programming Humanity has been stuck in the punishment model far too long. It’s time to free ourselves from the polarized consciousness that generates both violence and punishment. It’s hard … Read More »

  • 2018 Your Evolving Consciousness 2

    Teleclass Your Evolving Consciousness 2 The Cosmic Earth and You We continue with the Your Evolving Consciousness in Part Two.  The topics were channeled as a series and this next topic may look like…been there, done that…. but I guarantee it … Read More »

  • 2018 Fall Equinox Ceremony:

    Ascension Energies: Reconciling Our Truth with Our Illusions 2018 is a pivotal year for consciousness. We are taking huge leaps in consciousness that require our body, mind and emotions to go through dramatic changes. We are not the person we … Read More »

  • 2019 FAQ’s About Empaths and Training

    Frequently Asked Questions About Empaths and the Spiritheal Institute Enlightened Empath School (SEES) Q: What is an Empath? A: Empaths are channels of the higher dimensions, who have an innate sense of Oneness, love and wisdom that eludes the materialistic … Read More »

  • 2018 Your Evolving Consciousness 1

    TELECLASS Golden Light Consciousness Reveals the New Human Mystics choose experience over thinking and ecstasy over numbness.  The Evolving Consciousness series is for the mystics in the world! Are you willing to go beyond what you think you know to experience your transformation into … Read More »

  • 2018 Mentoring for Energy Practitioners 2

    TELECLASS This class meets on the phone and is open to national and international practitioners. Transform Your Practice and Upgrade Your Skills! Mentoring and Supervision for Energy Practitioners Do you wish someone else can see what you see during your … Read More »

  • 2017 Your Evolving Consciousness Part 1

    Teleclass Your Evolving Consciousness Part 1 Living from the Heart in a World that is not Heart Centered The Evolving Consciousness Series is the updated version of Heart Centered Living. Each class will address the topic along with attuning to … Read More »

  • 2017 Living Love 3

    Living Love….Becoming the Love you Seek Teleconference    What THE MOTHER Knows What the Mother Knows! is a class in connecting with the consciousness of Mother Earth in a way that brings us into resonance with the entire cosmos and the … Read More »

  • 2017 Living Love 2

    Living Love….Becoming the Love you Seek Teleconference:   Our Circle of Guides and Trusting Guidance The entire experience of being guided and by whom is taking a new direction as the planetary consciousness ascends.  Each person has a circle of … Read More »

  • 2017 Mentoring for Energy Practitioners 2

    Transforming Your Practice Mentoring and Supervision for Subtle Energy Practitioners This class is open to all energy practitioners and those who wish to be!  Even though this is part two it is open for anyone to join. The topics are … Read More »

  • 2017 Living Love 1

    Living Love 1 The Living Love series will help you learn to be seated in your heart in daily life. As we know and scientists have proven, the heart has the largest electromagnetic field in the entire body. We also … Read More »

  • 2015 Ultimate Grounding Workshop

    The Ultimate Grounding Workshop Come ALIVE with a fresh sense of passion and excitement through the universal practice of grounding! Sunday, May 31, 2015   9:30 – 4:30 PM Follow up support teleclasses:  Mondays, June 1, 8 & 15, 2015, … Read More »