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SpiritHeal Institute Classes and Workshops for 2017

2017  The Year of Clarity

During 2017 we will finally see clearly the dark control and enslavement programs that have been insinuated into our thoughts, emotions and even our physical cellular consciousness. They have become so much a part of us that we haven’t been able to separate out our true identity from the programs…. that is until now.

The clarity that is coming forth will help us see how we have internalized all kinds of limiting and dark programming. Finally, we will be able to feel good about ourselves and lose the “not good enough” program that kept us under a cloud of darkness.

Until that veil is lifted it is impossible to see clearly who we are and why we are here. Now that higher frequency light is pouring down upon our Mother Gaia, we will be the beneficiaries of her expanding consciousness. Without her evanescent life giving unlimited love we would stay forever dimmed and dull. She is our anchor, our connection to the fiery heart of the cosmos that ignites the wisdom in our own hearts.

The SpiritHeal Institute fosters a deep connection to Truth, Light and Love. 

SpiritHeal Institute classes help you understand and open to the higher frequencies of the cosmos and your being. It’s easy to believe that something or someone outside of ourselves, that which we call Source, or God, is All-Knowing, Luminous and Infinite, but to believe that these same qualities are found within each individual is very difficult to believe. Each being is the Source, the Alpha and Omega, the One, the Truth.  When resistance, illusion and darkness is removed we find our True Self to be the very One we have prayed to and worshiped.

The shattering of illusions is challenging and we can find support in small groups that give us time to ask questions; to explore and question our beliefs and feelings without being judged.  We wish that spiritual growth was instantaneous. Often the “AHA moment” happens in an instant but the cultivation of that realization, making it a reality in our life and psyche, takes time, compassion and patience.  Gathering together in sacred space with fellow committed spiritual seekers magnifies the potential for self-realization, this is what the SpiritHeal Institute classes and retreats offer.


FAQs for Classes and Workshops

  • 2017 Mentoring for Subtle Energy Practitioners 3

    Transforming Your Practice Mentoring for Subtle Energy Practitioners  Part 3 If you are doing energy work this class is for you!  Join with fellow practitioners who want to refine their subtle energy healing and perceptual skills! Most people involved in … Read More »

  • 2017 Winter Solstice Ceremony

    2017 Winter Solstice Ceremony Gathering of Star Seeds and Light Beings  Join us for a Sacred Circle gathering of Star Seeds and Light Beings. We are beyond human, we are made of star light and higher frequency consciousness. This truth … Read More »

  • 2017 Enlightened Empath Part Two

    Teleclass  The Enlightened Empath Part Two The Enlightened Empath…Insight into the Evolving Human We will continue our journey into the world of the Enlightened Empath in Part Two of this very transformative class. The Enlightened Empath is the representative of … Read More »

  • 2017 The Enlightened Empath

    Teleclass The Enlightened Empath…Insight into the Evolving Human The suffering empath can be transformed into the enlightened empath by understanding how their sensitivities lead to a deeper, heart centered experience of life and spirit. The sensitivities of the empath are … Read More »

  • 2017 Summer Solstice Ceremony

    2017 Summer Solstice Freedom from Illusions: Meeting Your True Self The 2017 Summer Solstice brings about big changes in humanity’s consciousness. The global community is coalescing into one mind and throughout the collective consciousness a light is turned on. Who … Read More »

  • 2017 Your Evolving Consciousness Part 2

    Teleclass Your Evolving Consciousness Part 2 Sourcing Life from Your Heart The Evolving Consciousness Series the updated version of Heart Centered Living. Each class will address the topic along with attuning to the deepest transmission of the moment.  Sourcing Life … Read More »

  • 2017 Your Evolving Consciousness Part 1

    Teleclass Your Evolving Consciousness Part 1 Living from the Heart in a World that is not Heart Centered The Evolving Consciousness Series is the updated version of Heart Centered Living. Each class will address the topic along with attuning to … Read More »

  • 2017 Living Love 3

    Living Love….Becoming the Love you Seek Teleconference    What THE MOTHER Knows What the Mother Knows! is a class in connecting with the consciousness of Mother Earth in a way that brings us into resonance with the entire cosmos and the … Read More »

  • 2017 Living Love 2

    Living Love….Becoming the Love you Seek Teleconference:   Our Circle of Guides and Trusting Guidance The entire experience of being guided and by whom is taking a new direction as the planetary consciousness ascends.  Each person has a circle of … Read More »

  • 2017 Mentoring for Energy Practitioners 2

    Transforming Your Practice Mentoring and Supervision for Subtle Energy Practitioners This class is open to all energy practitioners and those who wish to be!  Even though this is part two it is open for anyone to join. The topics are … Read More »

  • 2017 Living Love 1

    Living Love 1 The Living Love series will help you learn to be seated in your heart in daily life. As we know and scientists have proven, the heart has the largest electromagnetic field in the entire body. We also … Read More »

  • 2016 Winter Solstice

    Winter Soltice 2016      The Blazing Light of Heart and Soul The last days of 2016 will be blazing bright as we usher in completely new energies for 2017.  You are supported to become the true you that has … Read More »

  • 2016 Heart Centered Living 2

    Teleclass The Heart as the Light of the Universe There is a primordial light that enlivens the entire universe. Once we attain an awareness of this light we can traverse the realms beyond with confidence and the ability to contribute … Read More »

  • 2016 New Feminine Energy Rising 3

    Teleclass   scroll down for Part 3 description and registration New Feminine Energy Rising (Overview) The Feminine Stream of Kundalini is Awakening Humanity Not to be confused with “feminine dominance”, feminine emergence means that the feminine stream of kundalini energy … Read More »

  • 2016 Heart Centered Living 1

    Teleclass 2016 Heart Centered Living 1: Heart Radiance and Healing SpiritHeal Institute’s Heart Centered Living Series is in its fourth year.  This year we will focus on the Light of the Heart and it’s ability to heal and reveal. We … Read More »

  • 2016 Embodied Light and Wisdom

    Teleclass Embodied Light and Wisdom 1: Your Body as an Expression of Truth Embodied Light and Wisdom 2: Your Body as a Portal to Higher Teachings Embodied Light and Wisdom 3: Your Body as a Path to Enlightenment The greatest illusion … Read More »

  • 2016 Planetary Ceremonies: Spring Equinox

    2016 Equinox and Solstice Ceremonies 2016 poses unique challenges to our everyday patterns and beliefs.  We will be going through cycles of shattering and expansion throughout the entire year with barely a moment to catch our breath.  This makes the … Read More »

  • 2015 Heart Centered Living

    Heart Centered Living Once you have given up your limited self willingly to the Unlimited, you will rejoice so much in that consciousness that you will not care to be small again. –Sufi Mystic Hazrat Inayat Khan Heart Centered Living … Read More »

  • 2015 Teleclasses

    SpiritHeal Teleclasses It is so remarkable how close a group feels when we meet over the telephone. When we meet in a sacred circle enveloped by the Heart of Oneness there is no distance, there is communion and and the … Read More »

  • 2015 Ultimate Grounding Workshop

    The Ultimate Grounding Workshop Come ALIVE with a fresh sense of passion and excitement through the universal practice of grounding! Sunday, May 31, 2015   9:30 – 4:30 PM Follow up support teleclasses:  Mondays, June 1, 8 & 15, 2015, … Read More »

  • 2014 Attunements

    Teachings from the Central Sun….Ceremony for the Cosmos Winter Solstice Attunement 2014 Saturday, December 20, 2014    9:30 AM to 4:30 PM This is the final attunement in the Teachings from the Central Sun series.  For the past four years … Read More »