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(Re)Treats for Your Consciousness

This is not an indulgence, its a necessity.  –MT

It takes five days to really settle into my being, to listen to my heart and find out I’m OK, that I can be at peace.  –CD

I’m a different person than I was 5 days ago. Even if I forget half of what I learned when I get back home, I’ve healed more than I could ever imagine.  –TR

Seeing into the unseen has been my passionate goal. On retreat I quiet down enough to see energy, light and love. –I love it!  RM

We think of retreats as an add-on, something we do only so often or never do because we don’t believe we have the time.  I’ve been taking 5 day retreats every year for the past 45 years and I can’t imagine what my life and my inner life would be without having the time and space to reconnect deeply with my soul.

We need to step out of life, out of our habits and programmed thoughts and feelings in order to find ourselves again. It’s too easy to forget that we do have an inner life that is connected to all that we say and do. It’s takes a thoughtful and deliberate commitment to stop the spinning and search for the silence within. To value our inner strength, our wisdom, and our need for healing and restoration is a sign of well-being.

When we have a undeniable urging to know what is beyond the veil of the five senses, often a retreat is the only way we can shift our consciousness to access our subtle perception. The subtle world becomes real on retreat. Our inner eye opens to the world of living energies and the beings who cohabit our world but on a different dimension.  What we call empty space is filled with beings, the spirit of the land, the water, the fire and the air, the nature spirits, the ascended beings and the light angels who desire to be in co-creative and collaborative expansion with us. This is all revealed when we quiet our minds and open our hearts on retreat.

I’ve just returned from leading three 5 day retreats. One at Esalen Institute, CA,  one in Mt. Shasta, CA, and one in Silver City, NM. Each retreat focused on a different topic but the sum effect for all participants are reflected in the opening quotes.

There are so many kinds of retreats you can take. Whether it is with a group or solo, in a sequestered setting or in natural surroundings of sublime beauty,  the goal of a retreat is to purify, to be inspired, to heal, and most of all to remember the depth of your heart and soul. Once you are reconnected your life opens up in new ways, not necessarily in logical sequence or in response to your desires and expectations, but in fresh perspectives, energized purpose, and deeper understanding. All of these are sustenance for your soul and source you for another year.

Give yourself the treat of a retreat.

SpiritHeal Retreats and Teleclasses for 2019 will be posted by the end of November. Be sure to check the calendar after Thanksgiving.

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