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2020 Mt. Shasta Retreat

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Mt. Shasta Retreat 2020

Direct Teachings from the Mountains and the Masters

“Places of power are alive. They are living, breathing organisms, environments where the initiate can be “transformed into a god, into a bright star”–Freddy Silva

The ascended masters welcome us to meditate, heal, ascend and expand with them at Mt. Shasta, the presiding spiritual beacon for North America. Feel their presence at Ascension Rock, Panther Meadow, McCloud River Falls, Castle Lake, Pluto Cave, and Hedge Creek Falls, in addition to portals that are known only to the locals.

September 21 – 25, 2020  (maximum 16)

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Past Retreat Journal 

I’ve come “home” before but not like this!  The gratitude and deep inner ❤️ has touched me beyond words. I’m overwhelmed and feeling far from broken anymore.  A.S. 2017

Mt. Shasta is a doorway or portal between the material world and the dimensions beyond.  Join us on this journey to discover the hidden dimensions of your soul and unseen world of spirit and light.

We are being called by Mt. Shasta to participate in a ceremony with the ascended beings who make this sacred mountain their home.  Under the guiding light of their illuminated souls, our hearts will open further to our true being. We are star beings, radiant vibrating consciousness that determines where and when our next evolution occurs. Right now we are on earth with a faint memory of our star being consciousness.  But the time for remembering is now.  The ascended masters of Mt. Shasta are our old friends. They want to help us remember and reconnect with our inner calling and align with our inner spiritual purpose. Every moment of this retreat engages your heart and soul in a breathtaking transformation.

The awakening takes place when we are connected to earth and heaven within us.  All dimensions exist within our human body. In fact, the human body is the greatest mystery and secret of the ancient teachings. Instead of turning away from our embodiment we need to turn towards it, embrace it as the holy treasure that it is.  Isn’t it the way of the mystic to hide the most precious truths in plain sight….under our very noses!

Penetrating our greatest mysteries is always a journey. The journey may be one step or a million, but for sure, you can’t begin without stepping into the unknown. For this retreat, the unknown is the consciousness of your own body.  Your body is consciousness. It is the living breathing intelligence through which the entire cosmos is communicating with us. Your body is the consciousness of the heavens in earth form.

What you consider the “known” is the realm of the conditioned mind.  We’ve been programmed to separate ourselves from our truth, from the wholeness that is us. We are like disembodied spirits living in the “between space”, separated by a thin, albeit, impenetrable veil. If you feel untethered to your truth and the light of your being is hidden from even you, meeting with the mountain and the masters could be the meeting you’ve been waiting for.

Our old friends, the ascended masters call us to Mt. Shasta each year in the hopes that we will awaken to the freedom of our soul and the light of our hearts. They want to commune with you, their old friend and support your mission to discover the mysteries of Mother Earth.

This annual retreat has become a mystical portal for those who are ready to discover the secrets hidden in the consciousness of the human body.  Each day of the retreat will be a deepening into sacred space and the holy activation, gestating and the birthing of your spirit seed.  Through energy transforming exercises at the various sites on the mountain, our experience will be guided by the ascended masters channeled through our ceremonial circle.

Until then we will be preparing, silently responding to the call from the depths of our being so that we will be ready and aligned for our purpose there.  There will be group meditations and teachings related to this retreat throughout the year.

Contact Sarah Weiss for more information at 440-564-1190 or info@spirithealonline.com

Sacred mountains are often the site where multi-dimensional beings make themselves at home. In addition, the mountain itself is a sacred being with a voice and a purpose. Mt. Shasta is really two mountains bound by the volcanic fire of creation: Mt. Shasta and Mt. Shastina – two beings, feminine and masculine, balancing the primal polarities of the planet. When you experience one, you experience the other – one is no less important than the other. Their dynamic refined energy radiates a high-frequency balance of the masculine and feminine, a very fine spiritual light of Oneness that will lift the consciousness of those who enter into a sacred relationship with them.

Of course, the only way to experience the higher frequencies is when our dueling polarities come into harmony and this is one of the teachings of Mt. Shasta and Mt. Shastina. You will receive the transmission of this balance when you come with a generous spirit and an open heart. Seeking to give more than you receive will keep you in right relationship, even though it is virtually impossible for the abundance of Shasta and Shastina is infinite.

This year’s retreat felt like I was making amends with a very deep and eternal part of my soul. SpiritHeal retreats have a unique way of doing this. There’s a special flow to their overall configuration: settling in, deconstructing, the void and then expansion of self, group and the planet. I go every year. I wouldn’t miss the opportunity to participate. Since my return, I’ve noticed a new level of confidence arise; a resiliency in manifesting my life’s work bubbling to the surface, which feels tremendous. I’ve been eyeing this place in life for a very long time – so glad it’s here. Thank you for the SpiritHeal experience – to Sarah for her courageous leadership, to the land and the Great Beings we work with and to the individuals of this cherished group. What a pleasure and honor to be with you all!  –K.M. 2017


We will spend time with the mountain directly as well as in meditation at the McCloud Mercantile Hotel meeting room. We will greet the spirit of the land and hold ceremony in caves, behind waterfalls and along cinder paths that meander along the top heights of the mountain.  McCloud Falls, Hedge Creek Falls, and Ascension Rock are also on our journey.


Participants must be able to walk/hike at least 1-2 miles at elevations from 3000-8000 feet. We will alternate between spending time near the top of Mt. Shasta and the mountain springs and waterfalls that take us deeper into Mother Earth. It is recommended that you arrive at least a day or two before the retreat begins to acclimate to the altitude and get your walking “legs”!

I came to the retreat feeling broken from the grief I experienced this last year and once again with Sarah’s and SpiritHeal Institute’s loving guidance I returned home with renewed strength, trust, and an open heart. –B.M. 2016

Teleconference Attunements

There will be a teleconference for all attendees to attune to Mt. Shasta and the Masters in September in preparation for the retreat.

I have more clarity on the need to nurture the sacred within and this takes time. It takes staying attuned while doing life and discipline to keep coming back to it. It is so easy to “jump out” and lose grounding. –M.H. 2016

Lodging and Food

The group will be staying at the McCloud Mercantile Hotel, a wonderful historic hotel in McCloud, California. The hotel is 12 miles from Mt. Shasta by the scenic highway. Breakfast is included in the price of the room and there are additional restaurants on the property.  There is a block of discounted rooms reserved for the SpiritHeal group. Upon registration, you will be given instructions on how to make your room reservations.  A single runs about $150 a night per person and a double $75 per person.  The rooms are huge and accommodate two people beautifully.  There is also a kitchen available to the group along with a meeting room.  Take a look at the website: mccloudmercantile.com .

All participants are responsible for paying for their hotel and all food for the week. We will eat at a variety of restaurants for at least one meal a day and most likely one meal will consist of protein bars, nuts, fruit, etc, eaten in the midst of nature’s beauty.  There is a natural grocery store in Shasta or one in Yreka between the Medford airport and Shasta where you can pick up your snacks or you can bring them with you. Bring a water bottle and fill it up with the fresh headwaters of the Sacramento River that has its headwaters in Shasta!

Patience releases forgiveness and compassion within me.  –M.H. 2016


Participants are responsible for all transportation to and from Mt. Shasta and while we are on retreat.  The closest airport is Medford, Oregon. It’s about an hour and a half from Mt. Shasta.  Sacramento is an easy 3 1/2 hour drive and San Francisco is about 4 hours away. Rental cars are available at the airports and we will help organize the grouping of rental cars so that costs can be shared.

There was a personal realization that took place suddenly (a big one). I was sitting next to my husband and I became filled with love for him. This caused a big shift in my being. I noticed a large container around my heart space, it seemed like a rectangular box that could spin slowly over itself.  Then I began to feel myself fill up, but it wasn’t just inside my being, it was also outside my being, not in an expansive sense but right outside my body. It came to a slowing around the throat and in a bit it filled my head and I could feel my third eye beam in all directions (as had been discussed, like the Statue of Liberty). I continued to feel my self filled with this “feeling” that I can say came from love but felt like nothing I had ever experienced in the past. –C.S. 2016

What to Bring 

We will be spending at least half of our daylight hours outside so layers are a must. The temps will be pleasant but much cooler in the evening and morning.  There is no need for anything dressy!  Hiking boots, hiking sandals, sports shoes, small backpack, your medicinal needs, water bottle, sunscreen, bug repellent, hat, and a collapsible walking pole if needed.  If you would like to bring home some of the beautiful water, bring small glass bottles that will fit in your toiletry bag!

“This institution is operated under special use permit with the Shasta-Trinity National Forest and operates on a non-discriminatory basis.”

Registration and Fees

Retreat fee $1050 (payable by PayPal) $1000 ($50 discount if paid by check).

Deposit A deposit of $650 is due by April 30, 2020. The final payment of $400 is due by June 15, 2020. You may pay by PayPal.

The fee is $1000 if you pay by check and it is received by April 30, 2020.  Make checks payable to SpiritHeal Institute, 9953 Woodruff Lane, Newbury, Ohio 44065.

Room reservations must be secured with a credit card as soon as you register.  Contact the McCloud Mercantile Hotel directly through the website.