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2018 The Enlightened Empath Retreat

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Your Ancient Soul and Future Emergence

A Five Day Retreat with Sarah Weiss, MA, LMT

November 5 – 9, 2018   (Maximum 12 Participants–there is one spot left!)

May 12 – 16, 2019  (Maximum 12 Participants—still room in this retreat!)

The empath is an ancient soul.  Your ancient soul is the voice of wisdom that sources from the depths of your heart and vastness of the cosmos.

There have been many times in the history of Mother Earth when all humans were empaths. They communicated telepathically with each other and could know each other from the inside out. The boundaries of mind and heart included all life and an energetic matrix connected all in a way that let us know we are not separate. Travel between dimensions, encounters with the beings who inhabit the parallel dimensions, and the ability to communicate without words was easily possible. All of this was an everyday occurrence and there was no need to take a spiritual path to discover the secrets and capacities of the embodied soul.

It was a completely different world than we know today. Imagine your relationships if secrets were impossible to keep and your heart embraced all that exists as living? Or if all the energy you ever needed was sourced freely? Imagine being so centered in the heart that your mind could not draw you away from your deepest wisdom? The very foundations of the culture would be based on collaboration instead of competition, and love instead of hate. You wouldn’t know how to hate someone because you’d be hating yourself.

Empath’s are the living evidence that this kind of world is possible. They remember it clearly and their nervous system is biologically tuned to a world where all are One. Cosmic wisdom is coded in everyone’s nervous system but it is more available through the empath’s nervous system. Unfortunately empaths rarely have a chance to be in an environment where they can access the depths of knowledge they carry within their being. They need a deeply silent, rarefied atmosphere to support their inner journey. They need time alone in a supportive environment where conflict is kept distant and they are affirmed in their ability to extract and interpret the wisdom and  healing elixirs of their ancient souls.

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Who is an Empath

Sunrise from Bear Mtn. Lodge

In today’s world it is estimated that between 10 -20% of all beings are empaths, but most don’t know that they are empaths nor know what an empath is.

To put it in simple terms: an empath is someone who feels another’s pain, suffering, elation, genius, anger, and love as their own. Their is no distinction between your pain and my pain. I suffer as you suffer. This is the highest degree of empathy you can have. A highly sensitive person might feel the pain and suffering of another but they would know that it belonged to another person. The empath’s nervous system does not recognize anyone as “other”, it only recognizes Oneness.

If you’ve been accused of being “too sensitive”, or “overly delicate”, or an “old soul”, you may be an empath. You can imagine the challenges that empath’s encounter in today’s life where tremendous suffering, violence, and  materialistic competition run counter to their nervous system. The world is confusing and painful for an empath because they have not been taught to understand and optimize their true nature. Many parents teach their children how to survive in a dog-eat-dog world but I know few parents who are knowledgeable about how to teach and encourage a child who is an empath. This is why empaths need training and need a deeply quiet and supportive setting to discover their true nature. They have been disembodied and hidden for far too long. We need their innate wisdom to help us transform and evolve, to be a model of what a mature, spiritual person in the world can be.


The Retreat:  November 5 – 9, 2018

Your Ancient Soul and Future Emergence is a retreat for empaths who crave an environment that supports their inner clarity. There is nothing an empath desires more than clarity!  Clarity calms their

As retreat leader, Sarah Weiss, will take you through a transformational retreat to support greater understanding of your empathic nature, how it contributes to your path of enlightenment, and how to optimize your empathic strengths in daily life. Guided meditations, individual guidance, group discussion, journaling, and visits to sacred sites are included in the schedule.

The retreat is five full days and is intended to provide empaths with the time, space and silence they need to heal and grow. Nestled in the silence and beauty of the Gila Wilderness of Silver City, New Mexico, our retreat site, the Bear Mountain Lodge, provides the comfort, safety, and privacy for this profoundly life changing retreat. The price of lodging is all-inclusive for your room and three meals a day.The proprietors of the lodge prepare all the meals in accordance with your specific food allergies and preferences. There are hiking trails on the property that allow you to easily commune with the nature spirits and elements. Mother Earth and Father Sky are in glorious display throughout the entire area.


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