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Medical Intuition, Spiritual Guidance, Training, Coaching, Spiritual Divorce Ceremony, Past Life Integration and Soul Retrieval sessions are offered.

To schedule the following Intuitive Counseling and Healing Services contact Sarah Weiss  Sessions may be conducted by phone or in person and may be paid by check, cash or credit card via PayPal.

Please refrain from wearing perfumes and fragrances during in-person sessions or classes.

FAQs for Individual Sessions


Preparation for Session: Audio Recording

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SpiritHeal Institute Retreat
  • Medical Intuitive Session

    Medical Intuitive Session.... Sarah will focus on the deeper understanding and healing of  specific physical issues through intuitive assessment of the chakras, energy field and internal viewing.  All sessions are by phone. Medical Intuitive? A medical intuitive helps you understand the underlying source of physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual issues.…... Read More »
  • Light Journey

    Light Journey.... A Light Journey is a guided  journey into the radiant and transformative realms of healing light. A Light Journey takes you to your spiritual core and helps you realize your spiritual identity. You will learn how to feel the flow of energy through your chakras and meridians and…... Read More »
  • Cultivating Your Intuition

    Cultivating Your Intuition.... For those who want to refine their intuitive healing skills, private training sessions are available in he areas of Medical Intuition, Internal Viewing, Energy Healing and Subtle Energy Perception.  All sessions are by phone. Individual Training Session First Session  $250 (75 minutes) Subsequent Sessions  $200 (60 minutes)…... Read More »
  • Coaching and Mentoring

    Coaching and Mentoring for Subtle Energy Practitioners..... I want you to succeed!  I want you to be fulfilled! I want more people healed in the world! The world of subtle energies presents unusual challenges for those who want feedback and advanced training.  When your subtle…... Read More »
  • Past Life Integration and Soul Retrieval

    Past Life Integration and Soul Retrieval.... When we feel lost and confused as to why we aren't moving forward in our lives it may be time to look at past life and soul loss implications.  Patterns formed from past lives and trauma can result in heaviness and a loss of…... Read More »
  • Spiritual Divorce Ceremony

    Spiritual Divorce Ceremony.... The Spiritual Divorce Ceremony is a sacred ceremony invoking the ascended masters to bless and mystically separate the two hearts that have become One. This ceremony can be done when either one or both parties have completed a thorough growth and self evaluation process and are ready…... Read More »
  • Pre and/or Post Surgery Healing

    Pre and Post Surgery/Medical Procedure Clearing and Healing.... Our body is our temple and when we participate in a medical procedure we want to be treated with the deep respect and care that our being deserves.  Medical procedures are very intimate.  From the cellular to spiritual our consciousness embraces a…... Read More »
  • What Your Akashic Records Reveal

    Accessing Your Akashic Records.... Your Akashic Records hold the memories of life times beyond known history. Your expanded multi-dimensional being is made known to you when we visit and open the Akashic Records. Held deep within the reservoir of the cosmic ethers, all experiences, thoughts, feelings, teachings, and eternal wisdom…... Read More »
  • Coaching for Empaths

    Coaching for Empaths.... Are you tired of being told you are “too sensitive”? Tired of fighting to clear the confusion from your heart and the pain from your body because the world is too overwhelming? As a intuitive empath I have spent 45 years learning to understand and embrace my…... Read More »