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Accessing Your Akashic Records….

Your Akashic Records hold the memories of life times beyond known history. Your expanded multi-dimensional being is made known to you when we visit and open the Akashic Records.

Held deep within the reservoir of the cosmic ethers, all experiences, thoughts, feelings, teachings, and eternal wisdom are recorded in a form of guidance that supports soul expansion and growth. When the records open information is shared, but most importantly there is an activation of your energy field that makes available to you to the wisdom of the ages that was accumulated on your behalf. People become curious about the Akashic Records when soul prompts open the door.  The access may be spontaneous or may be channeled by a guide who has been initiated or given access spiritually to the information.  At a certain point on my own spiritual path the records opened to me and when a client is guided to have a session, the records open to my inner vision.

My hope for the client is that their soul growth and healing is stimulated, their higher being expresses more fully through their personality, and any blockages to living the fullness of their being are removed.

Akashic Records Session

First Session $250 (75 minutes)

Subsequent Sessions $200 (60 minutes)

Schedule an Appointment

All sessions are conducted by phone.

Once you have registered and paid for a session I will contact you by email to set up the appointment.


Cancellations made 48 hours or more in advance are not charged a cancellation fee.  Any cancellations within 48 hours of the appointment will be charged 100% of the session fee.

To prepare for the session please listen to this guided grounding meditation.

Preparation for Session: Audio File

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