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  • 2019 Enlightened Empath Training

    The Enlightened Empath Training 2019 Dear Fellow Empath, You’ve had quite a challenge this lifetime….you know you are not like everyone else, you know a lot more than you can say, and you’ve suffered quietly and deeply for a long time. I am an empath so I know firsthand the…... Read More »
  • 2019 FAQ’s About Empaths and Training

    Frequently Asked Questions About Empaths and the Spiritheal Institute Enlightened Empath School (SEES) Q: What is an Empath? A: Empaths are channels of the higher dimensions, who have an innate sense of Oneness, love and wisdom that eludes the materialistic minded. Their presence establishes the space and place for enlightened…... Read More »
  • 2019 FAQ’s Enlightened Empath Retreat

    FAQ’s The Enlightened Empath Retreat June 10 -14, 2019 (12 -14 participants) 1. When and Where June 10 - 14, 2019 at Bear Mountain Lodge, Silver City, New Mexico Arrive at least one day before the retreat to settle…... Read More »

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