2022 Enlightened Empath School Programs

Welcome to The Enlightened Empath Portal 

From Sarah Weiss, Founder of The Enlightened Empath Training

Spiritheal Institute’s Enlightened Empath Programs are based on the intuitive knowing that all empaths are a preview of a world where telepathic communication, transparency, and heart-centered unity are the norm. I lead Empath Training Programs, Coaching,  Classes, and Retreats to teach empaths to awaken and shape underdeveloped sensitivities into highly skilled sixth sense abilities.

It is Empath Time.

Planetary shifts, ascension energies, emerging telepathic senses, and the establishment of quantum multi-dimensional consciousness by science have provided the ground from which empaths can grow into the amazing, light and love filled wise beings they are. No longer are you defined by the limited projections of others. You define who you are and you are the shining ones who resonate with all that is vibrant, healing, and whole. Once an empath discovers and embraces their true being, profound presence, power, clarity, and compassion become your daily state. All the support you need, the energy and light to carry you along the path of self-revelation is available now.

Boundaries, Identity, and Oneness

Instead of talking about boundaries as if they are going to protect you from the overwhelm and confusion of our dissociated, ungrounded world, let’s talk truth.

What are real boundaries? True boundaries are grounded in Love and Oneness. Empaths are naturally centered in Oneness. They are mystics at heart.

Why do you feel others so deeply? The answer is that you are first centered in Oneness and then in your individual identity. Your nervous system connects you to all creation. Your consciousness knows only Oneness. Boundaries founded in Oneness and Love generate healthy connection, communion, and collaboration. Grounded in the wisdom of Mother Earth and Father Sun, empaths receive the support to become the expression of an enlightened culture.

The Mission and Objectives of the Enlightened Empath School

The SpiritHeal Enlightened Empath School offers several levels of training and coaching.  Introductory classes, in-depth classes, private coaching sessions, and retreats along with free blogs, podcasts, and guided meditations are offered through this portal. See the side bar for an links.

The mission of The Enlightened Empath School is to help empaths explore, accept and embrace their unique sensitivity in the context of spiritual ascension and grounded enlightened living.

The Objective of Spiritheal Institute’s Enlightened Empath Training Programs is to help empaths:
1. Appreciate and accept their high sensitivity as a positive trait.
2. Purify and heal the wounds of the past.
3. Ground and organize their energy.
4. Develop confidence and self-compassion.
5. Improve health and well-being.
6. Feel safe and protected in relationships.
7. Establish an inner sanctuary to purify and replenish.
8. Understand their high sensitivity in the context of spiritual evolution and ascension.
9. Find their purpose and place in the world.
10. Make their higher being their everyday being.

The Sacred Circle and Embodied Spirituality

Empaths need a spiritually supportive and healthy community to thrive. You are invited to become a member of the great sacred circle whose members include shining ones from all dimensions. The circle is supported by the pillars of your light consciousness which are grounded in your physical consciousness. Embodied spirituality recognizes the living consciousness of matter, the living consciousness of your body, heart, and soul who co-exist in harmony on multiple dimensions. All is alive in the sacred circle and as you connect to the collective higher being in the sacred circle your individual identity is transformed into your ideal. Daily self-realization and enlightenment become attainable.

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